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@for the parents It's the graduation party of the 2016-2017 promo of echo creek High School; Are you ready for the party, weird dances, bad choices and embarrassing moments that possibly will be captured in camera and later posted on the internet. Are you ready guys?

Marco: oh no *covers his face*


Marco: i wish i didn’t.

Star; psst sure safe kid. haha *star starts showing photos*

*Star is holding Marco close, planting a big kiss on his cheek as he gives a peace sign towards the camera. 

*Tom is playfully pretending to be annoyed as he carries Janna*

*jackie and Star are hugging each other tightly as Star gives Janna a piggyback ride.

*Tom and Marco are waving towards the camera*

*Tom is pretending to Strangle Marco

*tom is really strangling Marco* 

Marco picks up star and spins her around* 

*Janna Picks up Tom and spins him around* 

*Tom picks up the rest of the crew*

*Oskar hands Janna, Jackie and Star flowers.*

*Oskar hands Marco and Tom nachos*

*Janna and Star stealing the nachos from their boyfriends.* 

*Everyone is making duck faces* 

*marco and Tom are singing  a duet*

*Star, Janna and Jackie are singing a song*

Marco is dancing with Star* 

*Star is dragging Marco around* 

*the crew is wearing funny hats*

*Marco, Tom and Star are chugging a large drink*

*marco and Tom leaning over a trash can as Star gives a victory sign towards the camera. 

Janna; Is snickering, revealing she put something in all three of the drinks*

Janna is confused why Star is perfectly fine*

Marco and Star laying on Marco’s bed,Marco snuggling against Star as she tries to push him away* 

Marco looking embarrassed, chasing someone down the stairs in his pj’s* 

Halloween 2016


Tom Hiddleston as Captain James Conrad in new trailers for Kong: Skull Island

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These 900+ lightsticks were collected by J-Shawols for audiences in NA who don’t have lightsticks. This is them being gracious and generous so international Shawols can fully experience and enjoy the concert and the culture of K-Pop it brings.

I will never forget the kindness of the Shawols we’ve met since the day we joined this fandom (virtually and physically in concerts we have attended). They are beautiful and kind-hearted people. They are also fierce to make sure the boys’ welfare are good. We all want what is best for each other. This is why we pass on that generosity; because being generous, kind and loving is the core of Shinee and of being a true Shawol!


Welp…looks like we should get back to work.

Happy Birthday, Normandy Party Ship. 

The “democratic socialist” dream is over, the only solution left is revolution.


One Direction as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (insp.)

↳ (1/5) Niall as Michelangelo

“The orange turtle. More fun-loving than his brothers, depicted as easy-going, free-spirited, fun-loving, carefree, and, while not as aggressive as Raphael, always ready to fight. As the ‘party dude’, he usually didn’t have much input in the team’s plans, although he was still just as active as his brothers. He typically spent much of his time joking and socializing with other characters. Michelangelo has a fondness for pizza.. he is essentially a provider of comic relief, alongside Raphael. Michelangelo tries to find humor in any situation.” +