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The Signs as Stuff my Queer Theories Professor Has Said
  • Aries: I won't go into detail about why I hate James Franco- actually, no I will. SO...
  • Taurus: *long anecdote about Oscar Wilde* I have no clue why that was relevant to this topic, but now you know.
  • Gemini: Nothing is normal and everything you know is a lie. And on that note, I'll see you all next class.
  • Cancer: During the tyrannical reign- I mean, "presidency" of Ronald Reagan...
  • Leo: Interesting how you thought Jonathan Rhys Meyers was the attractive one in Velvet Goldmine because Ewan McGregor was RIGHT THERE, COME ON!
  • Virgo: I'm going to show you guys a meme. See? This cat is Lee Edelman.
  • Libra: The big reveal of The Da Vinci Code is that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were practicing heterosexuals. I'm sorry for spoiling the ending of the novel. But mostly I'm sorry that that is the ending of the novel.
  • Scorpio: (after someone talked about how her friend had Zika) That sounds delightful.
  • Sagittarius: 18 roads diverged in a yellow wood, Lee Edelman took the one least traveled by and then everyone followed him.
  • Capricorn: Not negative in the negative sense, but negative in the non-negative negative sense. Or whatever that means.
  • Aquarius: *Several seconds of silence after a presentation in which someone used Carly Rae Jepson memes* Your generation is weird.
  • Pisces: (completely deadpan) Go forth and enjoy your summer you fabulous unicorns.

Rowan: “No!”
Riley: “No? But baby..”
Rowan: “No, mom! Maybe you’re fine with eating dead aninals, but I’m not! I’m never going to eat meat again.”
Riley: “But Rowan..”
Rowan: “I said NO, mom! I don’t care! I just won’t do it. I.. can’t.”

Imagine being married to Jamie and getting held at gunpoint

(A/N: For the anon who requested this, sorry for the wait and I hope you enjoy. Just to let you all know that the next Jamie imagine will be the part two to the eloping and being Sonny’s sister one. And that will be out soon. I feel bad for making you all wait so long. Hope you can enjoy this while you wait!)

Imagine being married to Jamie and getting held at gunpoint

“Well, good morning Officer or should I say good afternoon.” You teased as you leaned back in your desk chair as your husband Jamie let himself into your office.

“Don’t rag on me, Y/N. I got up half an hour ago.” He sighed, as he sat down heavily in the chair opposite your desk and put a wad of papers on your desk, “Here is those case files you wanted.”

“Thank you,” You pouted before blowing a kiss and grabbing the files, “did you really only get up half an hour ago?”

“It’s my day off.” He shrugged, “Don’t you think I would be wearing my uniform if I was at work?”

“I assumed you went undercover without telling me again.” You stated, taking an all-knowing sip of your coffee.

“When will you let that go?” he sighed once again, leaning on his hand which he rested on his armrest.

“I forgive Reagan. I never forget.” You smirked.

“Don’t I know it.” He commented, flashing you a grin.

“Well, you should. You married me.” You shrugged before winking at him.

“I did and it already feels like forever.” He yawned dramatically.

“It’s only been three months.” You glared.

“And it’s the best decision I ever made.” He corrected, reaching out and grabbing you hand over the desk.

“Hmm,” you agreed, swinging your clasped hands as you went to take another sip of coffee, “You’re just saying that because if we ever got divorced. I would destroy you and I would do without the court fees.”

“You know I have a law degree too.” He pointed out.

“Yeah, but I’m a really good lawyer with actual real-life experience. So much so that I am ADA for the Manhattan District Attorney office.” You argued.

“I have Erin.” He countered.

“You know Erin would be on my side.” You smirked.

“You’re probably right.” He agreed.

“Aren’t I always?” you winked.

“I let you think you are.” He corrected.

“Please, you argue with me any chance you get.” You protested.

“Just keeping you on your toes.” He winked.

“Aren’t husbands supposed to help their wives relax, not stress them out even more?” you commented.

