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Here’s My Heart (Part Three)

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: Yes
Genre: Neutral/Fluff
Warnings: Nerves
A/N: A huge thanks to @hands1766/@darlingholland for helping me with the playlist!! And thank you to @scooblesnack for recommending the last song I needed for this playlist!! I couldn’t hyperlink it, so just copy and paste the link below into a browser to listen to it.
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Holding the cassette tape with shaking hands, Peter walked through the crowded hallways of Midtown High. The whole day of Friday classes had passed, and everyone was scurrying towards the school doors to begin their weekend. Peter, on the other hand, was searching for you.

The two of you had had multiple classes together throughout the day, and he spoke to you in every one. You sat together at lunch, as always, and Peter still couldn’t find it in himself to give you the mixtape. There was a nagging voice in the back of his mind telling him that you didn’t feel the same way, that you would laugh in his face and walk away if he tried to give you the cassette.

But he was determined to do it now, as he looked every which way for your familiar face. He needed to get it over with now, or he didn’t think he would ever do it. 

You were nowhere to be found. You hadn’t been at your locker, and when Peter checked at his locker, you weren’t there either. He looked in the class he knew you had last, and he was only met with an empty classroom. He was beginning to panic. He wanted to get this done; he needed to get it done.

Peter was still holding the cassette tape, still trembling head to toe. “Ned!” He shouted, walking quickly over when he saw someone who might know where you were. “Have you seen (Y/N)?”

Ned turned around to face him, looking at his best friend, confused at his urgency. “Uh, yeah, actually-”

“Where is she?” Peter cut him off, bouncing on his toes, ready to start running.

“I was gonna tell you, calm down,” Ned said, eyebrows furrowing. “I just saw her heading out the front doors. Wait,” he paused, eyes widening. “Are you gonna do i-”

“Thanks!” Peter said and darted off, not listening to the rest of Ned’s words.

“Good luck!” He heard him yell after him, although Peter couldn’t find it in himself to smile. His nerves were darting rampantly inside him, making everything too hard to concentrate on.

He sprinted his way through the halls, and he didn’t think he had ever felt his life be more on the line than in this moment. He looked around frantically when he arrived near the front doors, although he still couldn’t see you. He sighed, knowing you had already left. He ran through the doors, lightly shoving some other students out of his way. He didn’t listen to their complaints.

A rush of fresh air hit his face when he crashed through the doors, and he breathed deeply, stopping on the stairs to catch his breath. He was still looking around, searching for the deep blue Midtown sweatshirt he knew you were wearing. But so many kids were wearing the same sweatshirt, and he couldn’t seem to pick you out of the crowd.

So he resorted to screaming.

“(Y/N)!” He waited for you to turn around towards him after his scream, and a few kids did turn, but only to stare at him with an odd expression. “(Y/N)!” He screamed again, and he wasn’t sure he had ever been so loud before in his life.

He kept on yelling, and he grew to not care about the stares aimed at him. And when he felt an arm on his shoulder, he whipped around, ready to fight whoever was coming to judge him to his face.

But instead, he broke out into a smile. 

“(Y/N),” he let out a breath, and he watched as you tilted your head at him with furrowed eyebrows. He slipped the mixtape into his pocket gently, not wanting you to see it until the final moment. “What’s going on, Peter? I could hear you from-”

“I need to talk to you,” he interrupted. There was no more time. He had to do it now. “Ned said you were leaving, so, hence the calling your name.”

“Calling my name?” You laughed, now looking at him with fond eyes. “More like screaming.” Peter laughed too, letting his shoulders sag slightly. He needed to calm down if he wanted to do this right.

“I forgot something at my locker, so I went back. What did you need me for?” You continued, and Peter stiffened up again.

“Uh, can we go inside and talk?” He fidgeted when you nodded, and he walked back into the school. You followed him as he made his way into an empty classroom, and he closed the door behind you.

“What is this about, Peter?” You asked, an edge of concern to your voice.

“I, um, uh,” he stuttered. It was finally time, and he didn’t even know how to begin. This had to be perfect.

“We’ve been friends for awhile now, (Y/N). Or, it feels like it, right?” He asked, but when you nodded your head, he didn’t pay attention. He was trying to think of where to go with this. “And I’d like to think that, that we’ve grown close since, since then,” and he shook his head. This was sounding much too cliché for someone like Peter Parker.

“Look, (Y/N),” he sighed when he looked up from the ground to see the worried look on your face. 

“Peter?” You said slowly, quietly.

He pulled the cassette tape out of his pocket carefully, holding it in both hands. He forced himself not to shake. “This is for you,” he nearly whispered. He didn’t give it to you just yet, still looking at it.

“Um,” he continued, now looking up at you to see your eyes the widest he was sure they had ever been. “Here’s my heart, basically,” Peter said, laughing slightly at himself. 

This was the final moment. 

He held the mixtape out to you, taking one last look at the message he left on the front of the cassette in black sharpie before you took it into your hands.

“And you’re holding it in your hands, so just, try to be gentle,” he tried to joke, but he couldn’t have been more serious. He still gave you a soft smile, the one he only reserved for you. “Just listen to everything on it. And I think you’ll know what I’m trying to say.”

And he took a step backwards towards the door, watching as you stared down at the message he left for you. But he saw you nod, so he turned around and walked out of the door, letting out a heavy breath with his heart beating rapidly.

And when he glanced back before the door closed behind him, he saw you still looking down at the cassette, but a smile now forming on your face.


Do you like science? Because I’ve got my ion you.

Love, Peter

Alright well I was planning on ending it for part three, but I guess I’ll do another part?? Would anyone actually like another part?? Please let me know what you think of this one!! Requests are open :)


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hey jaxx do you ever think social media gets in the way of your relationship?

I think perhaps with couples who don’t know how to handle social media or maybe in situations where one does and one doesn’t I could see that getting in the way. But Ducky and I know how to juggle it so it hasn’t affected our relationship at all.

Ducky and I are both seasoned in dealing with social media separately outside of our relationship in addition to being very respectful of one another on our social medias so I think that’s why it works as well as it does. Asking things like “is this okay to say” or “Can I post this” or “do you want me to delete it” etc are crucial and basic Respect 101 concepts him and I follow.

Sure I’m always ready to whip out a camera whenever I think something funny is happening but most of my favorite moments with Ducky have been off-camera. Mostly cause I wanna be in the moment for those ❤️ That balance is important.

I’m So Sorry

Summary- Y/n is an actress on the show, she plays the Winchester’s little sister. One day during filming there is a little accident.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.


Part Two

It’d been a long day on set; they were currently on their 15th take of the scene and Y/n has exhausted to say the least. They were filming the scene where Demon Dean chases Sam and Lizzie through the bunker.  

Y/n rested her head on her arms as she sat in her chair watching Jensen chase Jared down the Bunker hall.

“CUT,” the director yelled and Y/n lifted her head up hopefully, praying that it would finally be dinner break. “Alright, Jared and Y/n you’re up. Let’s try the two of you chatting again before we head to dinner.”

