readymade art

Jannis Kounellis, Untitled, 1969. 

In January 1967 Kounellis organized a solo exhibition in Rome at L’Attico, directed by Fabio Sargentini, where he exhibited twelve live horses. He relates that he was inspired by a phrase by André Breton in Le surrealisme au service de la revolution, according to which something could happen that was as impossible as the Tartars bringing their horses to drink at the fountains of Versailles.

Happy birthday to Jeff Koons!

“You know the reason why I used a basketball over another object is for the purity of it. It’s an inflatable - it relates to our human experience to be alive. We have to breathe. If the ball would be deflated, it would be a symbol of death. But, it’s inflated so it’s a symbol of life.”

Learn more about the Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Two Dr. J. Silver Series, One Wilson Supershot) and how Koons views readymades in art. 

[Jeff Koons. Three Ball 50/50 Tank (Two Dr. J. Silver Series, One Wilson Supershot).1985. Glass, painted steel, distilled water, plastic, and three basketballs. Gift of Werner and Elaine Dannheisser. © 2017 Jeff Koons]

Troublemaking artist Marcel Duchamp was born on this day in 1887. Learn why his Readymades were so radical when he first introduced them in this clip, or watch the full video on our YouTube channel