real black power!

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Idk why but I see Trini and Billy as a hardcore Star Wars fans. She freaked out when the Last Jedi trailer was released and immediately sent Billy the link and they constantly talk about their theories.

“How did Kylo Ren survive?? Is Rey a grey Jedi, or do you think she’s just the last one? Do you think Finn’s gonna be okay?”

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Lemme just tell y'all...

I’m so encouraged to see your black love. Other love is beautiful too, but there is something magical about black love. To see black people looking at each other with love and admiration in their eyes is special. When I see the browns in your skin intertwined, i get elated. Keep loving each other. Let’s set a standard for the young lil brown boys and girls looking at us. Black love is real, black love is powerful, black love is possible, and it’s beyond beautiful.

On REAL Black Power, or, Let's Take Our JuJu Back!

Historically, our African Diaspora Ancestors combined African spiritual systems with black liberation to combat oppression. Examples include the only successful slave revolt in history, the Haitian revolution, and heroes such as Ancestors Harriet Tubman, Gullah Jack, John the Conqueror, Gaspar Yanga, Frederick Douglas, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Marie Laveau, just to name a few. They all used our Ancestors’ spiritual systems for freedom, liberation, protection and well-being of black people.

Rootwork, conjure, hoodoo, voodoo, Vodou, Ifa, Obeah, etc are ours by birthright, yet are all being taken over by Europeans because Africans are too busy chasing Eurocentric gods and goddesses. The appeal of Eurocentric systems of spirituality by black people is understood, just as any other aspect of Eurocentric culture works its way into black life and consciousness. That is par for the course in an integrated, assimilated society. But when it comes to something as important as our spirituality, lines must be drawn. Take the black appreciation for Wicca. Wicca is a powerless system. This has been known for decades, and it explains why so many white Wiccans are leaving it and are flocking over to Afrocentric spiritual practices and claiming ownership, and in some cases, are making millions selling our shit right back to us for profit. Things that, should you just connect with your Ancestors, they would help you remember. And not just that: It’s where our power lies. Without that bloodline tie, the work is weak, powerless, useless. White folks have written hundreds of web pages and books on African spiritual systems but they do not include the Ancestral aspect because for one, by virtue of their race they can’t speak on the experience of African Ancestor veneration with any authority, and for two, they know their audience is widely white. It would be counterproductive for them to say, “Oh and by the way? The source of power behind all these works I’m writing about is a bloodline connection to your African Ancestors across space and time.” This serves the second purpose of effectively hiding vital information from readers of African descent, who might be ignorant of their natural disposition to things of the “magical” sort. As the Congolese proverb says, only a fool pays for the tomato that grows in his own garden.

WE ARE AT WAR. Our people are being murdered by those sworn to protect and serve us. This current election cycle is making white racism more empowered and emboldened. Our young black brothers and sisters who have boots on the ground doing social activism and facing these evil beasts on their turfs need to be covered with our protection and prayers. Our enemies, agents of white supremacy, must be bound and disempowered.

This is coming from the Ancestors.

This is coming from a place of “fierce urgency of now”.

Our Ancestors are screaming for us to recognize them because they see what we are going through and want us to use our inherited spirituality as a way of not just coming back to our roots, but to reclaim our power and utilize it collectively for our fight against oppression. I am not here trying to be a leader looking for followers. I am putting out a call for other leaders. Fighters. Spiritual Warriors. Conjurers. Seers. Root workers. Priests. Priestesses.

It is time to combine our black activism with our mojo.
It is time.
It is time.
It is time.

I wish you love, peace, and powerful juju, Brothers and Sisters.

I was doing a class project and I needed to know what my culture was so I asked my dad. He looked at me and said, “Hip-Hop, because people still recognize it as ours.”