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Ready Steady Part 1

Ok, this is my first time writing fan fiction. I figured trying it out might be good practice for next semester when I take my creative writing classes for my BA in English. Please leave feedback… comments and suggestions would be fantastic!

This idea came from @dont-hate-relate-pls and I told her that I’d give it a shot!

So, here is the first part… I guess this might become a series.

Summary: Reader embarks on a one-woman vacation because her boyfriend suddenly doesn’t show up for the flight, and during the vacation she meets sweet, charming Rob!

Words: 2407

Pairing: Rob x Reader

Warnings: None. Unless you count an a-hole ex-boyfriend as a warning.

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You were nervous to say the least. You had spent the last hour checking and rechecking the clock on your phone. There was only 30 minutes before you had to board your flight and he was still not here. Text messages were sent, read, and ignored. Phone calls were sent to voicemail. You sighed heavily as you ran a hand through your hair in defeat. It wasn’t unlike Chris to ignore text messages and phone calls. In fact, you two had been stuck in a seriously uncomfortable rough patch for some time now. You knew you shouldn’t blame yourself for it, after all, he had been the one who had cheated on you. But, he had a way of turning these things around on you to make it all your fault. And you gave in to the blame games every time. Which is why you suggested this vacation. A week in Nashville, just the two of you. You were hoping this would be the getaway that you two needed to fix your relationship.

You checked your phone again. Twenty minutes to boarding. You opened your text messages and pressed on the thread in which you had sent multiple messages to him that had gone unanswered.

*Y/N* Chris, seriously, it’s almost time to board. Where are you?

You closed the messages out and put your phone down. What the hell were you supposed to do now? He wasn’t here and it was almost time to board. You contemplated the weight of the situation. You had two tickets. You could leave the airport and go to him, that is, if you could find him. Or perhaps you could just board the plane alone. The latter was seeming like a good idea as you became increasingly nervous and angry. You were startled from your thoughts to your phone vibrating in your hand. Eagerly, you glanced at the screen to find that is was Chris calling. Shaking, you answered the call, even more angry than you had been when you first realized you were being ignored.

“Chris! Where the hell are you? I’m at the airport and I’m here alone!”

“I’m not coming Y/N,” he stated simply. It took you a second to process what he had just said. You expected to feel a bit hurt when this moment came, instead you were angry.

“What do you mean you’re not coming?!” You shouted. You glanced up to see people around you staring disapprovingly. You hunched back over the phone and lowered your voice.

“What do you mean?,” you asked a bit more calmly. “We planned this trip to fix things and now I am here, alone, about to board our flight, and you’re not coming?”

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Swinging London.
Winter 1965 Men Fashion In London, on a sidewalk in Carnaby Street, four male models in jacket or pullover, with narrow pants, presenting the masculine Mod fashion of the winter of 1965, with Cathy Mcgowan (Ready Steady Go!) . Photo by Philippe Le Tellier, Paris Match

Ready Steady Part 20

Summary: The stress of realizing that her ex is close by begins to weigh on the reader. Rob becomes very protective, which leaves the reader feeling overwhelmed. Now, she may have put herself into a very serious situation.

Word Count: 4265

Warnings: fluff, angst, swearing, talk of vomit, stalking, threats, physical violence (maybe avoid this chapter if you’re triggered by abuse or stalking)

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

Another Note: Uh oh… I may have left you all with one of my signature cliffhangers…

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Part 19

When you woke again, it was due to the sudden sound of a booming voice filling the room. You opened your eyes and shifted your attention to the place where the sound was coming from. You smiled to yourself when you recognized the unmistakable sound of Briana talking and laughing loudly as she, Kim, and Ruth came into the greenroom. You continued to lie there for a moment, wanting to sit up and greet the women; but the nausea that you suddenly felt made it difficult. You let out a groan as a sharp pain coursed through your head. You were certain that the constant pain and nausea you were experiencing was never going to end. Yes, you had managed to go a few weeks without any incidents, but you suddenly realized that you may have skipped a meal today. After taking a moment to regain yourself, you hesitantly sat up. The pain in your head worsened and your stomach turned, causing you to make a mental note to listen to your doctor when she tells you not to skip a meal.

The three women approached you when they noticed you sitting there on the couch; your fingertips massaging into your temples in an effort to chase away the headache that was building.

“Y/N, are you okay?” you heard Briana ask, worry filling her voice.

“No,” you replied honestly, head still held firmly between your hands. You felt terrible, and you knew it was only going to get worse if you didn’t stop it in its tracks. You felt a wave of nausea come over you, but you fought hard to hold it back. The girls must have sensed your distress, because Ruth spoke up.

“I’m going to go get Rob,” she stated as she headed for the door.

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I’ve been working on a little victuuri one-shot for a few days now. I’m gonna give you a sneak peek and you guys can tell me if you’d actually like to see it. (I’d probably just post it here on tumblr,)

He doesn’t want to go in the first place. He likes his dorm room; enjoys how quiet it is. He doesn’t care about his classmates relationship status, and he doesn’t need to flaunt that he’s single. That’s all these college frat house parties are for - pronouncing you’re single so you can find easy hookups.

So when Phichit begs Yuuri to join him at the stoplight party they’ve been invited to, Yuuri tries to get out of it. Of course a frat house is holding a traditional stoplight party. It’s beyond cliche.


