real people

Okay so I gotta vent here for a moment. Today I saw a speech on how the world is changing and how people are changing on the inside and about the pineal gland and stuff like that. And the subject was really interesting although the speech itself was mediocre at best. BUT! Butt…and this is where Hills comes in the game - at the end they were showing a spot about how the governments need change and how the dishonesty and stuff is not acceptable anymore. How the people should take their power in their own hands. Great, 5/5, let’s do this BUT CAN YOU NOT DEMONISE EVERY POLITICIAN TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS!!!!??? Among others, they showed a huge picture of Hill’s face and asked whether you would let her babysit your kids. And I was like “Hell yeah I would, I’ve actually done some decent research on her and didn’t stop at the prejudice flying around. I am full well aware of many of her flaws but HELL YEAH WOULD I TRUST HER WITH MY KIDS!” It gets me really worked up when people just present ‘the government’ as if they were no real people, conveniently putting themselves as the victims of powerful politicians and going on misusing all the great new-agey ideas for their personal political agenda. This is the shit that costs groundbreaking new ideas their credibility. Argh! So long story short, my mom got a little overwhelmed with my anger and protectiveness over 'lil Hill and turned that shit off, agreeing with what I just said. NO ONE fucks with Hillary, not on my watch. I may not support everything she’s done or what she politically believes in at all times but NO ONE blatantly insults or discredits ma gurl! - rant end -

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