“I could say the same about wives helping husbands.” He countered.

“Yeah, but your version of what you want me to do to help you relax is different to what I want you to do to help me relax.” You stated, trying to be serious but you couldn’t help the smile that crept onto your face as you thought about it.

“And you have to admit that my idea is way more fun than yours.” He flirted.

You went to dispute but nothing came out so all you did was drop your mouth open and wake your arm at him dramatically.

“No argument Counsellor?” he teased, clearly enjoying himself.

“None at all.” You gave in, “We are in agreement.”

“And they said that marriage is a series of compromises.” He commented gleefully.

“Speaking of marriage,” you said, rolling your eyes, Check it out.”

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You’re My Home- Jamie Reagan Imagine

Pairing: Jamie Reagan x Reader

Word Count: 1570

Request: None- I just missed writing for Jamie 

A/N: I went into a lot of detail about the reader’s background because, you guessed it, I’m projecting. Working in the Foreign Service is my dream (then moving into a cushy job at the State Dept. working my way up to Madam Secretary wink wink.)) All flashbacks are in italics and marked with lines. Expect some more writing (and a makeover) soon because I’m finally done with school!! 


New York City, the Big Apple, the City That Never Sleeps: all nicknames for the one place you never wanted to find yourself crawling back to. Growing up in New York City itself was nice, but you always planned on traveling the world. The closest you could get to that in NYC was working with the United Nations. 

Ironically, you took a similar approach, joining the Foreign Service straight out of grad school. Your first mission was in Syria, where you spent two years working on humanitarian missions. It was rough working in such a hostile area, but the payoff was incredibly rewarding. You requested it for your second deployment and without much of a fight, you were stationed there once again. At that time, you knew it was unlikely that you were going to be stationed there a third time. The political climate and rebel forces were making it difficult for your missions to take place. 

You eventually found yourself in Tel Aviv, working in the United States Embassy. It was a step above living in a country involved in an armed conflict, but the work wasn’t nearly as fulfilling. It was more about politic power than it was about helping those affected by the crisis in the Middle East. You left after only six months.

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Drunken Nights (Hamilsquad x Reader) Modern Platonic

Word Count: 1,445

A/N: I was listening to the Workshop Cast Soundtrack while writing this and oh my lord it’s beautiful. That being said, there’s a ton of lyrical references embedded in this fic so see if you can find them all!

“Ok, ok, I’ll go,” you said. Your drunken friends all cheered and patted you on the back. You approached the bar, signaling the bartender.

“Five beers please,” you said. You turned to the girl next to you.

“These aren’t all for me,” you said with a smile.

“I would hope not” she said.

“I’m (y/n),” you introduced yourself.

“Mary,” she said.

“Can you do me a favor Mary?” You asked. She nodded.

“If you take a look over there,” you gestured with your head towards your table of friends, “you’ll see four guys. They’re all pretty drunk right now, fair warning.”

Mary laughed.

“Are they your friends?” She asked.

“Unfortunately. So here’s the deal, the tall one with the ponytail,” Mary turned to look again, “his name is Lafayette. His real name is a heck of a lot longer so I won’t waste your time. He sent me over because he saw you from over there and wanted to come talk to you but he was completely entranced by your beauty and literally all that’s coming out of his mouth is French. You have rendered him incapable of speaking English. Luckily our pal Alex, the shorter one with the goatee, also speaks French so he translated enough for me to come over here. So if you feel so inclined, you can write your number here, and I’ll bring it on over to him. He’ll call and ask you out when he’s in less of a French Fry state,” you pulled a pen and a slip of paper out of your pocket. Mary giggled, blushing a little.

“Really? He’s cute,” she said.

“He’s got a personality to match. Laf’s a real sweetheart. Knows how to treat a girl,” you told her. That was all Mary needed to hear, writing her number down neatly.

“Great, he’s gonna be so happy. Thank you!” You said, shoving the paper in your pocket and grabbing the drinks on the counter in front of you. You brought them back to the table, setting them down in front of your friends, then pulling the paper out of your pocket and sliding it to Laf.

