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I'm very curious whether the Overhaul is the real father of Eri. It's strange, but I think so. And what do you think?And, can I ask the headcanon about the relationship between Chisaki and Eri's mother, if the girl is really his daughter?

I think he might be…? I mean, one could argue their quirks are similar. While Overhaul can destroy things on contact, Eri’s blood can negate a quirk. Maybe she got the quirk negation part from her mother? Like, she was a bit like Aizawa and that combined with Overhaul’s touch-activated quirk made the quirk-stopping blood.

As for the headcanons, this is going to be dark, but I can honestly imagine Overhaul… ‘disposing’ of her mother shortly after Eri was old enough to survive on her own. It’s obvious she’s never been shown kindness, since Deku was ‘the first person to show her kindness’, so I can’t imagine her being close to her mother. 

As the reader continues to grow up rather quickly (as Amara did) she finds herself at a loss of knowledge for who her real father is. While Sam and Dean won’t tell her anything, she knows something is off about who she truly is.

A power surges from within. Showing a blue glowing light hidden behind eyes of red rage. She can’t control what’s happening to her, and the only person who could truly help her was locked in another world.

(This is only a teaser (part2), used for explaining what the fic will be about. Let me know if you want to be tagged in the upcoming series!)

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my boyfriend knew he was gay when he was like 7 years old at church and thought jesus was hot and i still laugh at that every day

jesus is the real filf (father id like to fuck), silf (son id like to fuck) and h'gilf (holy ghost id like to fuck)

Yondu dealing with young, sick Peter.

- Boy, if you don’t get in this bed right now, I’m gonna eat ya!

- You better take this medicine or I’m gonna eat ya!

- Your ass better make it to the bathroom if ya gotta throw up! I’m gonna eat ya if you puke everywhere!

- I don’t care if you aren’t hungry, you either eat this toast or I’m gonna eat you!

- /softly while Peter is asleep: Boy, you better hurry up and get better, or I’m gonna eat ya…


“The truth is, I wanted to become a storyteller. I apprenticed myself when I was 14. But because of my personality, I never took off. I gave up and thought about leaving, but the 7th Generation kept me on, doing odd jobs. Later, Hatsutaro-san and the young master joined the household, and I ended up looking after them. They both had charm and talent. Their personalities were like oil and water, but because they were both kind, they got along very well. Watching them both gradually advance in their careers warmed my heart; because they lived all the dreams that I couldn’t. The thought of getting to see the both of them off… It’s a sign that I’ve lived a bit too long, perhaps. But it was worth living this long, if it meant getting to see sights like this…”

People: *kindly gives me wonderful and delightful parentlock headcanon*

Me: aww :’) 💕💕💕💕

Also me: speaking of Rosie can you imagine how hurt Sherlock would feel if Rosie had grown into her teen years and Sherlock and Rosie argued (as parent and child often do) but then in her fit of emotions she tells Sherlock off saying that “you’re not even my real father! John is my father! Not you, and I know you’re both keeping a secret from me and I know what it is, I know you killed my mother! So you don’t get to tell me what to do!”

who wouldn’t want to drink there

Sometimes I think about how in the span of like 5 years the word “daddy” as an inherently sexual term to refer to your male romantic/sexual partner became completely and totally normalized and how that’s left an entire generation of young people a little bit pre-trained to be targeted by really gross pedophiles within the ddlg kink scene and I just get…. really sad y’all 

I saw a like, 9 year old girl get side-eyed by her similarly-aged friends for calling her actual literal father “daddy,” you know, because that is a word used nearly exclusively by real actual little girls on their real actual fathers which is the point of the fetish, and told by them that it was gross and she couldn’t call her dad that. Her actual dad

And I hear from people who think the ddlg fetish is gross and disgusting but have this disconnect when it comes to calling their own bfs “daddy” because that’s been so pervasively normalized over the course of a few years and I could write an entire essay on how it happened and why. 

“This happened six months before River died. It was during the winter months, I remember somebody gave me the name of a psychic in Colorado, and said she was amazingly accurate. Therefore, I called her up and told her I would send her a check, and would she do a reading for me? During the reading, she said, ‘You have a son.’“I said, ‘Yes.’“She said, ‘Oh, I see him, he’s very sick.’ I said, ‘What’s the matter with him?’ She said, ‘I don’t know. However, he is on a pavement. He’s on a pavement, and I see him. I see him. He can’t lift up his head.’ She said, ‘I don’t know what happened to him but he’s very sick. Maybe you should see if your son’s all right.’ It scared the hell out of me. I immediately called Nick, to make sure he was okay. He was, but I kept my eye on him. Nothing really happened to Nick. But, River died on the pavement in the same way she described six months later”

- William Richert (co-star, close friend and father figure to River)

Father Troubles

James Potter soon after finding out that he’s not allowed to go see the Beach Boys in concert over the summer.

@ofemeraldandsilverblood as James Potter

@sleepy-loopin as Peter Pettigrew 

And myself as Sirius and Remus.