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A brief analysis of the GM ACM Riarkle moment in context, considering the Smarkle moments...

The way I see it, Farkle did have a moment involving real, hardcore feelings brewing up, during the “Menorah Monologue”, but it may not have resulted in him thinking, “Oh wow, now I have feelings for Riley…“

The Menorah Monologue moment most likely resulted in Farkle thinking, “Whoa…Riley really loves and cares enough about me to research my cultural background? She actually understands that I’m going through an identity crisis, right now, and got me a gift to help me figure out another way to grow into whoever I want to become and will accept me for whoever that is? She totally gets me…Wait, what are these feelings I’m feeling?”

The moment he set the menorah on the table, he pushed those feelings out of his mind to address Zay about the present he bought him. After that, he went back into boyfriend mode for Smackle.

Again, with the added context I did not have before I saw the episode, objectively speaking, I believe Farkle did feel feelings, in that moment. Whether or not they were romantic feelings for Riley, of the “Oh my God, I might be in love with Riley” persuasion, is unclear - but they did impact him. He did emote in a way that one would emote if they were feeling more emotions than they knew what to do with - like, I saw that face on Ross on Friends so many times, when he was having moments with Rachel. I just don’t think that Farkle has an understanding of what these feelings are, yet, especially considering the fact that he snapped out of them.

But we have to remember - having feelings is not a choice, but choosing whether or not to acknowledge them is.

Knowing what basically goes down in the Smarkle moments in S16 and in GB/IDF, I’m pretty positive that the Menorah Monologue moment, among a couple of other Riarkle moments to come, is something that Farkle will be reflecting on - This isn’t over.

Metaphorically, Riarkle is like a small, flickering flame inside a candle’s wick that needs more oxygen to light the room. We need to be patient for that oxygen. The oxygen is acknowledgement. Nothing can happen until both Riley and Farkle acknowledge their feelings.

To Yuumika fans, there are toxic people in this fandom still spreading false rumors around to discourage others from joining Yuumika Week. Most of these “anons” act as Yuumika fans and enter inboxes to spread lies and accusations.

Please be smart and don’t believe any rumors said that you haven’t seen undeniable proof of yourself. 

Its disappointing how the admins of Mikayuu Week still refuse to stop fueling this drama. They know better about Tumblr’s ‘first five tags’ tagging system and could have left their asks with anons shaming Yuumika fans for having a separate Yuumika Week for safety reasons out if they were mature enough to keep those tags from being the first five.

Don’t follow the hate crowd just because they’re popular fans. If something doesn’t seem right, speak out on it. They’re the real culprits spreading and brewing hate in this fandom. You have seen it yourself in the tags. Take care.

This is a (so insanely, terribly) late birthday fic for @rainteaanddragons! I’m seriously so sorry. I told you I would write this weeks ago, but I hope you enjoy it all the same lovely!

The prompt was something along the lines of: we’re the only ones who showed up for this underground show, and there’s no one here so dance with me?

*band isn’t real, I made it up. Blue Buck is a real beer, it’s brewed in the city I live in and it is delicious*

— — — — —

Natsu was beyond excited. His favourite tribute band, DCAC, would be performing in half an hour. He all but skipped his way to the bar, humming out tunes as he went along.

The bouncer at the door eyed him incredulously. “There’s no way you’re of age.”

“I promise I am.” Natsu flashed him a brilliant smile before handing over his I.D.

The bartender looked it over and Natsu couldn’t help but feel a little smug as his eyes found his date of birth and nearly bugged out of his head. “Shit, you have a harsh case of baby face syndrome.” He handed his cards back and put a stamp on the back of his hand.

Natsu gave him another smile as he announced his thanks before entering the small bar.

The pinket looked around and he was floored by how few people had showed up. A quick head count gave him a total of 7 people, including himself, the bartender, the waitress, and another bouncer standing by the stage.

What the hell? This group was amazing! Where were all the people? They started in 15 minutes.

Letting a shrug roll through his shoulders, Natsu walked to the bar.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” A happy, charming, white haired woman inquired.

“A pint of Blue Buck, please.”

She gave her angelic head of hair a nod and set off to get his order ready.

“Good choice in beer.” A man with enticing, dark blue eyes commented from a few seats over.

