ready to make babies happily

I was tagged by my platinum bae, m-mimima ! Girl’s birthday is tomorrow so Imma do this today! :D YAY HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY DEAR! <3 


Cool. As always, I’m going to add gifs…. 

1) NaruHina - Naruto 


2) SasuSaku - Naruto

(Frick, I forgot the tumblr person who animated the SS kiss below but DAMN HE/SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB AND I’VE SAVED IT ON MY COMP SO DOUBLE PROPS!)


3) Maleigh (Mako and Raleigh) - Pacific Rim


4) HiccStrid (Hiccup and Astrid) - How to Train Your Dragon

5) Dante and Kat - Devil May Cry reboot

Do you remember the episode/scene/chapter that you first started shipping 5? 

YES! After I watched the entire cut-scene sequence from the reboot game, I KNEW Dante and Kat had chemistry. Their understanding of each other evolved throughout and it was so precious the way he cared for her T_T

Have you ever read fanfiction about 2? 

Indeed I have! :) 

Has a picture of 4 ever been your screensaver/profile pic/etc.? 

No but it was on my phone for awhile XD

Why is 1 so important?


Is 4 a serious or funny ship? 

Am I serious about it you mean? Of course! They are happily married and ready to make badass Viking babies on dragons :) :) 

Out of all the ships which one has the most chemistry? 

Aw man this is hard! All of the ships are based on healthy, understanding (and sometimes complex) relationships. I guess I’ll just have to go with Naruhina because they give the most fuzzies :) 

Which ship lasted the longest? 

Naruhina definitely! The dorkiest married couple with their dorky offsprings. Double bless :3

How many times have 5 broken up? 

Never. Their relationship is not canon T_T but it implied it a bit in the end of the game…I think. 

What about 2?

Lolz they didn’t have to. It took 10,000 15 years for a stubborn Uchiha to realize his feelings for a certain pink-haired lady before they got together and made fresh salad *WINK*

If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would come out alive, 1 or 3? 

Holy shit I can’t even decide. You have jutsu-full-powered ninjas for 1, and 3 has gigantic mecha robots that can slice a kaiju with a cargo ship! LOL. What if…what if they all came out alive because both ships worked together? Hm? HM? That’s right…TEAMWORK! 

Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason? 

Nope! Everyone pretty much supported Hiccup and Astrid, especially Astrid’s soon-to-be father-in-law XD

Is 5 still together? 

Probably not because Kat never shows up in the sequels. UGH >__< 

Is 1 canon?  


If all five ships were put together in The Hunger Games, who would win?

What if the Hunger games was actually about food and they had to eat ramen instead?? ‘Cause in that case, it’s HINATA.

Has anyone ever tried to sabotage 3’s relationship? 

Mako’s adoptive father….Papa Pentecost ^^ 

If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you you had to pick one of the five ships to break up forever which ship would you sink? 

Lolz well I’d have to say Kat X Dante 'cause they never became a thing T___T (unless the reboot prequel is separate from the sequels and she does survive and bear him babies??) 

Which ship would you like to befriend and invite for dinner?

Definitely Hinata and Naruto because they are friendly and adorable, and will eat EVERYTHING on their plate and I will be a happy bunny. 

Okay! So now I shall tag 5 people: narutowhat unchartedstory12 jolliesjaded iirehtalasse tachipaws