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the exchange • monty de la cruz

a/n: hi guys, thank u soooo much for all of your requests and positive feedback. i’m currently working on writing all of them to the best of my ability so stay tuned!

warnings: swearing, smut, the usual

 you and your best friend, clay jensen, had gotten called down to the front office. you were pretty sure that neither of you were in trouble, but you couldn’t help but to be nervous. why did they need you? both of you?

 you walk into to the office to be greeted by the counselor, the baseball coach, jeff atkins, and montgomery de la cruz. “oh fuck.” clay mumbles. you giggle and bump him with your elbow. “be nice!” you whisper to him before giggling again. jeff is staring into space, while monty takes the time to look you up and down before smirking. you turn your attention away from him and tug at the hem of your skirt that suddenly feels shorter than you need it to be.

 "y/n, clay, have a seat. i assume you know why i’ve called you down here?“ mr. porter says. “uhhh no. we don’t actually. please enlighten us, because we’re not psychic.” clay says as we sit down. you nudge him with your knee and give him a look that screams, “shut up!” he sighs and slumps down in his chair. 

 "well,“ the coach booms, “these two knuckleheads are my star players.” he says motioning towards jeff and monty. “the team is nothing without them, but they can’t seem to get their heads out of their asses and into their books.” you gasp at his use of language and then clear your throat. monty adverts his gaze to focus on you and jeff is still staring at the same spot on the floor. 

 "yes, what coach cole said.“ mr. porter speaks up. "since you two happen to be the smartest in your class, i’ve decided to assign you to be their tutors.” “this is bullshit.” monty says standing up. “mr. de la cruz, sit down and watch your language please.” mr. porter says. “um, but coach cole just said a-” you start and porter gives you a stern look. “never mind.” you squeak at look away from him. monty looks at you with a smile on his face.

“it’s not bs montgomery, you know the rules. no pass, no play. got it?” porter questions. you try to focus on his words, but monty’s eyes burn holes in the side of your face. “yeah, got it.” monty answers without taking his eyes off of you. you don’t want to look at him, knowing that your cheeks are already burning hot under his gaze. “okay well then, that settles it. y/n, you’ll tutor jeff. and clay, you’ll tutor montgomery. no if’s, and’s or but’s about it. thank you all, and have a nice day.” porter smiles.

 you beeline out of the room and into the restroom. you let out a breath that you didn’t know that you were holding, and look at yourself in the mirror. your face was flushed and your eyes were wild. you took a few deep breaths, not knowing why monty had this affect on you, and then silently thanked god that you weren’t his tutor. you inhale sharply, take one last look at yourself, smile, and exit the restroom. clay was waiting on you with a pout. 

“monty? out of everyone in the entire school, i get montgomery de la cruz.” he complains. “i mean it can’t be that bad,” you start. “plus, he’s kinda cute.” you say and smile to yourself. “never say that again. that’s like saying a scorpion is cute, and then it kills you.” clay scolds you. your laugh rings through the hallways. “c'mon clay, you can do this. it’ll be a great experience for the real world.” you tell him, suppressing another laugh. “you’re only saying all of this because you, little ms. lucky, get to tutor jeff atkins. he’s honestly one of the nicest kids in school.” clay says. you sigh as you approach your classroom. “this is my stop jensen. goodbye and good luck. i’ll see you after school.” you say to him as you hug him. “love ya.” clay hugs back and rolls his eyes. “yeah yeah love ya too.” he answers you. you walk into the classroom and close the door behind you.

*time skip to 2 weeks later*

 "yes, i do remember when you poured chocolate milk on bryce walker’s head for me in second grade!“ jeff exclaims and you both crack up. "well someone had to do it, he was bullying you. plus i may or may not have been still mad at him for ripping my coloring sheet like 3 days before that.” you say as you and jeff walk towards your locker. “well i have to go y/n, but we’re still on for that test review after school right?” he asks. “yeah, definitely.” you answered. “ok then, i’ll text you.” jeff says while walking backwards down the hallway and pointing to you. 

you laugh to yourself and put your combination in your locker. clay comes up to you and closes your locker. “well good morning to you too, angel.” you say with a confused laugh. “switch with me.” clay says bluntly. “what?” you question while opening your locker again. “please y/n. i can’t be around him for one more second. it’s been 2 weeks and he hasn’t even bothered to learn my name. he’s called me every name in this world that starts with a ‘c’ but not mine.” clay rushes.

 "okay woah dude, chill, it’s monty we’re talking about. the only name he cares to know is his own.“ you snort. clay grabs your shoulders and shakes you. "switch with me PLEASE. you’re literally the nicest girl in school. monty’s like a tiger, and i’m just the helpless gazelle with the broken ankle. he’s just waiting to pounce on me. you? you’re a like a fuzzy, cute, baby tiger. he wouldn’t lay a hand on you.” you laugh at clay’s comparisons.

 "please y/n. i’ll do anything.“ your answer was already yes, but you stare into space like you’re contemplating. "go on…” you tell him with a smirk. “i’ll give you half off of movie tickets and free snacks at the crestmont for a year.” clay says. you squeal and hug him. “i’ll do it!” you exclaim. “you’re the best y/n, i mean it!” clay tells you. you laugh at him and flip your hair over your shoulder. “well what can i say, i try.” you say laughing even more. you both go into a fit of laughter only to be interrupted by yelling.

 "hey caleb!“ monty yells to clay from down the hallway. he approaches you guys and speaks again. "i got practice today so my place at 5, okay cameron?” monty says. “it’s….it’s clay dude.” clay says to him, but monty is on his phone texting away. “uh yeah whatever, conrad, i’ll see you tonight.” monty says before looking at you. he watches you for a second, winks, and then heads to class.

 "goodbye and good luck.“ clay mocks you with a smile. you roll your eyes, hug him, and then walk towards your class, which monty happened to be in. you muster up every ounce of confidence that you have in you and walked to the back of the classroom, away from your usual spot in the front, to sit right next to montgomery. he stares at you with his eyebrows raised and then grins. 

 "y/n, right?” he asks with his signature smirk. you nod your head and look him in the eyes, taking a moment to admire his freckles. “montgomery, right?” you mock him. he pauses for a second before responding. “to most, yes, but a pretty girl like you can call me anything that you’d like to.” he says to you, still smirking. “okay look dude, clay got….reassigned to jeff, so i’m your tutor now. i’ll be at your house at 5, like you said. okay?” you say while writing. “okay.” monty tells you with a smile while nodding his head. he watches your pen fly across the paper while you copy the notes. “monty?” you ask. “yeah?” he replies. “do your work.” he laughs, and then answers you. “no thanks babe, i can do you though.”

 throughout the rest of the lesson, monty cracks numerous jokes just to hear you laugh. your heart was swelling but you’d never let him know that. at one point he rested his hand on your thigh and began to inch upwards. the bell rang and you both got up to leave without a word. the spot where he came in contact with your skin tingled for the rest of the day. 

 *time skip through the rest of the day* 

 you start watching people’s snapchat stories when you catch a glimpse of the time. 4:45. it was gloomy outside but your energy was high, and you were ready to see monty. you hadn’t stopped thinking about sitting next to him. you grab your stuff and start walking to his house.

 on your way there, the skies decide to open up and pour down on you. you run the rest of the way to monty’s house, banging on the door when you arrive. you hear a voice yelling and then someone rushing down the stairs. “welcome to casa de la cru-” monty starts until he notices that you’re drenched. “y/n get in here! are you crazy? you’re gonna get sick.” he exclaims while grabbing your wrist and pulling you into his house. 

“why did you walk in the rain? you could’ve texted me. i would’ve picked you up.” he says while looking at you. “you see the thing is: 1. i don’t even have your number, and 2. it wasn’t raining when i left my house. i walked because you only lived a street away but now i see that that was a terrible idea.” you explain to him. “take your shoes off and follow me.” he tells you rolling his eyes. you walk up the stairs and into the bathroom with him. he puts a shirt and some shorts on the counter for you. “thanks.” you tell him, hardly above a whisper. 

 you start to peel off your wet shirt when you realize that monty is still at the door, watching you. “um, can i help you?” you turn around and say with a laugh. “i’m just enjoying the show, baby.” he says. your cheeks start to burn again and monty starts walking away. “you know, you look cute when you blush.” he calls out to you with a laugh evident in his voice. you shake your head and roll your eyes at his comment. 

 the shorts that monty gave you kept falling down, so you walked into his room wearing nothing but the shirt that he gave you. given the height difference, it stopped mid thigh on you. he looks up at you with wide eyes before licking his lips and smirking. you hand him your wet clothes and he walks next to you before whispering in your ear. “you know, my clothes look good on you, but i bet they’d look better off.” he casually strolls downstairs to put your clothes in the drier and the blood runs to your cheeks once more. 

you sit on the edge of his bed, taking in your surroundings. his walls are covered in movie posters, band posters, and his baseball pics. you move to sit criss cross on his bed and you open the history book. monty runs back up the stairs and then stands in his door frame admiring you. “what?” you ask him. he responds by walking over to your spot on his bed and then sitting in front of you. you look at each other in the eye and monty tucks a piece of hair behind your ear gently. “monty?” you ask innocently. “hmmm?” he hums in response, focused on your lips. “if you’re gonna kiss me, then do it already.” you say with a cheeky grin. 

his eyes light up and he smashes his lips against yours. your hands rest on his chest, and you move your lips to his neck. he groans and shifts himself to lay you down. “god… you’re so sexy,” he says as you look up at him. he climbs on top of you and starts kissing you roughly. you fumble with the buttons of his shirt and take it off. “someone’s impatient,” he mumbles while smiling against your lips. “shut up de la cruz.” you say to him. “make me.” you kiss monty with even more force than before, and you reach down, gently grazing the waist of his sweats. monty pulls away from you and you whimper.

 "not so fast, princess.“ monty says while tugging on the hem of your (his hehe) shirt. he pulls it over your head and stares at you in awe. "damn i was right, they do look better off.” he tells you. monty begins grinding on you while kissing from your jawline to your neck. “you have no idea how long i’ve been wanting to do this baby.” he says into your neck. monty reaches down to grip your thighs and spreads your legs slightly. he dips into your wetness with his fingers and starts moving at a slow, steady pace. his touch gave you a feeling that you’ve never experienced before, and it drove you crazy. you try to hold back your moans, but a few escape.

 "let me hear you,“ he whispers into your ear. you moan his name and buck your hips against his fingers to create more friction. monty chuckles darkly and starts moving faster. he curls his fingers inside of you and you’re about to lose it. "f- fuck oh my god.” you moan breathlessly. your eyes screwed shut as you were coming up on your high, and monty suddenly pulls his fingers out. you gasp and then turn angry. “what the fuck was that for?” you say and he smirks again. “i couldn’t let you have all the fun now could i?” he says as he pulls down his pants. 

you smile as you stand up in front of him, pushing him back on the bed gently. you straddle him as you kiss all the way down his chest, getting slower and sloppier as you reached the waistband of his boxers. you place a kiss on the waistband, and then move back up his neck. you grind slowly against his erection, and the feeling of the cloth against your naked sex caused you to moan. “shit y/n, stop teasing.” monty says. he grips your hips to stop your movement, so you reach into his boxers and start pumping him. monty throws his head back and grunts in pleasure. your hands glide up and down smoothly while monty groans your name. he grips your wrist and looks at you with dark eyes. 

 "i need to be in you. now.“ he growls. he flips the two of you over and positions himself at your entrance. monty slides into slowly and you hiss. you had been with a couple of guys before, but monty was definitely the biggest. he rolled his hips and started thrusting into hard and slow. with every thrust, he went deeper and deeper. "fuck mont, faster.” you moaned. “you like that huh, baby girl?” he teased you. you tried to arch your back up off of the bed, but he held you down. he was still moving excruciatingly slow and you couldn’t take it anymore. 

you were whimpering and monty spoke up again. “look at me y/n. tell me what you want me to do.” you make eye contact with him while he moved in and out of you slowly. “i want you to fuck me montgomery. fast and hard.” you begged him. your dirty words made him twitch and groan.

 he propped your legs up on his shoulders and started speeding up. “fuck, you feel so amazing babe.” monty tells you. your eyes roll back as you curse his name. “you’re mine y/n. no one else can have you. no one can touch you like this.” he tells you, bringing his hand to rub circles on your clit. “y- yes monty. i’m yours. oh my god.” you say with your eyes closed. “look at me baby. come for me.” he tells you. you look him in the eyes and feel your walls clench around him as your orgasm approaches at his words. after seeing you come undone, he comes too. 

 he rides out his high and pulls out of you. you whimper and he lays next to you, caressing your cheek. “remind me to thank clay for having no patience.” monty says with a smirk. you raise your brows and start stuttering. “remi- you- what?” you question. “i knew his name the whole time. i just thought that if i annoyed him enough, i’d get to work with you, and i was right. he took longer to crack than i expected him to though.” he says still smirking. “montgomery, i hate you.” you tell him with a laugh.