“She’s done it again,” John said.

“She’s amazing,” Herc added. You rolled your eyes. This wasn’t the first time you were an effective wingman for your friends. Plenty of nights spent at the bar showed results that girls preferred talking to you than being drunkenly hit on by the boys. You attributed it to your genuineness and your honesty. Girls trusted other girls.

The boys slid money across the table to you, Laf giving twice as much as the others. The deal was simple. Each phone number was equal to one beer. Whoever you got the number for would pay for your drink. You got out nicely, having to only pay for one or two drinks before the guys started pointing out girls for you to hit on for them.

“Who’s up next?” Herc asked.

“Dibs,” John said.

“No way, you got one last night. It’s my turn!” Alex said.

“When was the last time I got one?” Hercules added.

“Why don’t I get you all one? If I can get you all a different girl’s number, then I don’t buy another drink for two weeks, regardless of how many numbers I get per night. If I don’t, then I buy two rounds every night we go out for two weeks,” you proposed. The guys looked impressed.

“Deal,” your friends agreed. You pushed up your sleeves, downed the rest of your beer, and stood up from the table.

The first girl you went up to was sitting at a table by herself.

“Excuse me, can I sit here?” you asked. She looked up from her phone and nodded.

“I’m (y/n),” you said, sitting down.

“Reagan,” she replied.

“You look like you want to have a good time, Reagan,” you speculated. She answered your question by laughing.

“I suppose I am,” she said.

“Well, I’m a regular at this bar, so I know who the best guys are,” you said.

“I’m listening,” she said, leaning in closer and stirring her drink with her straw.

“See the guys at that table? Stay away from them,” you said, pointing subtly to your friends.

“Ok?” She said.

“They’re all players, except the one with the freckles,” you said.

“Do you know him well?” She asked. She was intrigued with you now.

“Yes, his name is John. He likes beer, especially Sam Adams. He’s working to abolish racism, and rumor has it he really likes turtles,” you told her. Reagan laughed.

“Is he seeing anyone right now?” She asked.

“As far as I know, he’s as single as a bill on a stripper,” you said. You weren’t quite sure where that came from, but you were buzzed enough to shake off the strangeness of it. Apparently Reagan liked it though, because she pulled a napkin towards her and a pen out her purse. She wrote her number on it, then slid it across the table to you.

“Can you give this to him please?” she asked. You nodded.

“Of course, I’d be happy to!” You answered.

“It was nice meeting you,” she said as you left. You returned the pleasantry.

“One down, three to go,” you said when you got back to the table your friends were sitting at.

“Amazing,” Herc shook his head.

“Who’s this one for?” Alex asked.

“John, her name is Reagan,” you told him, giving him the napkin before heading back out into the people around the bar. It didn’t take you long to find a girl who was more than hammered for your next go-around.

“Oh My God I love your dress!” you exclaimed.

“OMG Thanks!” she said, pulling it down a little bit as it had ridden up her thighs.

“Have you seen all the cute guys around?” You asked.

“There’s so many! Look at that group in the corner!” She made your job very easy.

“What do you think of the guy with the hat?” You asked.

“He’s cute, in a brawny sort of way,” she said. Hook, line, and Sinker.

“I could give him your number, if you want,” you suggested.

“OMG you know him?”

“He’s a friend. I can see what I can work out,” you told her. She wrote her number on a receipt and practically threw it at you.

“Go ahead. Tell him I said hello,” she waved her fingers at her.

“Will do,” you said, heading back to your friends.

“Herc, this is for you,” you said, giving him her number.

“You make quick work,” Alex said.

“You’re next buddy. This is easy,” you said with a grin. You left once again, this time going to a group of three girls.

“Hello ladies,” you said, pulling out a chair and joining them.

“I’m (y/n),” you told them.

“Angelica,” the eldest said.

“Eliza,” the girl on her left said sweetly.

