real bout


JUICE: cmon cmon cmon

TEN: This is first contact with humanity we are talking about. Far too much responsibility to just throw away on a dumb joke. No. Absolutely not.

JUICE: itll be funny


If you don’t like Cophine/Delphine content, block now or forever hold your peace. Fans have waited years for a romantic scene with their wlw faves and they WILL be celebrating it. Loudly. Just as they should be, as Masbro have been, and as OB social has been expecting (baiting) fans to. So if Clone Club joy and deafening fangirl/fanboy squees trigger you, block away. I promise no feelings will be hurt, no offense will be taken, and it will be better for all of us in the end. Personally, I’ll be tagging my celebrations (and analysis) with “Cophinemas” tonight. In case you want to get your blacklist on. 

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood Cophine fan (or “Ebro worshipper” or “Cophine fetishist” or whatever we’re *lovingly* being called these days). Thank you and bless.