“your mouth says that, but your body said otherwise.”

 a/n: i feel like i always say this, but that was so fun to write. i genuinely enjoy writing and making these scenarios come to life for you guys.

Inheritance | Pt. 1

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Genre: hybrid!au, fluff (later), smut (later later)
Words: 2.6k+
Warnings: The MC gets a lil sad, mentioned death of a family member, swears
Notes: This was going to be a oneshot, then a two-shot, and now it’s a mess. I split it so the transitions would be smoother and it wouldn’t feel as rushed as it would were it all in the one scenario. More parts to come! (forgive the terrible summary)

After your grandmother passed she left everything to you. Her house, her fortune, and apparently… her cat? The grumpy male hybrid you encounter at her house is anything but the tame housecat you’d expected to find. Fulfilling your grandmother’s last request to look after him becomes a lot harder when he seems to be avoiding you, and your dissatisfied relatives start stirring up trouble.

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“We’ll be back for lunch,” Sophia said after checking that the diaper bag had all the essentials in it. “You sure you don’t wanna come?”

“I have to catch up on reading my emails and stuff,” Harry said, scratching along his jaw.

Sophia knew it was code for I’d love to come but you know what’s going to happen if I do so she just nodded and tilted her head back, waiting for him to kiss her goodbye.

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Wolf Pack

Logan Howlett x Reader

Summary: Logan had found a peaceful life with the reader, they lived on a small ranch, somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Logan had tried to forget his past, but thinking that Victor Creed would forget him was a foolish hope. One particular night Logan and the reader are faced by two deadly threats, and Logan not only has to fight for his life, but for the reader’s as well. 

A/N: I will never not love rancher Logan, too precious. I messed with the timeline so that he would remember Victor, so there’s that. Oh, and I wanted to include a dog in this, because why not? I hope that me naming it doesn’t bug you, but I would rather see the name Bandit than (Y/D/N) over and over again, if it does bug anyone, please let me know so I can fix it for the future. 

Warnings: Language, blood and gore

Also, written with female pronouns but please don’t take offense! This is just the way I naturally write, but I am open to writing with any preferred pronouns so just lemme know!

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You loved it when you were the first one to wake up. Seeing Logan sound asleep right next to you was a sight that would never get old. The few golden rays of sunshine that came in through your window landed upon his dark hair, making it shine. You smiled, wiggling your way closer to him until you could rest your head on his bare chest. Logan stirred slightly, but just enough to wrap his arms around you. 

“Morning Sweetheart,” he murmured, his voice gravely.

“Good morning,” you said glancing down at the dog at the foot of your bed.

The dog’s head perked up at the sounds of your voices, his pointy ears turning toward you. 

“We have a lot to do today,” Logan said, running his hand up and down your arm.

“I know,” you sighed, tilting your head upwards and planting a kiss on Logan’s cheek before siting up. 

You stretched your arms before sliding out of bed, Logan doing the same. You shuffled out of your bedroom with your pajamas on, your bare feet sliding along the cold wood floors of your home. Your house was small, but it had all the space the two of you needed, well three including your dog, Bandit. You soon reached your kitchen, crouching down to pull a loaf of bread out of your cabinet. After inserting two slices of bread into your toaster, you turned on your stove before preceding to pull a cartridge of eggs out of your fridge. 

The sound of paws on the floor followed by footsteps caused you to look towards your bedroom, sure enough revealing Logan followed by an all-too-happy dog. Logan wore a familiar flannel, jeans, and boots, and you could see the outlines of his muscles as he walked. You smiled at him as the toast from before popped behind you. 

“Getting a start on that fence?” you questioned, drumming your fingers on the counter-top in front of you. 

Logan nodded, walking next to you and planting a kiss on your forehead.

“If I’m lucky I’ll get it done today,” he said.

The two of you needed to fix your barbed-wire fence, the winter had been hard on it and it had fallen down in several places. It kept unwanted animals out, and it was important that you finished it soon. 

“Don’t push yourself too hard,” you murmured as you turned to face him. 

“I’ll be fine,” Logan held your gaze.

“And be safe by the trees,” you added.

Logan nodded, beginning to walk out of your house before you hollered at him.

“Wait, you need breakfast,” you grabbed the toast out of your toaster and handed it to him. 

Logan took the food from you gratefully, “I’m leaving Bandit with you.”

“Deal,” you said watching as Logan exited the house, your dog looking at you and wagging his tail.

You smiled down at your pet before continuing your morning routines. After eating breakfast and feeding your dog, you walked back into your bedroom. Pulling open one of your dresser drawers and taking out a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Once you had your new clothes on, you grabbed your boots, sliding them on and pulling your hair back. 

Bandit looked up at you with perked ears, ready to start the day. You scratched behind his ears before exiting your house. Once outside, you began your walk towards your small barn. The sun was warm on you as you walked, but a cool breeze still provided a brisk environment. The barbed-wire fence beside you swayed ever so slightly as you walked, the tall grass on the other side following suit. You averted your attention from the scenery and looked towards the small barn now in front of your face. 

As you swung open the large door, you noticed how the paint was chipping on both sides. 

“Another job for another day,” you murmured to no one in particular. 

After studying the contents of your barn, you began your daily activities. You glided through what you needed to do just like any other day. It wasn’t until you were checking the fence line next to your horses that you noticed something was strange. You glanced down at your dog, whose fur had bristled. You noticed that all of the usual chirping of birds had stopped, and the horses near you had started to pounce around uneasily. You got a bad feeling in your gut, you spoke to your dog.

“Lets go find Logan.”

As if your dog was agreeing, Bandit started to walk in the opposite direction from which you had came. You only had to cross a couple of hills before the familiar tree line appeared at your side, hiding who knows what. The fence next to you was to mainly keep cows out and horses in, but you decided to jump over it anyway, wanting the little protection it offered. Your dog crawled underneath with you, on high alert. 

You walked for a couple more minutes before you saw the familiar head of dark hair in the distance. Logan’s back was facing you, but the sight of him relieved you of some of your fears. Once Bandit noticed Logan he took off like a bullet, and you watched with a smile on your face as he playfully jumped on Logan. After calming the dog Logan looked to you, still a couple of yards away, he smiled and waved in your direction. You smiled back, and your pace intensified, soon enough you were being squished into a tight embrace by Logan.

“What brings you out here Love?” Logan asked before releasing you. 

“Just wanted to come check on you. Things have been…off,” you said.

“I noticed it too,” Logan said, picking up his hammer off of the ground and turning back towards the fence. 

“Can I help you?” you asked.

Logan looked to you, large smile on his face.

“I love you,” was all he said.

Taking that as a yes, you began working with Logan on the fence. The two of you worked together as an efficient team, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy it. In between your small talk and endless jokes, time passed rather quickly, and the two of you got a lot done. Before you knew it the sun started to dip down, and you had finished the section of the fence you wanted to get done. 

You stretched your arms behind your back, “I think we did pretty good.”

Logan opened his mouth to respond, but growling of your dog prevented him from doing so. Mere seconds later, a loud howl erupted from the forest in front of you. With wide eyes your head whipped to Logan.

“We’re leaving, now,” he said, swiftly picking up the box of staples and hammer on the ground. 

You walked in the direction you needed to go, grabbing a wood post that you had discarded to the ground, mostly because you didn’t want to leave it, but partially for self defense. As you stood up your attention turned to the forest right in front of you, with a chill you realized that a pair of yellow eyes was looking at you. Your heart stopped, and slowly you backed up, but the pair of eyes in front of you was getting closer. You raised the wood post in your hands.

“Logan-” you began, but the wolf lunged. 

With horrifying speed the animal jumped over the fence, directly at you. The wolf’s jaw enclosed around the post in your hands, it’s paws hitting your chest and pinning you to the ground. Now fully revealed, the wolfs brown fur shone in the light. You cried out as your breath was pushed from your lungs. The crushing weight of the animal left you pinned down, but it was abruptly relieved. 

You whipped your head to where the animal flew, standing up abruptly. 

“Logan,” you cried as you realized who it was who had tackled the wolf off of you. 

Logan’s claws were outstretched, the metallic weapons made you realize how serious the situation was. You never thought of how deadly Logan could be, whenever you saw his claws it was because he had a nightmare, not because he was fighting for his life, or your life. Bandit was frantically running around the two, growling and barking at the predator that Logan had pushed to the ground. 

You watched in horror as the wolf sank its fangs into Logan’s forearm. Logan cried out, but slashed down with his free arm, sinking his claws into the wolf. The wolf instantly went limp, and without thinking, you ran. Logan’s attention was on you instantly, and you barreled into his arms. 

“Are you alright?” he asked you, wrapping his arms around you tightly.

“Am I alright? Are you alright?” you asked frantically, grabbing his arm and inspecting where the wolf had latched on.

“Don’t worry about me,” he said, and sure enough the wound on his arm was healing as you spoke. 

Your eyes locked with his as you said, “Wolves don’t travel alone.”

Logan nodded, “We’re getting out of here.”

Without another word the two of you started running, running towards your house. It wasn’t until five more wolves emerged that you had to stop moving. Your heart hammered in your ears and you could barely breathe. 

“Get behind me,” Logan said.

Doing as instructed, you watched as the wolves started to circle around you. Logan stared down the wolves, waiting for one to engage, waiting for something to happen. Your dog growled, standing in front of you protectively. 

“Damn, I guess the wolves beat me to it,” the foreign voice from behind you made you whirl towards it.

As your eyes fell on a man in a black coat, you noticed that every bone in Logan’s body had doubled in tension. 

“Who the hell are you?” you exclaimed.

The wolves around you continued to circle, but didn’t engage. It was as though they were waiting to see what the new predator would do. 

“Aw, you didn’t tell her about me?” the mysterious man said, but he was talking to Logan. 

“What do you want Victor,” Logan snarled.

Your shoulders tensed, you didn’t know what was going on, or who Victor was. Logan rarely talked about his past, and you knew him well enough not to pry. 

“That’s easy brother…” you jaw nearly dropped open as he spoke, “I want revenge.

Victor let out a primitive growl before jumping over the wolves, and straight for Logan. The force of the impact caused Logan to smack into you, sending you flying backwards. Sprawled on the ground you groaned, only to realize the wolf flying towards you. You barely had time to scream as your dog intercepted the fatal attack. 

The wolf cried out as you stood up, grabbing the wood post from earlier. Your dog had latched onto the wolf’s neck, and you ran over, swinging the post at the animal and watching it go limp, just for another set of claws to sink into your leg. You gasped in pain, swinging your makeshift weapon down on the new wolf that had attacked you. The wolf didn’t give up, its teeth dug into the back of your calf. You screamed in pain, sinking to the ground. 

Your dog was fending off the other three wolves, and you couldn’t see Logan or Victor. Your senses were dulled, and all you could focus on was the pain in your leg. 

“Not like this you bitch,” you gasped, swinging your weapon back at the animal and knocking it’s grip loose. 

The wolf jumped at you again, but you intercepted the blow with a kick from your good leg. The wolf whined, but didn’t give up until another good hit from the wood post. You didn’t have time to appreciate the damage you had done, you had other wolves to account for. Not to mention the ear piercing scream that emerged out of nowhere.

Sure enough, Logan’s voice erupted throughout the hills in agony. 

“Logan!” you screamed, trying to stand up, but tumbling back onto your knees. 

“No, no, no, no,” you cried, a steady trail of tears falling down your face from both pain and fear.

You heard your dog behind you wince, quickly followed by a sickening thud. You twirled around to see Bandit limp at the end of a fence post, the new found darkness made it so you couldn’t see where he was hurt. A wolf jumped towards the defenseless dog.

“No!” you screamed, throwing the post in your hands at the animal. 

You succeeded in stopping the animal, but now it and its companions were turned towards you. The remnants of the pack growled, advancing towards you.

“Scram mutts,” Victor’s voice erupted through the tension. 

The wolves did as told surprisingly, avoiding the attacks of a new threat.

Turning your attention to him in terror, you asked, “Where’s Logan?” 

“Isn’t that cute? The princess is worried about her brute,” he spat.

Your fists clenched at your sides. 

“He won’t be getting up any time soon,” he said, and without another word he advanced on you, sinking his claws into your shoulder.

You exclaimed in pain, helpless as he pushed you to the ground and hovered over your face. Fangs bared, he lowered his head to your level and hissed in your ear. You squirmed in his grip, but to no avail. Victor took one of his claws and sliced down your arm, drawing blood. You couldn’t hear, you couldn’t see, all you could do was feel the pain you were in. 

“You’re sick,” you managed.

“I’ve been called worse-” Victor’s words were cut off abruptly.

 “Don’t you fucking touch her.”

Logan’s voice was like a beacon of hope. You moved ever so slightly, squinting your eyes so that you could see what was happening. Logan was standing over Victor, who was clutching his side. Logan’s clothing was blood-soaked and shredded, but he held strong. His claws were extended and his knuckles were red.

“Go to hell,” he growled at Victor.

“I’ll see you there,” Victor gasped, and before he could say anything else, Logan’s claws went straight through his chest. 

