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“And in perhaps the most jarring snippet of footage shown, at least from Carson’s perspective, Robert and Cora sneak into the kitchen, marvel at the new refrigerator, and fix themselves a snack. If the Lord and Lady of Downton Abbey making themselves a midnight snack doesn't signal the end of an era, we're not quite sure what does.”

Cora & Robert’s Midnight Shenanigans in Series 6 (Vanity Fair)


“I am not convinced I can be hearing this right?” / “You are if you think I’m asking you to marry me.”

“Of course I’ll marry you, you old booby. I thought you’d never ask.”


Yellow Ajah > 5/7 Aes Sedai in Fiction

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity. ”
– Hippocrates

Focuses on Healing. They are the fifth largest Ajah, and the leader’s title is First Weaver. Accepted with a Talent for Healing generally join the Yellow upon raising.

  • Juliet Burke, LOST
  • Sybil Crawley, Downton Abbey
  • Lucy Pevensie, The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Primrose Everdeen, The Hunger Games
  • Melissa McCall, Teen Wolf
  • Beverly Crusher, Star Trek: Next Generation
  • Beth Greene, The Walking Dead

Am I an idiot for still having hope that Mary and Tom will end up together in the Christmast special? It’s not just that I think Henry is a poorly drawn, boring character who has no real place at Downton. And it’s not just that Mary’s concerns over being with him were actually really good points that were never addressed and that hardly seems like a good way to start a marriage. And it’s not that I don’t like Matthew Goode because I really really do, and I’m so sad that his character isn’t better. It’s more that I’m hoping there was a reason my precious baby Tom had absolutely no storyline this season other than being Mary’s friend and Henry’s wingman. Like seriously, he didn’t even do any agent stuff or anything. I’m pissed that he did nothing this season, but at least I would understand if it was all leading up to some big surprise romance. It would still be stupid but I could deal.

All added scenes/line from the PBS version of Downton Abbey 5x03.

Credit to angel-princess-anna and her list of added scenes saving me from doing the hard work myself. Non-dialogue added shots not included in this video.

Robert introducing his sons-in-law

This is Tom, he helps us so much with the estate I have no idea what we’d do with out him. We’d be lost, I love him, one time I cried when we said goodbye.

This is Bertie, he is a Marquess and lives in a castle and puts on puppet shows for children and we all love him so much and are so glad he makes our family look better, because deep down we’re snobs.

This is Henry…he drives his cars very very fast! 

Mrs Patmore vs Mr Carson
  • Mr Carson: "What did she say to you?"
  • Mrs Patmore: "Erm you shall I put it?"
  • Mr Carson: "Just say something! She wants to call it off. Is that it?"
  • Mrs Patmore: "Hold your horses! It's not that!"
  • Mr Carson: "Then what?"
  • Mrs Patmore: "Please tell me that you won't say a word to anyone about the conversation we're about to have now."
  • Mr Carson: "Mrs Patmore this is getting ridiculous! If she does not want us to marry anymore just say it."
  • Mrs Patmore: "For God'a sake Mr Carson! She wants to marry you more than she can possibly say! That's why I AM HERE!"
  • Mr Carson: "Oh."
  • Mrs Patmore: "She isn't sure whether you want to marry her for companionship or...erm...."
  • Mr Carson: "Or what?"
  • *grumbles something we cannot understand but she sounds annoyed*
  • Mrs Patmore: "For love. She is afraid of you seeing her naked."
  • *Carson's mouth hangs open and he is crimson red in the face*
  • Mrs Patmore: "See! I knew this was a bad idea. Why am I always the one that has to do the explaining!"
  • Mr Carson: "But, why didn't she talk to me about it?"
  • *shoots daggers at him*
  • Mrs Patmore: "Because you obviously gave her reason to believe you do not love her like a husband should love his wife..."
  • Mr Carson: "That is nonsense!"
  • Mrs Patmore: "Good. Then go on and tell her that you do love her."
  • Mr Carson: "But how?"
  • Mrs Patmore: "I think you have lived on this earth for long enough to know how."
  • He is silent and stares at something in the distance. Mrs Patmore shakes her head and mumbles "can't believe I'm doing this".
okay, seriously...

As I’m vidding stuff, I’ve noticed this repeatedly and it peeves me to no end.

In the Downton Abbey season 5 Christmas special, when Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes are out inspecting houses, Elsie is lugging around the ‘heavy baggage’, and Charles merely has a folder.

Then he’s going on and on about splitting up the duties and whatever, and I’m like, “Bitch, you can’t even carry the heavy stuff for your lady. What happened to manners? If you were still holding to those Victorian standards of propriety that you hold so dear, Charlie-boy, your girlfriend-slash-bff wouldn’t be carrying her own closed parasol, let alone everything she’s carrying for your lazy butt. Don’t give me this ‘we’ll share the duties’ shit.”

No wonder she’s rolling her eyes at him.