“And Peggy,” the last girl, obviously the youngest, interjected.

“I’m doing a favor for a buddy and I was hoping one of you could help me out,” you said.

“Of course,” Angelica said.

“See those guys in the corner? The short one with the ponytail and goatee? That’s Alexander. He was wondering if I could get your number for him,” you said, not specifying who he wanted the number from, to increase your odds of success. It looked liked Eliza was about to give you her number right away, but Angelica stopped her.

“Tell us about him,” she prompted.

“Certified Genius. I mean it, his brain is non-stop. He’s fluent in French, has studied multiple war strategies, and he writes like it’s going out of style. He’s an immigrant, but he’s completely made his own way here in the city. It’s quite impressive, actually,” you told them honestly. Angelica nodded, then pulled a small notebook out of her bag. She wrote her name and number on it, folded it in half and then handed it to you. Before you could take it out of her hand, it was snatched by Eliza. Eliza scribbled her number on it as well before giving it to you.

“She’s helpless,” Angelica rolled her eyes with a smile.

“Thank you ladies, nice meeting you,” you said, jumping up. You practically ran back to your table and slammed the paper in front of Alex.

“She’s a magician,” Herc said.

“Oui,” Laf grunted his response.

“She’s never buying a drink again,” John corrected.

“She got me two numbers!” Alex said in realization.

“I told you I could do it,” you said with a smug smile, taking Alex’s half empty glass and drinking it yourself.

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi

(A/N: Sorry for the long wait, I re-worte this whole thing to make it ten times better and consequently much longer. I don’t know why but I’m currently obsessed with babies. That’s a lie. I do know why, my cousin is pregnant and I’m super excited. I’m definitly going to make continuations with this little family I’ve created. I love it so much. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It;s just so cute and fluffy. Ahh.)

Imagine having a baby with Sonny Carisi

“No.” you stated, shaking your head.

“What?” Sonny asked his voice a mixture of confusion and shock.

“I said no.” you repeated.

“What do you mean?” he questioned.

“I mean what I said, no. I won’t do it.” you states once again before turning away from him.

“Why not?” he asked, getting up and spinning you back round to face him.

“Because you’re only asking because I’m pregnant.” you informed.

“That’s not true.” he tried to reassure.

“Yes it is.” you argued, “Why are you asking now today then? What’s so special about today?”

He didn’t have an answer for you. He face screwed up trying to come up with a believable answer that would satisfy you. You decided to put him out of his misery.

“Exactly, you’re only asking because we found out we’re having a baby.” you confirmed.

“Y/N, I’m asking because I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he tried to reason, grabbing hold of your hands.

“Sonny, it’s not that I don’t want to marry you. Of course I do. I love you more than I love myself. Which you know is an extremely hard thing to do with a narcissist like me.” you joked trying to be serious for comedic effect, “But I didn’t want you to ask like this. Like you’re obliged too.”

“I don’t feel that way…” he began.

“I know you don’t but that’s what everyone going to think.” you reminded.

“Since when do you care?” he questioned skeptical.

“I don’t care what they think. I care about how I feel. I don’t want to get married now especially after finding out we’re having a baby. It’s too much effort.” you sighed, nursing your temple as the mere thought of it was giving you a migraine.

“Alright,” he agreed reluctantly, “When do you want me to ask?”

“A year.” you stated.

“A year?” he questioned.

“One year.” you repeated for reassurance.

“And you’ll actually say yes in one years time?” he asked jokingly.

“Depends on how cute this kid is.” you winked.

A smile broke out on his face, chuckling he grabbed hold of you and pull you close. Putting his arms around your waist. Instinctively, you put yours around his neck.

“If they look anything like you. It’s practically grantee.” he whispered into your ear. leaning down.

“And if they look anything like you. God save their soul.” you teased, shaking your head playfully and giving him a wink.

A flash of annoyance flashed across Sonny’s face as you broke into laughter. After trying to be miffed he eventually gave in. Leaning down and placing a kiss on your chuckling lips.

