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BTS Reaction S/O is a translator (hyung line)

this ended up being really long, so i’m splitting them. lysm <3

When they were told a new translator, the translator, was finally joining their team, they were relieved (specially Namjoon, knowing he wouldn’t have to keep translating six monkeys alone). Korean, english, spanish, german, french, and even russian. You were known from being a genius. You have worked from EXO to One Direction, always travelling, always ready. And though you never though of joining a permanent group, when BigHit approached with the offer, you just couldn’t keep your inner ARMY away, and before you knew it, the contract has been signed and you were travelling back to Seoul, ready to write a new fucking chapter in your life.
Ready to write someone in.


Jin knew he wasn’t the best dancer, singer, rapper. He knew he couldn’t take really good pictures nor make actually funny jokes. He also knew you were the most beautiful human he had ever seen, and that he did not feel as someone up to you. But then, there was one thing he was certain about: he was an awesome chef.

He used your knowledge in languages to make you help him translate recipes. He had a triple price: a new plate to be tasted, a few more words in his vocabulary (though, being honest, he just copied the recipes back in korean and never looked back at the original), and some time alone with you.
It didn’t matter to you, in the end. If there was something you loved even more than travelling and dictionaries, it was food. And Jin’s dishes were the most magical things you have ever tasted.

They say that to conquer a man, you have to conquer his stomach. Lets just say that it works just as fine with you. Before realising it, you found yourself thinking about him at each second. You though of his smile, his gentle touch, his lame jokes, those broad shoulders. The way he always seemed to cook with so much passion, and with some much love when you were with him. So when he made you that small simple dish that you have once mentioned  was your favorite food from your country on your first dinner, you couldn’t help but grab his face and smash your lips together, trying to make him feel as good as he and his food made you feel.

Jin would never be happier. He loved bragging about his genius bae, and you loved bragging about your amazing chef. And though he may never really learn everything you spoke, and yoo might never know how to toast bread without burning it, everything was okay. Your hearts, your mouths, and your tummies had each other, and you knew you didn’t need anything more.


At first he tried to act unnimpressed. Yes, you knew a lot of languages, so what? It was not like you were better than anyone else. And you didn’t think that way, of course, but Min Yoongi was scared of never being enough. It was at that point that he started trying.

You noticed your notebooks, dictionaries, and text books disappeared and reappeared sporadically, with some new scribbles or some lazy post-its on the side. And then, in the middle of an interview, Yoongi would manage to answer a question in a rustic german without letting you say a word. You knew exactly what was happening then, specially when you caught his arrogant smile as he answered confidently. He was challenging, but you would not let him win.

You reached victory a couple nights after, when you caught him on the act of sneaking one of your textbooks and notebooks. Yoongi looked defeated, blushed, and terrified as you pushed him into the room again, closing the door. After staring at him for a minute, you took the book out of his hands, recognizing your Français pour les débutants sample. Cracking a soft smile, you grabbed his hand and sit him on the bed, taking an almost new notebook and starting to teach him a little. And even though you didn’t say a thing, his soft gummy smile, the first one devoted to you, stayed on your mind the whole night.

A month after that, it had became a routine from him to sneak onto your bedroom almost everynight, just to hear you talk and get lost on your voice, soft as velvet, the only drug he would consume again and again, until the day he decided that maybe it would be better to combine it with your lips. He kissed you, in the middle of a spanish session, as your world froze. Head spinning, he tasted like mint bubblegum, just as the way his hair seemed to taste. And even though you couln’t know that, you knew it felt as soft as cotton candy as you buried your fingers in it.

Something knew burned though your skins, as he gently laid you on the bed. A new language tingled on your tongues, and you would learn it together.


Languages were his weak point. He might be the golden hyung, but there was nothing shiny about his language skills. He had made a fool of himselve when you asked the guys to repeat some basic sentences, failing on the pronuntiation of almost all of them (he seemed to have a weird conection with russian, the one you actually struggled the most). But even with that small comfort, he knew he would never be your focus, having someone as Namjoon or Jeongguk to talk instead.

Little did he know he was amazing at other kind of languages. You discovered it the night Hoseok had skipped dinner with the crew, too busy practising, and as you saw them too exhausted to live, you gently offered to go get him and feed him something.