Natsu turned his head his way, a smirk tugging on his lips. “Yeah. I’m not much for amber beer, but Blue Buck is delicious.”

“Cheers to that.” The man lifted a mug of the same just as Natsu’s pint was set down.

They clinked glasses, Natsu felt as though his eyes lingered a moment longer than one stares at a stranger. Maybe that was just wishful thinking. The guy was gorgeous.

“You here to see the show?” Natsu asked, trying not to let hope slip into his tone.

“You like DCAC?”

Natsu nodded, “Of course! Why else would I be here?”

“I suppose you have a point. You just didn’t strike me as someone who’d be into a small time rock cover band.” He shrugged one of his broad shoulders, muscles rolling under the tight T-shit he was wearing. Natsu’s eyes quickly roamed down the length of his body. Damn, he was… was that his button up shirt on the ground?

That snapped Natsu out of his trance. “And why not?”

“I don’t really know, to be honest. Probably the pink hair.”

“Is that so, Droopy Eyes?” Natsu snorted.

“It is, Slanty Eyes.” He shot back.

A toothy grin pulled on Natsu’s lips. “Slanty Eyes, huh? You’re funny.” Okay, maybe he wasn’t funny so much as hot, but whatever. “What’s your name?”

“Gray.” He returned the smirk before a long swig of his beer. “Yours?”


“Summer.” Gray said softly.

“Hmm?” Piercing green eyes locked with stormy blue.

“Your name. It means summer, right?”

Heat pricked at the younger man’s face, threatening to make the surface pink. “Yeah. Not many people around here know that.”

“My mother was Japanese.” Gray explained.

“Was?” Natsu tilted his head to the side.

‘Shit, that was adorable.’ Gray bit his lip to suppress the idiotic smirk that wanted to split across his face. “She passed away when I was young.”

“Oh, I’m really sorry to hear that.”

His eyes showed he genuinely did feel sorry, that his words weren’t the polite knee-jerk reaction he usually got.

“Don’t be. It was years ago. I miss her all the time, but it doesn’t hurt like it used to.”

Where the hell did that come from? Gray never said shit like that to someone he just met. What was it about this man that made him so easy to talk to? Was it his smile and the way it seemed to spread warmth through Gray’s chest? Was it his eyes and the way the curiosity in them begged to be satisfied?

He had no idea, but whatever it was, it made Gray feel like he could talk to him like he’d known him all his life.

“Positive attitude. I like it.” Natsu shot him a wink before turning to see how set up was going on stage.

‘Did he just wink at me? Lame.’ Gray thought despite the small increase in the speed of his pulse.

“Oh, they’re almost ready!” Natsu rushed out excitedly, eyes flashing back toward Gray, gleaming with anticipation.

“You excite easily, don’t you?” Gray chuckled.

Natsu’s brows furrowed together. “Shut up! I’ve never seen them perform before.”

Gray opened his mouth to retort when the sound of chair legs screeching across the floor startle. “What the –”

Two young women walked by, all but glaring at the men warming up on stage. “All I wanted was a quiet place to have a drink,” one whined.

“But no, apparently there’s some stupid rock show going on.” The other finished for her.

“You’re stupid!” Natsu bit out, arms crossed over his chest.

“Excuse you?”

“You heard him. Move along.” Gray waved them off as politely as he could.

“Rude!” The women chorused as they stomped off.

“You need to chill out,” Gray shook his head as he took a sip of his fresh beer, “can’t have you getting into an argument with strangers and getting kicked out.”

“And why not?” Natsu questioned incredulously.

'Because I don’t want you to leave yet.’ Wait, what? Where did that come from? What was this Natsu guy’s deal?

“Because then I’d be the only person here.”

“Oh.” Natsu mumbled, a hint of disappointment in his voice. “Why are you here alone, anyway?”

Gray sighed, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. “My brother got a date with a girl he’s been chasing forever and ditched.” Natsu simply nodded as he continued watching the band make their final adjustments in awe. “What about you?”

“Couldn’t find a friend who wasn’t working. It is Tuesday after all.”

“Hello, everyone!” The lead singer gripped the mic, looking around the bar. “Thanks for coming out! …All two of you.” He laughed.

“Woo!” Natsu called out, raising his beer mug.