You had been in a relationship with Sonny for four years and been partners at SVU for four and a half at that point. You had just celebrated your forth anniversary of dating with a low-key dinner at your shared apartment that you two had bought two years pervious, a few weeks ago. Up until yesterday you thought that was going to be the latest milestone for a while. That was until yesterday.

You had found out you were expecting a baby. You’d found out together. You’d been throwing up non-stop all night the day before yesterday. In fact you had to take the day off as you hadn’t gotten any sleep. Sonny had gone to work and you were at home trying to rest and get better. It wasn’t until you looked at the calendar on the fridge. That the you considered the thought that it might have not been that two day old chicken and mayonnaise sandwich you’d stolen off Finn that was making you sick.

Sonny called you about midday to see how you were doing and to see if you needed anything.

“Is there anything else you want?” he asked after you told him that you’d run out of bread and you wanted him to bring home chicken soup for dinner.

“I don’t want you to get your hopes up but I think I might be pregnant.” you practically whispered down the line.

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okay, so, guys, a lot of the people saying things like “we survived _____, we’ll survive trump”, a lot of the people I’ve seen saying that, are literally jewish and talking about the holocaust. a lot of them are lgbt people who were alive during the reagan administration. 

so when you say stuff like “but what about the ones who DIDN’T survive” like, you guys, we know, but we do not have the luxury of allowing that kind of cynicism into our lives. so, please stop trying to spread it. 

understand that reminding us of the carnage and death ahead of us, is literally the same thing that white supremacist groups are doing right now.

stop trying to invalidate messages of strength and encouragement at a time when they are needed. understand that your cynicism hurts people, and that while you have and deserve the space to be upset, you do not have the right to try to upset others.


Imagine Mike proposing to you

Imagine Mike proposing to you

“Hello. Hello. Hello.” You singsonged as you approached the boys and Mike who were in the middle of the empty field, clearing up after practice.

“Aunt Y/N!” the boys cheered when they noticed you.

They proceeded to run over to come and hug you while leaving Mike to finish clearing up by himself. You dropped to your knees so you were at their level to hug them. As you did, out of the corner of your eye you saw Mike watching you three in amusement.

“My boys.” You said with a smile despite the bag on Shaun’s back hitting you in the face before you released them, “So, Shaun. Jack. How was baseball with Coach Dodds?”

“It was fun!” Jack grinned.

“And he didn’t show you any favoritism did he?” you smirked while you narrowed your eyes over at Mike.

“Nope,”  Shaun informed.

“What do you mean no?” you asked, shocked, “You’re my nephews, he should treat you like you’re the best players on that team even if you aren’t.”

“Hey!” Jack protested.

“I’m kidding about both things.” You chuckled as you stood up, “So you boys considering switching from soccer to baseball?”

“No,” they both said simultaneously after giving each a quick glance.

“What? Why?” you demanded, taken aback.

“Well…it was fun but it wasn’t soccer or football fun.” Jack offered.

“Hmm,” you sighed, “You Reagan men are all the same! I should have expected really! So when are you two going to tell Mike? ”

“Can’t you take Uncle Mike for us?” Jack pleaded.

“I’m sorry….Uncle Mike?” you asked, they’d never called him Uncle Mike before.

“Yeah…?” Shaun dragged out confused.

“Since when do you call him that?” you inquired.

“I dunno.” Jack shrugged, “What’s the big deal?”

“There isn’t one,” you tired to play off, “It’s just that I’ve never heard you call him that before.”

“Well, he isn’t he?” Jack asked.

“Technically he isn’t…” you began.

“Why not?” Shaun interrupted.

“Because we’re not married.” You answered.

“But you will right, you’ve been dating for forever.” Jack countered.

“Try four years.” You corrected.

“That’s so long.” Shaun whined, “Why aren’t you married yet?”

“He hasn’t asked.” You offered.

“Why not?” Jack pestered.

“I don’t know!” you said quickly, feeling flustered, “Ask him!”