You watched as Victor’s body went limp. You felt something wet touching your ear, and you turned to see it was your dog’s tongue. Tears of joy erupted form your body, seeing that everyone you loved was okay was all you could ask for. 

“(Y/N),” Logan exclaimed, reaching you as quickly as he could. 

As he reached you Logan pulled you to him as softly as possible. 

“It’s going to be alright Sweetheart,” he said, gathering you up into his arms before standing. 

You could see the pain in his features, you could see how afraid he was. With a good amount of effort you were able to raise your hand, cupping his cheek. 

“My hero,” you mumbled.

Logan’s body was so warm against yours, and you wanted nothing more than to fall asleep peacefully. 

“I love you,” he said, his voice cracking. 

“I love you too,” you managed. 

Logan lowered his lips to yours, pulling you against him tighter. You knew he would have a hard time letting go from now on, you knew he would tell you everything, and you knew you would only love him more. 

“I’m going to get you home,” he said, planting a kiss on your forehead. 

You smiled despite the pain you were in. You were in rough shape, but you couldn’t help but be thankful. You couldn’t help but be thankful for the loving man who was holding you in his arms. 

Ice-Cream Date (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Words: 2,959

Plot: After months of doing pot together, Connor takes the reader out on a date for ice-cream.

Characters: Connor Murphy and Y/N L/N

A/N: I’m posting this because I asked @imagine-boyo if I should (over ANON) and he said yes, so yea.

Warnings: Cussing (like, a lot), use of weed by both Connor and the reader, and just horrid grammar/writing all around.

“Connor!” You call out to your date, but he ignores you and continues to walk. “Connor!” You shout again, running to catch up with him. You take a hold of his jacket sleeve and tug.

“What?” He sighs. He doesn’t stop walking but tilts his head to look at you. You look back at his car with a sigh, looping your arm with his so you could keep up.

“You double parked.” You tell him, though you’re positive that he already knew.

“Yeah, I know.” He confirms your suspicions, followed with a light shrug. “We’ll only be here for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter.” He steps up onto the sidewalk and pulls you towards the ice-cream shop doors. When he pulls his arm away from you, you worry that you’ve done something wrong, but calm down when you see that he’s stepped back to hold the door open for you.

“Are you sure?” You ask hesitantly as you enter the shop.

“With the town we live in? I’m positive, (y/n/n).” He says smoothly, placing a hand on the small of your back. The action, in your eyes, was a bit out of character for the Connor Murphy. Everyone at school had warned you about him when you first arrived, but after a few weeks of sitting next to him in Government, you found yourself interested in the isolated teen.

You tried multiple times to speak with him, but he would blow you off, ignore you, or leave as soon as he saw you coming. So, when you slipped a small piece of paper with your name and number on it into his bag you were ecstatic to receive a text from him a few days later. Your friendship was rocky. He would only talk to you through text or small grunts during and outside of class. And his messages usually consisted of one-word replies.

That all changed the day you found him after school, smoking weed by the boy’s locker room. You’d recognized the smell almost immediately, as your house smelled like it half the time.

“Piss off.” He’d said to you, but you had taken the seat beside him on the ground, searching through your bag. He didn’t say anything else and looked about ready to leave by the time you pulled what you were looking for out of your bag.

“I, uh, prefer the… edible kind?” You’d told him, jiggling the bag of pot brownies slightly. He kept his eyes on the bag as you opened it, and broke off a small piece, offering it to him. “My brother helped me make ‘em. Want some?” He looked from the brownie to your face with a hard glare.

“I prefer the smokeable kind.” He’d snapped. You simply shrugged.

“Suit yourself, Murphy.” You’d told him before shoving a full brownie into your mouth.

After that incident, you’d often find Connor by the locker rooms getting high and join him. After your fourth time coming around, you convinced him to try one of your special brownies.

“Only if you take a few hits.” He told you, holding out a freshly rolled joint.


You found yourself enjoying the time you spent with Connor, even though half the time you were both higher than the sky. Then he began talking to you during school when there was not a spot of redness in either of your gazes that wasn’t ‘supposed to be there’ (as your brother had once put it). He was hostile at times when others seemed to get too close for comfort while laughing. You’d always stand there, listening to him rant about all the assholes at school with a calm smile, glad he had finally accepted that you wanted to be his friend. You remember the day he asked you on this ice-cream date. It was actually quite a funny experience. School had just ended, and you were going to meet up with him to get high again. You found him on a small, concrete bench rather with a joint pressed to his lips, unlit. You sat beside him, opening your brownie bag. Before you can get your usual greeting out, Connor removes the joint from his mouth.

“Go on a date with me.” He said bluntly. You sat stiff, wondering if you had heard him correctly.

“What?” You turned to him, placing your half-open bag of edibles into your lap. Connor refused to look your way.

“Go on a date with me.” He said again, this time much quieter. “Or don’t. I don’t fucking care.” He finished defensively.

“If you didn’t fucking care, Connor,” You sighed. “You wouldn’t have repeated yourself.” You smiled at him, and he whipped his head around to face you. He looked about ready to yell, so you swooped forward and pressed a kiss against his warm cheek. “You could have just asked, you shit-head.” You mumble. “I’ll go on a date with you.”

Now here you were, standing in Cold Stones, waiting to get yourself Cotton Candy ice-cream with Connor Freaking Murphy. As the two of you came closer to the front of the line, you began to worry that some jackass might tow Connors car. Not that the car worried you much – his parents could pay to get the car back (and as far as you know, they’d done it before). You were more worried about the weed in Connor’s backpack and the brownies in your own.

“Hey, (y/n/n),” Connor nudges you, snapping you from your thoughts. You look at Connor. “Are you gonna, you know, order?” You scoff, turning to the annoyed Cold-Stones worker.

“Cotton Candy shake, please, with… Marshmallows.” You tell him. He quickly gets to work, and you turn back to Connor who is making a face at you. “What?”

“It’s… blue.” He points out. You glare at him.

“Yours is green, Murphy.” You point out as the other Cold Stones worker passes him his ice-cream cone.

“Yeah, but Mint Chip fucking rocks.” You smack your date in the arm.

“I didn’t say it doesn’t. Watch your mouth, there are kids.” You nod towards the line where a suburban mother was glaring at Connor, her young daughter pressed firmly into her side. Connor rolls his eyes and makes his way towards the register section of the counter. You follow him, and the both of you wait for your shake to be finished. The boy behind the counter swaggers up to the register, setting your cup down roughly onto the counter. You roll your eyes and take the cup before reaching to get your wallet.

“Whoa, whoa,” Connor stops you. “Chill out Y/N/N. This is a date. I’m paying.” The guy behind the cash register sneers at the two of you.

“Not a very original date idea.” He says venomously. You stiffen when you see Connor’s grip on his wallet tighten.

“Not a very original hair style, bowl cut.” You loop your arm with Connor’s again and squeeze his bicep tightly.

“Connor, please.” You whisper to him. “Not here. Let’s have a nice date, okay?” You watch Connor close his eyes, and take in a deep breath.

“We are having a nice date.” He tells you, handing the dick behind the counter a few dollar bills. “Keep the change, and buy yourself a better personality, asshole.” Connor slips his arm away from you, taking your hand in his before rushing out of Cold Stones.

Your brain has barely registered what happened by the time you’re sitting in Connor’s car, buckled up and ready to drive away. Connor sighs in frustration and passes you his cone.

“Hold this.” He grumbles. You two sit in silence as he drives. You go over the previous events in your head once. Then twice. And when you finally realized what happen, you snorted. “What?” Connor snaps, clearly annoyed. You turn to him.

“He did have a bowl cut.” You say, biting your lip to stifle a laugh. “And that was a pretty sic burn you made back there, Murphy.” Connor doesn’t respond immediately but scoffs and rolled his eyes.

“You talk to Kleinman too much.” He tells you.

“You say that as if it was the worst thing in the world.”

“You’re right. You could be talking to my sister.” He says. You raise an eyebrow.

“Was that a… joke?” You inquire, slightly amused. Connor shrugs.

“Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.” He says, not bothering to use his blinker as he makes a right turn. You cringe at the sound of someone blaring their horn at him, but Connor seems unaffected by it.

“Fucking dork.” You roll your eyes at him and settle into your seat. You make a poor attempt at sucking the thick shake up through the stick-thing straw, groaning in frustration when nothing came up.

“Suck any harder and your face just might burst.” Connor snorts. You turn to glare at him.

“Just remember Murphy, I’m the one holding your ice-cream.” You remind your date, waving the slightly melted cone around teasingly. You swear you saw a pout cross over Connor’s face before he glares at you out of the corner of his eye.

The two of you drove only a few more minutes before arriving at your destination - the abandoned park on the other side of town, away from both of your families. While you love your brother and mom to death, you couldn’t stand the constant arguments between the two. Usually, it was about who took whose weed, although half the time it was you who took it to make your brownies.

Connor, on the other hand, could not stand his family. You’d known this from almost the beginning. You’d only ever spoken to his sister once, and you could tell from that single conversation that she and Connor were nothing alike - and thus, you avoided befriending her in favor of her brother. Not that you’d admit that out loud.

The two of you exited the car, but not before you shoved your bag of brownies into the pocket of your favorite hoodie. You passed Connor his cone, which he immediately began to lap up. You checked your hand to make sure none of it had melted onto your skin.

“C’mon, I know a spot,” Connor said, holding out his free hand. You hesitate before lacing your fingers with his, letting him pull you along past the yellow caution tape. He didn’t seem like a very physically (or emotionally, in all honesty) affectionate person.

“Why is this place closed again?” You inquire, hoping to strike up a conversation. Connor shrugs.

“I dunno. Probably because whoever built it was a lazy ass motherfucker and the first time a kid went down the slide,” he motioned with his ice-cream to the sad, destroyed, red slide that attached to a sadder looking jungle gym. “It broke.”

“I see.” You nod, picking up your pace to keep up with Connor’s long strides. He doesn’t say anything more, so you try again. “Where are we going?”

“You ask a lot of fuckin’ questions, yah know?” Connor states though the laugh that follows tells you he might not mind. “Don’t get your panties in a twist, it’s not too far.” He assures you. You hum softly, tapping your fingers gently against the back of his hand. The two of you walk in silence, entering the heavily wooded area to the left of the park. You open your mouth to make an axe-murder joke but thought better of it seeing as most people called Connor a freak and your joke might make him defensive. After all, you don’t want to mess up the perfect date with a guy you actually liked.

When the two of you stop, Connor lets go of your hand. He motions to a large rock a few feet ahead of you, which had a wooden bench propped against it.

“That’s not horror-movie-esque as all.” You mentally slap yourself for your comment and chuckle nervously. To your surprise, Connor simply shrugs.

“This used to be a hiking trail, but, yah know. No one fucking hikes in this town.”

“You know a lot about this town, huh?” You ask him as the two of you take a seat on the unstable bench. Connor shrugs again.

“I google a lot of shit when I’m high.”

“And you remember everything?” You tease. Your heart flutters a bit as he laughs.

“Fuck no! High me just never closes the fucking tabs.” You snort, pulling the brownies out of your pocket with your free hand. Connor stares at them longingly but shakes his head quickly. “W-wait.” You raise an eyebrow. “Let’s… not get high… right now.” You’re positive your surprise is evident on your face because Connor begins to defend himself. “I-I just want to have a nice date, and I’m not always the nicest person high… I want to remember this tomorrow. All of it.” Your heart pumps rapidly inside your chest as you grin giddily, shoving the brownies back into your pocket.

“Alrighty.” The fact that Connor didn’t want to get high was a first, but his confession was… sweet. You want to remember everything as well.

You were on cloud nine by the time you and Connor got up to leave. He’d been so sweet, listening to everything you had to say - and you did the same in return. He mostly complained about how unhelpful his family was, and how everyone at school didn’t help either. And he told you that, in his opinion, you were helping him by just being there each day after school.

“I’m not really… doing anything.” You told him with a shrug. “I’m just… being your friend.”

“More than any of the other fucknuggets at that school have done.” He’d told you.

Now you two were walking back out of the woods, towards the park and his car. Towards the end of your date. Your heart sunk in your chest - was it really over?

“We should do this again sometime.” You blurt out hoping with all your heart that you didn’t come off as too desperate. He glances back at you, then shrugs again. You’ve noticed that he shrugs often

“If you want.” He says. You speed up a bit to keep pace and smile triumphantly when he takes your hand again(not that you’d admit it out loud, but that was what you were hoping for). “You’re kinda short, you know that?”

“I am not!” You scoff. “I’m average. You’re just a giraffe.” You bump his hip with your own.

“No arguments here.” He laughs. He’d been laughing a lot during your date, an unusual change from his usually defensive demeanor. You thought he looked beautiful happy. But you wouldn’t say that out loud - not yet anyways.

The drive back to your place is pleasantly silent, and music plays quietly from the radio. As Connor turns onto your street, you can’t help but feel disappointed. Your mom was probably home so Connor wouldn’t be allowed to come in. She had a strict ‘no boys in the house’ rule. You were surprised she let your brother in through the front door sometimes.

