real black hair

Guess who I drew!! Again!! Because I love her!!!!!

He glanced at Tiberius. What was odder, perhaps, was that Ty was looking at him. Emma remembered Ty, years ago, saying, why do people say ‘look at me’ when they mean ‘look at my eyes’? You could be looking at any part of a person, and you’re still looking at them. But he was looking curiously at Kit’s eyes as if they reminded him of something.

Holding hands? no of course not what do you mean

Um can we all recognize that there is a clear hierarchy in the natural hair community that is dictated by anti-blackness? Notice how many notes a picture of a woman with 3a-c hair, or even 4a hair gets vs a pic with 4b/c hair. Curly trumps kinky every time. Not only that, but there is an unhealthy obsession with “long” natural hair. The bigger the better. Remember in grade school when girls with short hair would be called “ball headed”? That short snap of hair is associated with blackness, with ugliness, with not being feminine. We’d rather be Pocahontas. We’d rather be Alicia Keys. Elongating gels, methods to stretch hair, obsessions with growth rate, all rooted in our fears of looking too black with our natural hair. Fight me if you want, but examine yourself first.