readymade art

Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 1969. 

In January 1967 Kounellis organized a solo exhibition in Rome at L’Attico, directed by Fabio Sargentini, where he exhibited twelve live horses. He relates that he was inspired by a phrase by André Breton in Le surrealisme au service de la revolution, according to which something could happen that was as impossible as the Tartars bringing their horses to drink at the fountains of Versailles.


Samantha Eden Oakey is a multimedia visual artist, working in traditional media such as printmaking, collage, (beeswax) painting and drawing, as well as digital video, sound design, and installation. Her equal, personal obsession with storytelling and writing has led her from exploring her autobiography through index-card sized collages, to analyzing her own observations of her culture along with historical patterns of etymology - resulting in an installation designed to imitate those of art museums. Oakey is an archivist, a collector, and a curator within her art practice; and in the final artworks, inviting viewers into discussions with the art, and each other. She enjoys meshing handmade and digital mediums for an eclectic, dualistic style.




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