Y/n groaned as she slid down from her chair and headed toward the set. Jensen gave her a sympathetic smile as he passed her, gently squeezing her shoulder. She meet Jared in one of the hallways of the Bunker set.

“Hey,” he greeted her. “You look tired.”

“Yeah, and hungry,” she grumbled.

“Well, hopefully we’ll be done soon after dinner. They’ve kept us here late all week, I doubt they’d do it again tonight. Everyone has to sleep at some point,” Jared comforted her.

Jensen and Jared were like older brothers to Y/n, granted much older, but still the three of them were very close. Y/n’d been on the show since she was only 11, playing Lizzie Winchester, the youngest Winchester and the boys had instantly taken that older, protective role over her in real life. Now at almost twenty she was grown up, but they’d still remained close.

“Action,” the director yelled.

Y/n and Jared were instantly in character. Jared ran down the hall towards her, “Lizzie, Dean broke out!”

Thankfully they’d gotten the scene right in the first shot and were at dinner before they knew it. Y/n settled down in her seat, digging into the pile of junk food in front of her. Jensen and Jared joined her and the three eat together in silence for the most part, tired from a long day of filming.

“Any idea how much longer we’re filming tonight?” Y/n asked.

Jensen shrugged, “No idea kiddo. We’re ahead of schedule as it is so I’m hoping they’re going to call it a night soon.”

Y/n nodded, Jensen laughed, “Getting tired?”

She hummed and whined, “This is the third day in a row that we’ve stayed past eight and we’re still going. I just want to go home to my bed.”

“I feel that,” Jared agreed. “Gen, Danneel and the kids got in today and we haven’t even got to see them yet!”

“Rolling again in five!” The director shouted across the cafeteria. Y/n sighed and gathered her things, getting ready to head back to set.

They picked up again with Demon Dean chasing the younger Winchesters through the halls. They’d been working on this scene for three days now and Y/n was ready for it to be over. She loved her job, but this was wearing her out.

They got back on set and into places as filming prepared to start again.

“Action,” a loud voice yelled and the scene picked up where they locked Dean in the electrical closet. Jensen started to beat down the door and hollered about not wanting to be cured.

As he broke down the last of the door, Jared and Y/n turned and ran down the hallways, the sound of Jensen calling out their character’s names echoed behind them.

They ended that shot and moved on to the next one. Jared and Y/n got in position. The props guys switched out Jensen’s hammer for a knife. The new rewrites had Dean sneaking up behind Lizzie and Sam. He was gonna stab her; nothing Cass wouldn’t fix when he showed up later.  


Jared and Y/n peered around the corner, pretending to be looking for Dean. Jensen snuck up behind them and the two of them whipped around, ready to fight. Jensen grabbed her and raised the prop weapon. Y/n prepared herself, acting injuries like this was always the hardest for her.

“I don’t want to be cured,” Jensen repeated yet again, bringing the knife forward, expect it didn’t crumple against her stomach like it should have. The knife plunged forward burrowing itself into her stomach. Y/n gasped, her eyes going wide as blinding pain shot through her stomach and across her body. She tumbled forward and Jensen reached and out caught her.

“Y/N!” Jensen panicked.  What the hell happened? That was definitely not a prop knife, how did that even happen? Y/n’s legs wobbled and she started to fall toward the floor. He guided her to the floor, as Jared came running over to them yelling for someone to call an ambulance.

Jensen let out a rugged breath as he looked down, tears falling down his face. She was shaking and losing a lot of blood. He was too afraid to pull the knife out and make it worse, but blood was pooling all around it, flowing down her sides and soaking through her shirt.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Jensen tried to reassure her, brushing hair out of her face and trying to smile weakly at her. Her eyes were drooping and she was clearly struggling to stay awake.

“Help’s coming okay? Just stay awake a little longer Y/n,” Jared begged.

She started to pale even more, and if the amount of blood was anything to go by the ambulance needed to be here now. Jensen sobbed, “Yeah, please, I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean too. I didn’t know; I don’t know what happened.”

“It’s okay, Jay.”

Part Two

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Hurt Batsis

Prompt: Hey! Love your stuff :) Can I please get an overprotective Batfam trying to care for an older Batsis when they realize she’s been hurt on patrol? She’s about Dick’s age and more used to taking care of all of them than the other way around, so she tries to brush it off. Tries. Overprotective batfam can be persistent.


“Sparrow, where are you?”

You reach into your belt and pull out the gauze wrap, “I’m over here, ‘Wing! How’s everyone else?”

“Everyone else is fine. Only a few minor scrapes, some bruises, but we all got out without a scratch.”

You reach behind you, pulling your cape closer to you, making sure that it covers the bandages. You don’t want the other to find out you’re hurt, not until you know they are all fine first.

Damian runs over to you, “Are you alright? Father said he saw you get hit with something”

“You got hit?” Jason demanded, pulling off his helmet. His eyes narrowed when he saw how you were holding your cape, he whipped around to whisper to Dick, who was also looking at you suspiciously.

“I’ll be alright, Babybat”

Suddenly your cape is yanked out of your hands. You whip around, ready to fight someone, only to see Tim standing there with your cape bunched in his hand, his eyes locked on the now bloody bandages. “You aren’t alright. You got hit, how bad is it?”

You sigh, “I’m not sure. I didn’t really look, I wanted to make sure you all were alright before I looked at it.”

Suddenly your father is standing over you, “Hey, B” You whip around to look at him, and your knees buckle under you, the world seems to spin around you. “Whoa”

Dick and Jason each grab one of your arms, helping to guide to the ground, “Father! Do something!”

Bruce brings a hand up to his cowl, “Agent A, get the OR ready, Sparrow was injured. We are enroute now”

Bruce leans down, scooping you up. He leans in close, whispering into your ear, “Don’t worry Y/N, you’ll be alright. You can’t die on me, I would probably end up killing all of your brothers, you need to stay with me”

You can’t help but roll your eyes, “I’m not dying, B. I just turned around too fast, I can walk now, you don’t need to carry me”

All four of the boys are keeping pace with Bruce, “You had better not put her down, if you do, I’ll just carry her myself” Jason growls, glaring at Bruce.

Rolling your eyes, you cross your arms over your chest, and just accept the fact that your family is going to try and smother you.

You sigh when Bruce gently sets you down in the steel table in the Batcave.” I’m fine, really. It’s just a scratch!”

“At scratch that requires stitches!” Bruce snaps.

Finally, Alfred walks over to the table, carry a tray with a needle, thread, and some gauze. “Master Bruce, if you would step away from Miss Y/N”

Damian steps forward, looking over Alfred’s shoulder, “Do you require help? I would gladly lend my services …”

“I am perfectly capable of stitching Miss Y/N’s wound. There is no need for you all to hover around her. All of you, get cleaned and changed. Miss Y/N and I shall be done by then “

You try to hide your chuckle. It’s always funny when Alfred gets impatient with the boys. Slowly all four of your brothers start to head toward the shower, but Bruce is still refusing to leave. You sigh and reach out one of your hands toward him. Bruce doesn’t even hesitate to take your hand, “I’m fine, dad. What’s the matter, because I know you’re overthinking something?”