The music blasted through your ears even a floor above the studio. The closer you got, you recognized a typo on the rythms-energic, intense. Angry. The door was already open, and Hoseok’s body was drenched in sweat. His muscles were completely noticeable under his damped shirt, and the emotions his movements spelled took your breath away. Nothing Left To Say from Imagine Dragons jumped next on his playlist, his body almost resetting fot the new song. You watched with awe as he moved, jumped, as he fucking felt every single one of the notes. At the end, the room felt silent long enough for him to hear your atonished gasp and turn off the music. With a shy smile, you handed him the sandwich, as he sat infront of you. Slightly blushed, he started eating, thanking you with his eyes as he stuffed his cheeks. You just laughed and joined him, small talk quickly transforming to meaningful conversations, and a short visit becoming the best night of your life.

The day after that, you didn’t wait for someone to ask you, direclty grabbing two bowls of rice and rushing to his practice room. And so you did the next evening, and the next one. And as the weeks kept going, his choices began to change to happier and sweeter tunes, till one night he stopped you and asked you to dance with him. Taking the pizza box out of your hands, he turned on the speaker (the one that, miraculously, was for once turned off), as “I Gotta Feeling” from The Black Eyed Peas filled in the room, making you giggle. His hands took yours, sometimes resting on your hips, shoulders, back. He had his eyes closed and a gentle smile as he soflty guide you, not letting you fall, never losening up his hold. And at some point you choose to close your eyes too, letting the movement fill you. Letting Hoseok kiss you back.


They had been teasing him the second they found out about the new addition. He couldn’t blame them, though. He was a sappiosexual nerd who already knew that would fall for whoever crossed the door. And also, the fact that you had the brightest smile he had ever seen, contributed to create the biggest crush he would ever get.

He was wrecked as soon has he heard your voice, and he couldn’t help the blushing that happened anytime you stared back. Your voice, soothing and firm, felt like a hot cocoa after a long day, and that was what he had been looking foward.

Surprise hit him when confirming you were not only smart with languages, but also with everything. Almost a book addict, he found himself helping you carry bags full of books at least once a week. And he wanted to get closer, he needed to, but he didn’t know how. Until the day he realised, you knew a lot of languages but not all of them.

When he approached you at lunch with the offer, how could you say now? You had always wanted to learn italian, japanese, chinese, and he always craved getting to speak german, russian, and french. Spanish and english were children games for your restless minds and bodies, and you were up for the challenge. Lessons started inmmediately, almost everyday, at any second you manage to sneak away together. It was almost a competition on who would learn faster.

But in the middle of your healthy fight, you learnt about each other. About how he loved bitter coffee, while you couldn’t live without your chai latte. How he learned better reading, but you rather embrace any sensation. How both of you could solve enigmas in a matter of seconds but still manage to stumble on any surface, always breaking Yoongi’s stuff and sneaking away, giggling as kids. He also learned you loved poetry. And Namjoon liked to write.

You found a small notebook on your pillow a Thursday afternoon. They were recording, so you flipped the object open. As you started reading, your heart sting quietly, each word craving the deepest part of your soul. Nine sweet, short, sincere poems, each one on each language, existed on those pages through his messy handwriting, as the post-it on the bottom, asking if you would like to write some lines. You didn’t wait for the ink to dry, rushing out, notebook firmly held by your hand. Ignoring their looks as you stumbled on the room, walking towards the blushing tall guy, he though he had really fucked up.
That’s until you kissed him, and he knew that was the only answer he needed back.


Nervous Soulmates : Peter Parker

prompt : soulmate x shy au where you have a countdown on your wrist, counting down the time until you meet your soulmate . reader is wicked shy and is super nervous to meet her soulmate

words : 793

pairing : peter parker x reader

request :  Hi! Could I please request a fluffy Peter Parker x shy!reader? Any prompt is good, just please include all the fluff! 😊 Thank you! (P. S. I love your writing! <3) - @fangirlwithasweettooth

a/n : thank you babe ! i tried to include all the fluff with this one , let’s see how good it is haha . i’m a sucker for soulmate au’s and i didn’t know what to do with this one so i made it a soulmate au hahaha ! i’m going to be away for the next couple days so i’m gonna prewrite things to post (:

y/f/i : your first initial

y/f/f/i : your friend’s first initial

“I don’t want to.” You look up at y/f/n with fear in your eyes, mixed in with the salty sting of tears welling up.

