i’ve been wearing a lipstick my aunt used to wear because the shade was pretty on her and it looks good on me and i was getting sad because i thought i was gonna run out and the number/shade had faded on it

but i just looked in the makeup bag i inherited after her death and there’s literally 25 lipsticks in there of the same shade

she was ready

100 years ago today, Marcel Duchamp used the word “readymade” in writing for the first time, in a letter to his sister. To celebrate this art historical milestone, we’ve installed several Readymades in the Museum’s fifth-floor galleries. We’ll be broadcasting live from the galleries at 5 pm via Periscope. Follow us on Twitter at @museummodernart to get the link to the broadcast. 

[Marcel Duchamp. Bicycle Wheel. New York, 1951 (third version, after lost original of 1913). The Museum of Modern Art, New York.  © 2016 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/ADAGP, Paris/Estate of Marcel Duchamp]



16-step Arduino synthesizer, 3D printed models, Glitched Image, Webcam, and Processing Visuals

I was inspired by Duchamp’s art boxes full of small ready-mades and prints. I wanted to create a similar object within the realm of New Genre art. 

I am also interested in Wunderkammern and attempting to create poor facsimiles of existing technology (e.g. a macbook). Filmed in the Whitman College Book Arts Studio.