1st time I met @therealredman I was a 10th grader in highschool. It was the mid 90’s and he and Method Man were Hot. One of my rap friends called me to say Meth and Red were at the local radio station flowing live on air. So I tuned in to Power99FM and drove over to the station in my 1979 White JeepCJ7 to see what was happening. When I pulled into the parking lot @methodmanofficial was walking to his SUV with a hoodie over his head. He was trying not to be noticed but his hight and swag made him stick out anyway. I asked him if he wanted to cypher with us. He didn’t say anything. He got into his vehicle and sparked a big L. Later on we found out he was sick with the flu. Redman was still in the station going HAM! So we left meth alone and waited for RedMan to walk out. After about 15 min of rhyming he came out and said to us “Where The Weed At?” Nobody had any, so a ran to my Jeep and searched it desperately hoping to find something. In the cracks of my seat I came up with a black and mild and a fully packed Nickle Bag of Shwag (the term we used for low grade chronic full of seeds and stems). I had never rolled with a black & mild before and didn’t know if it was even possible. But I had confidence in my rolling craft having been taught by my big brother who was the best. So there I was standing to the left of RedMan in a cypher rolling up with a split black in the palm of my left hand. As I poured the contents of the nic into the paper RedMan leaned over to make sure it wasn’t laced with anything. I was smitten that the back of his head was three inches from my nose and we were about to blaze. This was a highschool MC dream come true! So we smoked & he rhymed along side of his records that Power99 was playing on air. His voice CARRIED across the lot like no other MC I have heard to this day! RedMan has a very powerful voice. That is when I started to concentrate on my Voice as well as my Flow. Today, we Worked out at the same gym! He looked healthy and strong. In honor of the moment here is a tb of me @redmangilla and #readyrock backstage at the Red Bull MC competition a few years back. Reggie Noble is one of the Greatest Showmen in Rap. Without a Doubt! (at Los Angeles, California)

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