“y/n. You have to. I’m sorry.” y/f/n frowns, standing up and extending a hand out to you.

You don’t want to go to school. Your soulmate clock will reach its end, and you’re not ready to meet a new person, one who you’re supposed to spend your whole life with. You’re painstakingly shy, only talking to one person. Your best friend and cousin who just happens to be the same age as you and in the same grade as you, y/f/n. Other than your close family, talking to other people is out of the question. Except for today, assuming your soulmate actually wants to be with you.

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Ankle Biter | 01

pairing: taehyung x reader - single dad! au

warnings/genre: major fluff, major angst, smut eventually I’m sure because of my thirsty ass

summary: You swear that your job sucks, except for the guy who keeps coming in every morning to order himself a black coffee, and his kid a strawberry milk and chocolate muffin. When you and Taehyung have an awkward run-in at the cafe thanks to his kid, feelings start to emerge and so do the secrets. 

words: 2.6k

playlist | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | epilogue

moodboards: before & after

The day he started coming in was almost a year ago, big hand gripping little hand as he dragged who you assumed to be his son, through the crowd of people at the door and weaving through the occupied tables.

He stood in front of the register, holding the kid in one arm and pointing to the menu with his other. “The regular one? Or-oh, you want the strawberry one? One strawberry milk, please. Oh, and a coffee - black, and, Taeji, do you want the blueberry or chocolate muffin?”

Your coworker, a frumpy, grouchy old woman, took the father and son’s order before monotonously repeating the total and barking at you to get the order together. You watched curiously as the duo stood in front of the pick-up counter, the little boy grabbing onto his dad’s hair and giggling. They shared the same nose, and boxy smile, and it made you smile at how sweet the image was.

You set down the order - the coffee, the strawberry milk with a fun, plastic bendy straw and the chocolate muffin the little boy had decided on. “Oh, say thank you Taeji.” The man said, looking up at you and nodding his thanks while handing the package to his son and grabbing both drinks. You stood behind the counter, wondering if you should have offered to help carry the drinks, but watched silently as he put Taeji down in a booth and sat across from him. He stared at the little boy with such intensity you thought he might burst.

The kid’s dad sat back, running his hands through his hair. If you could see stress, this man was radiating it and you could feel it from across the cafe. He looked on at the kid while he happily sat on his knees, muffin stuffed in his mouth and crumbs all over the table you know you’d be cleaning up later. The little boy looked happy, so what was the problem?

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Taehyung Scenario: Jokes Aside

Request: I want to request a TaeTae scenario where you are childhood friends and he has always been a prankster and just really silly and generally how he is, but before the reader leaves for like college or something he confesses to her, but she doesn’t take him seriously at first. Super cute stuff you know. Fluffy Af.

Genre: Fluff, Romance

Taehyung had been a close friend and a next door neighbor to you since you two were basically in diapers. Your houses had always been right next to each other, and since your families were so close, the property line between your yard and theirs was really only a formality. And since you and Taehyung were about the same age, it was only natural that the two of you became close.

But now you had both grown up. You had both recently graduated high school– and you were so ready to start this new chapter of your life as you headed off to college. You had chosen a school very far away from home, while Taehyung had opted for a local school. It was the night before your flight, and as you and Tae texted each other like always as you reminisced away as to how long you two had been friends.

Taehyung had always been a fun-loving guy, and while he never took his pranks too far, he never ceased to get creative. One time, on your first day of kindergarten, you were sad to be without your parents for the first time and to cheer you up he thought it’d be a good idea to hide a fake spider in your backpack. While you hadn’t appreciated the scare, it certainly did distract you from missing your parents as you chased him around the playground.