“You get hurt so rarely that it always seems like a shock when you come back injured. I forget that you are only a year older then Dick, and that someone needs to back you up too. The boys are always getting injured, that I feel the need to watch over them closely” Bruce pulls you into a quick, tight hug, “I’m so sorry that I couldn’t help you. You’re always so worried about the rest of us that you don’t take care of yourself”

“I have to worry about all of you. You guys are the only family I have”

Bruce kissed the top of your head, “I’m going to shower, Alfred will take care of you”

“Yes, Master Bruce, I will take care of Miss Y/N, if you would kindly move. This is far from the worst injury I have stitched just this week alone”

You chuckle, “I believe in you, Alfie. Hurry and stitch me up so I can hide from the guys before they get out of the shower”

You hiss when Alfred rubs alcohol over the wound, “I apologize”

“No need, Alfie, I knew it was coming.”

“Then men of the house seems quite worried when they arrived. I had prepared for a much more life threatening injury.”

“He acted like I was dying!! He wouldn’t even let me walk to the Batmobile”

Alfred chuckled, quickly tying off the last stitch, “Master Bruce has been known to overreact when it comes to family”

You open your mouth to reply but are interrupted when the boys all come out of the shower, “Y/N!! How are you? Did Alfred fix you up?” Dick hops up on the table with you, leaning down to scrutinize your stitches, “How many stitches was it?”

“24 stitches, Master Dick”

You raise your eyebrows, “Didn’t realize it was that many”

“It appears that the side of your suit was first ripped by a blade, and then you fell on glass. I had to remove several pieces”

“I didn’t even feel it” you mumble

“I should hope not, I numbed your side”

“Thanks, Alfie. So” you prop your chin on your hand. “what are my limitations, and when can I go back out?”

“Barring any catastrophes, you will return to patrol in two weeks, when the stitches are removed. Until then you will man the computers. As for limitations, try not to lift anything, or reach over your head.”

“We can help you, Y/N!” Damian looked up at you with big, pleading eyes.

“Of course we will help Miss Y/N recover. She will rest for these next two weeks, and I am counting on you four to make sure she does not further injure herself”

“I’m right here, guys! I don’t need everyone to baby me! It’s just some stiches, you’ve all had to deal with worse than this…”

“Yes, but you never seem to listen to Alfred’s advice. You will not be able to sit here while your brothers go out on patrol, so unless someone is watching you 24/7 you will attempt to follow us on patrol.” Bruce walks over, and places a kiss on the top of your head, and then he ruffles the boy’s hair.  “Come on, we need to get Y/N up to the Manor”

Immediately all four of your brothers and your father all reach toward you. You try to struggle away from them all, but when you feel your stitches start to pull you give up, and let them help you off of the table. When they refuse to let you walk without assistance you let out a long-suffering groan. It’s going to be a long two weeks.

Y’know how at the beginning of Seize the Day, Racetrack pulls out a harmonica and starts to play? Like? He didn’t have time to retrieve it from the lodging house. Obviously he was just carrying it around. Watching. Waiting. Ready to whip it out at a moment’s notice. As David begins to sing, the heavens open up. The angels sing. It is Time. His moment has come.

We Have No Privacy

Bucky x Reader


Summary: you and Bucky have a secret relationship that you hide from the other Avengers. Or so you think ;)

Word Count: 1636

Warnings: cursing + fluff

A/N: I can do requests just fyi :) honestly I don’t have much to say other than the fact that I’m listening to my happy song right now: Without Question from The Road to El Dorado. I recommend 💛

“Which one of you punks finished the popcorn?” Bucky growls. I chuckle.

“I’ll go make more.” I offer, taking the empty bowl from his hands. “This movie is lame, anyway.” I get up from the couch, winking. Nat follows closely behind me, rolling her eyes.

“They have the weirdest taste in movies, I swear.” I nod in agreement, pitter-pattering on the wooden floor in my bare feet, hoodie, and gym shorts. I reach the large, marble kitchen and head to the corner cupboard. Nat hops onto the counter, her big red curls bouncing with her. She huffs sadly. I roll my eyes with a smile.

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“Buried” (Chapter Seventeen)

Surprise! I couldn’t wait to hear everyone scream about this chapter lol 

Bucky is kind of terrifying, Steve is a BAMF, Tony never stops talking, Brock gets whats coming to him, Steve is a BAMF (did I say that?). Long Chapter, over 4000 words and lots happens!


Enjoy :)


“Welcome back to the world Sleeping Beauty.” Rumlow’s annoying voice, cutting through the fog in Tony’s head and forcing him awake. “I was afraid that little bump on the head had done you in.”

“Damn shame, that.” Tony coughed, then licked his lips, cringing at the taste of dried blood. “Is Pepper alright?”

“That little redhead? I told you I wouldn’t hurt her as long as she didn’t call the police. I’m a man of my word.”

“I didn’t hear the part about not hurting her, that must have been after you pistol whipped me. Which, for the record, I feel like was entirely unnecessary. Also–” Tony tried to straighten, pulling at the zip ties around his wrists. “–telling me you’re a man of your word? Are you trying to make me laugh?”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Rumlow snarled and Tony smirked, looking around the room in interest.

“Not usually. So it isn’t just a movie thing, is it? The whole ‘taking a hostage to an abandoned office building and tying them to a chair in the middle of the room’? I didn’t know bad guys actually did that.” Tony looked up at the light above his head. “Good god, the light is even swinging ominously. I swear, I’ve never been so convinced I’m just an extra in a bad action flick.”

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BTS Reaction: you struggling against them as they hug you while you’re upset.

 It’s got some fluff, some angst, hell yeah


  You couldn’t remember if it was dance practice or the gym that Jin had just returned from, but either way he was very sweaty and very attractive at the moment. The only thing to do was to draw your boyfriend in. 

 Suddenly, you lit up with an idea.

 "You don’t smell very good right now,“ you giggled. Jin hummed to himself, "I thought that if your BO smelled good to your significant other it meant your chemistry was good.” Shrugging nonchalantly, you countered, “maybe we should start seeing other people.” Eyes wide with slight hurt, Jin gasped. “(Y/n)!” You hurried to remedy it, “Baby, I’m just kidding!” Satisfied, Jin nodded, “Good, now give me a hug." 

He moved toward you arms outstretched. Your nose wrinkled in mock disgust, "Ach, no!” You darted away and Jin immediately gave chase.

 He followed you around the kitchen before trapping you on the opposite side of the island. You faked right before diving to the floor, hoping to crawl away. Unfortunately, he was faster and he nabbed you, pulling you to him. You squealed and squirmed. Laughing, he pulled you to him, pinning your arms with his stronger ones and peppering your face with light kisses. 