Connor parks his car a few houses down from your own and unbuckles his seat belt.

“Um- my mom doesn’t like boys in the house.” You tell him. He looks at you, and for a moment you’re afraid you’ve said something wrong.

“I was just gonna walk you to the door.” He says plainly. You can feel your face heat up.

“O-oh, okay.” You rush to get yourself out of the car, slightly embarrassed. Of course, he was just walking you to your door. Why would Connor Murphy want to come inside your home? You stand by the side of his car, watching as he steps out and walks to your side. The two of you walk up your driveway, and you lead him onto the porch. “Well, this is it.” You chuckle nervously. Your eyes widen as he begins to lean down, going into kiss you. You place a single finger on his lips, and his eyes widen. He jerks back, opening his mouth to apologize, but you shake your head. “Rule number seventy-seven of being in high school. Never kiss on the first date.” WHAT ARE YOU SAYING, you chastise yourself. Of course, you wanted to kiss him. You take is face between your hands and place a soft kiss on his forehead. “Arcade? Next Friday?” You watch with amusement as his face turns a light shade of pink. Connor stands up straight and clears his throat.

“I-I’m down. What time?” He stutters.

“After school? Meet me by the locker room?” He nods quickly, clearing his throat again.

“Sounds like a plan.” He confirms. You two stand there, staring at each other. “I’ll, um, see you in school?” He sounds uncertain.

“See you in school, Murphy.” You turn to the door, testing the knob. The door swings open, and you step inside. “I had fun, by the way.” You tell him. Connor smiles at you.

“Me too.” He waves. “Bye.”

“Bye.” You watch intently as Connor turns around. You don’t want him to go just yet. As he reaches the bottom step of the landing, you call out to him. “Wait!” He turns, confused. You rush to the step directly above him and grab his face. Screw it, you think to yourself before pressing your lips to his. You can’t tell if he’s surprised or repulsed, but you pull away before you can find out. “Um… rules are… made to be broken.” You tell him. Before he can respond you’re back inside your house. “Bye, Connor!” You close the door and begin mentally preparing yourself for your next date.


Today, a friend who sat next to me on the first day of medical school called me to tell me that she wasn’t coming back from the weekend. She was dropping out of medical school to be with her children and husband. She was putting her house on the market within the next two weeks, and would be gone from the city in three. She had had seven weeks left in 3rd year. She sounded so happy.

I envy her. I’m tired, and I’m genuinely scared that medicine isn’t worth the sacrifices it requires. I get to the hospital at 330am each morning (I get up at 250am) and leave around 5pm. The Viking doesn’t get home til past six, so functionally, we see each other for an hour before bedtime unless I have to study/ cook/ pack /shower to get ready for the next day.

My friends outside of medicine never even consider that a job may require them to work weekends on a regular basis. Or that a job would insist they work more than 40 hours without overtime or complaint. They have hobbies after work. They work out, and cook, and relax. They have 401ks, and salaries, and overtime, and the chance to travel while they’re young. And I don’t.

I honestly think that if I had felt this horrible about my future happiness in medicine at the start of 3rd year, I would have dropped out of medical school. At this point, I feel like the only thing keeping me going is my discipline- I’m too used to trying to stop trying especially, when I’m less than two months away from finishing this year.  

I’m going to miss my friend dearly, but I’m proud that she had the courage to make a decision she knew was best for her. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I’ve slept, or once surgery is over and I can see my fiance again. But I wouldn’t choose medicine again. 


Happy Easter! 

Guys, today is Easter! Well first, I want to wish you and your family all the best on this day and of course, have a good time. We are planning an Easter lunch, to which we are getting ready now. My brother and his family are going to out house, tospend this holiday with us.
My parents came yesterday and brought some gifts for children, eggs. It is a pity that my parents don’t live in the same city as I do! They went to leave early in the morning, because my sister was waiting for them there already.

Children were already outside, picking up chocolate eggs, hehe. They had a lot of fun, they split into two teams: Grace with Mary and Alice with Louise. And the conditions were: whoever finds more eggs - won. Surprisingly, there was a draw. Therefore, both teams remained winners. 

Again, I wish you all a wonderful Easter!
See you soon,

Kit Harrington x Richard Madden’s!sister

Hi :) I absolutely love your imagines. I was wondering if I could please have one where I’m Richard Madden’s little sister and Kit Harington and I start dating but we break up and Kit starts dating Rose Leslie which breaks my heart and it makes Richard mad so he confronts Kit and gets in a fight where he says he still has feelings for me and we make up? Sorry for the long request :(

AN: Swearing

You had just stopped skulking around your house after a month of living in sweats and eating cartons of ice cream. You had met your boyfriend…no, ex boyfriend….Kit through your older brother, Richard. The two of them had grown close while filming Game of Thrones and the second he introduced you to Kit you two hit it off. After dating him for nearly a year he called it off out of nowhere, leaving you shocked and beyond hurt. That set your brother off and you were lucky to convince him not to say anything to Kit. Now, after a month of dealing with your breakup, you were finally ready to venture outside of the house and have a fun day out with your big brother.

The honking outside your house let’s you know Richard was there. You grabbed you coat and ran to his car. “Hey,” he smiles as you slid inside. “You look good today.”

You were in nothing fancy; just a sweater and jeans. “You mean I don’t look depressed and homeless anymore?”

“Basically, yes. But let’s not talk about that,” he put his eyes on the road and put the car in drive. “You and I are having fun today so what shall we do?”

After a trip to the mall and some retail therapy you two went and sat down at your favorite little pub. “So, Y/N,” he said suddenly sounding very serious, “how are you doing. Really?”

All the things you had managed to force out of your head for the day slammed back into your mind. “Well,” you crossed your arms awkwardly, “I’m doing ok I guess. Better than before. It still hurts though…a lot. I just…I just don’t understand how he can go from loving me one second to breaking up with me the next. I know it hasn’t been that easy for me to forget.”

“You still love him?”

“Yeah,” you nodded weakly. “And the worst part is that I don’t know if I’ll ever stop loving him.”

Just when he reached a supportive hand over to yours his eyes glanced up and shot back quickly at whatever he had just saw. The bizarre look on his face was enough to get you to turn around and look at whatever he was seeing.

On the TV against the wall were pictures of Kit out around town with Rose. When you saw the headline “Game of Love” written across the screen and then a picture of them holding hands your sadness hit you like a train and your eyes watered over. You reached for you wallet, threw money on the table, and stood up. “Drive me home,” you rhetorically asked and starked towards your brother’s car.


Seeing everything hit you again was too much for Richard to handle. After taking you home and holding you reassuringly until you cried yourself to sleep his anger was through the roof. That’s how he ended up at Kit’s flat, banging hard against the door loud enough for the whole street to hear.

“Jesus, Richard, have you lost your mind?” Kit opened the door confused.

“Have you lost your mind? Or do I need to beat your wits back into that head of yours,” he seethed and pushed himself into the flat.

“What are you talking about?”

“What am I talking about? I’m talking about you being an ass to my sister,” he screamed. “You broke her heart. It took her a month to leave her house. I just got her out today and what does she see?! A tabloid exclusive about you dating Rose!”

“You’re mad that I moved on and she didn-” before Kit could finish, Richard’s fist hit his jaw sending Kit backwards.

“I’m mad my sister is still in love with an ass like you.”

Kit looked up at him with a wide eyed stare. “What did you just say.” He wasn’t surprised from the punch but from the words Richard had just said.

“I said I’m mad that my sweet sister is still in love, for whatever reason, with you.”

“She-she said that to you?”

“More like sobbed it to me once she saw the pictures of you and Rose.”

“Shit,” Kit buried his head in his hands. “I’ve screwed up.”

“You think,” Richard scoffed.

“No. Well, yes, but not the way you think. Rose got into my head, telling me Y/N didn’t love me anymore and that she was putting on a show. I let her convince me she was right. I’m an idiot.”

“You need to fix this if you’re still serious about my sister. If you’ve really moved on then you need to stay out of her life.” With that Richard left a bruising Kit in his flat.


You woke up to the sound of you doorbell echoing through your home. “Coming,” you forced out of your dry throat. “How long have I been asleep,” you muttered to yourself and rushed to the door.

When you opened it you felt your heart drop as your eyes looked at Kit, who stood in front of your face with a nice blue mark on his jaw. “What are you doing here,” you eyes welled up and you tried not to let them break the surface. You didn’t want to let him see you cry.

“I’m an idiot,” he stepped forward and grabbed your face in his hands, pressing an urgent kiss to your lips.

The Gardener

Imagine Person A is a gardener who has been employed by Person B for about a month now. But Person A has never seen B in person, nor have they gone inside B’s house.
Person B is house bound, due to their anxiety. Everyday they watch person A from their bedroom window, wishing they could go outside and enjoy the garden that Person A is keeping so very beautiful. Person B always makes sure to leave a cup of iced tea and cake on the doorstep for A, in appreciation, as they cannot bring themselves to thank A in person.
One brave day, person B decides enough is enough and stands in the dark doorway, where they would normally leave Person A a refreshment, ready to invite the beautiful gardener inside.

-what we’ve become

Originally posted by weyoungbynctdream

♡  pairing: taeyong + reader

♡  genre: idk tbh ,, it’s quite serious but it ends up fluffy

♡  scenario: you’re married to taeyong and things start getting messy ,, later you find out you’re pregnant but the two of you don’t really talk anymore..

The fresh wind blowing in your room. You left the window wide open to get a breath. You were tired. So so tired, almost exhausted. Everything just had been a complete mess and you didn’t know what to do anymore. You’ve lost track of every single thing. Not knowing if anyhting could ever get better. “Get off my bed, please” he said. His voice commanding you. There was no single care he had anymore. You got off the bed and ran out the room. “Thank you” you coldly heard in the distance. You made your way to the living room and decided to lay down the sofa. Taeyong hated to see you placing yourself on anything comfortable. He’d claim everything in the house as his knowing all too well it isn’t. But you never dare telling him a thing because he can get so agressive. You do seek for justice and get help from your family but it’s never as deep as it should be.

You stood in front of the mirror brushing your hair really quickly. You wanted to leave the room as the atmosphere felt dead as usual. Going outside was like being reborn. Taking your steps into a new world. A better world, without him. Him whom you loved a day so much and committed to. But is now someone who lost all the hearts he ever had. You kept on sliding the comb through your hair until you felt it getting soft. “I think I can go now” you said to yourself. It didn’t take that long to get ready anymore. You felt more natural and less attentive to superficiality. You left the bathroom and looked for the house door. The boy was now sitting on the sofa and eating snacks. He seemed relax so you let him be. Once you moved your keys to open the door you heard a voice calling you. “(Y/N)!” you looked behind. He stood there with his snacks in his hands. “What?” you asked with a frown. You had no clue what it is that he needed you for. He never seemed to care so what would he want? “Please be back around eight” he said. His voice low and almost not loud enough. “I’ll be back whenever I want to” you boldly respond and closed the door. Going where you wanted to go and follow your plan. You made quick steps to the park’s location and carried your bag.

“Haaa~” you exhaled peacefully. Looking at the children playing around and having fun. Thinking of sweet times and forgetting the bitter days. You really missed it. How the two of you used to be. Kissing almost every day and being there for each other. Leaving each other butterflies and falling in love everytime. Now everything’s a hot mess. Like a tower the connection just broke down. And you still didn’t know how it was going to end up. Anyways, you tried to believe in yourself and your family. As they’ve been there since the beginning till now. You drew some doodles in your notebook and sipped on a smoothie. The sweetness of strawberries hitting your taste buds. Lying down the grass you closed your eyes and fell upon a dream. “I still need you” the boy said. “What if I don’t want you?” you answered. His eyes tearing up reaching for your hands. You blocked all types of physical contact but he forced you to give him your hands. “There’s no reason for you to love me, I’ve said this enough times” you said to the crying boy. His fingers intensely meeting his hair and his eyes getting scarily dark. “Alright then” he said while whiping the tears off his cheeks. “Great” you coldly respond. “But you-” cutting his own words he looked down the ground. “Taeyong, what?!” you yelled. You were so done with him and extremely frustrated. He looked up to you and weakly spoke. “You should know that you’re pregnant” he now said. “I am.. what?” you gasped and had your hand on your chest. You tried not to believe him but something told you he was being true. “Did you do this?” you still asked. “Of course it’s me, (Y/N), I only have you” he let out. “Shut up, you don’t even love me” you respond rolling your eyes. He sighed. “True, I actually don’t” he said with full disgusted. After you felt grass hitting your back you peeked an eye open. Coming back to reality and entering the dream’s exit.