“Okay.” Jack said, turning round.

“No,” you cried, grabbing and spinning him back in your direction, “What the hell do you think you are doing?”

“Asking.” He reminded.

“You can’t do that!” you stated.

“Why not?” he inquired.

“Because he’ll think I sent you.” You sighed.

“But you are.” Jack reminded.

“My Mom says it’s because you have commit issues.” Shaun chimed in.

“I used to have comment issues.” You corrected, silently reminding yourself to kill Linda, “Mike’s different.”

“So if he asked you would say yes.” Jack inquired.

“Of course,” you admitted quickly before changing the subject, “Speaking of Mothers, yours is waiting for you. Quickly head to the car so i can drive you back after I help him finish up because I know you guys aren’t.”

“Thanks Aunt Y/N.” Jack grinned.

“Yeah, yeah.” You smirked with an eye-roll as they began to run away from you.

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Those Were The Days.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Titled: ‘Those Were The Days.’ 

Warnings: Uhh 

Word Count: 1,541 

Prompt: “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” 

A/N: This is my entry for Week 4 of the lovely Supernatural Hiatus Challenge! I hope you love it @one-shots-supernatural 

Tagging: @winchester-writes @sincerelysaraahh @bovaria @castiels-colette @plaidandwhiskeydean @winchesterwhisper @winchesterreaderinserts @castiella-winchester67 @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @angelkurenai @deanandidrinkcoffee @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @torn-and-frayed @training-wolves @thegirlwiththeimpala @a-gift-from-below

Life for you and Dean is always changing especially with your two young children. No day was ever the same, and it would get hard for you with Dean being away all the time. 

You first had a son, which Dean was a little bit more than happy about, and you named him Conner. Then you had your first daughter, which was what you secretly wanted and you named her Reagan. Conner was three years old and Reagan just turned one. 

You’ll be honest, you haven’t gone hunting since Conner was born. But you and Dean agreed that if you were going to have kids that you needed to stay with them because they will need you. 

You didn’t really miss hunting that much but you would get your fill of it from Dean and Sam. Although since you’ve had kids your’s and Dean’s date nights went out the window. Those were rare, like really rare and soon your anniversary was coming up. 

Dean knew that he wanted to do something extra special for you because of how hard you worked and how much you had sacrifice, so he came up with something. He made a few phone calls and hopefully things will work out like they are supposed to. 

The day had finally come and Dean didn’t know how much longer he could keep it from you. Late that afternoon, early into the evening, you overheard someone knocking at the door. You ran up the stairs but you couldn’t go too fast with, Reagan in your arms. 

You opened the door and there was Claire and Jody! “Claire? Jody? What are you doing here?” You were very shocked and happy to see them and you immediately let them in. “Oh we were in the neighborhood and we thought we would stop by.” Jody shrugged her shoulder. 

“How are you guys? Oh and how is school going Claire?” You raised an eyebrow at that girl. “School is going actually.” Claire said and she smiled a bit. “We are doing as well as we can.” Jody answered for the both of them. 

“How are you though?” Jody asked you. “I am doing great, and I am happy as ever to get to be home with the kids. “ You admitted truthfully. 

“Well, I’ll have to say is enjoy while you can because soon, they’ll grow up and be like this!” Jody said giving Claire a look. Claire looked back at Jody and tried to look completely innocent. You guys entered the library and there was Sam and Dean sitting in their usual spots. 

“Oh hey Jody, hey Claire!” Both of the boys stand up from their sits at the three of you walk in or should say four of you including Reagan. Sam and Dean gave the both of them hugs and asked how they were and how was the trip. 

Dean looked Reagan in the eyes just like his and opened his arms for her to move into. She was a Daddy’s girl and she instantly began to squirm and move around in your arms. “Okay, okay you want to go to Daddy, I understand.” You say handing her over to Dean. 

Dean bounced Reagan up and down in his arms as you guys caught up. In the middle of everyone talking you asked if you anyone wanted anything. You suggested putting a pot of coffee on and everyone agreed with you. You went into the kitchen and got to work. 

