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“Alright, now no making fun of me boys.”
You start off, getting ready to show off your animagus that you had recently been able to transform into.
“Y/N! Why, we would never!”
Sirius feigns being hurt making you roll your (e/c) eyes.
Soon the world around you starts getting bigger as you transform, even Peter being taller than you. You stare up at them from the floor and see that they’re barely holding in laughter, Sirius especially.
“A RABBIT?! THIS IS THE GREATEST THING THAT I’VE EVER SEEN! Peter she’s even cuter than you now!”
The long haired boy bursts out, chuckling through his sentences.
Peter would have responded, but he was entirely stupefied by your new form. James is just staring at you in utter shock, he expected you to be something big and powerful like them, Peter being an exception of course.
“Aw. I just wanna put her in my pocket and carry her around to all my classes!”
Remus states, speaking about you as if you were actually a small bunny.
You roll your eyes and transform back to being a human before any of them could grab you and start petting your fur.
“Really guys?!?”

Poker Face

Reid x Reader

You parked your car as close to Rossi’s front door as you could and exited, getting ready to collect your boyfriend of ten months from his boys night in. He’d text you thirty minutes ago, a text that you’d struggled to decipher but had decided it meant you needed to collect him.

“Hey Y/N, come on in. We’re all in the kitchen,” Derek Morgan answered the front door, a wide grin on his face. You followed behind him into the brightly lit kitchen. Spencer was sat at the table, an empty tumbler. His eyes lit up when he saw you, a huge goofy grin spreading over his face. He bounded over to you, nearly kicking his chair over in the process and threw his arms around you.

“Y/N! Look everybody, it’s Y/N,” he proceeded to sloppily kiss your cheek, his hands running up and down your sides.  Gently you stopped his roaming hands and pulled away.

“Alrighty, someone’s a little drunk.”

“A little…..” Alvez scoffed in the corner, taking a sip of his beer.

“I’m not drunk!” Spencer tried to kiss you again, hiccupping into your face and giving you a beautiful second hand whiff of whiskey.

“Derek,” you turned to his best friend. “Why is he wasted and you guys aren’t?”

Morgan shrugged his shoulders, not prepared to take any responsibility for this at all. It was Rossi who turned from his spot at his coffee maker.

“I believe the theory was that if he was drunk, he couldn’t keep kicking their butts at poker,” he took a long sip of his coffee.

“You guys played poker against Spencer?”

Derek nodded as you put your hand on Spencer’s chest, trying to push him back slightly. He was currently trying to nibble on your neck, seemingly forgetting he had an audience.

“Luke didn’t believe that he was as good a player as he claimed to be.”

Luke had a rather sheepish look on his face.

“Aaaand,” you probed, looking pointedly at Alvez.

“Alright so I was wrong. Even after six whiskies he kicked my ass.”

“Dude, I told you there was a reason he’s band from pretty much every casino in Vegas,” Morgan laughed.

You turned to your boyfriend who was still grinning from ear to ear.

“Wanna see my winnings?” he asked you, not waiting for your answer. He thrust his hands into his pockets and came out with a huge bundle of cash, a Rolex watch which you recognised to be Rossi’s, an extremely expensive sports watch that you presumed was Luke’s and a folded piece of paper.

“That’s an IOU for two weeks at my beach house down in Florida,” the teams newest recruit Walker spoke up.

You took the wad of cash and flicked through it. There was close to a thousand dollars there you estimated.

“Well, guess I’ll be buying myself a new outfit tomorrow then,” you grinned before taking the two watches and handing them back to their owners, ignoring the protests from Spencer. You halved the cash as well and set it back on the table.

“The IOU, we’re keeping if that’s cool. You have a beach house?”

“Keep it Y/N, the Kid deserves it. I swear he’d have had the shirt of my back if he could have,” Stephen replied.

“But…. but, that’s my winnings!”

“Sssshhh baby. You know it’s not fair to play against these guys.”

“Yeah but…. ” Spencer pouted, his bottom lip sticking so far out you wanted to laugh.

“No, yeah buts. Now let’s go home," you pushed him gently in the direction of the door.

"Next time boys, tequila is the way to go. Whisky has very little affect on his poker skills for some reason. After three tequila shots though, even I’ve beat him.”

