I created a motivational monster. Last fall when I started running, I would occasionally push Summer in the stroller. I was out of shape and would get winded and had to start walking. Well I would always say “Ready, Set, Go!” then start running again. She wasn’t talking much yet but would giggle and go WEEEEEE!

I kept doing it the sat several months when we would do family walks around the neighborhood or even with a shopping cart at the grocery and then take off.

Now, anytime I use the word “Ready” in a sentence she will say “Set, Go!” The coolest thing is that she has a hard time saying any words with an S at the beginning. It’s been hard for her to transition from the s sound to another sound, but by doing this it’s definitely helped her expand to more words than Set. Kids are so damn cool.

I’m sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr much lately, friends…and I’m especially sad not to have been able to participate in My Gang to Me Day. :o( I have just been stupidly busy and exhausted (mentally, emotionally, physically), and I just don’t have the wherewithal for much social interaction at the moment. I’m going to take a temporary hiatus until the end of the school year in June, but feel free to leave messages and tag me in things while I’m away. I may not answer for a while, but I will answer…and a little encouragement sure wouldn’t go amiss. ;o)

Break-Up Novella.



The first part to this novella received such incredible feedback and a generous amount of notes; I am honestly so thrilled that people enjoyed the first section of it. I really am. You guys are absolutely amazing and I love you. I know I suck when it comes to writing angsty, fight/argument scenes so I’m really glad you all enjoyed it and took time to read it. 

This chapter - and probably part 4, as well - is a filler section. Not as lengthy, not as long, not as detailed. I think I underestimated some things in this series and probably could have squeezed it into three sections… Haha.

Enjoy! x

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Note: PLEASE READ: I’m sorry if anything I say below is offensive or triggering! if anyone that reads this is going through it, I hope you get better and I think you’re absolutely beautiful! also, thank you for the request, darlin! .c

Request:  Bucky imagine where the reader is an Avenger as well but is anorexic and no one’s noticed except Bucky so he talks to her after a mission and makes her promise to get better? Thanksxx

Originally posted by gliceria

For a few years now, you’ve dealt with an eating disorder. Every time you would log into social media, turned on the television, or read a magazine, you were told how you should look and what you should eat. It became a habit for you to lose weight and if that meant denying yourself the pleasure of eating, you’d do it.

You were thankful nobody took notice of it, you’ve been great at hiding it from your fellow teammates. You’d try to beat everyone to breakfast and eat what little you wanted and skipped lunch and dinner, opting to stay in your room and chew on tiny things to keep yourself fed just a little bit.

It wasn’t until Tony made you eat breakfast with the team before an important mission that someone took notice.

You were cutting up your food meticulously as you busied yourself with conversation, not really eating what was on your plate. You giggled as you watched Wanda and Nat fight over the last piece of bacon, while Tony was going over the mission details. Your attention was brought to the dark haired man in front of you when you heard your name.

“Y/N, you can’t go astray like last time.” You nodded, bringing your fork to your mouth. Tony raised an eyebrow questioningly and you snorted at him. “Got it, Tony the tiger.” He smiled and continued to talk to the others, his eyes leaving yours. To him, you took that bite. But to you and the unknown stare from Bucky, you simply put the fork back down. 

Bucky watched you closely, his eyes fixated on the way your hands moved. The way you cut up your food and lightly spread it out, the way you would bring the fork to your mouth when people would look at you, but never once ate it. He’d watch you engage in the conversation, your mouth constantly moving, but never with the motion of eating.

You heard Sam talking about his wings, and how he needed Tony to repair them. “Again?” Tony set his cup of coffee down, shaking his head in disbelief. “You tell me that an hour before a mission?” He gapes at Sam and creases his eyebrows. You took that as your chance to excuse yourself. 

