ready to fall inlove

Being afraid of falling in love is normal. Fear is a perfect example that we are just mere humans. Yet you have to consider that God lets us experience these things such as bad relationships because it is necessary for us, and that we may gain knowledge to get us prepared for a better one. Love is meant to be enjoyed because in the first place, love is the greatest gift of God. Though fear is constant, God would not let you struggle alone. Love isn’t a process felt by one.. It is a mutual feeling. So every time you stumble, always keep in mind that someone out there is ready to pick you up again. Someone out there is meant to be for you ♥

When a heart breaks it don’t break even.

When you fall inlove you must be ready to get hurt. You must be prepared for the pain because sometimes there are some instances that your the one whose gonna get hurt and suffer more. It could happen that your the only one whose not gonna be able to move on for a long time. It’s hard when the person you love the most had already moved on while you are still mending and still bearing with the pain that the past heartbreak had caused you. I know it’s unfair but it’s usually the reality . Because when a heart breaks it don’t breakeven. Love is somehow unfair. Some people may say that life is unfair but i doubt that, love is. We sometimes mistakenly think that its the life that’s capable of our suffering but the fact is, its the love. Love makes us happy but at the same time it hurts us.