you’ve gotten into my bloodstream → a scott/isaac mix (listen)

bloodstream - stateless // king and lionheart - of monsters and men // chocolate - the 1975 // be still - the fray // overjoyed - bastille // demons - imagine dragons // in my veins - andrew belle // unintended - muse // look after you - the fray // mad world - gary jules // if it wasn’t for you - various cruelties // flaws - bastille // days - the drums // you - the 1975 // you and me - parachute // angels - the xx

Art Raffle >W<

Thank you all for almost 500 followers! This is the best, I never thought I would get this far… but you all helped me!! This is so nice of you all, Thank you!

NOW lets get down to the main things

All you gotta do is reblog this post! I will pick the winners through a name generator ! 

Basically I will have 3 winners!

1st place: >>Fullbody of any character, A icon, A Halfbody, and A Pixel pagedoll of your character<<


2nd place: >>A Sketch of your character, A Halfbody and a Pixel Pagedoll<<

3rd place: >> A sketch of your character, And a Pixel Pagedoll<<

You all are the best! <333 Thank you for all the artwork and gifts for me!!


(highly doubt you people will though ;o; XD)