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Google Salutes the Birth of Hip Hop with Interactive Doodle

Google is celebrating the 44th anniversary of hip-hop today with an interactive doodle on its homepage. Kool Herc’s party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx 44 years ago is cited as the crystallization of influences that became known as hip-hop. Google’s keyword team spoke with Kevin Burke, Ryan Germick Perla Campos who are behind the doodle. They also worked with hip-hop legends Fab 5 Freddy who was the first host of Yo! MTV Raps and Def Jam logo creator and visual artist Cey Adams. Check out their story behind the doodle,

Keyword: How did you come up with the idea for this Doodle?

Kevin: I’m a huge Hip Hop fan. Growing up outside New Orleans, it was a part of my DNA-performing Hip Hop in my high school band, adding Hip Hop to my college radio station’s rotation, and working on the set of Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” music video in my first job out of college. Hip Hop has been a constant thread through my life and I wanted to bring my love of it to a Doodle. I developed the concept for interactive turntables, showed it to my manager Ryan (also a fan of Hip Hop), and he lost it. He said, “let’s make it tomorrow!”

OK, so people were into the idea. But Hip Hop is such a big topic. How did you decide what to focus on?

Perla: From the beginning, we were thinking big. I mean, Hip Hop touches so many parts of culture but a lot of people don’t know much about its origins. So, we anchored the Doodle to the birth of Hip Hop, and wanted to celebrate the people who pioneered the movement. We hope to give them the voice and the recognition they deserve, which is what Doodles are all about-shining light on times of history that maybe you didn’t know about. 

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5x11 // 5x12 is he practicing for something?

pika-ace  asked:

You have words that summon you, hm? Now I have to try! Draw, cute, Sonny, and Usnavi! XD (THANKS AGAIN FOR THE DRAWING YOU SERIOUSLY MADE MY DAY ILY!!!!!!)


i say, as it works and i draw the cute parts of that chapter 

get ready for…

(a cheesy story on how I fell in love with Julian & The Strokes)

I firstly got into music when I was around 8. My brother collected records so he would play me stuff & tell me about the artists. I learned the basics like in every subject at school. I listened to the classics. I was very into Bowie, The Beatles, everything from the 60s & 70s & 80s, loved Rolling Stones, New York Dolls, Japan, Bob Dylan, Ramones, Velvet Underground, Sex Pistols…all the good stuff. From the first money that my brother earned he bought a guitar for himself, but was too lazy to actually learn it so he gave it to me & said that maybe I should learn as I’m more goal oriented. So I did, I started going to guitar lessons & loved it. I would play every day for hours & sing a long. Then I got my first electric guitar for my bday & I was blown away.

But I never had a favourite band, I liked everything, but nothing really REALLY spoke to me on an emotional level. So when I was around 10 or 11 we went to see Marie Antoinette in a movie theater. I adored it right away, because from a young age I was a sucker for aesthetic beauty. So I was sitting there, enjoying & then in that one scene where she’s running, the checkered floor, her dress, everything was beautiful…I hear this voice & I was so amazed. I knew that I loved the song, I didn’t recognize the sound, because it was nothing like I heard before. I assumed that it’s an oldies band or a singer, because it sounded like it was. But I just felt electrified sitting there in the dark. I forgot to ask my brother later about the soundtrack & I kind of let it go. It was a beautiful moment, but that was it. When I was 10 I didn’t have any access to internet so I could not find out myself. A couple of months passed by & it was summer . I was spending my days in my country house- watching MTV & drawing & playing guitar & riding my red bike. That was my life, I was happy. I had no friends, but I was happy as hell. I remember one day in June I came back from the beach, it was the afternoon & the sky was pink. My mom was in the garden. I went inside the house & turned on the TV to watch Mtv again. Firstly it was some Gwen Steffani song. And then I saw that the upcoming song was You Only Live Once by The Strokes. I never heard about that band before so I was interested, but didn’t expect much. Then the songs changed & I was waiting for what these The Strokes can offer me. Right there I saw Julian for the first time. I felt something in my brain switching on. I felt ecstatic & excited. I saw the dark, messy hair, the brown eyes, the outfit, the face, the everything. I never felt Attraction before that.From the first chords of YOLO (and I’m not lying for a sentimental/corny effect) I knew that this is gonna be my favorite song forever. When I was hearing it & seeing the video I was paralized. And then it suddenly hit me & I recognized the voice & I knew that it’s the same guy from Marie Antoinette soundtrack. I felt like I just found a goldmine. I was watching the video & thinking that I will never see anything so wonderful as this. The song ended & I just had to know who is this guy who are The Strokes, why does he look like a guy version of me & why is he so fucking cooooolll. My brother had a computer at that time so I found out some basic info about them, I was so intrigued by the fact that his name was Julian, because I always loved that name (I read Less Than Zero when I was like 9 & one of the main character’s name is Julian & I was like - woooow cool name, dude). I remember writing in my pink diary ,with a puppy on it, that I just got my first crush on a boy ever & that he’s so pretty & all this girly shit. But my real obsession didn’t start off till I was like 14 or so. My brother moved so I didn’t have access to internet again & couldn’t really research Julian again, but I had Strokes in my MP3 & I was happy about it. I remember going to school & just listening to them all the fucking time, it put me in a state of euphoria or smth. I bought that stupid bracelet that I wear to this day & I told myself that I will take it off only when I stop crushing on Julian. So when I was 14 I finnally got my own computer, so I started researching EVERYTHING about Strokes & Julian. I was obsessed(and still am). I didn’t need anyone, because I had the Strokes. I watched all the interviews, listened to Julian’s solo stuff & could not shut up about him when talking to my mom. Strokes helped me when I was sad, they pulled me through shit that I didn’t want to go through, I never had crushed on boys ,because I would compare everyone to Julian. No one was ever as perfect as him. I would cry out of joy when I would listen to Julian’s voice. He basically was my motivation in life & my sweet release. He felt like a drug that I loved so much. And I still feel all of that today. Still my favourite band & my favourite person on this world…


Fake Family Photos: Absolutely Fabulous

Mummy & “Sweetie Darling” (Actual name: Saffron) through the years. And you thought your mum was the worst…

So after kk-sis posted this list of the web extras for Detentionaire, I wanted to look them all up on YouTube. Thankfully they all were there (if…varying in quality) so here’s a masterlist for anyone else interested. 

Obviously they’re all also on the Teletoon website but region-blocked to Canada.

Descriptions mostly copied from kk-sis’s list.

alsooooo….if you don’t watch Detentionaire….some of these shorter videos might help you decide if/that you want to…..just saying~

(I’m also saying the Tina ones are especially good for this purpose, if mildly spoilery. They do make more sense with the episodes as context, but they do well at hinting at the show’s overarching plotlines.)

(Just also saying)


Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act pt 1

Looloo’s Horror Rec List!

Tagging @eatingcroutons​, @monstermonstre​ as requested <3.

SO. I apologise for how long this list took, but as it turns out, I have watched a slightly silly number of horror movies, and with it being such a varied genre, I didn’t want to accidentally rec a bunch of things people would end up hating or spoil the heck out of them during the reccing process, so. But it’s finished now, and I intend to try and keep it up to date as time goes by and I encounter more horror flicks worth watching. I’m also going to stick a little italicised bit after any movies I remember having potentially squicky/triggery stuff in for people who are okay with horror but not That Kind Of Horror.

Behind a cut because this is Quite A Lot Of Movies My Dudes.

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