You stood in front of the door again and looked for your keys. It was exactly a quarter before eight. Not like you wanted to listen to Taeyong’s advice but things just moved his way sometimes. Opening the door the smell of fried rice greeted you. Has he been cooking again? You didn’t know and honestly also didn’t care. You placed your bag down the floor and put off your shoes. “Back to normal” you said to yourself. You put on your blue slippers and entered the living room. The boy was in the kitchen making a meal. Probably wasn’t for you, but who cared? You checked your phone as you played some tunes. “Do you want some?” he asked with a lazy voice. “You know the answer” you immediately respond. “Your loss” he snapped back. You rolled your eyes and put the volume higher. Burrying yourself in the sound and forgetting your surrounding. As you saw Taeyong moving to the living room you left. Going to the bathroom to avoid him. “Don’t need you right now” you mumbled to yourself. When you made your way to the bathroom you couldn’t stop thinking about what happened earlier. The dream that you didn’t forget about. It was so surreal but it had you thinking. Was it a message? Could it be a sign? Was anyone trying to warn you? So many questions. Zero answers. “Let me find it out myself” you said. Taking the test to your pregnancy instantly. You closed your eyes as you felt it happening. When it ended you looked for the signs. Positive. You were.. indeed pregnant. You gasped. Tears rolling down your whole face you became a mess. Not knowing what and how the hell this happened. You kept on crying not thinking Taeyong was around. You might as well have to start caring for him again. As he could become a father. Of your child. You burst into tears again and broke down. Your feet hitting the floor and your arms wrapped around yourself. A fear in your mind and stories in front of your eyes. The past haunting you. Just when you thought it was over. But the devil greeting you. Once again. “Forgive me” you cried looking at the ceiling. “Please” you screamed. The boy now heard you. “Be quiet, for God’s sake” he threathened. Not knowing the scandal you discovered and the hell that was about to break loose.

You picked up your courage and stood up. Boldly opening the bathroom’s door facing the living room from across. You had to take about seven steps to find yourself at the place. You now carefully went closer and closer. “Who’s there” the boy said hearing your footsteps. “It’s (Y/N)” you revealed. He looked up at you with a bitter face. “The fried rice is in the kitchen, go get it and leave me alone” he said. “No, it’s not that” you respond. “Then.. what is it?” he asked with an even more bitter face. “I- I.. I discovered that.. uhm.. I’m-” unable to speak you deeply sighed. You tried again. “I’m pregnant” you immediately let out covering your mouth. You looked for a reaction on Taeyong’s face but he was blank. “Please say something” you cried. “Even if you don’t love me, please” you went on. Tears burning your cheeks you fell down the floor. Taeyong instantly got up and picked you up. “Don’t do that” he begged. You were surprised at his action but still let your tears leak. “Sit down, (Y/N)” he said as he placed you on the sofa. He sat next to you wraping his arms around you. His arms. You haven’t felt them in ages. The feeling became so rare to you. You didn’t let go off them though. Letting you calm down he noticed you became silent. “I will let my words out” he said. “You will?” you asked sniffing from the tears. “(Y/N), I can’t just leave you” he said. His voice reminding you of the vulnerable feelings. “But you wanted us to break” you said. “You wanted to divorce” you added. “But then I didn’t know anything of this” he clarified. “Will you.. will you be there for me?” you asked feeling a bit desperate. “Do you mean me or our child?” he asked with a frown. “Screw it, I mean both” you said. A smile starting to show from his lips. “Baby, I am still in love with you” you had a hard time believing his words but you tried. “If you’re being true, show it to me now” you commanded. He carefully placed his hands onto your waist and looked for your lips. After such a long time seeing them again. And now feeling them as well. His lips moving slowly onto yours. Pressed softly and hittting the shape of your lips perfectly. “I am so sorry” he said as he moved away. “I am so sorry too” you apologized. He let out some tears and kissed you again. “(Y/N), we will have this child together” he said as he ran his fingers down your stomach. “Look what we’ve become” he went on. “We’re still beautiful after all the ugly things we’ve been through” he saie now kissing your hands. “We actually are” you said. He hugged you and smiled. “I’ll be the greatest, (Y/N), for you and us only” he said. With his arms wrapped around you not letting go of your warmth he hasn’t felt for so long. Feeling all of you. Again. “Baby, we’ll stay together” he said.

polaroids | juminvweek day 1


this fic was written for @juminvweek, but I’m only posting the first chapter as a one-shot because the rest of the story ended up straying from the event guidelines. You can read the whole story on AO3 (to be announced). Thank you for reading!

Rich boys rarely have a choice of ties to wear, even when your private school didn’t assign a mandatory, uniformed neck tie… or so Jumin thought as his mother once again talked on and on about a cute, patterned tie she bought just for him – a very expensive brand sure to make its owner stand out  – that she would love to see him wear for his first day in “a big boy’s international” school. She only stopped talking and fussing over him when his father kissed her good morning.

She also didn’t notice that Jumin had his nanny put on his favorite striped tie, so that was a small victory for him.

His father, hair dyed black even though he only had two or three grey hairs to hide, called him to put on his shoes and get ready to leave for school; their driver had finally arrived, and Jumin wasn’t to be late for his first day. He gave his mother a peck on the cheek goodbye and stepped outside his house, bag on his shoulders, when he heard a bell – a bicycle? – ring, and a voice call from outside their driveway, “Jumin!”

“Who’s that, son?” asked his father, looking around the large driveway before spotting, with a laugh, “My, it’s Jihyun, Mr. Kim’s from Sunday school. You know Mr. Kim’s son, don’t you?”

Jihyun from Sunday school was more than just a boy Jumin happened to meet years ago at church. Jumin did, in fact, remember Jihyun Kim. He was the beautifully blue haired, teal eyed boy who had been trying to calm his crying little sister, their voices too quiet to draw anybody’s attention. Jumin had given her his lollipop (a gift from the Sunday school teacher, even though Jumin didn’t like lollipops compared to, say, strawberry taffy) in an attempt to cheer her up. It was a simple act on Jumin’s part which he didn’t find particularly life changing, but after that Sunday, it seemed that whenever Jumin went to church, he would spot those light blue curls standing beside his sister both waving at him, quickly becoming a sight Jumin unconsciously expected during every Sunday school. They didn’t get to meet every week, but their chance meetings were frequent enough that Jumin began saying hello to him back and sit together in Sunday school since the beginning of this year.

That was why the thought of Jihyun Kim actually coming to see Jumin before school sounded a bit too good to be true. Jihyun hadn’t even written him all summer long, nor did he ever call his home phone either – not that Jumin expected him to. During the times he and Jihyun interacted, the boy was quiet and shy. Not much different from himself, but this sudden visit was a nice change. So Jumin ran out to get a better view of Jihyun, to see if it really was him and his father wasn’t lying to him – and luckily, Jihyun braked just in time to avoid crashing into him.

“What’re you doing here?” Jumin asked as Jihyun stared at him wide-eyed – he’d only just nearly trampled his friend. Jumin recalled Jihyun saying they were going to the same private school, last Sunday when they met at church. He always thought their next meeting would be in a classroom, not in his driveway like this. “Shouldn’t you be going to school?”

“I am!” he said, now smiling. “I’m taking you with me on this cool bike my mom and dad got – but… oh. You’re going with your father, aren’t you?”

Jihyun glanced back at the spotless limo still partially parked in front of Jumin’s garage and the man standing beside it, who was watching the two children’s exchange with a pearly white grin. Jumin looked back as well. “Father, is it alright if I go with Jihyun today?”

At first, his father gave a very stern, very serious frown before he smiled warmly once again and waved. “Who am I to stop you kids? Have fun.” At Jumin, he seemed to add as an after thought, “For your mother’s sake, please hold on to Jihyun and don’t fall off!“

Although Jumin can only see the back of Jihyun’s head, all teal curls, slightly blowing with the wind all throughout the way to school, he knew that the two of them did indeed have fun. Jihyun even complimented Jumin’s tie, saying he loved the stripes, and that alone made Jumin walk through his school hallways with pride… despite the hellish first day of school he had to endure, filled with homework and forced socializing and far too many bullies.

It only felt like yesterday that Jumin rode on the back of Jihyun’s bicycle for their first day of middle school together. Now, they’re on their final year, promising a much busier schedule than ever up ahead to prepare for their final exams.

Jumin felt that physically on his back as he shouldered his heavy bag filled with books that felt more like boulders. Jihyun never even once complained as he sat across from Jumin during lunch in the school gardens. That’s only because opening his bag revealed only a quarter of the books Jumin brought and finding instead a very packed lunchbox in place of at least three mandatory textbooks.

“I made it myself,” he told Jumin, proudly, as he showed him the contents of his lunch: two sunny side up eggs, fried rice with chicken meat and sausage mixed in, vegetables on the side, and an apple just to balance it all out. He began digging in so innocently, not feeling guilty in the slightest bit.

“My mother would’ve killed me if I ever slacked off like you,” Jumin said, eating his lesser-in-quantity lunch. “If I don’t bring all my books, my homeroom will give me detention, too. How are you still alive?”

“I’m a good and charming boy,” Jihyun said with the brightest grin Jumin had ever seen; not even his father grinned like that to his mother. His eyes practically sparkled – a charming boy, indeed. “And I always seem to get good grades anyways. Why do you think I keep getting presents at the end of each school year?”

Jumin remembered Jihyun’s bicycle, and then Jihyun’s watercolor set the year afterwards. “I wonder what they’ll get you this year,” he mused aloud.

Jihyun’s smile seemed to change – tight lipped, forced, plastered on – but Jumin didn’t point it out. That would be rude, even though Jihyun was his best friend and can handle the brutal honesty. “I wonder too.” He then shook off whatever dark cloud hovered above him and gave Jumin a grin. “Especially since we’re graduating to high school next year.”

Jumin grinned, but realised a bit too late that he desperately wished he and Jihyun could go to the same high school when the time comes.

Jihyun’s present, it turned out at the end of that school year, was a hand-me-down polaroid camera from his dad – quickly becoming outdated in the age of digital cameras that didn’t need any film for you to capture a photo, but Jihyun was excited all the same. One day in the middle of May after their exams were far behind them, Jihyun took Jumin for a ride on his bike – still able to support the two’s weight after all these years – around the neighborhood, his polaroid inside a small messenger bag he had.

“Did your parents tell you where they’re enrolling you?” Jihyun asked as he took a turn on a junction, leading them to the neighborhood park. “My parents still want me to go to our academy’s high school, mostly because they already know the arts program is good. Looking for a new high school is just a hassle.”

Jumin shrugged as Jihyun parked the bike. “I think our high school has some good social studies classes.” He got off and fixed his tie – a new one, still striped. “Maybe I can ask father if I’ll go back there, too.”

Jihyun grinned. “Then we can still see each other every day.”

“We’ll see each other every day, regardless,” Jumin stated as the two of them entered the park. “And I won’t take no for an answer.”

Jihyun chuckled, already finding something off to their side that caught his attention, pointing his camera at it. “I’ll never say no to seeing you.”

Jumin liked the sound of that, just as much as he liked the sound of Jihyun’s polaroid – a loud shutter and then sliding of photo film – as he took various images of the scenery around them. He didn’t even mind when his friend took a photo of him, sneakily as you do, admiring a butterfly on the side of a bench. Jumin didn’t take long to look at the picture before asking, “Can I keep this one?”

“Sure,” Jihyun said, and then he had that expression where he had a brilliant idea and he needed to see it come to life that instant. He faced away from Jumin, moving to stand next to him, and turned the camera around. “Smile!”

The picture of them developed in a few minutes, and when Jihyun saw his blurred finger at the edge of the frame and Jumin’s confusion immortalized in the picture alongside Jihyun’s own manic grin, he laughed. “And I’ll keep this one.”

It was a summer filled with taking pictures and walking around the block just talking and talking about nothing in particular – they already knew that Jihyun’s mother finally got worldwide recognition as an artist and would probably leave Korea for a while, or that Jumin’s father had opened several new branches of C&R International that he knew Jumin would direct one day, being his father’s sole heir.

No; they talked about the sunflower Mrs. Park could never seem to nurse back to life (Jihyun photographed this when they passed by her garden), the new café opening nearby their school that they can visit after a long day, and a missing cat Jumin found – the two boys returned her quickly after Jihyun discovered where the owner lived just looking at the cat’s nametag, and spent half of their reward to grab ice cream at their favorite parlor.

The two, sharing a gigantic bowl of ice cream sundae – with Jihyun as always letting Jumin have the strawberry flavored scoops – looked over Jihyun’s photographs, picking which ones they’d want to keep respectively, and which were good enough to be framed later if Jihyun so wished.

When summer ended, and high school properly began, the two stayed true to their word; they were in the same school, and would see each other every day. Although they weren’t in the same classes, they at least ate lunch together, and went home in the back of Jumin’s limo – since Jihyun’s bike had finally fallen to total disrepair one rainy autumn day.

It was actually during a rainy autumn day – September ninth – that Jumin thought to make up on all the lost time the two didn’t get to properly hang out ever since school started. They were cooped up inside Jihyun’s bedroom, the rain making loud pitter-patters outside his window, but not drowning out the CD playing in the background.

Jumin was on the floor, looking through some of Jihyun’s recent pictures, while the photographer himself was on his bed, lying upside down with his hair – still messy, still blue as ever – nearly touching the ground, trying to figure out the birthday present he received from his best friend.

