ready to leave the house for a day outside

The Gardener

Imagine Person A is a gardener who has been employed by Person B for about a month now. But Person A has never seen B in person, nor have they gone inside B’s house.
Person B is house bound, due to their anxiety. Everyday they watch person A from their bedroom window, wishing they could go outside and enjoy the garden that Person A is keeping so very beautiful. Person B always makes sure to leave a cup of iced tea and cake on the doorstep for A, in appreciation, as they cannot bring themselves to thank A in person.
One brave day, person B decides enough is enough and stands in the dark doorway, where they would normally leave Person A a refreshment, ready to invite the beautiful gardener inside.

anonymous asked:

This is he best surprise I've ever gotten. I had to leave home to finish high school. And when I graduated my mom was coming but my dad wasn't sure cause he had to work. So my mom came and she's mad at my dad cause he should be there right? And I'm just like "yeah 'mm yeah" trying not to let it bother me. So I'm at home and my mom calls and asked if I could get extra tickets to the grad ceremony and I said "why??" In the back of my mind I'm thinking she's going to tell me my dad (part 1)

Was coming but she just said it’s for my uncle. I deflated and said “well maybe but there’s no guarantee you’d be sitting together” she says oh and leaves it at that. Then on the day, I got to my brothers house to get ready and my moms there standing outside on the patio, and she waves me over. My dads there with her, hidden by he curtain. Turns out his coworkers at the plant chipped in for travel to get him over to be with me. My sister and mom and dad watched me graduate.

i’m fucking going to cry i swear to god this is beautiful

Kuroshiro AU

It’s a cloudy day outside and Shiro has to go run errands, but he forgets his umbrella at home. Shiro finishes grocery shopping and rain begins to pour down. Kuroh offers to share an umbrella with Shiro and help him carry his groceries. Kuroh invites him to come over to his house for hot cocoa. Shiro gladly accepts and goes to Kuroh’s apartment. Shiro finishes his cocoa and gets ready to leave, but the storm quickly gets worse. Kuroh tells him to stay until the storm passes over, but Shiro ignores him and heads for the door. Lighting strikes and Shiro drops his groceries and jumps into Kuroh’s arms. Shiro completely forgot that he is deathly afraid of lighting.

it wasn’t until you and michael had been dating for three and a half months that you found out where he disappeared to every friday and saturday night, leaving anywhere between 12am to 5am. and he probably wouldn’t have told you if you weren’t ready to break up with him because you thought he was cheating. it was saturday night, about 1am when he called you and told you he was outside of your house. you wanted to say no - because you two had only gotten in a huge fight a few hours ago, ending with him storming out of your house - but your curiosity got the better of you. so you complied, climbing inside of his camaro. green day was blasting through the speakers and he automatically reached for your hands, lacing his fingers with yours. you let him, noting how sweaty his palm was and how his thumb kept tapping the top of his hand. you wanted to ask what was wrong or, after an hour of driving, where you were going but you didn’t want him to change his mind. once you got to a dirt raceway, several other cars lined up in the middle, you got a pretty good idea of what was going on. michael let out a shaky breath, dropping your hand and running his fingers through his hair before shooting you one last glance and getting out of the car. he stood at the hood of the car, waiting for you.

“i know you might be really pissed or want to yell at me or whatever but these guys are shady, okay? i need you stay with ashton. if i’m not right there, you can’t get away from ashton,” he instructed, his eyes searching yours for compliance.

“drag racing, michael? really?” you asked, fighting the urge to scold him on how unsafe and stupid it was.

please promise me,” he all but begged, eyes wide. “i didn’t want to tell you and i especially didn’t want to bring you ashton said… it doesn’t matter. yell at me afterward, okay? i just need to make sure you stay safe.”

a dry laugh escaped your lips. “you’re about to participate in a car race and you’re telling me to be safe?” he didn’t respond, only kept his begging look. “okay. fine. but don’t expect me to keep quiet once we leave.”

he laughed, relieved. “i wouldn’t expect any less, baby,” he murmured, his fingers sliding down your arm and lacing with yours as he kissed your temple.


The past five months have brought a lot of changes for our little family, and for me personally. Making the switch from working full time to being home with my babies has been wonderful in more ways than I can count, but it’s also been difficult at times. So many of my days have ended feeling frustrated, inadequate, and just entirely exhausted. “Tomorrow I will do better” has become my mantra as I try to navigate the very unique needs of two precious girls. Keeping Ashtyn stimulated and engaged for more than 12 hours a day, while also working as a human milk and cuddle machine has been challenging to say the least.

One of the areas that I’ve been trying to grow in has been my willingness to adventure with my girls. Leaving the house can be daunting at times, as it often takes us just as long to get ready as it does to complete whatever task we have in the outside world. Our comfortable little love nest of a home is so safe that many times, it seems easier to just stay than risk the unknown. It’s hard to predict when some untimely and uncontainable bowel movement will derail our plans. Yesterday, we went outside of our comfort zone in a big way, and it was so worth it.

Under the welcomed cover of cloudy weather, I braved Disneyland with my girls - no daddy to help carry our gear, no safety net of friends to hold one while I helped the other in the bathroom. No one -  just me and my ladies… and it was wonderful! It wasn’t the epic trip of dreams where magical cotton candy rains down on Main Street and Minnie personally invites you to a secret character bash with her closest friends -  but no one was hurt, we shared lots of laughs, and Riley only spit up on one character (sorry, Fawn!). We had a full day of fun meeting fairies, watching shows, and enjoying treats that weren’t the least bit healthy.

Our adventure felt like a big accomplishment as I continue to navigate the new terrain of being a stay at home mom. As I watched my girls sleeping soundly in the backseat, exhausted from their adventure, I felt grateful to be present for these days without the stresses of work always nipping at my mind. I’m reminded that while the days are long, the years are short,  and I need to savor each precious second of their childhood while I can.

- Lindy