ready when u r

Random list about: Kim Inseong
- SF9
- Main vocal
- Dancer
- Eldest hyung
- Desert fox / fennec fox
- Brain
- A student of Kyung Hee university’s dept of journalism and communications (?) Revealed to be a 4th year student during predebut
- ENGLISH!!!!!!! “He can British English” (Dawon, asc)
- lived in London for 1 year when he was 11 years old
- Big eater , occasionally called a pig by members (i.e. Dawon and Hwiyoung)
- Is apparently 80kg (source: Dawon)
- Fails at dieting
- 184cm
- Thick thighs
- Jaeyoon’s husband
- Hwiyoung’s dad
- SF9’s mom (other than Rowoon)
- Chani’s dorm dad
- Rowoon’s roomate
- Awkward baby
- Adorable
- Beautiful smile
- Beautiful eyes
- Noticed by Cambridge U twitter acc
- Grandpa Inseong
- Jaeseong cross
- Eldest hyung line is my weakness
- The 93s subunit needs to happen , main vocal Youngbin and main dancer Inseong
- 🌰 autumn boy
- according to Chani this 🌰 is poop
- butt that calls for Jaeyoon’s attention
- “I am chicken” when they were supposed to be eggs (r u ready, peekavoo)
- boyfriend Inseong “park juho” in his predebut 2013 college film
- “our title song is Easy Love but my love for you isn’t easy”
- James Kim? Terry Kim?? James Terry Kim In Seong??? Who knows….
- “because my noodle is terrible….i’d rather choose Dawon” (asc)
- “i love pasta” (asc)
- “je m'appelle Inseong” (asc)
- “senorita!” (R u ready, peekavoo)
- 40 year old pikachu
- dob era Inseong in polo tee dresses like my dad
- the only time Inseong sings all his ad libs in Roar is in a creepy stalker voice (asmr)
- good at drawing caricature
- left handed
- Dawon would want to date Inseong if he was a girl bc Inseong is basically the perfect son-in-law (Super Kpop radio)
- “I have lots of cash” (Super Kpop radio)
- Inseong believes that the hairstyles that suits his face is limited
- Hwiyoung said he used to feel awkward with Inseong because Inseong is smart so when he talks to Inseong it feels like he’s being lectured
- Inseong calls Hwiyoung his son
- Jaeyoon is a fan of Inseong’s butt (… ok…)
- can beatbox (curtain talk)
- is close with nct’s Jaehyun and Johnny bc they used to practice together predebut (nct night night)
- how the corner of his lips are curled upwards
- Inseong likes the colour pink because he thinks it looks fresh and youthful
- Inseong thinks of Dawon as his son (korepo interview)
- when asked which member he plays / hangs with the most, he answered Jaeyoon, Rowoon and Dawon. Dawon chose Inseong as they are both the most energetic and Chani chose Inseong cause he buys him food 😆 (korepo interview)
- Inseong talks often with the maknaes Hwiyoung and Chani
- “there'a no being too late for your dreams” (170503 In My Ears Fantasy - 4th Whisper with InSeong)
- hwiyoung has revealed that inseong is actually his mom 👀
- personal opinion: fnc underutilises inseong’s english speaking prowess
- is from cheongdamdong. He, rowoon and zuho are the gangnam line
- is a popular pick for the question “if i were a girl i would date this member”
- it has been confirmed(?) by a fan at a fansign that inseong’s real english name is Terry!
- wears bright coloured underwear because it gives him confidence 😂
- in a Japanese interview where they had to pick a character for the members, zuho picked chouji and shikamaru for inseong bc he eats a lot and he’s smart
- inseong has a big interest in the rap and hip hop genre and keeps trying to steal hwiyoung’s lines
- inseong studied french before. Boy needs to show his skills tho
- he is preparing to graduate from uni. Even while busy as a member of sf9 inseong makes time for his studies.


every good band has That One Real Long Epic Of A Song reblog with ur favs song

The truth is, we may think we know everything about someone, we think we know what they are going through, we think we know every layer, every emotion, what happened in their day, their values, their goals, but the truth is we don’t. We only know what they show us and what we feel, we keep our own secrets and we keep our own thoughts. It can be one simple question that could help someone, one simple question that could save a life.
The most common lie is, “I’m fine.”
Don’t be scared of hearing the truth, be afraid of not listening to your mind or body, or someone else’s when it needs some extra care.
Life and love is the one thing we all have in common, but it’s two of the biggest things we all feel isolated with. Please help someone through their journey, please love everyone so hard, because sometimes some love is all someone needs to get them through that moment.
Please ask this question not only today, but everyday. And ask yourself this question.
It’s okay to have bad days, bad months and bad years, but that feeling will pass.

Let’s all ask these three little words, let’s listen to each other, let’s care, let’s love. We only have one chance at this lifetime, we need to hold each other up when we are down and hold each other’s hands when we are ready to fly again.

It was terrible to see him without any fire or acid in his eyes

I’m from outer space originally, from a planet outside of The Milky Way, but I’ve been in New York for about four years. There aren’t many other places I’d want to be in this country and I’ve had lots of different lifetimes in my time here, but I don’t think life is about getting to a destination. I call myself an artist as an umbrella term because I do and am a lot of things. My best friend died in 2014 which marked a big turning point in my life. He was the most amazing person I’ve ever known and inspired me to acknowledge my trans-ness. That’s when I started really creating art. For my first show, I shot lots of full-frontal nudes of myself and put them up on the wall for my friends to see. I felt really empowered by that, like I had nothing to hide. This is me and this is my body. Right now I’m working on a film with a friend called ‘Ready When U R.’ It’s about the relationships we have with ourselves, and freedom and what it means to us. I’m not trying to prove anything or shock anyone with it. It’s symbolic of a lot of things and I want the audience to interpret it in their own way. In an ideal world, no one would have to think about how they’re interpreted. My personal goal is to get to a point where I don’t think about other people existing at all.