Anita Pallenberg dance at The Programme ‘Ready Steady Go !’.
Recording of the program 'Ready Steady Go!’ (Or RSG!), One of the first British musical shows devoted to rock and pop, with the Rolling Stones, The Animals and The Searchers.
Photos by Philippe Le Tellier (Paris Match).
London, October 26, 1965


Happy St. Patrick’s Day (with David Tennant)

Ready Steady Part 18

This is a mess tbh. I tried.

Summary: Reader and Rob have made their announcement to Rob’s friends. As expected, not everyone is as accepting of the news. Reader finally opens up about her past to Rob and wonders if she can get Briana to change her mind about the situation. Rob has a run-in with a fan that leaves him feeling uncomfortable, and with good reason.

Word Count: 7226

Warnings: fluff, mild smut, discussion of abuse, angst

Note: For the sake of the remainder of the fic, I’m using some old Louden Swain songs and making them new ones. Also, as you can tell, my reader is a singer/songwriter and a country girl at heart… so for her, instead of trying to write my own lyrics, I’m using songs by Miranda Lambert and claiming them as the reader’s own. Hey, this way, you can listen to the actual songs after you read!

Another Note: You thought I’d leave this extra angsty, didnt you? Oh… wait…

Catch up: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17

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*Look at this cutie!*

You walked back to your room, everything Briana had said still playing in your mind. When you returned to the room that you and Rob shared, you stormed in and immediately began to collect your things. Fighting back tears, you shoved everything back into your luggage. Of course Briana had been right. Obviously you had hurt Rob so much that he hated you, all of his friends were aware of how angry he had been over the way you left him. It only made sense that he was now sticking around because of the baby. You thought back to how upset he had been when he found out how long you had kept your pregnancy from him, it was one disappointment right after the other when it came to you.

You grabbed your bag and headed for the door only to stop yourself short. You were so good at running. That’s what you did. The only problem now was that you remembered how you had run from Chris so many times, only to go back to him out of fear and loneliness. He had always bullied you into staying with him. He had cheated on you and hurt you so much, but you always ended right back where you shouldn’t have been with him. Now, you had to ask yourself why were you constantly running from Rob? You had left him in the first place, only thinking of his safety. You truly didn’t want him involved in your past, and it was all because of your feelings for him. You had a sweet, caring, wonderful man who you felt honestly loved you too. You had to wonder why it was so easy to leave Rob, without the intention of returning; but you constantly put yourself in an unhealthy situation with Chris.

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Barely six months ago I sat down and wrote a post about Jay’s life and passing. As with so many things, I never imagined we would find ourselves here again so soon. Grief on the tips of our tongues, as those we support and love live through one of the hardest of times there can be; the loss of a parent. Then as now, I feel there is little we can say with any true knowledge, save our experiences from the fandom side. A few words are all I can offer, framed by my own experience of loss.

Robin Twist. A charming man with a delightful name, always ready with a large smile and a quick joke, not least at Harry’s expense. I remember him from the earliest days of The X Factor, at Harry’s side with the rest of his family cheering him on, and speaking of the new family Harry had found in the boys. Always supportive, always ready with a warm hug, always so proud of the boy who had left home to audition at sixteen, and who never came back home.

It’s a measure of the man he was that he had Harry be best man at his wedding to Anne, and that Harry was so supportive of their relationship. As a child of two families where both parents remarried, I know how hard it can be to make all those new relationships work, and it’s credit to all involved that they made it seem so seamless and effortless, and that love seemed to be the centre of it all. I’m also lucky enough to have step parents that just became parents; a safe place and a warm hug whenever they are needed. I know that’s not always the case with everyone when melding families, and I’m so glad for them all (from all we were privileged to see), that Harry and Gemma seemed to have that kind of relationship with Robin. A Dad, in all the ways that mattered.

Robin always struck me as someone it would be fun to meet for a quiet pint which would then turn into a raucous session, underlined with his quick wit and warm heart. A presence like a heartbeat, life circulating around him. These are things I’ll never know to be true, but I like to hope that they were.

I can truly say that Robin is woven like a bright thread into the history of the 1D fandom family, there from the get go, always so supportive and proud, even as recently as a few weeks ago, clad in Harry’s bright silver boots and his hat at his London gig, there with a joke and a laugh with fans. There are so many memories he’ll be part of, a hug and a smile, and a bit of banter. He had a sparkle in his eyes and it always caught the light.

Robin, I’m so, so glad you got to see Harry perform his new songs live (duck noise and all). I will never, ever hear Woman without thinking of you. You made me and so many others laugh so very much, with your ability to keep Harry’s feet on the ground in the funniest of ways. And that is a glorious thing.

To Anne, Amy, Mike, Gemma and Harry, and all his family and friends now living with the loss of such a warm and vibrant presence, I can only say hold close to those memories and to that laughter, to help you through the days when you can no longer find a smile. The days will seem endless, and they will not be easy. But there will, I hope for you, come a time when there are more smiles than tears. When those very stories will make you laugh instead of cry. I hope you reach those days when you are ready, and can hold steady to one another until they come to pass. I hope that you all get the quiet and space you need in these coming days and weeks, and that some day far from now you find one another again, in those places you’ve never been.