real dreams that never go smash

Quotes That Wampus Students Live By

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”

“If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

“Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself.”

“Stay pretty. Be educated. Dress well. Get money.”

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.”

“Set some goals. Stay quiet about them. Smash the hell out of them. Clap for your damn self.”

“Real achievement comes from racing ahead when no one else sees a path and holding back when the rush isn’t going where you want to go.”

“You will never meet someone who has done something great who waited for permission to do something great.”

a dream within a dream within a dream
I don’t know what is real

the top is spinning so this is it,
but it doesn’t fall
so maybe there is more after

you are here-
no wait,
it’s just your reflection
in the mirror

it’s you on glass,
you were always so sharp
if I smash the mirror
you would still be there,
the broken pieces
sticking out from my bloodied fist

the top keeps spinning

there are stairs on the ceiling
I am running down
so quick I almost lose a shoe
but I’ve never been a princess
and you aren’t chasing me,
you’re running up
to something better than you’ll ever be

my fist is still bleeding
and I don’t remember why

something is going on here,
I can’t tell what is real between us
you’ve always been my greatest dream
and I’ve never been able to escape
your waking reach

—  our love as a Christopher Nolan film || O.L.


 (requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 211
summary : Kai tells Reader about the events happening at Mystic Falls and Reader gets jealous.
 * gif by the-sereinus
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Y/N was sleeping soundly when as if from a distance she heard the sounds of the doorbell ringing over and over again. Slowly her eyes opened and she glanced at the digital clock on her night stand seeing it was 3.35AM.
“This better be live or death.” she mummbled pulling the covers off her. Her feet quickly found their way into her fuzzy slippes and she headed towards the door , the sounds of the doorbell ringing repeating again. Y/N rubbed her eyes and yawned , nearly stumbling over the coffee table in the living room as she walked. “Coming … I’m - I’m coming.” she called out.
A moment later her fingers wrapped around the door knob and she unlocked the apartment door , opening it. Her gaze was on the ground and the moment Y/N looked up , she felt suddenly wide awake. In front of her stood someone she never thought she’d see again. Not unless it was a dream or a hallucination.
“M-Malachai ?!” she asked confused. “Not again.”
Y/N stared at him. Kai was smiling widely at her as if it hadn’t been four years but four minutes since they had last seen each other. He had gotten even hotter and was wearing gray jeans , a blue-ish tshirt and a black jacket. His eyes sparkled just like every time he smiled. She felt her knees about to buckle from all the feelings rushing through her body and sat on the floor next to the door.
“I was expecting a little warmer welcome.” he laughed nervously looking at his girl sitting on the floor with tears in her eyes. Kai was no expert but he knew tears was not the proper reaction for seeing your dead boyfriend after four years. “Whats wrong sweetheart?”
“You.” she mumbled. “You are not real which means I am still asleep in my bed and … “ her voice broke and a few tears rolled down her cheeks. “I will wake up in a few minutes and you’ll be gone again.”
Kai sighed. Part of him had been expecting this reaction from her. Sort of. Damon had mentioned to him Y/N had moved away because everything reminded her of him and she kept hallucinating and dreaming about him coming back. Didn’t seem like being away from Mystic Falls had helped much in that department if she thought he was a dream.
“Let me in and I will prove to you its not a dream.”
“Its a dream I know it …” said Y/N wiping away a few tears from her cheeks. She was afraid to let herself feel. Over the past few years this has been happening a lot. “…but either way I am so beyond happy to see you.”
“Can I -”
“Come in.” she said quietly. Usually that was the point when she woke up. Kai would step inside or attempt to step inside and then he’d get dragged away by an invisible force. Or he’d get to stay a while and then she’d wake up alone , feeling the pain of losing him crush her all over again. Even after all those years it was still only him. It would always be him and no one else.
Kai stepped inside , knelt down next to her and pulled her into a hug a split second later. “I missed you Y/N. I never thought I could miss someone that much. It nearly drove me crazy.”
Her hands wrapped around Kai , tears still streaking down her face. He pulled away and Y/N’s gaze dropped to the ground. It felt too good to be true , being back in Kai’s arms , feeling his breath on her skin , his smile taking her breath away.
“I am real Y/N. I am really here.” said Kai , brushing his fingers through her hair. “And I am never going away. Not without you.”
He took her hands , placing them on his face. Her fingers brushed against his cheeks and he could see things starting to come into focus in her mind. Kai’s lips smashed against hers for the first time in four years , drowning her in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N felt electricity coursing through her veins waking every fibre in her body. None of the dreams / hallucinations she had had before had ever felt that real. Either that was the most realistic dream ever or he was really there.
“It’s me. It’s really me.”
“Oh my God.” she said smiling , attacking him with kisses until she was sitting on his lap. “H-how ? When ? Why didn’t anyone call to tell me ?”
With a snap of his fingers , Kai closed the door and pulled her even closer to him.
“It’s a really long story sweetheart.” he smiled at her , stroking her cheek with her fingers. “I’ll tell you in the morning. Right now I just want to enjoy having you back in my arms.”
Y/N’s fingertips traced every inch of his face still unable to believe it completely that he is really here. Kai’s eyes were glowing , studying her as if seeing her for the first time. He pulled her into such a tight hug , her breathing stopped for a few seconds before he let go off her.
“No.” she protested. “Don’t let go off me ever again.”
Kai laughed pulling her into a hug again.