“My dad let me borrow his SLRs before,” Jihyun said absentmindedly as he squinted, “but this one is really different from his.”

“It’s the best and most recommended one for beginners,” Jumin said, “and the lenses I got you should be good for a lot of occasions.”

“You’re the best,” his friend said with a happy sigh, “did you know that?”

In the bottom of his quire bothersome heart, Jumin knew that his best friend was indeed sincere. Yes, Jihyun was more than capable to buy his own photography equipment, but nonetheless, he was handling his gift as if it was the most precious thing in the world. Jumin turned back to the photographs – he always had his parents say he was the best son they could ever wish for, and his teachers always praised him for receiving top marks, and his maids always told him he’s a good and charming young man, but only Jihyun’s words just then truly made him smile.

“Hey, Jumin,” Jihyun finally said after a long silence.

He looked up for only just a fraction of a second before he realised what Jihyun just did, pulling away his camera from his face and peering into the viewfinder. “Did you take a photo of me?”

“When am I not taking a photo of you?” Jihyun teased as he grinned and carefully handed his best friend the camera to see the photo he captured.

“Why do you always take pictures of me?” Jumin asked, genuinely curious, as he continued to look at his face in the photograph – eyebrow raised, hair a managable level of messy, polaroids strewn in front of him, but that smile because of Jihyun captured in the business of the background. “More than you photograph other subjects, I mean.”

“I guess you’re the most constant and aesthetically pleasing subject I have,” Jihyun replied. “One day, when I’m already a few exhibitions in, I’m going to have a corner in my gallery titled…” Jihyun closed his eyes, a hand on his chin, the elbow supported on an arm crossed against his chest. “The Tale of Two Privileged Boys: Best Friends.”

“You’re just teasing me,” Jumin said with a pout, though it was more of a statement than it was an accusation.

Jihyun laughed. Jumin pouted less. “No. I’m truly serious. Maybe not the privileged boys part.” He ran a hand through his bangs, messing it up before continuing. “This friendship we have, Jumin, is something I want to preserve, and make part of my gallery. Including you. Especially you.”



Jumin didn’t blush – that’d look ridiculous, especially if Jihyun had the camera in his hands and could immortalize that moment like he did with Jumin’s smile – but he did try to distract himself from thinking about Jihyun’s words too much and tried the camera out himself. He pointed it to Jihyun, upside down as he was, who gave Jumin a silly grin and a peace sign besides.

The photo turned out very out of focus, but that’s because Jumin was horrible at taking pictures, and not because he was nervous or flustered at all. Definitely not because of that.

Say Anything

Fandom; Law and Order SVU

Pairing: Platonic!reader x Sonny Carisi

Summary: Just a fluffy little thing of what I imagine life would be like if you were close friends with Carisi, basically all the feels 

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Finish What You Started

Summary: Carl and reader share an intimate moment but get interrupted.




A/n: This was another one I just randomly had inspiration to write. It’s kinda short but I still hope you like it:)





You reached behind you, fumbling with the doorknob to his room as he pinned you against the door. When you struggled to open it he suddenly shoved it open from where he stood in front of you. He then grabbed your waist firmly, and slowly pushed you into his room, towards the closest wall, your lips never separating. Once your back was against the wall, he pressed his body against yours and wrapped one hand around the back of your neck, pushing harder against your lips. You let out a slight gasp at his movements, unsure of just how far you were going to take this. You’d never actually done it before but you knew that when you did, you wanted it to be with Carl.

You had been dating since the group first got to Alexandria. Rick found you in the woods while the group was still at the prison and took you in after asking you the three questions. He asked how many walkers you’d killed, how many people you’d killed, and why. You and Carl quickly became friends after you were brought back and over time, it had developed into a relationship.

It almost happened with Carl many times before but somehow you two were always interrupted. The first time, it was Glenn, with whom you lived with in Alexandria, along with Maggie. You were in your room when he burst through the door trying to tell you a story. He quickly stopped when he saw what was happening. It ended with him yelling at Carl to get out and you trying to pretend that nothing happened, even though you knew where it was headed.


The second time was in Carl’s room. You were just making out on his bed, and things started to get a little heated but all of a sudden Michonne came in trying to tell Carl dinner was ready. She stopped mid-sentence at the sight before her and insisted that she didn’t need to have the “talk” with us, so she just left the room very awkwardly. The next two times were both ruined by Maggie, which occurred in variations of the previous interruptions. You wondered if this time would be any different.

He began to unbutton your shirt, leaving you in your tank top and jeans, still not disconnecting your lips. You reached up to grab his hat and tossed it onto the bed next to you. You could feel him smile against your lips as you did so and then started to unbutton the flannel he was wearing. You undid the first three buttons but immediately stopped when you heard the front door open downstairs. You quickly pulled away from Carl and looked towards the door, which was left open due to your carelessness.


“Who is that?”, you whispered to him still looking towards the open doorway. Suddenly you both heard Ricks voice, calling for Carl to come downstairs. “Shit,” you both mumbled as you let your head fall back onto the wall in frustration.

“Coming,” Carl yelled back as he stepped away from you while redoing the buttons on his shirt and slipping his hat back on. “Maybe next time,” he chuckled. You smiled at him before laughing to yourself, “We can never catch a break, can we?” He laughed and reached his hand out for you to take, which you gladly did.

He led you down the stairs, your hand in his, and you both entered the kitchen to see Rick leaning on the counter. “Oh..hey Y/N, I didn’t know you were here,” he said awkwardly. You gave him a small smile and a polite hello, finding this whole situation very awkward. It’s not like you and his son were about to do something he wouldn’t approve of or anything.

Rick was always very concerned when it came to “it” and your relationship with Carl. He told you guys he didn’t really want you guys having sex because you “weren’t old enough” and you weren’t “ready” for it but you always believed it was actually him who wasn’t ready.

“So..uh..Michonne and I are about to go on a run. We’re goin’ out pretty far so we might not be back for a couple days,” he said sternly while placing his hand on Carl’s shoulder. “Tara’s got Judith right now but I need you to stay here and take care of her, okay?”

“Yeah, ‘course dad,” Carl replied with a reassuring smile. Rick gave a small nod before leaving the house to talk with Michonne, who had been waiting outside the whole time. You both looked out the window and she waved, which you kindly returned. You and Carl stood in the kitchen, watching and waiting for them to leave so you would finally have the house all to yourselves again.

You waited patiently, their conversation seeming to never end, until finally they began to walk towards the gates of Alexandria. Once Rick and Michonne were out of sight, you both looked at each other and smiled but Carl was first to speak what you were both thinking.

“Why don’t we go finish what we started?”

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Peter Parker x Reader Pt3 (Discontinued)

Part 2

Date : Sunday 9th April 2017

Requests : Open

Imagine / Series : Series

Title : My hero

Warnings : None

It was morning in the Parker household. And the night was spent chattering away with both Peter and Aunt may until she practically forced both you and her grandson to retire to bed. Of course the two of you didn’t actually sleep, instead you stayed up until 2 in the morning, talking about the most pointless things either of you could think of. Slinging your legs over the bed, you let out a yawn, knowing full well soon you were going to get a call about your house and the fact it had been burnt to a crisp. The police had already told you they had spoke to them, you hoped insurance would pay for your house to be res-erected into its once beautiful structure. You also hoped your parents would be forgiving enough to pay for some of the expenses of your clothes.

Looking around the room you realized that Peter was no where to be seen. That made you grumble.”Peter. It’s only 7:30, what are you doing up so early…” You asked as if he was actually in the room. Standing up, you put on one of Peters everyday shirts, a spiderman shirt funnily enough, and then some of Aunt mays jeans. They were comfortable to say the least. Brushing your teeth and hair. You walked downstairs.

The first thing you noticed was that Aunt mays bedroom door was closed. At least she still had the good sense to sleep in. You then noticed on the coat rack by the door, a rather expensive coat was seen hung up besides your own. That’s when you heard it, a voice you had only ever heard on TV and a voice that practically made your body freeze.

“I’m just saying Peter maybe we could have double dates you know? Me and your Aunt, you and this girl.” That sentence alone made you blush, you and Peter! Preposterous! You and him were nothing but friends! Weren’t you…?

“Tony please! Me and (Name insert) a-are just friends and -” Pausing, both men looked to the stairs where you were hid around the corner. “….(Name insert). You don’t have to hide you know?” Peeking your head around the corner you smiled hesitantly.

“I’m sorry. It’s not everyday you meet a celebrity…”

“Celebrity? Mean a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist?” He got a nudge from Peter as if begging him to stop. Tony just smirked down at Peter and winked, before he turned back to you. “You know when this kid got your text he practically jumped out of his own skin. Ive never seen someone try so hard to get out of my company before.” You smiled softly and nodded at Tony, as if thanking him for telling you.

“Obviously you haven’t been paying enough attention to the people you hang out with then…” Muttered Peter, only to get a fake glare off of Tony.

“Want me to cut down your pay check Peter?”

“Pay check?” You blurted. Eyes wide. “Peter, your working for Tony Stark? The Tony Stark? When were you planning on telling me? Is it his house you’re staying at? Oh my god that’s amazing!” You stammered. Never before had anyone made Tony starks ego get so big. You couldn’t believe Peter Parker was working for Tony Stark. It was amazing.

“Hes my little apprentice. Smart kid your friend is.” Pausing Tony smiled at you. “Say how about you come to mine with Peter? I could show you around. You could take some of those cool kid selfies to show your friends. You know all the good stuff.”

Nodding quickly, a wide smile managed to crawl its way onto your face. “S-sure thank you Mr stark.” You stammered. Peering at Peter who looked at you with such awe in his eyes your heart practically skipped a beat.

“Okay then. You two love birds get ready and come meet me outside. We’ve got a lot of fight seeing to do.” Watching Tony walk out of the room both Peter and yourself burst out into red hysterics over your cheeks. Who know your house burning down could result to one of the best days of your life?

“Um…I don’t have much else to wear Peter. So ill meet you out there.” You couldn’t be more relieved to leave the room. It’s not that Peter wasn’t your type it was just. What was it actually? You were uncertain. Shaking your head you saw Stark motion for you to enter his car. It was a limo. A limo. Gulping. You entered the car. Stark turned to you.

“So…are you and Peter a thing?”

“No Mr Stark.”

“Were you a thing?”

“N-No Mr stark.”

“You wanna be a thing?”

“I-I don’t know Mr stark.”

“Were you two…becoming a thing.” He winked suggestively. His eye brows wiggling.Your face had never been so red and you hid your face in your hands. You couldn’t have been more embarrassed…

“No…Mr Stark…” You muttered. Hearing his smug laughter fill the car.

Hoseok Scenario: Of First Times.

Request:  Could I request a fluffy scenario with Hoseok? Where he and the reader have two kids and they go to visit the readers rest of the family (aunts, uncles, etc.) for the first time? Please and thank you <3

Genre: Fluff / Family

Running your hand softly through your husband’s silky dark hair, you smiled a little and let your head rest on his back and your hand fall until you were coiling your arm around his middle.

–I can hear you worrying – you mumbled softly against the smooth cotton of his shirt that was filled with wrinkles from last night’s sleep. Hoseok laughed a little and placed his hand on top of yours, letting you back hug him some more.

–I wasn’t – he replied quickly, but you only hummed so he laughed again and started to play with your fingers. –Ok, maybe a little–

–Just a little– you raised your head and left a kiss between his shoulder blades before moving to stand in front of him.

Hoseok took his eyes away from the sleeping form of your children and fixed them on you instead. He’d waken up early to start rummaging around the house picking everything, double checking the bags you were carrying and so on, so now he was only left to look at his kids still sleeping because he didn’t have the heart to wake them up.

–Hyuna still sneaks into Seungho’s room in the middle of the night– Hoseok kissed your forehead lightly and smiled sheepishly.

–She still prefers to sleep with someone else close, she’s so adorable– you stood on your tiptoes and pecked him. –Just like her father–

That earned a laugh from Hoseok and his arms sneaking around your waist. –Yeah, she is. And think that just last night she told me she was three, dramatically, a big girl already–

You giggled at that, Hyuna liked to appear more grown up than she actually was, sometimes trying to protect his one year younger brother, but she was still so little, still so needed of affection curled all cutely inside Seungho’s green blanket and holding his hand in her sleep while squeezed between him and one of the pillows you put at his sides; sometimes you hoped they didn’t grow up too fast so you could keep on enjoying this.

–She will probably be ashamed if you wake her up on his bed– both of you thought for a moment what to do, today you were travelling to a little family reunion and it was about time to wake them up already.

–I’ll put her into her bed before waking her up– Hoseok parted from your side to take Hyuna between his arms carefully enough to not wake her up yet, the sight still stole a wide smile from your lips and made your heart swell. Hyuna looked a lot like her father, with softer edges of course, but she had the shape of his face and the same tiny mole on her upper lip.

