21. To Prove We’re Not In A Rut

It was only a quarter after ten in the morning yet it had already been a day. Kids and husband woke up late. No time for breakfast. Broke various speed laws to get their seven-year-old to school on time. By the time Michonne made it on the road to Atlanta she had breathe a sigh of relief. She thought the day had finally turned around. Though fate had other ideas. Instead of sitting at the cherry wood table in the conference room with the panoramic view of downtown Atlanta, meeting with one of her firm’s biggest clients, she was perched on a dirty bench at a rest stop watching AAA drive away after changing her blown out tire.

She hastily typed a text message to her secretary with one hand while the other gripped a half cup of coffee. The rest of the liquid was displayed in a large, brown stain seeped into her white, silk blouse with droplets leaving a trail down to her grey skirt. Frustrated was too weak a word to describe what she was feeling. Her phone buzzed with a message from her secretary promising to apologize profusely to the other partners on her behalf.

Michonne stood and took another look down the road as she scratched at the neat bun at the back of her head. The constant roar of cars driving by did nothing to alleviate the tension headache that developed between her brows. She felt like crying, like screaming, like kicking her newly changed tire. A spark of hope pushed away a bit of the frustration when she saw the sheriff’s cruiser she’d been waiting for pull off the highway and into the rest stop. Seeing her husband’s face through the windshield made her whole body relax some.

Rick turned off the engine and tugged her black gym bag from the passenger’s seat before stepping out of the car. He hugged Michonne close with a kiss on the cheek. Her arms flew around his waist and she buried her head in his chest.

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GUUUUYS I got a job offer today at my interview!!! I’m still waiting to hear more about it and to find out what to do next, but AAAAHHHH. It’s at a location and for a company I reaIly like a lot, and I’ll be working in Primary Care so I’ll be doing a little of everything which is perfect! Not to mention the staff there are all really sweet! And needless to say my interview went really well!

Also within five minutes of coming home, the phone rings and it’s another company wanting to set up an interview with me haha. I declined it but, go figure! ANYWAYS, AHHHHHHHHHHHH-