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We hope you will like the tier/reward levels and the stretchgoals!

16 exciting levels await you, with artwork and rewards not derived from the book.

So many beautiful and talented people have helped create this in the last almost 6 months, and it is beyond exciting to see it take shape!

A word to the stretchgoals:

There are 9 stretchgoals in total.

IF we pass 33000€ (and that is a very big if) we will be able to print the extended version of RADIANCE.

It has 100 pages more and those 100 pages obviously cost. And this cost transfers to binding, optional color cut (another stretch goal later on) and weight and size and therefore shipping material as well. We were only able to get the numbers for this after we had fixed the extended PDF and then we ran the numbers again and again to make sure it works. 

Let’s make this work! Please help us create RADIANCE!

We will tweet and post about the project and we would appreciate any and all help you are willing to give!

Tag Bryan and Martha and Loretta and Brooke and Danny and Sean and Janice and Michael and whoever please while you’re at it :) (we will as well^^) and we’re here for any questions you may have!

Regarding a certain question you might have… We are in contact, but RL being RL we don’t have Bryan’s foreword, yet. Trust us, you’ll be the first to know when we do.

And now - go, take a look if you please?! :)


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Rin’s birthday had a delay, due to a trip AND a flu, but mod’s okay and can do this !!

Rin didn’t mind her birthday being delayed, at such an age you don’t have track of days anyway.

She remembered last year’s event and wanted to go back. So the kids are going to race against each other… and yes, these engines CAN and definitely WILL bump into other cars, depending on the driver.

The first years are not allowed to drive whatsoever, so we will have single riders and duos. The cars were assigned as follows :

  • Honoka and Rin in car number 15
  • Kotori and Hanayo in car number 26
  • Umi in car number 3
  • Nico and Maki in car number 74
  • Nozomi in car number 8
  • Eli in car number 9
  • Chika in car number 1
  • You in car number 2
  • Riko and Yoshiko in car number 36
  • Kanan and Hanamaru in car number 85
  • Mari in car number 7
  • The Kurosawa sisters in car number 94

(Mod note : i havent fully recovered from my flu, so I might extend this event until I feel like we have enough asks. After all, there’s nothing big coming soon so I won’t have to rush through multiple events !)

Ready ? Set, Go !


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