Micronations☆Jet Sealand, Seborga, and Wy
  • Micronations☆Jet Sealand, Seborga, and Wy
  • Ai Orikasa, Mikako Komatsu, Hiroshi Okamoto
  • Hetalia: The World Twinkle Theme Song

Micronations☆Jet (Sealand, Seborga, and Wy): English Translation

Sealand: “Alright! Let’s go search for some companions ♪!”

Seborga: “I agree! Especially if there’s a cute girl involved!”

Wy: “If you were a decent person…I’d welcome you…”

In our best voices, hello, hello! (Desu yo!)

We fly over the sea in our Micronations Jet!

With our best dancing, ready, set, go! ☆

Let’s see if we can make 100 friends ♪! Hetalia!

Oh, we found him! Kugelmuge…

As expected of Sea-kun! (It’s art…)

I’m a little daunted! (Me too…)

Maybe next time! (For fear of disturbing him.)

To new encounters, culture shock!!

It’s one world? The World Twinkle Hetalia!

Sealand: “Waaaah! I was suddenly surprised! Fufu!

Wy: ”*Sigh*…I hope the next people are decent…“

Sealand: "Now let’s pick up the pace!”

Steadily advancing, hello, hello! (Desu yo!)

Molossia has also joined our Micronations Jet!

Hutt River is on hold, let’s go, let’s go!

And finally the next one is…that bastard! (“Eh…are you alright?”) Hetalia!

The Nikoniko Republic is just an ordinary human Japanese now! Please come back…

Sealand: “Waaahhh! Nikoniko Republic!”

Wy: “Are you over there?”

Seborga: “Ladonia is starting to look like a more likely companion, don’t you think?”

Even if size is a difference, good friends, good friends!

It’s one world, The World Twinkle Hetalia!

Wy: “Geez…micronations aren’t the only weird ones, right?”

We’ll be surprised if someone comes along, and our feelings will be struck hard.

See, it’s a friend!

“One, two—”

C D E F G A B C D!

Sealand: “With such interesting guys, it’s become fun!”

Wy: “Interesting you say…”

Seborga: “By now, a cute girl would be nice ☆

Wy: "Eh, we’re still going?”

Sealand: “Come on! Let’s get excited for the next one too!”

Wy: “Geez…”

Combining our voices, hello, hello! (Desu yo!)

To the east and west in our Micronations Jet!

Increasing speed, ready, set, go! ☆

We wonder what companions we’ll meet! Hetalia!

The place where everyone is spins a lot,

Increasing even unique friends!

Sealand: “We’ve made so many friends ☆! I’m so excited! It’s so fun! Maybe Sea-kun will be recognized along the way!”

Wy: “C-calm down…!”

Seborga: “Such close friendship is wonderful, isn’t it?”

Holding hands, happy, happy!

It’s one world, The World Twinkle Hetalia!

Sealand: “At this rate, we’ll definitely meet someone new!”

Seborga: “It’s back to waiting for a bella for me, isn’t it? ☆

Wy: "Hurry up, I want to play soccer… grumble grumble…ah! Hey, wait for me!”


I’m off through next Tuesday!!

My friend from Portland is coming into town for shenanigans and tomfoolery!

We’re going to play the House Hunters drinking game and make one for House Hunters International. Gonna go see Magic Mike XXL (obvi) and Southpaw (because reasons).

I, of course, have to take her to go see Malcolm and Mila because she ADORES those children and, really, who doesn’t? :)

Gonna try and find a replacement for Bridalplasty to get plastered and watch… just can’t seem to find a magnificent gem such as that.

I have my queue set and ready to go, but I’m still going to be checking in here sporadically because I have a problem and I can’t help myself.


I  L O V E  Y O U  T H I S  B I G .

001. i loved her first, heartland // 002. isn’t she lovely, stevie wonder // 003. ready, set, don’t go, billy ray cyrus + miley cyrus // 004. don’t think i can’t love you, jake own // 005. my little girl, tim mccgraw // 006. red robin, clark richard // 007. lullabye (goodnight my angel), billy joel // 008. forever young, audra mae & the forest rangers // 009. in the arms, lucy schwartz // 010. shelter you, a.g // 011. you belong to me, the boster rebellion // 012. my little girl, jack johnson // 013. i wish i could, collin raye // 014. i hope you dance, lee ann womack // 015. wild horses, the rolling stones // 016. song for the baby, kelis // 017. home, phillip phillips // 018. sweet child o’ mine, guns n’ roses // 019. my girl, the temptations // 020. i love you this big, scotty mccreery // [ listen ]

VPU’s #themethursday!

Theme Thursday is here again! Now, this week, our theme challenge is…

A Supernatural crossover! I would LOVE to see your versions of our favorite Avenger knowing Sam and Dean! I’m a HUGE Supernatural fan (as if you didn’t know from the subtle shout outs I do throughout the VPU) and think Dean and Clint would get along famously - and annoy Sam a lot in the process! OR they’d drive each other CRAZY since they’re so much alike!

It can be a short little paragraph summary, a long, detailed summary, a single scene, or whatever! Just have fun with it! These two great fandoms can collide for today! I’ll post my own entry later today! Send in your submissions with that any of the SPN title pics through the VPU submit page!

Ready, set, GO!


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Today 7/21 is an Education Dare Day
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