“There may only be a couple of you, but we’re still gonna do our best to put on a great show for ya!”

* * * * *

The lead singer didn’t lie. These men all played their hearts out as if they were playing for thousands of screaming fans as opposed to two young men.

Between songs, Natsu would talk Gray’s ear off about which songs were his favourites, why he loved ACDC, and how he planned to save enough money one day to watch them perform in their home country.

He bought Gray a few drinks and coaxed some more answers about his life out of him (with as little effort as before).

Half way through their set, Natsu leaned in close. Gray could feel his body heat through his clothes and it sent a shiver down his spine.

“Dance with me?”

Gray felt a blush dust across his entire face. “I-I don’t dance.” He answered into his ear.

“Oh come on, there’s no one around.” Natsu argued.

“I really don’t dance!” Gray pressed.

“Are you not a good dancer? I swear I won’t laugh.”

“Sh-shut up! I just don’t, okay?”

“Don’t be so shy, it’s not like we’ll ever see each other again.”

Gray’s heart sank at that, and he shook his head. “No!” He reiterated vehemently.

Natsu pulled back with that adorable, toothy smile Gray had seen a dozen times in the last hour spread across his face.

“Suit yourself!”

The next song began to play, and Natsu’s body started to move in perfect sync with the beat.

He was absolutely mesmerizing. His feet kept his rhythm, he span in circles in a way that was somehow both cool and dorky. And his hips, oh Lord, Gray never knew a man could dance so seductively.

He silently mouthed the words as he made his way all around the dance floor. His eyes were closed, which Gray was thankful for because he did not want to be caught staring.

Oh, fuck, he was biting his lip and his canines looked so sharp… 'Calm yourself, Gray!’

“You want love
Dirty dirty love
You want lust
Just a little lust
You wan’ a bad reputation
You wanna better your score
I got the qualifications
I can open any door (ooh yeah)
Send for the man, yeah!”

'I want that. I want all of that, with him.’

Fuck. Gray really needed to get his shit together he barely knew this guy and–

“Change your mind?” Natsu questioned hopefully.

Gray was… right beside him now? When did he even walk over here? He was on the other side of the dance floor a moment ago. “Eh?”

“About dancing with me.”

Gray felt his heart begin to race. He desperately wanted an excuse to pull Natsu close, to have those warm hands roaming over his back, to breathe in his ear, to feel those muscles under his palms as they moved as one.

“O-on one condition.” Gray called back.

“That being?”

“That this isn’t the last time we see each other.”

Natsu blinked, expression shocked.

'Oh, God I fucked that up.’

A face splitting grin adorned his face and Gray let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Organic Chocolate Stout (Samuel Smith)

Brewery : Samuel Smith
Beer : Organic Chocolate Stout
Style : Stout / Sweet Stout
Variance : Brewed with Real Organic Cocoa

9 / 10

I was going to talk shit about Dan Barber from Chef’s Table (amazing documentary) and his crazy “organic” ideology even though he’s fine with people messing with “god’s” creations and cross breeding hybrid fucking veggies, but this is too damn good to poke any fun at… Oh wait I think I just did. Anyways, this is a damn delicious beer and probably the most chocolatey brew I’ve had to date and the only problem I have with it is that I can’t put it down long enough to type a few words of this review. Heinrich Nestle would probably be trying to get his grubby hands on this it wasn’t for the fact that he’s been dead forever but at least his company makes a shit load of money even if Hershey’s chocolate is still way better and even EVEN if this beer is way better than both. This starts with a straight up chocolate syrup sweetness with just a mild hint of smoke before even more milk chocolate joins in and intensifies right through to the end. The level of deliciousness this beer exudes is easy to understand unlike girls obsessions with the half alien half cat faced monster Adam Driver which is why I’d highly recommend this beer to all levels of drinkers both new and old especially if you have a sweet tooth. If you are looking for a silver tray filled with marzipan animals and french pastries for dessert then fuck right off, but if you are looking to drink your dessert in a fancy glass then let’s cheers to our new found friendship. Enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.

real talk tho how do some of y'all even find people who want to date you? like at this point I feel like there’s some dating cult that just brews up a magic potion you pour on flowers or some shit on the night of a full moon at exactly 2:01am and then the next day you guys got a bae knocking on your door with the same fuckin flowers I do not understand