You neglected to tell them that you’d been playing strip poker at the time and he’d been distracted by other things…

The whole ride home was spent pushing Spencer’s hand off your thigh. He’d start of sweetly stroking your leg and then would inch higher and higher up. Normally you wouldn’t mind but you hated driving so late at night and Rossi lived a little way out of town so you needed to concentrate.

“Wait until we’re home!” you lightly smacked his hand away, trying to stifle a giggle.

“But…. I don’t wanna… You’re so pretty and your skin is so lovely and I just wanna…. Let’s pull over! Let’s do that thing we both like in the car.”

There were lots of things you both liked, none of which were happening in the this car.

“I don’t really fancy being arrested for indecent exposure, so nah. Have patience,” you told him, knowing exactly what would happen as soon as you got home.

“But I’m an FBI Agent. I know alllll the cops. They won’t arrest me.”

Not true, they would. And then Emily would have to pull some strings whilst teasing you both incessantly.

“Spencer chill out. We’ll be home in ten minutes and the you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Okay… Okay good. Cos I wanna do sooo many things to you,” he started to list the numerous sexual things he was promising to do to you and you just nodded along. If he was sober you’d find it sexy, but he was wasted so it just ended up being amusingly cute. When you finally reached your apartment you parked up and waited for him to stagger out of the car. He wobbled only slightly, tripping up a few times on the way up the three flights of stairs to your home.

His hands made their way around your waist again as you unlocked the door, his lips attacking your neck. Which again would have been sexy except the alcohol was making him drool slightly and his lips were a lot wetter than normal.

“Come on baby, let’s get you to bed,” you kicked the door shut behind you and led him to your bedroom. You pushed him down onto your bed, laughing as he pulled you on the top of him, his hands searching for the hem of your vest.

“Can we do those things now?” he asked excitedly.

“Sure baby, let me just slip into the bathroom first okay. Why don’t you take your clothes off and get ready and I’ll be right back.”

You clambered off him and made your way to your bathroom, wincing as you heard the thud of his converse hitting your floor as he tugged them off. You brushed your teeth and changed into your fluffy warm pajamas then stopped by the kitchen, grabbing two bottles of water and a can of coke.

When you re entered your bedroom Spencer was passed out on his back, loud snores leaving his throat. He’d managed to strip down to his boxers and climb under the covers himself. Chuckling to yourself you placed one of the waters and the coke on the bedside cabinet next to him and climbed in the other side, searching your drawer for your ear plugs.

That boy could not handle his drink.

But no doubt he’d make up for it in the morning.

Imagine trans girls at Hogwarts, being convinced by their other female friends to try and walk into the girls’ dorms, and their overjoyed reaction when the magic wards accept them and let them in.

Simultaneously, imagine trans dudes getting rejected by the wards once they figure out they’re trans.

“I’m sorry professor Snape, I’ll have to be re-roomed.” 

“And why is that?”

“Because the door decided it was finally time to call me Michael. So yeah. Can’t sleep with the girls, common courtesy.”

“…tell Miss Parkinson to fetch your trunk. Get ready for the most paperwork you’ll do in your life, boy.”

Zarya with a smol s/o headcanons

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- Forest

• If you’re shorter than her then she’ll hecking hug you a lot bc you fit perfectly in her strong arms.
• She’ll probably call you cute nickname names related to your height (Ex: мой маленький which means “My small one”)
• If you’re insecure about your height, oh boy get ready to be picked up bridal style and getting attacked with kISSES ALL OVER YOUR FACE
• She’ll protect you with her life™
• 100% will let you ride on her shoulders
• Will sometimes not bend down to give you the smooches when you want them just to tease you
• If someone is flirting with you she’ll stand at her full height next to you and glare them down hardcore.
• she’ll probably probably bENCH PRESS YOU LORD SAVE ME NOW
• Always the big spoon (will be the small spoon if you ask. She’ll giggle when you try to hug her bc you’re so small, what a cutie you are)


Imagine ringing in the new year with Sam and your boyfriend Dean.

     “Okay, everyone gets a drink!”

     Yow watched Sam and Dean exchange an amused look as you handed them each a champagne flute – which wasn’t filled with champagne, but beer, a beverage choice that was the result of you giving up on trying convince them to drink the sparkling wine and deciding the delicate glasses were enough of a win, no matter what was in them. But it wasn’t about the drinks.

     When the countdown on the laptop in front of you started flashing you moved to your boyfriend’s side and wrapped your free arm around his waist, the other hand holding your makeshift bubbly. Dean pulled you closer and, to your surprise, started counting out loud.