While you working away, Jody walked closer up to Dean and asked him.

“Have you told Y/N yet?” Dean smirked and looked at you through the kitchen door way and said in a low voice. 

“I’m working on it.” Dean said and he handed Reagan over to Jody. “Claire, Conner should be playing in his bedroom, go get him.” Dean directed Claire and Claire nodded her head and began walking down the hallway. 

“Sam, go move the kids car seats into Jody’s truck.” Dean moved his head in the direction of the door. Sam gave his brother a thumbs up and went on his way. Claire and Jody met Dean at the bottom of the stairs. “Okay, Claire quickly go and get the play pen out of Reagan’s nursery, and in that bag has everything you need, Jody.” 

Dean reassured Jody. “Thanks, Dean and  I think what you are doing for Y/N is really sweet and I am glad I get to be Aunt Jody for a little while.” Jody smiled still holding Reagan. “Well, whatever we decide to do we should be home by ten so drop them whenever or maybe.” Dean said talking off the top of his head. 

“Dean we’ll figure that tomorrow! Now go be with your wife!” Jody exclaimed, pushing Dean a bit and her and Claire ran up the stairs with the kids in a hurry. 

Dean watched them walk out the door and then he crept his way slowly into the kitchen. You were in there working on fixing the first cup of coffee. Dean stood  frame of the door staring at you. You looked up from what you were doing and noticed Dean. 

“Oh hey Dean are you here to help me with the load?” You asked pouring some half and half into the mug and began to open a sugar packet. “Jody and Claire couldn’t stay for coffee, they just left.” Dean said to you pointing out of the room with his hand. 

“What do you mean they just left?” Y/N stopped dead from what she was doing and drew her focus on me. “Yeah and they took Reagan and Conner with them.” Dean added that small but major detail. Your eyes widened larger than life. 

“They took my babies? Its not that I don’t trust them but those are my children and I never let them out of my sight. and and” You were going on and on but only you could hear because you began to mumble over your words. 

“Babe! It’s okay Sam tagged along and they’ll be back tonight!” Dean said in an attempt to catch your attention. “So this means that you and I have the bunker completely to ourselves for the evening?” You asked to clarify with Dean. 

“Right.” Dean said nodding his head a little. “Happy anniversary, baby.” Dean said coming closer to you and kissing you. You threw your arms around Dean and gave him a big bear hug. Dean hugged you back and you thanked him. 

“So what do you want to do?” Dean asked you next. It didn’t take you long to make a decision. 

You and Dean were your shared bedroom, watching whatever you wanted on Netflix and just relaxing. Sitting back for the first time before Conner was born. 

You and Dean found a show and played the first episode. You and Dean were all cuddled up and you weren’t even twenty minutes into the episode when you already dozed off. 

Dean smiled down at your sleeping figure against his body and he began to yawn, he didn’t realize how tired he was until he laid down. Not longer after that Dean was asleep as well. 

You guys slept your whole night away. Claire, Jody, and Sam came back around nine and when the saw impala they knew you guys were back already. What they didn’t expect was a dead quiet house. It was too quiet. 

Jody and Claire got the kiddos back into their own beds and then they began to search the bunker for you two. Sam found you two, knocked out in the bed. You and Dean clung to each other side and the T.V was still on. 

Sam turned the T.V. off and then he took his phone out and snapped a few pictures. Claire and Jody saw that the door was opened and Sam inside. They walked in as well and Claire was about to bust out laughing. 

Jody nudged her in the side and muttered. “Be quiet, they’ll hear you.” Sam turned around to Jody and Claire and told them that they are really out because they would have woken up by now. 

The three of them didn’t want to intrude much longer so they left you two in peace. 

You finally woke up and Dean remained in a deep sleep. You picked up your phone that was right beside you in the bed and saw that it was 5:00 a.m. ! 

