I created a motivational monster. Last fall when I started running, I would occasionally push Summer in the stroller. I was out of shape and would get winded and had to start walking. Well I would always say “Ready, Set, Go!” then start running again. She wasn’t talking much yet but would giggle and go WEEEEEE!

I kept doing it the sat several months when we would do family walks around the neighborhood or even with a shopping cart at the grocery and then take off.

Now, anytime I use the word “Ready” in a sentence she will say “Set, Go!” The coolest thing is that she has a hard time saying any words with an S at the beginning. It’s been hard for her to transition from the s sound to another sound, but by doing this it’s definitely helped her expand to more words than Set. Kids are so damn cool.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately, friends…and I’m especially sad not to have been able to participate in My Gang to Me Day. :o( I have just been stupidly busy and exhausted (mentally, emotionally, physically), and I just don’t have the wherewithal for much social interaction at the moment. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus until the end of the school year in June, but feel free to leave messages and tag me in things while I’m away. I may not answer for a while, but I will answer…and a little encouragement sure wouldn’t go amiss. ;o)

As I was sitting in my car today waiting for class I thought of a band I haven’t actively listened to in years. Every once in a while I’ll look up an old song by them but I haven’t actually looked them up until today and I’m glad that I did. In a weird way, I’m incredibly proud of who they’ve become as a band and as individuals. It’s astonishing to see how they’re sense of style has changed over the years and to be honest Bill’s hair was one of the main reasons I started listening to them (😅) I wish that I had been a more devoted fan when I was younger, but I’m really like their music again, and I’m happy about it. Their songs are really deep and meaningful and they’re just great people. You should look them up if you don’t know about them.

Carry On writing prompt #1

You are Penelope Bunce. One day, while studying, you discover a powerful time-traveling spell that allows you to briefly visit any moment within the last two years. You travel back to that moment, but your arrival causes a change of events that alters one detail of your present.