     “Ten, nine …”

     You smiled and grabbed Sam’s hand, pulling him in front of the computer to watch.

     “Six, Five …”

     A smile spread across your lips as you counted with your boys, getting ready to ring in the new year after your first real Christmas.

     “Three, two …”

     You wrapped your arm around Dean’s neck and kept your eyes glued to the screen.

     “One! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

     You turned in Dean’s arms and jumped up on your tippy toes, planting a kiss on his lips he would remember until next year. Then you spun and pulled Sam in for a hug, almost spilling your drink in a failed attempt to reach over his shoulder. The ringing sound of glasses clinking filled the air as you toasted to the new year. Animated Fireworks lit up the computer screen as a background for the glowing number 2017.

     “See! I told you that would be fun.” You smiled at Sam and Dean as they set their empty glasses down on one of the library’s wooden tables, the contents having been downed in one sip after the countdown struck zero.

     Dean pulled you against his side and said, “You were right, it was fun,” after kissing the top of your head. You looked to Sam and he said the same thing.

     For a moment everything felt normal, like you didn’t spend your life hunting monsters and there wasn’t danger lurking around every corner, and you smiled at the two most important men in your life.

     “Happy New Year.”

Note: This wasn’t technically supposed to be a part of my 12 Days of Supernatural but you can kind of think of this as a bonus 13th day! Not actually Christmas, but I think we all kind of lump Christmas and New Years together as one big holiday! Or at least I do :p

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Season 1 magnus quotes

Just a collection of my favorite quotes from Magnus. He had some great lines.

Will do season 2 next. Hope you enjoy them too

Season 1  Ep.2 descent into hell isn’t easy.

“Are you really going to risk your life for a Shadowhunter?

” Ep 4 Raising hell

You may be immortal, Elias, but you’re not immune to crow’s feet

”“I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly”

“who are you?”

Alec: “well done

”Magnus: “more like medium rare”“

Normally I love a dirty lair, but this one’s just sloppy”

“About Alec, is more a flower or cologne man?”

“pretty boy, get your team ready. (stops Jace) I’m not talking to you. (points at Alec) I’m talking to……”“

Oh the only other person who I’ve known who could draw as well was Michaelangelo, who excellent in bed I might add

”Clary; ‘is he going to be alright?

”Magnus: I dunno. Does he normally lay like that without moving?

”Magnus: ”there’s nothing to be ashamed of Alec

”Alec; “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Magnus; “you will”

 Ep 5 Moo shu to go

“Playing hard to get, I love a challenge”

 Ep6 of men and angels

Magnus; “one more thing I need Alexander”

Jace: ”why do you need Alec?

”Magnus:” virgin Shadowhunter energy.Magnus:”

 stir, we need to have it ready before your boy toys get back

”Clary: ”what if they don’t get back in time?

”Magnus: ”you can’t think like that, Biscuit

”Magnus: “’help me I need your strength”

Alec:  ”take what you need”

Alec: ”are warlocks always this cryptic?

”Magnus: ”I’m not being cryptic, I’m being coy. Let me spell it out for you, I wanted to see you again”

“for almost a century, I’ve closed myself off to feeling anything for anyone, man or woman. You’ve unlocked something in me”

 Ep 7 Major Arcana

“if Valentine started creating Shadowhunters or regain control of demons it would be like Beyonce riding on a dinosaur through Time Square. People would notice

”Clary: ”this should be easy”

Magnus: ”that’s what General Custer said

 Ep. 8 Bad blood

Izzy: ”I want to get my hands on that thing”

Magnus: ”speaking of which, how is Alexander? I was hoping I might hear from him”

“It’s just so hard to tell if Alexander is even interested. I can’t fathom why he wouldn’t be”

(looking at Alec training) “ok, I’m back”

“Oh you don’t have to get dressed up for me. Fine. But I like what I saw”

 Ep. 9 Rise up

“your both going to owe me. I’m talking 14th century, gold, rubies, definitely diamonds”“

what can I say, I have a deep understanding of the human psyche, at least that’s what Freud always said.”