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   “I hate you!” You screamed at the top of your lungs. You had never seen Jungkook so livid. His eyes blazed, his face was white with fury, even his muscles seemed to bulge in relation to his temper. “You hate me!? Fine, the why don’t you leave? Huh? If you hate me so much, the go on and walk out that door, delete my number.” “Maybe I will,” you countered, “you probably wouldn’t do anything to stop me even if you wanted to." 

You said it to hurt him. You knew Jungkook struggled with expressing himself. His mouth shut in a tight line, "why are you doing this to me?"  "You never talk to me,” you felt the hot tears sting the back of your eyelids, “it’s like I’m not here sometimes.” His hands ran through his hair in frustration, “I’m not trying to hurt you!” You wiped your eyes on the back of your hand angrily, “I want you to love me!” He seemed on the verge of tears as well, “(Y/n), I do! I do!” “No, you don’t,” you cried, “and sometimes it feels like I have to fake it.” That was another lie, a baseless claim used to prop up your defences against your insecurity. This time, Jungkook did begin to cry, clearly frustrated at his inability to convey his feelings. “(Y/n), you don’t mean that. Please, tell me you don’t." 

 He grabbed you and gave you a little shake, "what do you want me to do? I’ll do anything!” You wormed against him, crying and beating his back. “I fucking hate you, Jungkook! Get off!” But he was too strong and he squeezed you to his chest, which you could feel heaving with his own sobs. “Please don’t hate me, please… I love you, I love you so much.” And his words broke you down even further, finally melting against him. 

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  "You know what, Yoongi? Sometimes you have the amazing ability to make me feel so small.“ And then you burst into angry tears. You tried your best to halt the flow, biting down on your lower lip, fists clenched at your sides, but it did little. 

Yoongi’s face had gone from infuriatingly indifferent to guilty. "No, (y/n), please don’t cry. I’m so sorry.” In a flash, he had you in his arms. You wriggled, mostly embarrassed about your emotional state. “Get off, Yoongi!” He only held you closer. 

“No, please let me say sorry." 


 ”(Y/n), I don’t ever want you to feel like that. I can be harsh sometimes, I’m really sorry, but I love you. You know that, right?“ 

 You exhaled slowly, allowing your head to drop to his shoulder, "I love you too." 

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  "I get it, Tae! You are a friendly guy, you like to be liked by everyone, but why the hell are you friends with someone you know hates me?” “(Y/n),” he began, his eyes wide in exasperation, but you held up a hand. You weren’t finished. “If you were just polite to her, that would be fine, but you’re defending her when I tell you all the hell she’s put me through! Do you have any idea how lonely it is eating by yourself at lunch? Do you? No, you don’t. Let me say, it is probably the worst feeling in the world and it’s something that really should stay in high school, okay?" 

His head was bowed, his lower lip caught between his teeth, "I’m sorry, baby.” You turned away, suddenly tired from venting, “don’t call me that right now.” In response, he embraced you, pulling you to him tightly. “No,” you groaned tiredly. “I’m not letting you go until you forgive me. I’m so sorry. Really, I am. From now on, I swear, I’ll always be on your side. Always. I promise."  Those words almost sent you into an emotional breakdown. They were exactly what you needed to hear. As for the unwanted hug… Of course, Taehyung was one to needle. He’d pick and pick and pick until you either exploded or relented. Right now, as you rubbed your temples trying your best to alleviate an increasing headache, you realised that you had no choice but to relent today. It was more for him than you. He felt bad, that much was clear and Taehyung was never disloyal. "I forgive you,” you conceded sincerely. “I love you,” his whispered into your neck.

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  "Why would you say something like that?“ Namjoon blinked, "oh, I was just messing around.”

  "No, that’s private.“

 You were bristling, "I told you that it was private." 

"You’re right, you’re right. I messed up.”

 He was holding up his hands in truce. Still, you were upset. Folding your arms across your chest, you turned away. “No. I’m still angry." You could hear him chuckle and the sound had you whipping about, ready to scold him but Namjoon suddenly swept you into his arms, "you’re so cute!”

 "No! I am most certainly not! Put me down!“ 

 "No, I physically can’t. You’re too much!”

 You couldn’t help but feel a smile growing as you felt his laugh vibrate through his chest.

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  "Oh, my gosh, (y/n), get off! You’re so annoying sometimes.“ It wasn’t said playfully. His words were harsh and biting, most likely originating from stress. It hurt all the same.

 "You’re so sensitive all the time, I was just playing,” you whispered, lower lip trembling. Jimin had already realised his error and was moving toward you again, arms outstretched. You turned your body away from him, “no, if you don’t want me to touch you, I won’t.” Despite your protests, Jimin wrapped himself around you, burying his face in your hair. You pushed against his chest half heartedly, the deepest part of you enjoying your proximity. 

“(Y/n), I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. Please.” He pulled you against him tighter until you finally relaxed. 

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 You had had a hard day. It left you depressed and wanting nothing more than to curl up on your bed with your laptop. As you entered your apartment, you heard your boyfriend greet you from the living room. “Hey, baby!” “Hey,” you called.

 There was a few seconds pause. Ordinarily, you’d go to him and sit with Hoseok on the couch for a good hour and he must have noticed you not coming because after a couple of moments, Hoseok rounded the corner. 

“How was your day?” he asked concernedly. You attempted a smile, “long." 

"Want to talk about it?”

 "No, not really.“

 "Aw,” he looked hurt and you could see him approach, arms positioning themselves ready to embrace you. “I really just want to be alone right now,” you said quietly, before he came. Hoseok, visibly conflicted, found himself at a loss, letting his arms drop to his sides. He watched you begin to turn and head for your room. Finally, he called, “baby, please. I don’t know how to comfort you any other way.” With a sigh, you returned and allowed yourself to mould into his open arms. 

 Maybe it was a little better than sulking in your room.

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Motorbikes and Medical Care  (Jason Todd x Reader)

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(lmao of course I used Matthew Daddario for a Jason Gif)

The beginning was inspired by this prompt. Yes I know the title is shit.

Warnings: Slight Gore (only a lil) and Violence, cringey fluff, a lil moody Jason. Italics are a flashback thingy. Also not beta’d lol
Word count: 3,100

Lungs burning, legs aching; every step they cried out in protest. They begged for you to stop but the adrenaline rushing through your veins from crown to toe was fuelling your every movement.  The loud and gruff shouts of the gang of brutes chasing you pierced through the night sky. Bullets flew incredibly close to you, narrowly missing and clanging loudly on the air ducts and various other parts of the rooftops. Ah, the lovely sounds of Gotham’s nights. Maybe you should move to Blüdhaven, possibly Star City?
You skidded the corner of the building taking a sharp turn before not-so-gracefully jumping over the ledge to the next rooftop. The men yelled, promising to skin you alive or cut off your slippery fingers once they got hold of you. Some still raining bullets down as you made your way down the fire escape. You moved quickly: it was only a matter of time before they managed to find another way down and continue to hunt you.
By now the adrenaline was wearing off, heavy pants left you as you doubled over in exhaustion and pain. You walked forward and winced, a sharp pain in your side. Gently brushing a hand over your side you recoiled, the blood on your fingertips clearly indicating a bullet had more than grazed you.
“Shit.” you whispered out through clenched teeth. Suddenly, this little job didn’t seem as fun as you first thought.

