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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Three - Part 4

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Good morning, Stiff! Sleep well?

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!


i know i drew this same event yesterday but..

charlie met nick’s new puppy (henry) only a couple of weeks after he left the hospital and…. it was the first time nick saw him smile properly in a long time

(solitaire / nick and charlie)

Thank you very much for the asks!

((We received more than 100 asks after the grand opening 4 days ago and we honestly couldn’t thank you all guys enough for the wonderful feedback and support for this blog. Unfortunately, we need to close the ask box for the mean time. We will just sort out the asks and reopen it right after compiling them. Once again, we, the muns of usuk-strike, would like to thank you all from the deepest of our hearts. We will do our best to make this blog simply magical and perfectly striking ;D )) 

My apologies

I just realized that my notifications for Tumblr messages had been disabled, and I had let some very nice messages go unanswered. The problem has been rectified.

Don’t worry about the problem. I’ve taken it to a nice farm upstate, with wide open fields and saccharine meadows. The problem is going to be very happy.

You’ll just never see the problem again.

Don’t worry; I’m sure there will be a new, cuter problem to fill that void real soon.