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summary: When your father contacts Tom to protect you, he just sees a spoiled, rich girl from Upper East Side. But behind designer clothes, exclusive parties and expensive champagne there’s a lonely girl with a big heart.
[from the story] “Keep your hands off that dress” you screamed “That dress was a gift from Donatella Versace. She made it for my eighteenth birthday. I bet you can’t even spell ‘Versace’”
One of the twins rolled his eyes at your statement “Tom, I’ll give you fifteen dollars if you let me punch her”

taglist: @sarcasticvodka@petah-parkah-and-potahtas@dr-tardis-who@mamanewta5@espritdefleur@i-survived-my-trip-to-nyc@riverdalemami@peterparkersgal@dec-snowy@b0okjump3r@wandering-at-midnight@avispate@aussie-holland@once-upon-a-walking-wolf-demigod@zpidey-sense@marveltomjunkie@fairydustparker@translucentthoughts@castellandiangelo@notfabulousanna@sunshine-little-miss@whiitee–sxxl@homecomjng@muffinfangirl28@meganschuster07@cutie1365@llamaoomph@nevva-winter@karatyra@oswald-1998@i-love-superhero@philautia-love-of-self@clairesrainbow@laterpeter@donttellpeterparker@tomhollandimangines@parkerscupcake@nillebrein@kyritha@iamaliceinwonderland@madasameg@literallykaylenn​ @casualprincess77 @nativeofsouthwestlondon-darling@diamond-girl513@girlsandarrows@beardedsteveslut

Chapter 5

“Hi Mia. It’s Y/N here. I want to apologize for yesterday. I wasn’t feeling good” you lied “I tried to call you but my phone died and you were nowhere to be seen. A man offered me his phone and I called a taxi. I just wanted to know if you were ok. Sorry if I left you there. Call me back”.
You ended the call and throw the phone on your bed.
You were sick of everything. A series of tears escaped from your false lashes. Your gaze fell on the picture on your nightstand. It was a photograph you took years before. You were in Orlando with your parents.
“I miss you so much, mum” you murmured looking at the woman in the picture “sometimes I wish you were here. You can’t imagine how much I need you right now.”
Someone knocked on your door.
“One second” you yelled and tried to pull yourself together as much as you could “Come on in”
Tom entered the room and drafted a smile.
“How are you?” He asked.
You sniffled “How do you think I am? Like a shit, I can’t believe it, this situation is insane”.
Tom nodded and took a seat on the bed next to her “Y/N, you have to move from here. Your house is not safe anymore. I want to take you with me. Your dad agreed”.
“But… where are we going?” You stuttered.
“In the last place where they expect to find you: Bronx
You turned pale “Tom… I don’t want to seem rude, but I had one experience in the low places and I think I had enough”
Tom insisted “Y/N, yesterday you said you trust me, right? Just do it”
“And what about my dad? I don’t want to leave him. He is in danger just like me”
Thomas put his hands on your shoulders and looked in your eyes. You were amazed by his eyes, they had the same colour of aged whiskey. He was extremely attractive, and that contact made you tremble a bit.
“He is going to be fine. I know I’m asking you a lot, but I know my job and I’m always right. You won’t regret trusting me, Y/N” his voice was a mix of reassurance and authoritarianism.
You sighed “Ok, I’ll pack my things”
Thomas smiled “Thank you. I’ll let you pack your things alone.” He said as he headed back towards the door.
“No, thanks to you” you whispered when he was too far to listen to you.
You touched your shoulder, the same spot where Tom had laid his hands before and sighed.

“Look who’s here” Jacob greeted Haz with a huge grin “You smell good, what happened?”
Harrison smirked “I went to the SPA. My new girl payed for everything” he said, his tongue hit his palate, making a strong noise.
“No way! She knows how to treat you” Jacob joked.
Harrison took a seat next to him. They were in one of the many old garages they had occupied. A few guys from the gang took some furniture they had found in the streets to make this place more welcoming.
“I was working, Jacob” he warned him “While we were doing a sauna, I found out some useful information about our prey”.
The guy rolled his eyes “Yeah, but I don’t wanna know what you have done to get them”
Harrison laughed and stuck his tongue out at him.
“I rolled up my sleeves as well” Jacob said “Since we didn’t manage to kidnap the rich slut, last night I sent a few men at her place. They… gave one last warning. One of them entered in the house and stole her laptop. Up to now we haven’t found anything interesting but it’s a good start”.
The blonde one massaged his chin “I have something more interesting”
“Oh yeah?”
Haz nodded “I found out Mr. Y/L/N has a bodyguard who follows her. And I also think who he is.”
Jacob opened his mouth wide “You mean…”
He didn’t even have to finish the sentence that Harrison was already smirking.
Now everything was even funnier.