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Companions Dreaming Sole's Death

Ada, Codsworth and Nick were excluded for obvious reasons.

Cait – She would wake up with a sheen of sweat on her skin and her lungs panting rapidly, realising with aching limbs and a blanket wrapped around her middle that she had been thrashing around in the bed. Cait is no stranger to nightmares, hell, she gets flashbacks from her past during the day when she’s awake so nightmares she could normally handle. But with Sole…Sole was different. With a hammering heart, Cait would down half a bottle of whiskey if she had some handy or would simply just wait it out, sometimes getting up to do a patrol around their camp. If romanced, Cait would get aggressive and extremely protective of them although Sole would have absolutely no idea, both as to why she was acting so strange and why their body felt like someone squeezed them tightly all night long.

Curie – The sweet little synth would wake up crying and confused as to what she just saw. At first she wouldn’t realise it was just a dream and would be in a state of panic and grief, but once her scientific mind woke up she would realise that nothing happened and Sole was just fine. Dreams were just another silly aspect of the human brain that existed for reasons she simply must investigate in the future. Despite knowing this however she would go check on Sole just to make sure. Sometimes if it was bad enough, she would stealthily slip into the room and place a gentle kiss on their forehead. If romanced, Curie would smother Sole in small kisses, her hands exploring their body as if making sure that yes, they were truly there and safely asleep next to her. She would definitely tell them in the morning and would probably try and get them to stay home safe with her all day.

Danse – The Paladin would wake up with a jump, shaking the bed he had fallen asleep on as he rose to check on Sole in the other room. It would take a while for his breathing to slow once he saw Sole was okay and sleeping soundly, trying to disperse the thoughts and the feeling of terror that he had lost one of his closest and most cherished comrades. He’d go back to bed and wait for sleep, reliving the dream and poking holes in it using his tactical knowledge of how he’d save their lives should the real world mimic the circumstances of the nightmare. If romanced, Danse would pull Sole close, breathing in their scent and losing himself in the feeling of their warm body against his. He wouldn’t tell them of it in the morning, but would be extra alert and protective.

Deacon – He would slowly be drawn out of the dream until consciousness when he would shoot up, Sole’s name flying out of his mouth. Deacon would rub his head (or his hair) and would make up some kind of alternate story in his head so he can try to catch up on as much sleep as he could before moving time. If romanced, he would practically climb on top of Sole to keep them safe in his arms and come morning, he would have come up with some kind of joke to tell once he told Sole of the dream. Despite his light-hearted joking attempts, the Railroad agent would be secretly worried that it was some kind of omen and would be at their back for the next couple of days.

