Max Recommends: Last Minute Book Gifts for Writers! 🎄🎁✨

Hello, dear followers! 😊

Not so long ago I made a video talking about what I considered to be the best books for writers, and recently a few of you messaged me asking for a formal post. Well, since the shopping season is here— I thought I would compile my list of book presents for writers!

PS: While I’ve provided online links to all books below, I can assure you that if you go to your local book store you will have NO TROUBLE finding the first three books on this list. If you can, make sure to support your local business!

I go on great lengths explaining each book, so I will leave the recommendations under the cut! 😉✨

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What Tonight’s Rare Astrological Convergence Means For You

Mind Body Green writes:

Ready, set, revamp! Your shining moment could arrive on June 20, when the second installment of two rare consecutive Sagittarius full moons brings your biggest goals full-circle. Plans set in motion at the Sagittarius new moon in December 2015—and the one a month earlier—could come with a flourish now.

Since purpose-driven Sagittarius rules our loftiest life #goals, you could also reach a turning point on your path and decide to go in a wildly different direction. Don’t be afraid to take a side road … or even to veer off the grid!

Normally there’s only one full moon per sign in any given year, making this second Sagittarius full moon a true cosmic rarity. The first full moon in expansive, worldly Sagittarius fell on May 21, 2016. Since this was the tail end of Mercury retrograde, the last lunation erupted under more challenging skies.

Now, whatever you’ve been building toward since then could really come together now. If you’ve been awaiting big news or have had to retrace your steps, this full moon gives you a second chance.

June 20 also marks the sun’s shift into sensitive, nurturing Cancer (ruled by the moon) and the Solstice. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the sun hovers over the Tropic of Cancer in the Northern Hemisphere and the Earth’s North Pole tilts directly toward the sun at the culmination of the June solstice. (Try repeating that back to us twice as fast … kidding.)

But since this is Summer Solstice—the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere—you have even more reason to tap into the jovial spirit of Sagittarius, ruled by god-of-all-feasts Jupiter. Those in the southern hemisphere, who are experiencing this day as the Winter Solstice, will want to soak up as many of those positive and bountiful Sag vibes to feed them through the colder, darker season ahead.

Whew! There’s clearly a lot of cosmic synergy at play today, so to help you harness this supercharged phenomenon, here are nine ways to make yourself embrace the risk-taking prowess of the Sagittarius full moon.

hey i'm selling band shirts for cheap yay

i’ve cleaned out my dresser yet again and made a big pile of all the shirts i don’t wear anymore. there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just either too small or i don’t like the band anymore or i just don’t like the way they look on me (i look bad in red)

so here are the links for all of them on ebay, they’re starting at $5 each and shipping is cheap!!!

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It’s been one year since I made this blog… I wanted to let you guys know about these awesome blogs that help make my tumblr experience the best it can be :)

With that being said, here are all of the amazing blogs that I follow! 


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