Alec:” I’m getting married

”Magnus:  ”whoa, that’s a tad sudden isn’t it? I mean we should at least go to dinner first”

“solid partnership. That’s hot”

“well ok then. Marriage is a wonderful institution. Not that I would know”

“goodbye, Alexander” (insert me crying in puddle on the floor)

 Ep. 10 This world inverted

“this is the longest I’ve abstained, from a lot of things”“

Now that’s what I’m talking about. We have lift off.”

 Ep. 11 Blood calls to blood

“As you all say the law is the law there’s no stopping me from slipping through this gaping loophole”

Alec: ”name it

Magnus: ”you. In fact, I’ll do you pro bono

Alec: ”so you get it

”Magnus: ”No Alec. I get her. I like her. But you don’t have to marry her”

“you’ll be lonely all your life and so will she Neither of you deserve it .And I don’t either

 Ep.12 Malec

where’s the honour of living a lie?

”“what about love? Even Shadowhunter fall in love Alec. Just tell me you’re in love with Lydia and I’ll stop.

”“confusion is part of it. That’s how find out if something’s there. Emotions are never black and white. There more like, symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when you stand close enough to feel their breath.”

“I know you feel what I feel, Alec”

“you have a choice to make. I will not ask again”“

it’s happy hour somewhere, my dear”“

I’ve played my last hand here, even I know when to fold them”

“I’m sorry I asked. I came here with you to escape my relationship drama not  get front set to yours.

”“Maryse, this is between me and your son. I’ll leave if he asks me to

”‘You never cease to amaze me Alec

”“I have to hand it to you Alexander, you certainly know how to make a statement”

 Ep. 13 Morning star

“and yet true love cannot die”

“well, this is awkward”

“if I know Camille she’ll have a trick or three up her sleeve”

“Alexander, I may be the high warlock of Brooklyn, but even I can’t see the future”   

BTOB: dating Changsub would include

▪ get ready for the ride of your life with this boy

▪ tbh ever since meeting him, your life will probably never be the same 

▪ in a good or weird way…I’ll let you decide 

▪ when he saw you for the first time it was a straight up kdrama scene where the guy looks at the girl for like 10 hours dramatically 

▪ someone has to snap him out of it before you see it and run away 

▪ he’s just so shocked someone could have an affect like that over him bc it’s never happened 

▪ so he’ll do his best to try and sweep you off your feet 

▪ with a little help from the boys aka fairy godmothers, he does just that 

▪ you’ll be in tears for the rest of night 

▪ not only bc he tripped on your feet as he was trying to proclaim his love for you, but bc he was so romantic aw

▪ he regrets doing all of those ugly faces when you were around lol he just wanted to make a good impression

▪ but eventually he won’t care and does it all the time to annoy you

▪ speaking of 

▪ ugly faces compititions 24/7

▪ the others being so annoyed with you two all the time bc how can yall be so cute yet so annoying 

▪ random dates at random parts of the day

▪ neck massages when you’re both tired 

▪ he’s actually hella romantic sometimes and it surprises you 

▪ he’ll talk about his deepest thoughts with you bc he knows you never judge him

▪ he’ll tell you about all his insecurities and from then on you’d make sure to love him even harder to show him that he’s perfect to you

▪ him doing the same and making you forget about any flaws 

▪ buys an apron for himself that says “kiss the cook" 

▪ refuses to let you walk into the kitchen if you don’t give him at least 10 kisses when he’s wearing it 

▪ since he’s always mentioned wanting to be a father, he’ll absolutely melt if he sees you with kids or talking about kids

▪ doesn’t care who’s watching when he leans in to kiss you

▪ he’s just hella more affectionate ever since you came into his life

▪ inviting the guys over to watch movies or to hang out and forgetting all about them bc you two would be so engrossed in each other to care about them 

▪ basically being best friends and knowing you can’t live without each other 

▪ and they’d be ok with it, they’d just steal all your snacks and leave smh 

▪ so stressed and anxious when he’s away from you and always calls just to hear your voice 

▪ binge watching TV shows together and crying about them for like a month 

▪ tummy rubs when you’re not feeling well 

▪ it’s just an excuse for him to buy yall more snacks and stay on the couch and cuddle until you fall asleep 

▪ you buying him a watch bc he’s always late to everything 

▪ and he’ll treasure it forever bc he loves it when you’re being thoughtful 

▪ and bc they’re so close to Vixx, you’ll probably meet them and they’ll know exactly why Changsub is in love with you

▪ you two are basically made for each other and everyone can see it 

▪ so pls treasure this insane boy forever 💖

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