real bestfriend

when u’re in a relationship, the dopest shit is when yall both go hard af for each other. like real live bestfriends. cant nobody fuck w dat

L vs R


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cr: @UKENTOUCH (<–also VIXX’s 2k17 motto UKenTouch)


“Underneath the palm trees
You could leave your worries
Listen to the waves
Say you wanna get so high?
Breath me in like air tonight
Listen to the waves I could be your fantasy”

Fantasy - Alina Baraz

People will talk, people will hurt you. Yeah, that’s true. 
You have 2 options, to suffer and listen to all the stupidity they are saying, or to grow, because you learn that people that really care about you, let you be who you are. Because you are who you are: wonderful, beautiful, smart, weird, goofy, unique… Don’t let just anyone make you forget that.
—  MHoran

anonymous asked:

Name which 3 boys ( does not actually have to be a male)you would crack open a cold with, and what kind of cold one

I don’t personally know many people on here. But there is my bestfriend in real life @eden-winchester who is amazing (Go check her out if you like Supernatural and stuff of that sort 😉). Another person would be a friend from school. And the third would be my homie Vladimir Putin 💞. The “cold one” would be boba tea. My choice would be a strawberry mango smoothie with boba. (I absolutely 💓 BOBA)