“Speaking of, I’m gonna go suit up.” You grabbed your plate and scooted out of your chair. The others continued talking, not paying you any attention. “But you’re not done eating.” Bucky stood with you and held onto your arm, he took notice in how smaller it felt in his hold. Your face threatened to turn red, hoping he hadn’t caught you. 

You shrugged and pulled out of his grasp. “I had enough.” You moved past Bucky with a small smile and dumped your contents in the garbage disposal. Bucky sighed as he took in your appearance, putting his empty plate in the dishwasher. “Are you feeling okay?” He questioned softly, his eyes on your more prominent cheekbones. 

A nervous laugh fell from your lips and you rubbed your arm. “Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked, tucking your hair behind your ear. Bucky stared at you for a little while, trying to figure out what could be going on with you. You shifted under his eyes and cleared your throat. 

“I should go get ready.” You slowly backed away before exiting the kitchen. Bucky sighed and decided not to pressure you into talking to him. He knew when someone was lying; he was too familiar with it. He was determined to figure it out, but he knew you both had to remain focused. 

The team was set and ready to go in the quinjet, everyone was listening to Steve go over the layout of the HYDRA base you all had to infiltrate. As the quinjet made a gentle turn, you felt a wave of dizziness overcome your senses. You held your head in your hands and closed your eyes, trying your best to get through it. A small whimper fell from your lips.

“Y/N?” Bucky whispered from beside you, his hand resting on your back. He felt your spine poking through your suit, something he was surprised to feel so closely. His eyebrows creased as he watched your dainty hands rub your temples. “I’m fine, Buck.” You sighed as you felt a tad better, the dizziness subsiding enough for you to ignore it.

Bucky pulled his hand away, not missing the feel of your ribs against his fingertips, and frowned. “If you need to sit out-” You huffed in annoyance. “Bucky, I’m fine.” You suddenly snapped. You could hear his intake of breath, shocked at how cold you had just been towards him. He sank in his seat, keeping his eyes on you like before. 

You looked smaller in size and he replayed your behavior earlier in his mind. It was all he could do, to worry. Steve wrapped up his usual Cap speech and Bucky made his way to Steve, his right hand scratching the back of his neck. “Steve, can I talk to you?” Bucky walked away from the group with Steve. 

“What’s on your mind?” Steve asks, looking at Bucky with concern. “I want to be paired with Y/N.” Bucky says, desperation laced in his tone. Steve wanted to question Bucky’s choice in wanting to switch partners, but the look on Bucky’s face told him that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

With a small nod from Steve, Bucky returned to his spot beside you.

It took fifteen more minutes for the quinjet to land. The team paired up and turned on their comms, readying their weapons before heading down the landing strip. You watched Bucky follow beside you, your eyebrows creasing. 

“Shouldn’t you be up there with Steve?” You asked, looking ahead to see Steve walk beside Sam. Bucky shook his head, his hair framing his face. “No, I wanted to be your partner.” Before you could ask why, you had to move quickly and start shooting down any enemy you laid your eyes on after Steve told you and Bucky to hurry.

The others spread out after shooting down any guard in their path and you could see Bucky fighting off a guard near the end of the hallway. Aiming for the guards head, you shot him down. While you were shooting at one guard, another tackled you to the ground from behind you, causing you to grunt and wince at the stinging pain in your back as you landed, your gun sliding across the ground away from you.

You struggled beneath the guard, not being able to get a good move on him since he was a lot stronger than you. Your groans were drowned out by the loud gunshots in the hallway, your desperate cries lost in the sound.

The guard growled as he moved you onto your stomach, pushing your face into the hard, cold floor of the base. He grabbed a fist full of your hair, yanking your head up as he brought a knife to your neck. You could feel your back bend, pressed flush against his front.

The dizziness you felt before returned, hitting you twice as hard as before. Your hands grabbed behind you, trying to push the guard off, but your strength was almost gone. Your nails dug into the guards sides and he jerked you off the ground before holding you against him. 