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I'm just saying, you could do better

gt;She took a deep breathe, downing the fiery light brown shot and shaking her head. Betty scrunched her nose as the warm liquid made its way down her throat.

Veronica squeezed her best friends shoulder and raised a brow as she shot back her own little glass. She had Betty’s back, she wasn’t going to let her get too drunk and make stupid mistakes all because she was upset. And man was she upset.

The beautiful blonde had stormed into her bedroom, red rimmed eyes and quivering lips as she declared they were going to Reggies party tonight and they were going to drink endless amounts of alcohol. Veronica just stared , fairly certain her eyes were deceiving her, the only indication that this was her best friend was the very Betty like please she had tacked onto the end of her rant.

Okay, if her girl needed to escape something she was gonna be there for her. She had a fairly good idea what was bothering the green eyed beauty anyway. It was the thing that was usually bothering her.

Her boyfriend of six months, Jughead Jones.

Speaking of Jughead, Betty pulled her cellphone out of her pocket, immediately pressing end when the silly picture of her typically moody boyfriend appeared on her screen. She couldn’t do this. Not now, not when the effects of the cinnamon fireball were hardly coming in to play.

It had all started this afternoon. Betty had been on her way out of cheerleading practice, when she saw him, or rather them.

Jughead was leaning against the locker room doors smirking at Ethel as she held onto his arm, showing him something on her phone. Obviously that wasn’t what had made her so upset, it was the lingering kiss Ethel had planted on his cheek that made her want to cry and also rip the shiny orange curls out of her once friends head all at once. To make matters worse Jughead didn’t look freaked out at all, he just slid his hand down Ethel’s arm and rolled his eyes, he finally spotted Betty and made his way over to her.

So she did what any mature, 17 year old girl would do.

She ran.

She ran so fast, her cheerleading skirt flipping behind her, his voice yelling out her name, as tears ran down her face. No. not again. She wasn’t second place. not.again.

She cried all the way to Veronica’s house, she had decided half way there she needed a drink. Or ten.

That brought her back to present day, grabbing a coors light from the six pack in front of her she followed Veronica over to the couch. The alcohol was finally settling in and she felt brave… and pissed.

Tipsy herself, Veronica shook a finger in her face

“I’m just saying B, he can’t do better than you. You oughta give him a call. Tell him how you really feel!”

Kevin was the most drunk of the three and he nodded

“Yes girl. Tell him exactly how you feel, tell him how you’re gonna find someone better tell him you’re gonna find someone cooooolll” he slurred

As foolish as this whole situation was, everything seemed to make sense to Betty and she set her shoulders back

“Ya know what? I think I will. I think I will call him.”

Pulling her cellphone out, she clicked on her first contact, God was he in for a storm.

He answered on the first ring, obviously shaken and relieved

“Betty? Thank god! Where are you? I’m at Archie’s, he said you didn’t even come home from school today! you haven’t answered any of my calls! And why the hell did you run away from me like that at school today?! why..”

Betty cut him off abruptly

“ I’m fine Jughead” she slurred slightly, accentuating every syllable in his name.

His end went quiet and he finally answered

“Are you drunk Elizabeth?” He whispered

She laughed cynically into her phone

“What’s it to you? I’m not drunk, I’m having fun! We can have fun can’t we? Ethel must be so fun right?”

“Ethel? What does she..” Jughead started

“It doesn’t matter, screw her!” She giggled loudly, slapping a hand over her mouth as Kevin and Veronica cracked up, nodding and encouraging her to go on. “Screw that new girl, she’s not crazy like me, I bet you like that. You can have her! I’m gonna go dance!”

“Betty, where are you? I’m coming to get you.”

She shook her head and laughed.

“No you’re not, you don’t care.” She pouted “Maybe you can do better than me Jughead, I’m just saying you can do better. I gotta go Reggie just brought out the keg.” She disconnected
The line. God that fireball worked quickly, she felt light on her feet as Kevin and Veronica dragged her to the middle of the room, joining the sweaty teens dancing.

She had been dancing for what felt like hours, when suddenly a very familiar pair of hands were on her waist, tugging her backwards and into a solid body. She couldn’t think clearly but she wasn’t drunk enough to let someone take advantage of her. She was getting ready to whip around when the smooth, velvety voice of her boyfriend dropped into her ear.

“Hey Juliet.”

She turned to see him smirking down at her, his hips moving with the music still clutching her waist. She was still angry but, god if this wasn’t the sexiest thing she had ever seen. Taking full advantage of the situation she began grinding into him, raising her arms to slip above his head and around his neck. He groaned audibly and she could feel how much he was enjoying this, the proof digging into her lower back.

Suddenly the music switched and the smooth voice of Drake filled the house, she turned her body around and slid her hands down his chest, her tiny fingers lingering and brushing on his zipper.

His eyes widened and his pupils were almost hiding the ocean blue, he let out a low growl and grabbed her hand, tugging her through the crown of people, and into what appeared to be Reggies parents room. As soon as the door slammed shut, he had her pushed up against the door, his hands all over her body as she hiked up a leg giving him better access to her sweet spot, she ran her fingers into his hair, tugging his mouth back up to hers almost painfully. He pulled back surprised, she was never this rough, she was always soft and gentle but this Betty? She didn’t need slow kisses and roaming hands, she needed it hard and rough and she needed it fast.

“Bed.” She growled through clenched teeth, her fingers moving to pull his shirt off, Jughead stopped her, holding her hands in his.

“Betty, you’re drunk. We don’t have to do this.” He placed a hand to her cheek but she quickly swatted it away

“I’m not drunk enough to not want this, I’m perfectly sobered up and I’m saying yes.” With that she shoved him on the bed and straddled him with a familiar ease. She vaguely remembered their first time, the awkward way he couldn’t find the hook to her bra, her trying awkwardly to help him out of his belt. They knew each other’s bodies back and forth now. Smiling slightly, she pulled off the tiny yellow tank top staring down at him as he watched her hungrily.

She dropped her mouth to his and he ran his hands over her smooth naked back, quickly unclipping the back of her bra, ripping off the unwanted barrier.

Things went fairly quick after that, they needed no warming up, as soon as he got her out of her skirt it was over. It was quick for both of them, passionate and hard. It was exactly what Betty wanted and what Jughead hadn’t known he needed.

Laying together after the fact, Jughead dropped a kiss to her head.

“Wanna tell me why you’re at reggie mantles house getting smashed?”

She sighed, stiffening again
“I saw you with Ethel, I saw her kiss you, you looked like you liked it. If you want her, I’m not gonna stand in the way. Maybe she’s what you need.”