Dogmeat – Would quickly scurry over to where he last saw his master, whimpering and whining quietly until he saw them and practically jumped on them. Whether they were sleeping or not he would relentlessly smother them in doggy kisses until he was assured they were safe and okay, staying with them for the rest of the night.

Hancock – The Mayor of Goodneighour would wake up grumbling to himself, regretting the past couple of chems he had taken that probably caused the far out dream. Sole couldn’t be killed. Sole wouldn’t be killed. At least, not under his watch. If romanced, Hancock would sit up for the rest of the night with a loaded shotgun, some mentats and some psycho with Sole sleeping soundly in his lap. Because of his…umm *cough* complexion *cough*…Sole wouldn’t notice how tired he really was until the next night when he would flop down exhausted. He never told them of the dream, but was extra careful of their surroundings.

Macready – The ex-Gunner would wake himself up when it happened with a slight yell. He’d look around panting and confused, finally running his hand across his face when he realises it was just another nightmare. He used to get plenty after Lucy died, most revolving around seeing her get torn apart by ghouls again or somehow loosing Duncan. He’d recover relatively quickly, having created his own way of dealing with the pounding of his heart and accelerated breaths, eventually falling asleep quite quickly. If romanced, his yell would be louder and more urgent and sometimes he’d even shoot up from the bed with a gun drawn. It would take some coaxing from Sole, but eventually he’d calm down again and fall back asleep, holding Sole close and safe.

Old Longfellow – His eyes would snap open and his breathing would quicken, as would his rickety old heart, but that would pretty much be it for the veteran hunter. He’d roll over, cursing the nightmare and if he had a bottle of liquor handy, he’d drink until he fell asleep again.

Piper – The intrepid reporter would wake with a start and shoot up into a sitting position, barely holding back the tears as she scrambled out of bed. Piper would sometimes quietly go check on Sole, just a peep through the door or window to make sure they were okay. Once satisfied, she would mumble to herself how silly she had been and that Sole wouldn’t get hurt, not if she could have a say in it. She’d grab some sugar bombs and find her notepad, returning to bed so she can draft up an article or an idea whilst waiting for her heart to quit hammering in her chest. If romanced, Piper would snuggle even closer to Sole, sometimes accidentally waking them up from her light kisses against their neck and face, not that they’d mind of course. She would probably tell them come morning and would be keeping a very close eye on them should they leave the safety of the settlement.

Preston – He talks in his sleep, mumbling quiet warnings and finally gasping and waking from his slumber when the killing blow was dealt to the dream Sole. For some reason, he always clasps the blankets close to his chest and stares at the ceiling, letting the dream slowly crumble away from his mind’s eyes as he mentally talks himself through it. If he’s really wound up, Preston would do a couple patrols around the camp before collapsing back into bed, thinking of nearly anything else until finally falling unconscious. If romanced, Preston would hold Sole close to his chest instead of the blankets and would be staring at their peaceful features until he finally calms down enough to sleep to take over again. He would accidentally let hints drop to Sole, but would never tell them.

Strong – The bug guy would get angry, at the creature that killed Sole in his nightmare and at himself for dreaming up the nightmare to begin with. He would grumpily roll out of his makeshift bed and go hunting for some fresh meat and something to smash so he could calm down. Strong wouldn’t tell Sole in the morning but should he see a creature similar to the thing that killed Sole in the nightmare, he would SMASH IT INTO PULP.

X6-88 – X6-88 wouldn’t be too bothered by the dream, after all he knew it was just a nightmare and that in the real world, it would be extremely unlikely that Sole would be killed in his presence. He’d never let anything happen to them, period, and wouldn’t tell them of the dream.

We Must Not Look at Goblin Men, We Must Not Buy Their Fruit

A Gravity Falls fic inspired by the de-aged!Stan AU formulated by disappeareddraws and expanded on by thesnadger. Go check out their amazing art for this AU, it’s sooo lovely! :D

After seeing a part of the drawing where lil!Stan learns the truth about what happened between him and Ford I got to thinking: what if a vulnerable lil!Stan fled into the woods and was found by a certain dream demon?

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