readymade art


the side profile engaged millions of hands to pass out chores and choirs and daggers as thousands a day misremembered her name less to their ears as a human and more a vessel for nostalgia lettuce sleeves and tribes adjacent torn over the gored bullrider, inhumane behavior boiling point today is where your book begins or ends as the hands at play have their growth and muck shifting and you dance dance dance the pain away scrolling through indieheads at night lsd soundsystem in ear buds or speakers if you’re lucky dancing takes many forms sometimes dancing is in the mind or the body to right off one is to write off all walls of sound to one isnt always an inkling to another, we choke on words and some choke on water and some have trouble eating its rough but we arent bound to accidents and recovery isnt linear no not one bit at all

Maurizio Cattelan | 2007 | Ave Maria

When friendship dissolves, when solidarity is banned and individuals stay alone and face of the darkness of matter in isolation, then reality turns back into chaos and the coherence of the social environment is reduced to the enforcement of the obsessional act of identification. (Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Futurability)