He sat up at that, dragging her with him, she clutched the blanket to her chest as he grabbed at her face, “what on earth does that mean?”

She took a shaky breath averting his eyes
“I’m just saying, you could do better.”

She heard him chuckle, causing her to look up into his eyes hurt

“Betty Cooper you are absolutely crazy.”

Her jaw dropped and she tried to tug away

“Oh wow, thank you so..”
He dropped his lips to hers pulling her in for a kiss

“You’re my everything, I don’t want anyone else. Ever. I love you. I love you more than anything in this world, and if you think I would ever give you up, you’re absolutely nuts. Ethel is my friend and maybe she has a crush on me but I don’t care, she knows how much I love you, I don’t think you understand how much you mean to Me. There is no one better than you, I don’t want better when I already have the best.” He smiled that absolutely breathtaking smile and she sighed dropping her forehead to his

“Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just insecure. I love you too, so much, I don’t want to lose you. Ever.” She took a deep breathe before pulling away “hey how did you get here so fast, I just called you?”

His eyes widened
“Oh shit, Archie drove me in his dads truck, I told him I was just gonna grab you and head out. He’s probably out there waiting right now.” He rubbed the back of his neck, gathering her clothes and handing them to her.

Betty laughed out loud

“Don’t worry, I’ll bet Ronnie found him, I highly doubt they’re missing us.”

thunderstorm, p.3 | yoongi

read part 1 and part 2.

summary: p3/? | after yoongi stopped you on your walk home from jungkook and taehyung’s dorm, you were left questioning your previous opinions of yoongi only for both him and others to solidify them again and again.

details/genre: badboy!yoongi, college au, angst/fluff, friend!jin

word count: 2.1k

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(jk though the fluff chappy is on its way too eventually, this didn’t take me long)

As I mentioned before in the tags, this snippet doesn’t actually encompass the extent of how horrid WH is (in fact, it’s actually rather mild) as I really don’t know how to translate his horribleness to you without spoiling the whole thing, so uh. Here you go for now. (And on another note, this fic’s going to take a bit of setup with some other fics I’m working on, so it’s not going to be posted for quite a while)

(this is also going off that cool theory that BH can see out of pictures of himself sagdfhjkllhgf)

(You get a long snippet because it is a very long fic and won’t be posted in quite a while (this is also very rough and unpolished so sadfgdgh just ignore me))


To hear a knock on the door wasn’t unusual.

Well, unless there were no clients scheduled for that day. Then you had to be wary.

There were three delicate little taps. If door knocks could sound sophisticated, this was a perfect example.

Hell, Flug just happened to be passing by, blueprints under his arm. He wouldn’t have even heard it if he weren’t just on his way to the lab. The doctor’s head tilted slightly at the noise, then he gave the door a puzzled frown. That’s….. odd.

He approached slowly, contemplating whether or not he should set the blueprints aside and have his attack ray at the ready…. just to be safe, that’s exactly what he did. One hand held inside his labcoat and gripping the concealed weapon, Flug slowly opened the door. “Um… Hel-?”

His jaw dropped before he could even finish the greeting, eyes widening with confusion and shock.

The man that stood outside wore an outfit nearly identical to Black Hat’s, albeit the colors were reversed, and his skin was a much lighter grey, as well as having an oval-shaped monocle covering his right eye as opposed to Black Hat’s circular left. Instead of a tie, he wore an old-fashioned steinkirk cravat with a blue-gemmed brooch pinned in the middle, identical to the gem at the top of that marble-looking scepter in his hand. And were those fucking swan feathers in his hat? Who the hell is this eccentrically dressed doppelganger?

The man shot Flug an overly cheery grin, baring pointed fangs that would’ve been perfectly white if not for that bluish tint. “Ah, hello, my good man! Top of the morning to you!” He bowed slightly and removed his hat in greeting, revealing a smaller hat underneath. “Do tell me, is Black Hat around? I was dearly hoping to see him today!”

“….. Uhhh…….” Flug found himself unable to come up with a response, momentarily struck dumb. A million questions flooded into his mind. Who is this guy? What is he doing here? Is he dangerous? Why does he look so much like Black Hat? How do they know each other? Why has Flug never heard of him before? So many unanswered questions.

“Left you speechless already, have I?” The man chuckled, taking a step closer. Flug’s grip on his gun tightened in response. That was an exact phrase he’s heard from Black Hat. Was that coincidental?

Not taking his eyes off the stranger for even a second, Flug stepped back, calling down the hall, “Mr.Black Hat?”

“What is it, doctor?” Came the distant response from Black Hat’s office.

Flug watched the stranger carefully as Black Hat’s voice became heard, and he did not like the way his expression twitched upon hearing him. It was just a momentary slip, but something tells the scientist these two aren’t exactly friends…. “There’s… uh…. someone here to see you….”

“What?” He must’ve poked his head out the door, because his voice was somewhat closer now, and the hint of suspicion in his tone became clear. “Who? I wasn’t aware of any meetings booked.”

“I, um, don’t know who….”

The click of shoes could be heard as Black Hat made his way down the hall, and the stranger stood taller in anticipation, probably oblivious to how fucking smug he looked, Flug figured, frowning.

The first thing Black Hat saw was Flug’s guarded stance, taking immediate notice of how he looked ready to whip out a weapon at a moment’s notice. Wasting no time in striding to the doctor’s side, his suspicious glare turned to the source of Flug’s wariness. “Who–”

His entire body went stiff. The first look on his face was one of utter shock, before twisting into a look of anger, fangs baring in a hostile snarl. “White Hat.”

“How do you do, my friend!” White Hat chirped, tipping his hat again. “It’s been far too lon–”


“…….. Rude.” He commented to himself, face inches from the now-closed door.

“Sir….?” Flug said quietly, more confused than ever. “What was that about….?”

Black Hat was fuming. There was literally smoke swirling around him as he paced back and forth, mumbling to himself. “That… That thing…. has the audacity to show its face around here–! What could it possibly want–!?”

There was a polite little couple of knocks, and the demon looked about ready to laser-vision the door to a crisp. With great disgust in every movement, he actually opened the door, much to Flug’s surprise.

“Hello again!” Came the cheery voice. “Going to actually let me talk this time or–”


“…. Why did you open it again if you were just going to-?” Flug’s cut his question off when more knocks came, and Black Hat held up a finger signalling for him to wait as he turned to open the door once more.

“Did you really just open the door to slam it in my face again?” White Hat questioned, arms crossed and foot tapping, unimpressed.

“Why yes, yes I did.” Black Hat replied with a shit-eating grin. “Far more satisfying the second time, let me tell you.”

“Well.” The second eldritch said, tapping his scepter on the ground and leaning back, returning to that irritatingly smug expression. “If you’re done playing games, I would like to take a gander at some of your fine merchandise.”

“Our merchandise.” Black Hat repeated, skepticism written all over his features.

The doppelganger seemed to anticipate his suspicion. His grin widened. “But of course! You are the best of the best, aren’t you? I would expect nothing less.”