Your heart was pounding in your chest as you cried as loud as you could for help, your breathing becoming rapid and heavy. Bucky turned around just in time for the guard to smile deviously at him. Your vision started to get blurry and the last thing you could hear was Bucky calling out for you as he shot the guard in the head. 

You slipped into unconsciousness as your body sank to the ground beside the dead guard. Bucky rushed over to you, dropping to his knees. His breath was ragged as he searched for any injuries, his hands gently moving around your body. “Y/N!” His voice cracked and he held back a sob, the sight of your lifeless body making his emotions run wild. 

He quickly picked you up and you felt light as feather in his arms. He could’ve sworn you felt different the last time he had to do this. “Steve, Y/N’s down! She’s knocked out but there aren’t any injuries.” Bucky ran out of the base, only caring about waking you up. He knew the team could take care of themselves. 

Bucky carried you to the quinjet and set you down on a small cot near the wall of the jet. He grabbed a bottle of water and a rag, before sitting on his knees beside you. Since there were no injuries, he knew he couldn’t fly you to the tower until everyone was safe and the mission was complete.

He poured water on the rag and placed it on your forehead. His fingers wouldn’t stay off of you, he tried to find any sort of injury, hoping he hadn’t skipped over any. He knew you weren’t bare under your suit, so he tugged the zipper down, revealing your sports bra in case you’d been hurt anywhere. 

Instead of a deep cut or a gunshot wound, he saw how small and frail you were. Your ribs were nearly jabbing out of your skin, your waist pulled taut around you. Your hipbones were also very visible. 

Bucky’s flesh hand hovered over your body, the mere thought of touching you scared him. You looked like skin and bones and a sharp breath escaped his mouth. He knew too well what was going on. His mind raced with every memory he had of you denying his offer of a snack, every half eaten apple, every meal you skipped out on. 

Tears fell from his eyes as he zipped your suit back up. Soon after, your eyes fluttered open and you groaned, moving your hand to your head. Your hand bumped into Bucky’s metal one and you met his red and watery eyes. “Bucky.” You groaned, moving to sit up.

Only then did you realize it wasn’t a good idea. Bucky gently laid you back down, his eyebrows creased with worry. “Y/N, is there something you want to tell me?” Bucky questioned, his eyes trailing down to your mid-section. You swallowed thickly and you just knew he found out by the way he looked at you. That pity and sympathetic look that you hated. 

“No, Buck.” You muttered as your lip trembled. Bucky scoffed sadly and shook his head. “No? You don’t eat and when you do, I know it’s not enough. Y/N, this-it’s not good.” Bucky said, his voice shaking as he spoke to you. Your eyes filled with tears and you stared up at the roof of the quinjet, avoiding Bucky’s eyes.

“Let me help you.” He pleaded, taking your small hand in his. You pulled the rag off of your head and with the help of Bucky, you moved into a sitting position. You sighed and looked down at your shoes. “All I’ve ever been told is, you can’t weigh this much, you can’t look like that, you can’t eat too much.” You took a deep breath and Bucky stayed silent, his eyes on your face.

You looked up at him and wiped at your cheeks when a few tears fell. “S’just become a way of living for me.” You whispered, not trusting your voice. Bucky nodded and lifted his hand to your cheek. “You’re so beautiful. And-and so strong. Y/N, can you promise me you’ll try to get better?” His eyes threatened to spill with more tears as you watched your face contort with emotions.

Bucky pulled you in for a hug, his whole body almost covering you from the size difference. You nodded into his shoulder and let out a sob. “I will.” You whimpered, holding Bucky closer. His hand rubbed against your back, a small smile forming on his face.

You sighed against Bucky, closing your eyes as you felt his arms hold you close. “Thank you, Bucky.” Your hands grasped at his suit material as you felt him slip out of your hold. “You’re one of the strongest people I’ve ever met, you know that?” He asked, reaching out for your hands.

