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I’m still not over the fact that Lena Luthor said to her assistant that this random reporter girl could come and go when she pleased, that she went on person at CatCo just to invite Kara to her party, that then she went to Kara’s house (aka: she made a research in order to get the address) to ask her to get her in touch with Supergirl, that she didn’t even need Supergirl’s help, than she told Kara about her crappy relationship with her mother - even though she was talking to a reporter -, that she said to her mother that Kara is smart even though it wasn’t an essential information, that she was petrified while seeing Cyborg Superman fighting Supergirl, that she became all nervous yet excited when Supergirl came to her office after saving her life, that she basically said she had expectations towards Supergirl, that she has finally found the courage to see her mother for the person she really is and she took stand against her thanks to Supergirl’s words - saving all alien’s lifes and bringing Lillian Luthor to justice, no matter people doubting of her intentions - and that after all of this no body told her “thanks”, or “sorry for not trusting you”, or went to comfort her.


LQ Persicope Footage of Sam Heughan & Catriona Balfe being adorable on the black carpet at the Outlander NYC Premiere/Tartan Affair.

Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]
  • Fan-Made Encounter - Eridan Ampora (Understuck AU) [Pacifist]

I dare you guys to try and figure out what the hell is happening here.

Listen till the end and use your imagination.

Song links are down below.

Toby ‘Radiation’ Fox - Karkat’s Theme (Tiny Crab Cover)

Toby 'Radiation’ Fox - Eridan’s Theme (Undertale Mix)

(With apologies to Toby Fox and Andrew Hussie.)

When we met I said I didn’t need you
I said I wanted you in my life
So I would keep you and that was that.
Somewhere along the line that has changed though;

I don’t need you the way the tides
Need the pull of the moon
To tell them where they belong,
Where they should run to and fro.

I need you the way
Night blooming orchids
Stretch their beauty towards the moon
Dancing their delicate, fragrant dance
In worship of its silvery motes
Spinning through the air.

I don’t need you the way the Earth
Needs the sun to set its path with such rigid finality
That is never swayed or altered at any point,
Only captured in an endless lull of obedience.

I need you the way
A plant reaches for the sun
Finding balance and fulfillment
When met with the golden rays
That smile encouragingly upon it
As it seeks to reach out for the sky and grow.

I need you because the very thought of you
Warms me from head to toe
Better than any fireplace on a winter morning.
Because the reality of you by my side
Is more calming, more peaceful, more sure
Than life has shown should be real.

I need the sunshine and laughter you cause
To bubble from within me
As you whisper the happiness from my veins
And the nights when I could swear we two
Are the only people in the universe at that moment.

I need you because I cannot imagine a day that you don’t make better,
A night you do not make more peaceful
An adventure you will not make more full
A kiss that could be sweeter
A memory that would not be better
A love that could be richer
Than what you gift me with every day.

© Courtney Turley 2016