“We don’t sell to heroes.”

Hero? Flug almost couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He was tempted to interrupt, ask for an explanation, but something made him bite his tongue. He wanted to see where this would go.

“Well, it’s a good thing I’m not your typical hero now, then is it?” White Hat went on, persistent. He took a step closer, Black Hat pulling the door inward slightly in suspicious response. “Now, how would it look from a professional standpoint if you turned a customer such as myself, hmm?”

“I have no qualms about turning away such trash, actually.”

“Oh, but I–”


……… ……….. ………..

“What a child….” White Hat commented judgingly under his breath. Once more, he knocked.

Sigh. He’s not going to give up so easily. That much, Black Hat absolutely knew.

“Sir….?” Flug said hesitantly, stepping towards the obviously-frustrated demon glaring at the door. “Shouldn’t we just ignore him now….?”

Black Hat took a deep breath. “……. It’s not that simple.”

There was another knock, and Flug’s boss groaned in frustration.

“Let me guess.” The lighter eldritch said in a flat tone as the door finally opened just a smidge, “More satisfying the third time?”

Immensely so.” Black Hat grinned hatefully from the crack in the door. “Which means you should realize that you are not welcome here.”

Before the demon could close the door one final time, White Hat stopped it with his hand.

“Tut tut, don’t be that way.” White Hat’s voice took on a new level of eerie hostility, as did his face, though both still held their dominantly ‘polite’ tones. He leaned in as close as he could, staring Black Hat directly in the eyes. “I’m being generously civil as of this moment, my dear Black Hat. But I have a limit to my patience too, you know.”

When all he got in response was that mistrustful narrow-of-the-eyes, White Hat’s grin grew impossibly larger. “Just let me in, Blackie.” He continued. “Surely it would be better than the alternative. Our little spats can get so dreadfully tiresome, after all, and surely you wouldn’t want to damage this absolutely wonderful house!” He accented the comment with a wave of his arms, patronizingly admiring the building aesthetic. “I am not leaving until I get what any other customer would get, and if I have to resort to violence, I can’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be any….” His visible eye flicked back to Black Hat. “…. casualties.”

There was a dangerous flash in the darker demon’s eyes. One that almost seemed intent on cutting the other’s throat.

….. But are the repercussions worth it? He certainly doesn’t want to start anything here of all places.

He almost glanced back at Flug, but stopped himself as to not tip off White Hat. The villain bit his tongue in frustration.

“……… You are here to browse our products?” He said finally, voice low and eyes narrowing to slits. “Nothing more?”

“But of course! What more would I possibly need from you?” White Hat chirped, all too happy with himself and twirling his scepter in hand.

“……………. What more, indeed………” Black Hat growled under his breath. Reluctantly, he stepped back and pulled the door all the way open so his counterpart could enter. Aside from Flug’s jaw hitting the floor in shock, the doctor remained deathly silent.

This can’t be good.

“So!” White Hat chirped again, almost bouncing in his tracks as he strode inside like he owned the place. His gaze flicked to every picture, every piece of furniture, every detail he could soak up in as little time as possible. He then clicked a heel and gracefully spun around to face Black Hat and his scientist. “Where might you keep your best products?”

Black Hat snorted. “Have a little patience, will you. I need a word with my employee first.” He added under his breath, “You did come in uninvited after all….” With that, he led Flug down one of their many hallways, leaving White to mingle in the entryway.

Flug’s confusion was ever growing.

“Oookay, Mr.Black Hat….” He whispered as he was being ushered just out of the other demon’s sight, Black Hat glancing around the corner one more time to make sure White stayed put. The lighter eldritch had taken to 'admiring’ one of Black Hat’s self-portraits. Good. Whether or not he knew Black Hat could see out of the image’s eyes was uncertain, but as long as the villain could keep tabs on him, he felt somewhat calmer. “W-What is going on?”

The doctor’s inquiry grabbed his attention. With a frustrated sigh, he faced him. “Look. I cannot explain everything to you right now. But that thing…..” He made a vague gesture in White Hat’s general direction, “Whatever it says it’s here for, it’s not here for that.”

Black Hat caught glimpse from the portrait of White Hat waving at it, indicating awareness of the little 'spying’ trick. The supervillain could only groan again in his annoyance, pinching the bridge of his nose area. “Flug, we must be careful.”

“Are you saying he might attack…?” Flug asked, quirking an eyebrow slightly.

“Ehhh….. I don’t think so……. Not now, at least……” Black Hat grumbled, casting wary glances down the hall. “Not its style to strike right away….. but I want you to have this, just in case.” Reaching into his coat, Black Hat pulled out a pocket-size standard picture of himself and handed it to Flug.

“Charming, but I already have one in my wallet.” Flug joked as he took the photo.

“Just…. Keep it out of sight, but somewhere you can easily pull it out should you need me and I’m for any reason not nearby.” He looked down, and his voice lowered darkly. “I… I would just feel far better if I know I can keep an eye on you…”

Flug was about to make some joke about Black Hat worrying too much, but judging from that look on his face, maybe now wasn’t the best time…. “…. Okay.” The scientist said quietly, slipping the picture into his pocket.

With a slow nod, that seemed to make the demon slightly more at ease. “Good.” Turning again to head back towards that pain in the neck, Black Hat said, “We’d best not keep it waiting. The sooner this is over with, the better…..”

“So this lab of yours…” White Hat chatted as they walked, Black Hat placed firmly between him and the scientist he was speaking to, “… you keep your inventions there?”

“J-Just a small assortment of our better-selling ones, to have handy for customers looking for our best works. Like yourself.” Flug replied, keeping his tone as polite and professional as he could. “Y-You did say you didn’t want anything big, right?”

“Yes yes, just looking for something small and easily portable.” White Hat smiled back. “I’m sure I’ll have a better idea of what I want when I see the selection.”

“Ah, right….”

“And what of you, friend?” The creature chirped, suddenly slinging an arm around Black Hat’s shoulders. “You’ve been awful quiet!”

At the contact, Black Hat went completely rigid for a split second before giving a fierce growl and pushing his arm away. “I have nothing to say to you.” He snarled, “I just want you in and out of here as quickly as pos–”

“Black Hat?”

Demencia’s voice cut through one of the hallway intercoms, quieting the trio. “We’ve got a few customers here demanding to see you. Something about a product you sold them not working properly or malfunctioning or something? I know you usually like to be the one to handle stuff involving company guarantees, sooo…..”

Black Hat was dead silent for a full ten seconds at least. Slowly, he turned to White Hat. “When this day started, we were supposed to get no guests today.” He spoke quietly and suspiciously, eyes narrowing, “Now we have two unexpected visitors  dropping by mere tens of minutes between each other. Why do I have the sneaking feeling that you have something to do with this supposed 'malfunction’?”

Me?” White Hat chided, acting confused. “How am I to know? You’ve never been good with feelings, dear friend.”

At this point Black Hat looked about ready to sever this guy’s head from his body. But before he could get another word in, Demencia spoke up once more. “I’m still here, you know.”