A small albeit genuine smile formed on your lips. Your hands were much smaller in comparison, but you couldn’t deny how they felt in his. You knew you needed to get better and there was no doubt that if you had Bucky by your side, you’d be able to overcome anything.

Note: again, I’m sorry if this offends anyone or if I said something wrong. I’m not too familiar with this, so I apologize! feedback is welcome! .c 

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As I was sitting in my car today waiting for class I thought of a band I haven’t actively listened to in years. Every once in a while I’ll look up an old song by them but I haven’t actually looked them up until today and I’m glad that I did. In a weird way, I’m incredibly proud of who they’ve become as a band and as individuals. It’s astonishing to see how they’re sense of style has changed over the years and to be honest Bill’s hair was one of the main reasons I started listening to them (😅) I wish that I had been a more devoted fan when I was younger, but I’m really like their music again, and I’m happy about it. Their songs are really deep and meaningful and they’re just great people. You should look them up if you don’t know about them.

Carry On writing prompt #1

You are Penelope Bunce. One day, while studying, you discover a powerful time-traveling spell that allows you to briefly visit any moment within the last two years. You travel back to that moment, but your arrival causes a change of events that alters one detail of your present.

BTS reacts to you being stressed

Hiya *waves* ^^

Hopefully you didn’t have to wait so long and you will like this reaction. This is slighty different right? Oh well I think it is so it is okay hahaha. Thank you for requesting my dear :) Btw it was so hot outside today like I’m not used to it and now I had to show everyone my milky legs :( But hey I’m not going to complain because it felt like it was summer. Oh I’m rambling on. 

Stay healthy okay? Bangtan loves you, I love you, lots of people love you. 



He would definitely cook for you. Making a 10 course meal if he must as long as his sweetheart won’t feel pressured and stressed. He had seen you working on those papers after he came home from a photoshoot since you had left the door open and could see the stack of papers laying on the desk as you massaged your temples, a sign that you clearly didn’t feel well so the good boyfriend he is, he went to the kitchen and prepared some healthy dishes. Setting the food on the tray he carried himself to the room and sat down the plate on the paper you were working on. You being confused of course looked up and gave him an questioning look.

‘‘Babe please don’t overwork yourself. These papers can wait and after you’re done eating, take a shower and sit down with me in the kitchen to drink some well deserved tea.’’

Originally posted by hyungwonk

Yoongi would definitely be worried when you did not response to any of his words. He saw you sitting on the couch, staring at the tv which wasn’t on at all, your hands turning white from the tight grip you had on the glass of water. Normally he would already be greeted with your lips against his cheek. Knowing you were stressed, he sighed and walked over to you and crouched down infront of you as he gently placed his hands on your knees. You snapped out of your thoughts, jumped from the sudden touch but calmed down when your eyes fell on the familiar face and smiled at him. Giving you a tiny smile back, he grabbed the glass from your hands, placed it down on the table and laced his fingers with yours. 

‘‘Let’s take a nap honey. Stressing is not good for your health and to be by my side longer we need you healthy right?’’ 

Yoongi would say, kissing your hand before pulling you up and guiding you to the bedroom. 

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Oh heck no.. this boy wouldn’t even let you feel the tiniest bit of stress. Hoseok ran when he heard your sigh of frustation, throwing the door open and lifted you in the air. He would spin you round and round in the air, your hands digging in his shoulders as you laughed, trying to ask him to put you down but seeing the twinkle in his eyes as you looked at him, you could feel any sign of stress slipping away and instead a warm feeling covered your heart. After the both of you got dizzy, he sat you down on the ground and began to wildly wave with his hands around you.

‘‘No stress! Go away! you aren’t allowed to come near my baby. She is too good for you. Shoo shoo we don’t need you here. Go away!’’

