ready player 3

Yesterday was a top moment in my LIFE! I got the see 3 gorgeous people with many wonderful people at Stockholm.

They played mario party and we got a chance to play with them! I got on the stage and I got hugs! *cries* I’m still super proud of my pickup line for Arin Handsome and the crowd went wild!

Thank you Sean, Danny and Arin for an amazing evening yesterday! You are very much loved


Drawings i did to give jack and the woosher plus some (bad) photos i got of the boys at rp3 in london!! i wasn’t able to get many photos unfortunately. 

I had SO much fun especially when chanting for waluigi, chicken sandwiches and ninja brian. Last night was so good and i’ll never forget it i srsly couldnt stop laughing, so thank you guys! love u all (my face was hurting loads by the end of the show from smiling so much haha)

Starbomb! featuring Jacksepticeye on drums!!

I’d love to see Jack in a Starbomb video or another NSP video, he would kill it on drums! This is for the #septicart event, but honestly if this was in the video I’d be so ecstatic! It’s a long shot, but hey I tried! After I heard about Ready Player 3 I HAD to draw Jack with the Grumps! 

@therealjacksepticeye congratulations and I hope you had a wonderful time!