So I’ve been back on tumblr for a good twenty minutes and wow the 100 fandom is kinda a wreck? Here let me just talk about all this for a minute. (warning for spoilers)

1) Can y’all quit bashing the writers because Bellarke isn’t canon right now?? I’ve seen so many people sending gross messages to the writer’s blogs saying shit like “Wow this show is just awful… such lazy writing why do you hate Bellarke fans???”

I’m sorry, but if the writers hated Bellarke, they wouldn’t be putting in any Bellarke moments. They’d probably hate each other still just like they did when they first landed on the Ground.

2) This show ISNT ABOUT ROMANCE. Yes, romance plays a part, and comes up often, but like someone else said, its about the messed up shit people do to survive. Clarke is clearly very emotionally damaged, and still isn’t ready to dive into a relationship with Lexa OR Bellamy.

3) No, Clexa wasn’t just tossed in lazily. (And no, neither was Bellarke. They’ve both got buildup.)

There is a good amount of buildup into their kiss. The gorilla scene, for one. I’m pretty sure that was the first time Lexa actually smiled. She clearly shows herself to be willing to open up in the slightest to Clarke, and plainly states that she specifically protected Clarke from the missile. Their kiss itself was not just Lexa, Clarke was kissing her back before she realised she wasn’t ready (I mean, she kinda did just kill Finn.)

4) Lexa isn’t the worst person on the planet. The Grounders are much more savage because as its been stated a number of times, that’s what they’ve had to do to survive. The Mountain Men harvested them as though they were just cattle for 97 years. Lexa’s leadership has been shown to be a bit unstable, due to both the Alliance with the other tribes and then the Skaikru. They aren’t taught to be merciful because in their minds, they can’t afford it. Lexa was raised to be a cold, calculating leader, and she’s suffered a hell of lot. No, it shouldn’t be ignored that she’s done a lot of harm, but you have to understand that this is a completely different era and a completely different culture.

5) Literally just quit harassing writers because you’re upset about a ship.

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what got you most excited about the polis fic? :) without spoiling too much of course

the slowburn of it all

lexa and clarke arent in a position where theyre ready for any kind of relationship but they also cant help but fall in love so like. th e sl o w b u rn. it kills me.

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If you could write a letter/give advice to Mickey what would you tell him?

Oh man. I have no idea. Can I just choose to hold him and stroke his hair while he cries?

It’s hard without actually watching the breakup scene first, but I guess I would tell him that this was about Ian needing to deal with his own shit. I would reassure him that Ian still loves him so fucking much, and I would tell him that Ian had to do what was best for himself. And Mickey would nod along with me because he wants what’s best for Ian. Then I would tell him that he’s going to get through this and soon Ian will be better and happier with where he’s at and ready to be in a relationship again, and then everything will be all puppies and rainbows.

… so it looks like what Alex said in last season’s finale came true, sorta.

In the Wedding Part II episode, Alex warned Haley to make sure that her feelings for Andy is serious and not just another one of her games.

In this episode Grill, Interrupted, Haley makes it known (to ANDY) that she’s not ready for a serious relationship (in regards to her dating the good doctor dude).  Andy reflects that it’s a good thing she knows that before anyone got hurt (and you cannot tell me that he wasn’t a bit hurt, he looked a little like a kicked puppy!).

I think it’s very telling that they — Andy and Haley — would very much be the exception to each other and if they can just BE on the SAME PAGE, they would definitely have what the other is missing.  Bet you dollars to donuts that all Andy had to do was just TELL HALEY he’s “reaching for the elephant” after all and she’d gladly reciprocate and be willing to try something more serious.

But right now, it’s all about miscommunication and not being on the same wavelength.  This series has already shown that they’re amazing friends (which is a great foundation for a lot of romance).  It also has shown that they have great chemistry together.  They just have to finally get in sync. [MOFY I beg of you PLEASE PLEASE don’t pull a complete Ross-Rach on this love story.  Maybe a Monica-Chandler? That would be better.]

Also pretty much love how this episode FINALLY showed us viewers how Andy feels about Haley (not to say it wasn’t interesting to see Haley for once falling for someone who didn’t feel the same way).  

And goddamn did it kill seeing Andy all flustered and in want, but it’s about time seeing as it too killed us to watch Haley pine/fall.

Okay Modern Family, you have til the season finale to start equally leveling the field for BOTH of them… BRING IT ON. 

oikawa tooru:

but no you’re right, he almost hit kageyama that one time which clearly makes him evil!!11! he obviously felt no remorse whatsoever, and kageyama was clearly traumatized. oh wait. 

I miss you.
I hate you, but I miss you.
My brain has been playing a game
Of tug of war with my heart
Ever since the day you left.
I wish I could say I no longer need you
But you knew how to scoop the pieces of my broken soul
Into your own cupped hands.
In a way that no one else can.
And I really fucking miss that.
To this day, no one knows more about me
Than the amount you learned within the first month.
And I think it’s safe to say
I knew more about you
Than possibly even you do.
Because you used to believe your own promises
But I knew you would leave
Since the day we met.
I used to lie next to you and cry while you slept,
Wondering how much time I had left
You see, I was never foolish enough to think you’d stay
I was just never quite ready to say goodbye.
—  Never Quite Ready - V.P.

I survived an abusive relationship. At this point I have talked to and worked with hundreds of people in abusive relationships.

Guess what? telling us to leave never works.


I could write a post about ways to help people leave.

I’ll probably do that one day.

but don’t be that person in the mean time.


What are you doing with your life? And why aren’t you watching Hugh Dancy being adorable, smooth bastard talking about books, loving dogs, Buffy, R2D2, science fiction and all women in this precious, educational, little movie???

Do you ever just fall in love with someone? It’s not in a sense of relationship or sexuality, but just pure love. You’re just so madly in love with them, everything they do is magnificently beautiful. The fact that you’re included in their life just makes you lay awake at night with an aching smile.
—  Taylor Rudge (late night thoughts)

s h e ’ s  j u s t   a   g i r l   w i t h   s p i r i t ,   is   a l l .

               that’s always a  g o o d  thing.