real facts

Honestly, all this stuff with Zygarde’s cells and different forms and if Magiana is still 6th gen and how long they are making us wait just for the announcement of this stupid game (I bet you they do it on the anniversary, I bet your pokeballs they will) Z better be damn good game with a damn good story.

  • Harry:Hey, don't knock it 'til you try it
  • Me:Oh my goood, Harryyyyyy
  • Anti-Larries:HEY, don't try to make everything about Larry wtf
  • Me:I-
  • Anti-Larries:LARRY'S NOT REAL
  • Me:But I didn't-
  • Anit-Larries:LOUIS AND HARRY ARE NOT TOGETHER. Why are you Larries always trying to make everything about Larry?
  • Me:What...
  • Anti-Larries:Larry larry larry larry larry
The truth behind the signs
  • Aries:is an oldest child who has a nerd bf probably
  • Taurus:sometimes smells pretty nice
  • Gemini:was once in love with Mickey Mouse
  • Cancer:the best one
  • Leo:usually eats the last piece of pizza
  • Virgo:hork
  • Libra:pretentious but mostly about items you order from mcdonalds
  • Scorpio:yodels alot
  • Sagittarius:unclean UNCLEAN UNCLEAN U N C L E A N
  • Capricorn:allergic to all food but not tatertots
  • Aquarius:once had a naughty dream about George W Bush Sr
  • Pisces:hork