So! Here’s the thing!: I was thinking about this: We all love DL and good stories right?
So how about this? Let’s all share our story with Diabolik Lovers!
Like how we discover DL
What was our first impression
Did we like it at first or not
What made us fans (and when we realized it)
What was the first thing we saw (anime, manga or the translations)
How was our first favorite character and if it has change now
As fan what you do or want to do for the fandom (like you have a blog, an OC, you draw or you translate…)
Do you recommend DL? To your friends and family? Or is it a secret of yours?(guilty pleasure?)
Why you love DL? (In general)

I would really love to read your stories with the DL fandom!! Besides I think it would be fun and interactive!!
Use the #shareyourDLstory so not just me but everyone would get to know your story!!
It isn’t an event so whenever you like to write your story is totally fine. NO STARTING DATES NOR ENDING DATES!
Just have fun! The extent also won’t matter (the longest and detailed the better for me!!) You can also send them in as an ask as anonymous if that makes you feel better!
The only rule for this to work is to respect everyone’s stories and opinions!! For must people is very difficult to open themselves (even through a little writing piece because not everyone is good at writing)
Ready? Set… GO!!

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