–Hobi…– you called him before he could leave and Hoseok stood in the middle of the bedroom. You approached him and kissed him sweetly, placing a kiss on Hyuna’s hair right after. –I love you, don’t take long–

He smiled widely and winked at you before leaving Seungho’s bedroom, and you started to run a hand through your son’s arm softly to wake him up and get him ready for the day.

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marriedthedark  asked:

Do you have any Blacksun Halloween headcanons?


they’re older here, assume they’re college students about to graduate (basically post whatever war they’re fighting against Salem/the fang)

  • Sun loves Halloween. He’s the person who gets ready months in advance. He’s not too keen on the changing weather (he likes to be shirtless after all) but the holiday is his favorite. He’ll be that person decorating the house and organizing events and parties for Halloween and Blake’s looking at him like Sun wtf it’s September.
  • Blake isn’t too crazy about it. Not that she dislikes it, more that she’s indifferent towards it. But Sun’s (and their friends’) enthusiasm for the holiday made it grow on her. She’s definitely excited for fall because it includes her favorite weather and it’s perfect tea and book reading weather. While Sun’s jumping in leaves and preparing to scare kids she’ll be on the porch reading and watching him.
  • Blake was ready to kill Sun when she came home and saw a pumpkin in the middle of her living room. It was huge. Massive. About as big as an Ursa and Blake has no idea how he brought it home or how he even got it inside the house considering the thing was both taller and wider than their doors.
  • Somehow the next day the pumpkin was outside. Sun was carving it with his team, Yang, Ruby, Weiss, and jnpr. Blake didn’t let a single one of them go through the door until they got all the pumpkin guts off of them.
  • Weeks before Halloween Sun was talking to Blake about couple costume ideas. Blake finds it silly but Sun always wanted to do them and Blake promises each year that “next year we’ll do it” so he pulls out the puppy eyes and makes her say yes. She eventually agrees (who can say no to those eyes?) and she asked for suggestions. He jokingly said sexy cat. Sun slept on the couch that night.
  • On the actual day of Halloween the two of them agreed that they’d have 2 pairs of costumes: one costume was for the trick or treating kids, the other one for the inevitable house party they’d go to later at night.
  • Blake dressed up as a witch for when the kids began trick or treating. It was a simple puffy off the shoulder blouse with a long black skirt and large hat. Sun bought a bunny suit. A grimm bunny suit. He thought it would scare the kids. It did not.
  • He even tried hiding in the pumpkin. Blake was about to tell him it would be a bad idea to put all that fabric near a flame but she figured “no he can’t be that stupid” well. He jumped in the pumpkin. Immediately jumped out. Sun lost his costume’s tail that night and almost lost his own.
  • In Sun’s defense he was thinking too quickly and forgot about the flame lighting up the giant pumpkin.
  • Later that night after the kids left they changed into different costumes. Sun would use any excuse to get his shirt off so he dressed up as a sexy pirate. Blake wanted to keep the same costume but Sun said it should be “sexier” to fit with his theme so she just cut the skirt shorter, wore her thigh high boots, and put a corset around the blouse to become a pirate. Sun bought her an extra pirate hat but she took his and insisted she would be the captain. Sun let her because he’s a good boyfriend but also he thinks her being in control is hot. 
  • The party itself was pretty fun and Blake found herself enjoying her time there. Sun was happy because he knew she usually only comes to parties for him so he was happy she was genuinely happy being there.
  • The party wasn’t too wild as it was organized by jnpr but had Yang or SSSN organized it they would have gone until sunrise. But the party quickly came to an end some time after 3 am when people began passing out.
  • Sun and Blake went home after helping Pyrrha clean up a bit before she insisted Jaune would help her take care of it in the morning.
  • When they got home Sun’s pumpkin was gone. Sun was devastated and Blake spent the remainder of the morning comforting him about his loss but ultimately she was just confused. It’s a huge pumpkin. How did whoever stole it even take it. Who and HOW-
  • It was Nora. She got drunk and stole it. Ren made her take it back and apologize the next day. Sun was just happy to have his pumpkin back. Blake remained confused.
Hello Detective Chapter 42

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 Within a few days Moriarty was to be tried at the Old Bailey, and Sherlock was named a witness for the prosecution. You stood in his living room, putting your coat on and preparing to leave for the court house. The police were escorting Sherlock there, so you had come to pick him up.

“Ready?” You asked, as you were about to open the door, knowing there would be a bunch of press outside.

“Yes.” He answered and you pulled the door open. You had brought some officers, to keep the press at bay, to let Sherlock and you get to the car safely and efficiently.

Sherlock opened the door for you and you slid in the back before him. He closed the door and the car was off.

“Remember–” you began before Sherlock cut you off.

“Yes.” He said quickly. You were supposed to brief him and make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.

“Remember. Don’t try to be clever–” You began but he cut you off again. You wondered if he was nervous.

“No.” He turned to look outside of the car.

“And please, just keep it simple and brief.” You pleaded.

“God forbid the star witness in the trial should come across as intelligent.” He whined.

“Intelligent, fine. Just try not to be a smartass. I don’t want to have to bail you out because you couldn’t control your mouth and the judge threw you in contempt of court.” You said.

“I’ll just be myself.” Sherlock stated.

“Are you listening to me? Sherlock, please.” you sighed, and the car pulled up to the Old Bailey. You left him to go find John. He was already seated, so you cat down next to him.

“How is he?” He asked.

“I think he’s going to be okay. We’ll see if he behaves himself.” You smiled, and the trial had begun.

“A consulting criminal.” The Barrister began, Sherlock was now on the stand after some opening statements.

“Yes.” Sherlock replied.

“Your words, can you expand on the answer?” She asked.

“James Moriarty is for hire.” Sherlock said, keeping his answer simple, behaving thus far.

“A tradesman?” the barrister asked.

“Yes.” Sherlock answered.

“But not the sort who’d fix your heating.” she clarified.

“No, the sort who’d plant a bomb or stage an assassination, but I’m sure he’d make a pretty decent job of your boiler.” Sherlock said, eliciting a laugh from everyone.

“So far so good.” You whispered to John, he nodded.

“Would you describe him as–” the barrister began but was cut off by Sherlock.

“Leading.” He said shortly.

“What?” she asked, surprised.

“Can’t do that. You’re leading the witness. He’ll object and the judge will uphold.” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes!” The judge sighed.

“Ask me how. How would I describe him? What opinion have I formed of him? Did they not teach you this?” He asked rudely.

“I think you jinxed it.” John whispered to you as you shook your head when Sherlock looked up to you.

“Mr. Holmes, we’re fine without your help.” the judge scolded.

“How would you describe this man, his character?” The barrister asked.

“First mistake, James Moriarty isn’t a man at all. He’s a spider. A spider at the center of a web. A criminal web with a thousand threads and he knows precisely how each and every single one of them dances.” Sherlock said grimly.

Suddenly a woman in a posh skirt with her hair in braids sat down next to you.

“Sergeant Gregson?” She asked, and you turned to look at her. “Kitty Riley from the Sun.”

You shook her hand that she had stuck out, just to be polite. You looked her up and down, deducing her.

“I’m not going to give you a quote, and neither is Sherlock, though you’ve already tried him haven’t you.” You whispered and rolled your eyes.

“You and Sherlock. Just platonic? Can I put you down for a no there as well?” She asked.

“I know how it feels Kitty. Waiting to be noticed, waiting for your big break. A woman in a man’s world. But you’re wasting your time here.” You told her, turning your attention back to the case.

“And how long–” The banister began again.

“No, no, don’t… Don’t do that. That’s really not a good question.” Sherlock rolled his eyes.

“Mr. Holmes.” The judge scolded again.

“How long have I known him? Not really your best line of enquiry. We met twice, five minutes in total. I pulled a gun. He tried to blow me up. I felt we had a special something.” Sherlock said.

Moriarty smirked and turned his head until it landed on you, his eyes glaring into your soul.

“Miss Sorrel, are you seriously claiming this man is an expert? After knowing the accused for just five minutes?” The judge asked. She was about to answer when Sherlock spoke.

“Two minutes would have made me an expert. Five was ample.” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes, that’s a matter for the jury.” The judge argued.

“Oh, really.” Sherlock said, looking over to them.

“Oh, no.” You whispered.

“What?” John asked.

“I’m not overly fond of what follows.” You said, placing your head in your hands.

“One librarian, two teachers, two high-pressure jobs, probably the city. Foreman’s a medical secretary, trained abroad, judging by her shorthand. Seven are married and two are having an affair, with each other it would seem. Oh, and they’ve just had tea and biscuits. Would you like to know who ate the wafer?” Sherlock said.

“Mr. Holmes. You’ve been called here to answer Miss Sorrel’s questions, not to give us a display of your intellectual prowess. Keep your answers brief and to the point. Anything else will be treated as contempt. Do you think you could survive for just a few minutes, without showing off?” The judge yelled.

You knew it was impossible for him not to, so as you had predicted, you were up at 6am, bailing Sherlock out of jail. You leaned against the counter as Sherlock sighed the papers.

“I told you your mouth would get you in trouble some day…” You said, slightly annoyed that he didn’t listen to you, but also not surprised.

“I can’t just turn it on and off like a tap.” He said, pulling his phone out of a baggy where it spent the night.

“Well? You were there for the whole thing. Up in the gallery, start to finish.” Sherlock said.

“Like you said it would be. Sat on his backside the whole time, never even stirred. Moriarty’s not mounting any defence.” You said, talking about his attorney.

You took Sherlock back to his flat.

“Three of the most secure places in the country, and he still managed to break into all of them within five minutes apart, if that.” You said, sitting back on the couch, exhausted.

“I don’t get why. He wanted to be caught. He’d have the jewels if he wanted to, the prisoners would be freed if he wanted to. Then why do it, what message is he trying to send with this?” You asked.

“Somehow this is part of his scheme.” Sherlock said.

You returned to your flat to attempt to get a good night’s sleep, but you knew you wouldn’t. You also knew that after this trial you might be extremely busy and never get a chance to go to the doctors. You needed to take the day and go tomorrow, during the verdict. John would be there scouting for Sherlock, so there was no need for you to be there and it gave you time to do what you needed to.

The next morning you woke up, luckily to no morning sickness. You took a cab to the doctor, and approached the receptionist.

“Hi, my name is Y/N Gregson, I had an appointment with Dr. Shephard a few days ago, but I missed it with a work emergency, I work for Scotland Yard. Is there anyway she can fit me in real quick today?” You asked.

“Why don’t you have a seat and we’ll call you in a few minutes.” The receptionist nurse smiled.

You sat nervously for a few minutes before the nurse called your name. A woman, who you could only assume was Dr. Shephard was standing at the counter with her.

“If you’d like to follow me Ms. Gregson.” She smiled and lead you back into a room and motioned for you to sit down.

“I was worried when you didn’t make your appointment, but then I saw the news and I put two and two together, Sergeant Gregson. How’s the trial going on that Moriarty man?” She asked, making small talk.

“Well the verdict is today, but they’d be crazy not to find him guilty. He was caught on the security cameras and he is mounting no defense.” You answered.

“Anyway, what brings you in here today? It’s not everyday we get our own little celebrity in here.” She smiled.

“Well, you see I think, that maybe, possibly I could be…” You stumbled over your words.

“You think you’re pregnant, but you’re not sure so you want a blood test.” She helped.

“Yes.” You nodded nervously.

“This will only take a minute, then you can be on your way. We’ll send your blood to the lab then we will call you sometime later today with the results.” She said and you nodded.

Your phone rang as you were about to have your blood taken, you looked at it then back up at the doctor.

“Go ahead and take it, we can do this while you work.” she smiled, you nodded and answered the phone while she inserted the needle.

“What’s the news John?” You asked through the phone.

“Not guilty!! They found him not guilty!” He yelled, and your eyes went wide.

“Did you tell Sherlock?” you asked.

“Yes I just told him, this is insane. Where were you? I thought you would definitely be there for the verdict.” John asked.

“I had a prior engagement. John I can’t really talk right now, but thanks for letting me know.” You said, hanging up the phone.

“We’re all done here Sergeant, if you would leave your number at the desk on your way out so we could contact you with the results.” She smiled, and lead you out the door. You were still in shock that Moriarty was a free man.

“I just need your contact information Sergeant.” The nurse at the desk asked, pushing a paper and pen towards you.

“Of course.” You filled out the paper quickly, sliding it back to her.

“Thank you…” you looked to her name tag. “Mary.”

You hailed a cab and headed to Baker Street. You decided you weren’t going to tell Sherlock anything until you knew for sure.

Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

SUPRISE!!!! I’m backkkkkk

I know it has been like forever since I last posted a chapter but since I’ve spent a week away from writing I am back and ready to write shit loads!

Get ready to witness badass Jamie in this and a cute lil Jiggie moment ;)

Have fun angels, I hope you like it!!!

Loves ya!


