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I’m telling u KARD is gonna be the one co-ed group that’s gonna get huge n starts a wave of mixed groups but they’ll be the kings & queens and I’m just so ready to witness that happening tbh 

i think when the characters were first introduced it was talia al ghul’s desire to get in bruce wayne’s pants that first brought him to ra’s al ghul’s attention, but i think it’s funnier if ra’s has spent years playing this cat-and-flying-mouse game with the world’s greatest detective when talia decides she’ll try to seduce him to win her father’s approval. she shows up at some gala or another all ready to match wits with some hyperintelligent super intense bbc sherlock motherfucker but instead it’s Cantankerous Party Grandpa making deadpan dad jokes and trying to get supermodels to eat more because their meager fat stores won’t be enough to keep them alive in the harsh gotham winters. talia tries to lure him in by pretending she caught a chill but it turns out he’s got like ten extra coats in his limo for just such an occasion. he gives her a lecture about leaving the house without one. she says she’s thinking about giving up men because none of them can satisfy her and he offers to introduce her to some nice girls. they only manage about five minutes of flirtatious banter before he stops to ask if she actually wants to fuck or if she’s just into wordplay because he wants to make sure they’re on the same page. can you imagine the sheer baffled frustration of it. she doesn’t know if she wants to kiss him or kill him because her original plan was to do both but her original plan involved a lot of aesthetically-pleasing coitus on silk sheets before a nice classy betrayal stabbing and now she just kinda wants to ride him into the fucking sunset and then wring his stupid neck.

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Words: 2k+ (oops, this was supposed to be a drabble)
Rating: M (smut, language)
Pairing, characters: Dean x Female Reader, Sam
Note: Set sometime in the vague present when there aren’t any major threats. The reader borrowing Dean’s sweater causes Dean to have some feels and finally make a move. No major triggers except the vague mention of a salt & burn. Smut is fairly vanilla. 

“It’s not that funny.” Dean grumbles, glaring at you, as the three of you get out of the car, getting ready to interview a witness. You’ve been giggling at the sight of Dean in a cable-knit cardigan since he came out of the bathroom this morning, even though part of you wonder if it’s as soft as it looks, and if– no.

“It’s a little funny,” you counter, straightening your skirt. 

“Can we just get this over with?” Sam asks, and you try to stop smiling.

A little under twenty minutes later, you’re heading back to the car, and Dean is already loosening his tie. 

“Wait until we get in the car, at least.” You say, looking back towards the house where, sure enough, the new widow they’ve just interviewed is watching them go. 

Dean scowls, a crease appearing between his eyebrows. “I hate wearing sweaters.” 

You laugh then, unable to keep it in. “How can you hate a sweater?” 

“It’s itchy!” 

“God. You’re such a baby.” 

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listen,,, this bitch might drop out his album in any day and the world isn’t ready to witness THE HARRY STYLES™ of our generation

Also white women who voted for Trump?

Played yourselves. If this dumb male cracker wins, hope you’re ready to witness the bodily autonomy women have fought hard for be taken away from other more marginalized women (woc/poor women) which y'all clearly don’t give a fuck about because you see more value in white supremacy than a woman’s control of her own health and body/reproductive rights. Y'all probably so brain washed you don’t even believe women should have any bodily autonomy nor the right to access any health services because you hate poor women and woc.

Fucking insane what people will do for unhinged white men, how much humanity yall extend to hateful white men that y'all will go to the depths of hell for.

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I think one of my favorite things about the Hamilton double casting is that Daveed and Anthony play very similar characters, BUT THEN THERE’S OAK.

Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson are both giant balls of energy ready to kill or be killed for America

John Laurens and Phillip are both quick witted and ready to Kill or Be Killed for Hamilton

Hercules Mulligan is this loud mouth, all up in your face I’ll have sex with your mom for sport attitude

And James Madison is level headed and is always like “Hey Thomas why don’t you calm down bud let’s think about this”

This just goes to show that Oak is an extremely talented actor and singer that he’s able to change characters in a heart beat. I’m not saying that Daveed Diggs and Anthony Ramos are bad at what they do. They’re both wonderfully talented as well. I’m just biased because Oak is my favorite out of the entire cast

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You've been sharing some stories like that so here is mine: I was a casual viewer and I didn't know anything about Johnlock before January, but after T6T and TLD I felt like I was missing something because nothing in these episodes was right (J hitting S gives me nightmares) so I ended up on tumblr and one week later I was totally ready to witness an epic johnlock finale- then tfp sucked- but me, I went from not knowing anything about tjlc to believing in a lost special in one week

Hey Nonny!

Thank you for sharing your lovely story! Yeah, I take a lot of blame for making people excited for the finale, only to disappoint everyone with whatever the hell TFP was. Thankfully not many hold it against me, which is nice. But yeah, it was amazing how quick I went from 0 to 60. 

My tinfoil hat remains steadfastly on! :)