You gasped quietly to yourself and then you shook Dean awake. “Dean! Dean!” You whispered shaking him. “What? What?” Dean asked half awake and then he rubbed his eyes. 

“We fell asleep and we slept for twelve hours!” You said still in a state of shock. “So? You obviously needed a break if you slept for that long.” Dean said yawning a bit. “Now come on, we’ve still got a few more hours to sleep.” Dean said opening his arms to you. 

You didn’t shy away from that and you scooted in the bed closer to Dean. 

“I love you Dean.” You mumble into Dean’s chest.

“I love you too , Y/N.” Dean said kissing the top of your head and falling back asleep. 

The End!

Imagine your boyfriend, Danny Reagan, asking your brother, Rafael Barba, for permission to marry you

(A/N: For the Anon that requested this imagine. If only I had known Danny was the most poplar Reagan brother, judging by the requests that is. Also I tried a new technique to check for errors today. Let me know if it’s working or there is still a few. Thanks to all the anons who keep me line about it. Hope you all enjoy.)

Imagine your boyfriend, Danny Reagan, asking your brother, Rafael Barba, for permission to marry you

You were six months into your transfer to major crimes when you officially became that person.

The person.

The person that the department would send in to deal with the one and only, the infamous, Daniel Reagan.

You like to say that they only ever encouraged you to spend time with him was when he was throwing a tantrum. He isn’t partially fond of that description now, however. Though, you like to think at the start that he would play up a bit more than usual so he’d have an excuse to be trapped in the break room with you.

And you can’t say that you it didn’t like either.

You’d worked five years in Narcotics before you were technically promoted and transferred to Major Crimes. You’d just closed a high profile case which got you noticed and that’s when they offered you the transfer. You were reluctant at first. You wondered if you could handle the pressure of being in such a well-known, publicised and important department. You went for it in the end and reflecting back on it now, it was one of the best decisions you had ever made.

You knew who Danny Reagan was before you transferred to Major Crimes. Almost everyone on the force did. He was the poster-child for NYPD Detectives. He was always the lead on the most glamorised and publicised cases in the city. Not to mention he was the Commissioners son. You also knew going in that he had a reputation with being ‘abrasive’ you should say.  An old school cop. The typical tough cop. You knew going in that he wouldn’t be your partner but you would probably have to work together and in close proximity.

You weren’t surprised that when you first met that you didn’t exactly get along. Sure, he was nice and accommodating at the start not forgetting handsome and occasionally charming however as the first month progressed. You both started to clash. Mostly because of his brashness when it came to detective work and your preference for the ‘by the book’ way of doing things.

Now you can see it was just that typical opposites attract thing. You argued all the time but you secretly liked each other. You found him funny and you later found out that he thought it was adorable when you got angry so he would do it on purpose.

It took you a while to realise that he liked you more than just a colleague or a friend. Your partner and his, and you can only assume they did the same thing to him whenever you were away, whenever he was out were constantly telling you that he liked you. And you just brushed them off, telling them that they were crazy. Danny Reagan at that point was infamously single.

It was the three month mark after your transfer when you both finally gave in. At that point you liked each other too much to pretend you didn’t. You were both working late. Your desks were adjacent to each other. At that point you were at that flirtatious teasing stage. The Squad-room was empty and you both decided to call it a night. He offered to walk you to your car, he did, he asked you out on a date and you accepted.

Everything from there is history.

Three years worth of it.

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taylorswift this is Reagan. She is from the town I’m from here in New Mexico. Sweet Reagan has been fighting childhood cancer for years now. She’s traveling from New Mexico to Atlanta Georgia to see you perform and in hopes of meeting you. Reagan has one of the biggest hearts in anybody you will ever meet. I’m saddened I can’t currently afford to attend this show with her but I know she will have fun. I really hope that you’ll meet this sweet girl in Atlanta! She’s one of thr biggest fighters I know and I’m so so blessed and honored to call her a friend. She’s so so sweet and I would love for you to meet her. 
So taylorswift what do you say? Let this pretty girl back stage to meet you?❤️