16 - Fight Club

The next day, Jamie was back at Gemma and Clay’s along with baby Abel. She was sat outside on the doorstep having a smoke and thinking back to the night before.
Last night after Jamie’s shift finished she called it a night, wanting to go back and spend her night with Jax like they’d planned. Damien also decided to to get ready to leave, knowing he had outstayed his welcome.
Jamie called Jax, who was supposed to pick her up and take her back to his house, however he wasn’t answering. She kept trying him but he didn’t pick up.
“Everythin’ alright?” Damien had asked her as he got on his bike. He wanted to make sure Jamie was okay before he left.
Jamie had explained about how Jax was supposed to be here but for some reason he wasn’t answering her calls. They were planning on having a night to themselves while Abel was being babysat by Gemma.
Damien offered to give Jamie a lift. Jamie wasn’t sure about it as she assumed Jax was on his way. They waited around 15 minutes before Jamie decided to take Damien up on his offer.
The two of them rode to Jax’s house to find that it was locked and Jax’s bike wasn’t there. Jamie called him a couple more times before telling Damien to take her to Gemma and Clay’s. She was tired after the busy day she had and a little upset with Jax bailing on her. But he must’ve had a good reason. Jax wouldn’t cancel and ignore her for no reason.
When arriving at her home, Jamie thanked Damien for the ride and for visiting her. Despite it being out of the blue, she was pleased to see him again. They exchanged numbers and Jamie told Damien when he was next passing through he could call her and they can arrange to meet up.
After saying goodbye, Jamie went inside and got ready for bed. Gemma, Clay and Abel were all fast asleep so she made sure to be quiet.
Jamie tried her best to get some sleep but her head was buzzing with thoughts. She sent Jax a text saying she was back home and hoped that he was okay. Something must have happened for him to not be at home. She couldn’t help but feel if she’d done something wrong. But she told herself that was just her anxiety talking.

When Jamie finished her cigarette, she got up and nipped back inside to grab her things. Putting on her boots, she looked over to Gemma who was sat at the dining table with Abel beside her in his highchair.
“Hey Gem? I’m gonna go try and find that son of yours.” Jamie called over to the woman who was feeding her grandson. “Not sure what time i’ll be back. But make sure you save me some of that apple pie you made.”
Gemma smirked and nodded at the girl. “That’s if Clay don’t beat you to it.” She told her.
“There’ll be trouble if he does.” Jamie laughed, standing up and putting on her jacket. Then she walked over and gave Gemma and Abel a quick kiss before leaving.
Jamie got into her truck and made her way to the Clubhouse. That was where Jax spent most of his time so that’s the first place to check. If he’s not there then she’ll go to his house. And if he’s not there.. Fuck knows where he is.

Once she approached the carpark, Jamie parked the vehicle in her usual space and jumped out. She waved over to the guys who were working on cars as usual before making her way over to the big building.
Jamie noticed that Jax’s bike was outside and she smiled to herself. Finally, she’s found him!
The blonde girl entered the Clubhouse to find Chibs, Tig and Juice all sat at the bar. They all looked pretty down in the dumps. Jamie assumed it was a work thing.
“Hey guys.” Jamie greeted them with a smile on her face, making the men turn to her with wide eyes. They were almost shocked to see her, which was weird.
“Jamie.. I, uh.. I thought you weren’t workin’ today?” Juice stuttered, getting up from the seat and walking over to her. He stood in front of her and let out an awkward laugh. “What you doin’ here?”
The girl’s brows furrowed in confusion. She spent pretty much all of her time there whether she was working or not. “Am i not allowed to come in when i ain’t workin’?” She laughed taking a step forward to walk past him but he moved along with her.
“Juicey move.” Jamie told him with a laugh as she pushed him out of the way. Why was he acting so strange. But then again, he was a pretty strange guy.
Just as Jamie was about to walk past the other guys sat at the bar she felt someone grab her from behind. Jamie looked over her shoulder and saw Chibs.
“I missed ya lass.” Chibs told her, holding her small body in a tight grip. “Why don’t ya come have a drink with us, ey?”
Jamie shook her head and wriggled out of his arms. “Stayin’ away from alcohol for a bit, remember.” She told him with raised brows and he sighed and nodded. “Anyways that’s not why am here. You seen Jax?” All of the men shook their head.
“Nope. Not since yesterday, must be at home. Why don’t you go check there?” Chibs told her, taking hold of her hand and practically dragging her out of the Clubhouse.
The girl let out a laugh and took her hand out of his. “His bike is outside. I’m just gonna check the bedrooms he must’ve crashed here.” She said with a smile.
She turned around about to carry on walking when Tig suddenly appeared in front of her. She gasped, not expecting him to be there and laughed it off.
“Tig, move outta my way i’m gonna-” Before Jamie could finish her sentence, Tig shook his head and spoke.
“Go home Jamie.” Tig told her, he had a serious expression on his face that made Jamie feel a bit uneasy. He never called her Jamie. It was always ‘babydoll’. Why was everyone being so weird?
Jamie looked over her shoulder at Chibs and Juice who nodded in agreement with Tig. What was going on? Why were they all wanting her to leave? And why did they say Jax wasn’t here if he bike was? She was really started to feel uneasy and suspicious. What the fuck was going on?!
“Get out of my way Tig.” Jamie snapped at the man in front of her. Something wasn’t right and she was definitely not overthinking it. This wasn’t anxiety, this was common sense.
Jamie pushed Tig away from her making him fall against the bar, then she stomped out of the bar area and down the corridor.
When getting to the bedrooms, Jamie reached out her hand about to grab hold of the door handle when the door opened and out walked a topless Jax.
The girl’s face broke into a grin and she sighed in relief. Oh thank god. He was okay.
“What the fuck are you doin’ here?” Jax shouted at her, spitting his words out like venom. Jamie was taken aback. Huh? She thought. “Get the fuck outta here you fuckin’ bikerslut!”

Before Jamie could even process what was happening, Jax started pushing her back out of the hallway. Bikerslut?! Fucking bikerslut?!
“Get off me what are you doing!?” Jamie ripped her arm out of his grasp and took a step away from the man who was clearly not happy to see her. “What is your problem?” She asked him.
Jax laughed and ran a hand through his messy blond hair. “I know about you and Damien for fuck sake!” He said narrowing his eyes as he stared at Jamie
“I don’t understand..” Jamie muttered under her breath. “Me and Damien.. We’re friends?”
The man raised his brows and folded his arms over his chest. “Oh really? Then why did i get told that you fucked him?”
Jamie’s eyes widened and she shook her head. “I told you, nothing happened!” She tried to reassure him but he wasn’t taking any of it.
“You know what?! I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m done. I’m fuckin’ done with you!” Jax shouted at the girl who was started to feel a little scared. “You’ve been playin’ me from the beginning. You’ve been fuckin’ cheating on me! And sneaking off with your new fucking boyfriend!!” Jax’s shouts got louder and louder until they ended up echoing throughout the building.
Jax rolled his eyes and breathed out heavily. “You are no better than Wendy! You dirty, lying, cheating, no good, junkie whore.”
The room fell silent as Jamie and Jax stared at each other. His words felt like she’d taken a shot to the chest. She’d never heard Jax say anything like that to her in her whole life. And she knew he meant every word.
“Comin’ back to bed baby?” A blonde haired girl wearing one of Jax’s t-shirts appeared at his side, her hands stroking his shoulders. She looked at Jamie with a smirk on her face. “Hey Jamie, long time no see.”
Jamie felt her heart start to race when recognising the half naked girl. That stupid fucking porn pussy Ima! Ima had tried to flirt and sleep with Jax a few times earlier on this year, she’d always wanted to fuck him.. And well, now it looks like she has.
“You fucking SLUT!” Jamie screamed at the two blondes in front of her. Her words were aimed at the both of them. And then, boom. Jamie blew.
Without hesitating, Jamie lunged for the blonde haired bitch and threw her to the floor. Ima let out a squeal as Jax tried to help her up, but then Jamie kicked him in his balls making him stagger back.
“I’m goin’ to fucking kill you.” Jamie spoke through gritted teeth as she yanked Ima up by her hair. Ima flailed her arms slapping at Jamie’s legs as she was dragged out of the hallway and into the bar where Tig, Chibs and Juice were.
Jamie lifted Ima up onto her feet and slammed her against the wall, her fist collided with the girl’s face several times before letting her drop to the floor again.
“Jamie what the fuck!! Get off her!” Jax yelled at the girl beating the absolute shit out of Ima. He ran over to them about to break it up when he felt somebody drag him away. That person was Tig.
Ima cried out in pain, scrambling around trying to crawl away from Jamie who was in raging psycho mode. Jamie leaped on top of her crushing her body so she was unable to move. Ima pleaded for Jamie to stop but that just made Jamie even angrier.
Tears streamed from Jamie’s eyes as kept on throwing punches. Boom, boom. All of the things that made her angry came into her head and she kept on punching and punching and punching.

The men who were watching the fight in amusement when it started were now starting to get a little worried. Jamie wasn’t holding back at all, she was ripping this girl to pieces. They needed to break it up.
“JAMIE!” Chibs yelled, running over to the girl who was literally going to end up caving in Ima’s skull if she carried on. “That’s ENOUGH!” The Scotsman shouted as Tig ran over to help out. Tig knew how strong Jamie could be and figured that he would need backup.
Tigs arms wrapped around Jamie’s waist trying to pull her off of Ima who was crying and screaming on the floor. Her face was swollen and covered in blood, she looked absolutely horrific.
Chibs and Jax grabbed hold of Ima and dragged her across the floor away from Jamie.
“I’M GOING TO FUCKING KILL YOU!!” Jamie screamed at the top of her lungs. She was wriggling and trying to break free from Tig’s grip but he was too strong.
Juice helped Jax take Ima away to get patched up after being beaten to a pulp while Tig tried to keep Jamie under control.
“Calm down Jamie!” Tig grunted, tightening his grip on Jamie. She wanted to kill Ima! How fucking dare she fuck her man?! “Calm down! Breathe!” Tig whisper-shouted in her ear.
Overwhelmed with emotions Jamie’s legs gave way beneath her and she dropped to her knees bringing Tig down with her. She was mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted. Her hands were numb, her face was hot and wet from the tears and her brain was completely frazzled.
Jamie began to sob uncontrollably, she couldn’t believe what had happened. She was so confused and angry! And heartbroken. Things were going good and now.. Once again everything that made her happy got ripped away.
She turned around and buried her face in Tig’s chest, his shirt muffling her loud cries. Despite their differences, she needed comfort and Tig just happened to be there. “It’s okay.. It’s okay..” Tig whispered in a soothing tone of voice as he held Jamie’s shaking body in his arms.
The sound of footsteps made Jamie look over her shoulder. Chibs was making his way over with a sympathetic expression on his face. He crouched down beside her and Tig and reached out to stroke her long blonde hair.
Jamie sniffled and looked down at her hands that were covered in blood. What the hell had just happened? The girl glanced up at Chibs and let out a sob. “I’ll take that drink now.”

Time’s Up Part 3

Summery: You’re yet to confront Kai about what happened and your possible feelings for him but how will he react when he sees Sehun all over you?
Member: Sehun, Jongin (Kai) x Reader (ft. Various Idols)
Type: Angst, Fluff, School!Au
Warnings: Violence and Graphic Language
Length: 2,228 Words

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I’m sorry this took so long but I’m a lot happier with this version than the original. In part 4 we will see the introductions of Sehun’s narrative voice (POV) and the introduction of 4 new characters from the idol requests so I hope you’re excited!

- Admin Kain

Originally posted by blondejongin

Kai found it’s hard to describe the feeling of watching your “best friend” pursue someone they know full well you have been interested in longer than you’ve been able to jack off. It’s a conflicting mix of emotions because although Kai would be lying if he said he hadn’t been fantasizing about putting Sehun’s pasty ass in the deep fryer and cooking him like the piece of meat he lets others treat himself like there’s also the years of countless, heart-warming memories that never fail to print a smile on Kai’s lips and have him laughing until he can’t breathe. On top of that, there’s the knowledge of what led the boy to have so little self-respect and make Oh Sehun the monster that he is today.

Still, none of that quiet explains why Kai and Sehun are sat on opposite ends of the sofa outside the headmaster’s office, Sehun surely with a broken nose judging by the cringe-worthy sound that seemed a mix of cracking and crunching and the apparently endless  river of blood spewing all caused by Kai’s fist and a natural reaction to Oh Sehun’s shit eating grin. Who can blame Kai, though? He fucking had it coming.

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Kuroshiro AU

It’s a cloudy day outside and Shiro has to go run errands, but he forgets his umbrella at home. Shiro finishes grocery shopping and rain begins to pour down. Kuroh offers to share an umbrella with Shiro and help him carry his groceries. Kuroh invites him to come over to his house for hot cocoa. Shiro gladly accepts and goes to Kuroh’s apartment. Shiro finishes his cocoa and gets ready to leave, but the storm quickly gets worse. Kuroh tells him to stay until the storm passes over, but Shiro ignores him and heads for the door. Lighting strikes and Shiro drops his groceries and jumps into Kuroh’s arms. Shiro completely forgot that he is deathly afraid of lighting.