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Namjoon would throw the jacket in your lap covering your laptop and soon your shoes would join you too. Turning your head where the jacket and shoes came flying from you say him standing there all ready and set to go out. Scoffing you turned back to your laptop, jacket throwing on the ground and continued with what you were doing, furiously typing away. Hearing a loud sigh and soon footsteps who got louder as he came closer, you sprung up and ran away with your laptop in your hands. However Namjoon wouldn’t have any of it, snatching it out of your hands, setting it down on the kitchen table and dragged you back to the couch where your shoes and jacket were laying discarded on the floor. With a pout on your face you sat down as Namjoon put the shoes on for you. 

‘‘Y/n.. I know you need to finish it but don’t you think that if your mind has been cleared that you will think better and thus finishing it sooner with much more inspiration. A walk outside into the fresh air will do you good. I promise.’’

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(is it me or does it looks like he actually says ‘I promise?)


Let’s be honest here. The only thing he has to do is smile and you will be cured and that’s exactly what he is going to do. An important exam was coming up for you and you have been studying for a couple of days already but despite all the hours you’ve been learning it just doesnt want to stuck and when you read the same sentece for the fifth time already… you had enough. With a loud groan you threw the book against the wall as you dropped your head on the desk, tears filling your eyes. 

His heart broke seeing you like this and so he made his mission to make you smile, not leaving until the mission was a succes so he walked over to you silently, stood beside you and lowered his head facing the back of your head. Poking your shoulder, he put on his best smile and waited for you to turn and when you did, you began to laugh and pushed his head away as it was a bit to close. Quickly grabbing your face to hold you still he came closer trying to playfully bite you

‘‘Yah sweets! Don’t push my head away. How can you push my handsome face away!? Now I have to punish you!’’

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This energetic guy would also try to help you ofcourse but when you were stressed you just couldn’t handle his constant running and bouncing around and you snapped. Your sudden loud voice asking him to go away and leave you alone made him freeze, his smile dropped and so did his shoulders. You instantly regretted your outburst, stuttering apologies. Just when you were about to get up from the bed to pull him into a hug, the sudden weight on your body caused you to smack back against the matress. Taehyung had jumped onto you, it was him who decided to pull your body close. He looked up at you smirking and before you knew it you were trying to get away from him, laughing so hard you had trouble breathing. Begging him to stop, trying to pry his fingers away from your waist and tummy because tickling was torture. 

‘‘Well well well.. you have won the ticket to tickle land, be prepared for these hands.’’

Originally posted by redvelvet-daredevil

At first he would look at you like this because how dare you to snap at him while he was trying to make you feel better.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

But then he would laugh at you aswell, seeing you squirming around trying to get out of this grasp. He was happy you laughed again but it was also some kind of punishment for yelling at him. 


Jungkook would leave you alone for awhile but when you didn’t even leave the room to eat some dinner since it was already 9 p.m. he got a bit concerned and decided to check on you.  Knocking on the door he waited until he heard your soft ‘yes’ and entered the dimlit room. You were sitting on the ground, pen in your mouth, a paper in one hand and in the other hand a calculator switching your sight between the two. Jungkook could see how tired you were, your eyes were drooping and kept blinking trying to stay awake. Plucking away the pen between your lips he sat down next to you and pulled you closer to his side, his arm draping over your shoulder before his angelic voice filled the room. There was one thing Jungkook knew that would help you relax and that was his singing. Everytime he would sing to you, you couldn’t keep your eyes open and would drift off to dream land. When he felt your head falling on his shoulder he stopped, picked you up and carried you to bed, laying you gentle down on the soft material before cleaning up the mess on the floor.

(Just imagine him singing your favourite song)

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A/N: I haven’t read it over yet for any mistake so if there any please bare with me. I probably will fix them the next morning. 

stranded || dylan o'brien (part two)

word count: 4076

warnings: none

author’s note: here is the long awaited part two of my series stranded! i hope you guys enjoy and i apologize for it taking so long! thank you to @thelittlestkitsune for reading this when i first started it and being just an amazing person that i love dearly!

pairing: dylan o’brien / reader


coming soon

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