“Are we There yet?” you asked chewing a gum.
“Just five more minutes” Tom replied, “Who turn is it now?”
“Uhm… yours” you said. You kept your eyes closed.
“Ok, uhm… Harry Potter’s House?”
“Hufflepuff” you said with a proud grin.
Tom’s chuckles made you open your eyes “something wrong?”
“Oh no” he kept chuckling “It’s just the worst House ever”.
“Excuse me?” You put your hand on your heart in a dramatic way.
“We are almost at home” he said.
You looked around. The area was… a disaster. Everywhere you found rundown houses and children playing in the streets.
Tom noticed your expression and his hand moved from the steering wheel to your knee. He gave a small squeeze and you turned to him.
“I really hope this is the best option”.
“It’s just temporary” Tom said parking the car “Before we enter… We need a plan. Ok? You won’t go out unless it’s necessary and if you do, you need to be with me or my brothers. And I’ll tell the neighbours my cousin is here for a few days, so they won’t be suspicious”.
You sighed “Ok, let’s do it”.
Thomas helped you getting out of the car “It’s not Hilton Hotel but… yeah. That’s where I live” he said pointing at the building in front of you.
“No, well… it’s nice. Has something, uhm rustic” You stuttered.
“Tom?” Someone behind you said.
A wonderful black girl was standing there wearing a flower dress that exalted her long, skinny legs.
“Laura, hi!” he exclaimed.
“Come here” she greeted him with a huge smile and a hug. You witnessed the lovely meeting silence. It wasn’t hard to understand that they had (or were still having) something. Oddly, you felt something in your chest clenching a little.
“Oh, and she is my cousin Y/N” he introduced you to her “Y/N, this is Laura. My neighbour and anchor when I leave the lads at home alone”.
They both chuckled and exchanged a weird look.
“Yes, That’s me. Nice to meet you” you talked without even looking at her “Tom, I think we should get going. We have plenty of things to do”.
“Oh, sure. Here the keys. I have to say a few things to Laura” he said giving you the set of keys.
You rolled your eyes annoyed by his attitude. But, especially annoyed by your attitude. What was going on with you?
You sighed again as you heard Tom’s steps getting closer.
“Ready to start your new life?”
You gave him a sceptical look “I guess so”.
The house was pretty small and… messy. It wasn’t hard to imagine four boys living there. A little boy appeared on the stairs and he opened his eyes wide once he saw Tom.
“Tooooom!” He shouted, running in his direction.
“Hey, little one!” Tom held him in his strong arms, making him twirl a little.
“Who is this girl?” He asked pointing at you.
“Oh, this is Y/N. I’ll explain everything later. Ok? Where are Sam and Harry?” he made a pause, and added “Oh, sorry. Y/N, this is Paddy. My younger brother”.
Paddy smiled at you. He was very pretty, full of freckles.
“Sam is in his room. Harry… well, last time I saw him was two days ago.”
“You mean he didn’t come back?”
The little boy shook his head.
Tom was visibly angry but tried not to show it.
“Let’s go upstairs. I’ll introduce you to Sam”.

Tom let you some time to settle down. You were staying in his room. He said it was the biggest room on the second floor.
“Is everything all right?” Tom asked you.
“Yeah, it’s just that… I have a lot of clothes and your wardrobe is small…” you admitted beating your lower lip.
Tom chuckled “I don’t think you’ll need high hells here, darling”
You shrugged “Who knows!”
He chuckled and took a few steps towards you “Listen, Y/N. I think you should give me your phone. Just for precaution. If you call someone… we can be found. So, I’m asking you to give me your phone. It’s for your safety”
You opened your mouth, but Tom preceded you “I don’t accept a “no” as an answer”.
“It’s just… ugh. I’m not angry with you. But I had to renounce to my house, my laptop and now my phone”.
“Hey, Hey, hey” Tom stopped you “Remember, it’s just temporary. Ok? If you want… I’m going to the supermarket with Laura. Do you want to come with me?”
You restrained yourself from rolling your eyes. You didn’t like that Laura.
“Okay, let’s go. I’ll finish this later”.