Again, the demon hesitated, eyes locked onto White Hat. “…….”

“You’d best go deal with that.” White Hat smiled, looking ever-so-innocent. “Breaking guarantees on big-name products like yours must be a pretty big deal, after all. I’m sure your fine doctor can assist me on his own.”

It is a big deal. Their products have a 99% success rate. So what are the chances of one failing on the same day White Hat just happens to drop by?

Once again, he hesitated. It would be important to see these unsatisfied customers right away, but…

The villain glanced at Flug warily.

“It’s okay,” He said, playing it off as casual while also very subtly patting his pocket. “I can finish up helping this one. You’d better go sort that out.”

“…………………… Fine.” Black Hat growled reluctantly, stepping back. Casting White Hat a pointed glance, he snapped sharply, “I will be back as soon as possible.” With that, the demon was off in a puff of smoke. He didn’t like this one bit.

Flug watched him go, nodding, then turned his attention to White Hat. Admittedly, with Black Hat suddenly gone, the unease that came with this mystery figure suddenly felt far more apparent, but the doctor at least managed to conceal that well enough. Straightening his back, he gave another polite smile. “Well, my lab’s only a few more doors down. Just follow me.”


“As you can see, we’ve got quite a fine selection to choose from.”

Flug had laid out a series of small, intricately-designed devices on one of the lab tables to display for White Hat. A Liquiflux, disintegration ray, smoke bombs, all sorts of things.  The eldritch had been looking over each one thoughtfully, picking one up, examining it, then placing it down to see another one while Flug described each one.

“I specialize in handrays of sorts, one of our most recent big successes being the gravitational distortion ray…” Flug explained, gesturing to the device in question, “Of course, most of our merchandise is, uh, villain-oriented, b-but I’m sure you could find something for whatever suits y-your needs, and–”

“You’re quite passionate about your work, aren’t you?” White Hat spoke up suddenly as he examined one of the smoke bombs.

“…. U-Um. Yes?” Wouldn’t that be kind of obvious?

“It really shows.” White Hat cast him a fanged grin. “Your inventions are really quite impressive.”

“Ah, t-thank you…”

White Hat looked the doctor up and down. Time to do some reactionary experimenting.

“You really should expand your horizons. It’s a shame all that brilliance is confined to this one little company.”

Flug could feel his muscles tense. He had to fight to keep himself from fidgeting with his fingers. “I-I, um, I like where I’m at. If you, uh, if you wanted to talk about the products–”

“What are you doing after work?”

“….. S-Sir?”

White Hat stepped forward, giving him a devilish grin. “Perhaps you would let me take you out to dinner. We could talk more about science, business, whatever you want… Maybe I could even offer you a position among my own ranks. I would be blessed to have you.” That last part was added with a wink.

Now the scientist felt a spark of annoyance, on top of surprise. Is he serious? What kind of a person just asks something like that out of the blue so randomly?

Flug immediately stepped back in response to White Hat’s advance. “With all due respect, I do not fraternize with customers.”

“But you fraternize with employers, now don’t you?”

At that, the doctor’s whole body stiffened. Eyes narrowing, he took another step back and looked away, gaze falling onto the inventions displayed on the table. “If you are not interested in discussing the merchandise, then I must ask you to get out of my lab.”

White Hat only became more pleased with each passing second. He found he was quite enjoying poking at the doctor’s nerves. “Oh, but I’m very interested in the merchandise. As such, you can’t even imagine how fascinated I must be with the brilliant mind behind it all.”

The demon drew closer, a strange look in his eyes that made Flug feel all that much more uneasy. “Blackie made a smart move, recruiting you.”

When White Hat reached out a hand to lightly feel Flug’s bag, the doctor completely froze. Reacting almost immediately, he batted the other’s arm away in a heartbeat.

Okay. If this guy is anything like Black Hat, Flug knew he wouldn’t stand a chance if this turned into a physical confrontation.

But he knew one invention that might be a saving grace.

“My, my.” White Hat chuckled, voice like silk. “So he has a bit of fire after all.”

White Hat made another move towards him, and Flug reacted as quickly as he possibly could, reaching for the Liquiflux on the table.

Not quick enough.

This creature’s reflexes were lightning fast, and he slammed his hand down on Flug’s before it could reach its target.

“White Hat. Let go of me.” Flug demanded, glaring at the eldritch pinning his arm down. He hoped the other couldn’t smell fear like Black Hat could, nor hear the pounding of his heart as panic started to grip him with icy claws. But most of all, Flug hoped the demon had not noticed his free hand subtly slipping into his pocket and pulling out a small photo.

“Now now, you’re not being reasonable.” White Hat purred with amusement, “I was just having a friendly talk, is all. You were the one reaching for a weapo–”

He halted his statement when he felt knife-like claws gripping his shoulder.

“Weren’t you just leaving, White Hat?” Black Hat’s harsh voice asked, a rhetorical question of course, and with a very strained grin that clearly portrayed his strong desire to tear his counterpart to shreds.

White Hat glanced over his shoulder. Black Hat almost seemed to be shaking with rage. How hilarious.

Now’s not the time to provoke him, though. That can wait till later - this is just a test run, after all.

“Ah, yes.” The lighter demon said, brushing the furious villain’s hand off his shoulder like dust and letting go of Flug in the process, Black Hat immediately positioning himself between them. “In fact, your doctor was just showing me what I should purchase.” He reached for the Liquiflux, exchanging it for a rather large wad of cash that had been concealed in his coat, then handed the money to Black Hat with a grin. “This should be more than enough to suffice.”


Black Hat knocked the money right out of his hand and onto the floor, bristling with rage. “Just get out.

One glance at the scattered bills. One glance at Flug. One glance at Black Hat. “…… As you wish.” He replied smoothly. “Thank you for your services.”

At that, the lighter eldritch finally took his leave. Out the window in a form of cloud-like smoke, mind you. What’s with eldritch demons and the smoke thing?

Black Hat took a long, tense deep breath in, exhaling just as slowly as he tried to keep his rage in check. Very slowly still, he turned to Flug, glancing at his arm. “Did it hurt you?”

“Ah, no– W-Well, I mean, not badly–”

Flug stopped mumbling as his boss carefully took his arm, rolling up the sleeves to see the dark bruises his counterpart left behind. The demon shivered as he again pushed down the urge to completely rage.

“…..Black Hat…..” The scientist said softly, concerned. “….. Who– What exactly was that?”

“………… It’s a long story.” Black Hat growled quietly, eyes narrowing. “They never should have called upon a demon to do a hero’s work.”

Stupid older siblings

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You were in your room putting on your shadowhunter gear. You were so excited, it had been a long time since you went on a mission. You had been training hard the whole time. Last time you went on a mission, you had to stay behind Alec the whole time, while Isabelle went beside you with her whip ready. Jace was walking in the front with Clary, making sure every corner was free. And yet you still got bitten by a scorpios demon.

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