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if karl marx was real he could beat you up, effortlessly. karl marx could rip your little twig body asunder

i have like half a foot on him and know all of his weaknesses

Don't take my lawn decorations.

I had purchased my first home in a slightly lower class area of town, which is pretty close to an even lower class area of town. (Think slightly ghetto a mile from absolute trailer trash.) I know most of my immediate neighbors, since most of them are pretty loud and I’d rather be friendly with them than have them be my enemy.

Some local kid likes to go around collecting trash in his free time. A real nice kid, does it for really no reason. Whenever I see him, I usually get him a drink, lemonade or soda so he can stay hydrated. (California is hot.) Sometimes I give him a few dollars, I offer the kid $30 a month to mow my lawn 2x a month. So, kid has a gig for small, but consistent income.

The kid takes a lot of pride in his work. He mows the lawn, pulls weeds, moves rocks out of the driveway, and just makes my place look extra nice, even though I don’t even ask him to do any extra work. This guy is great.

This goes on for a few years, kid is now a senior in highschool. Family is not doing so great, dad just lost his main source of income, and mom had accumulated debt which put a lot of stress on their failing marriage. Mom was abusive verbally and sometimes physically to both the kid, and the Father. But the kid keeps on walking, doing work, volunteering and being a real happy, up beat dude.

Despite his troubles at home, the kid starts buying lawn decorations. Mostly small, little gnomes, some decorative rocks, and bird bath, and he decorates my yard. It looks amazing, but I knew he must have spent a lot of his own money on that. I try to reimburse him, and he denies. He won’t take it.
I know he needs a car, and I was about to get a newer one for myself, so I gave my mine for free. It really was the least I could do for this guy for everything he has done for me.

A few weeks later, a drunk driver T bones the kid, and he dies on the scene. I was devastated, his parents were devastated, and they soon after got a divorce.

They were fighting over who gets what, and the father discovers that the mother had a drug addiction she had been hiding. Straight out of left field. She wants everything they had, and she lawyers up to fight the battle. Due to the debt the mother had accumulated on the father’s bank account, he had really no money. And nobody knew where she got her money from.
As sad as it is, it’s not my affair. Until she sent me a letter claiming that the yard decorations are rightfully hers, and that she will take them “or else”. Now, this is a problem.

I get it, you lost your only child. You’re in a lot of pain as a parent. But you were never a good parent to him. I was closer to him than you, by a long shot.
So, I had a meeting with the father, and told him not to worry about the court costs. I decided I was going to fund him in court.

Long story short about their divorce battle, but he wins, and gets to keep everything, and even gets a restraining order on her. He then files for credit card fraud, and puts all the debt on her.

I heard from the father that she was recently arrested for driving while drunk, and was search and has a decent stash of meth on her. She is currently awaiting trial for that, while the father is living a life now relatively stress free.
And I got to keep my lawn decorations.
RIP Johnathan. You are missed.


Im really excited about Soo Joo Park appearance as a member of Puck’s cluster, named Sutra (according to the credits). A competitor for the title of Sensate Next Super Badass South Korean Woman ?

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


I’m in the process of crossposting fics & drabbles from tumblr onto ao3, and vice-versa. And I’ve just realized that although I sent it over to the absolutely lovely gals over at @txf-fic-chicks I never officially posted the text of my very first smutty, sloppy little venture into the world of fanfic in my own little corner. So, um. Here! I wrote this back in January.

Post-Never Again. Very NC-17. 

“Not everything is about you, Mulder. This is my life.”

Mulder blinks at her a few times, softening, his vulnerability shining like a new penny under his bratty charade. “Yes, but it’s m -”

Scully moves around her apartment in a haze. Turns the television on, then off. Picks up a book, and reads the same sentence four times before putting it back down again. Makes a cup of tea, then forgets about it while it over-steeps. Damn him, she thinks, as she tilts her cup into the sink, watching the lukewarm liquid swirl down the drain. Her tattoo, still new, itches irritably against the back of her sweater. Arlington tomorrow, she reminds herself. She’d better pack. She leans against the sink and sighs forcefully, as if trying to physically expel the weight of him from her lungs. 


His heavy, sullen presence is overwhelming, even when she’s alone. At some point in the last four years, he’s taken residence within her, braided himself into her ribcage. Everything she does, everything she is, pulses with the dark undertone of him - muldermuldermuldermulder. She wonders idly if she’ll ever be free of him. If she even wants to be. Hadn’t she gone to Philadelphia for him, even after she told herself she wouldn’t?

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I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Eleven

Summary: Danneel calms you down after your panic about becoming a mother. You, Jared, and Gen explain your relationship to Tom and Shep before you fly out for Asylum.
Words: 5k
Jared x Reader x Gen, Danneel, Tom, Shep, JJ, Arrow, Zep, Jensen
Warnings: uncomfortable conversations, fluff
Beta: @blacksiren

IKYW Masterpost

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“What if I turn out like my mom?”

Danneel stared at you, unmoving, for what felt like an eternity.

Her expression was unreadable and, in that moment, you wanted to run away.

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