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Craving You

Originally posted by winsync

Request: I recently saw Thomas Rhett’s new MV Craving You and I would love to see a Dean and Reader/OC. Maybe you can do something with this idea?

Pairing: undercover cop!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, kidnapping

A/N: Used the music video more than the lyrics loosely for inspiration and it just kind of snowballed from there into this sweetly terrifying fluff…

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I’ll Love You, Always (Part 4; Final)

Story summary: After finally realizing that you and Dean are a bad pair, you decide it’s time to leave him, Sam, and the bunker; to be with Cas.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this series! It was a fun one to write! <3

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence.

Word Count: 1.7k

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Originally posted by heartdoc112

“Y/N, we have to go.” You heard Cas say as you slowly rouse from a wonderful night’s sleep in the angel’s arms. It took a moment, but once his words clicked in your mind, you sat up.

“Is something wrong?” you asked, your voice weak with sleepiness as you rubbed your eyes. Cas was across the room, sliding his boxers on before walking over to you and kissing you briefly.

“There’s a case here, which means Sam and Dean will be here soon, if they aren’t already.” he told you, just before the small coffee pot in the room beeped. You smiled, loving that Cas was sweet enough to make you coffee.

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Strangers | Daniel Seavey

Requested? Yes!

Warnings? Two swear words?

Summary: Ever since your break up with Daniel in your senior year you never thought you would see him again. Boy were you wrong. (I suck at summaries sm omg) 

Word Count: 1,471

You speed walk down the busy streets of New York City trying to get to work on time. You woke up later than usual and with just your luck you couldn’t catch a taxi. You quickly rush towards the building to your office and reach out for the door handle.

Before you can grab onto the door handle someone pushes the door outwards and hits you. You stumble back and lose your balance causing you to fall. You brace yourself to hit the floor but instead feel two strong arms wrap around you.

You open your eyes to meet a pair of familiar blue ones and you hold back a gasp. The now familiar stranger helps you stand up and you try not to gape at him.

Daniel James Seavey.

You haven’t seen him since high school and your relationship hadn’t ended well. You were the typical high school sweethearts. Everyone was certain you were soulmates and would eventually get married but everyone was wrong.

You dated Daniel all of high school until the end of your senior year. Daniel had decided he was going to pursue his musical aspirations in LA and you chose a life in New York. You fought with him for months over your choice and eventually it was too much.

After a grueling two hour screaming match you had decided to end it. Long distance would be too much for the both of you and your schedules would never match up anyway.

No doubt that you were heartbroken all summer long. This boy was supposed to be your soulmate and it ended in a horrible way. At the end of the summer you packed up your things and headed for New York, ready to start a new life.

That was 6 months ago. You had never forgotten about Daniel. You knew you would see him again you just didn’t know it would be this soon.

“(Y/N)?” Daniel asks almost as if he didn’t believe it was you.

“Daniel.” You breathe out quietly. “What are you doing in New York?”

“My band is touring around here. Is this where you work?”


It’s quiet for a moment as you and Daniel look at each other. You couldn’t believe it was really him. Suddenly you remember you’re definitely late for work and you quickly grab your things.

“I’m actually really late for work.” You say rushing towards the door once again but Daniel stops you by grabbing onto your wrist. You feel the familiar shock at his touch and turn to face him again.

“Can I see you again?” He asks quietly.

You nod, unable to speak any further and he lets go of your hand. You rush into your work building and up to your floor. When you walk into your office you collapse into your chair and let out the breathe you didn’t know you were holding.

Your head was reeling and you felt like you were back in high school. You relived your moment with Daniel and you can’t help but smile. He wanted to see you again even after all this time.

Before you could think about it any further you remembered all the work you had to get finished. Your day went by pretty quickly and when you got out of work you checked your phone as you walked home.

You saw a text from Daniel and you could feel your heart speed up again. You loved that he still had this effect on you.

“Still the same number?” He texted.

“Yes.” You text back quickly.

He texted back immediately after. “Dinner tomorrow night? I wanna catch up on your new life in NY :)”

“Pick me up at 8.”

The next day at work couldn’t have been slower. It was currently lunch time and you couldn’t focus on eating anything. Your coworker sat across from you talking animatedly about something that happened at school but you were far away from the conversation.

“(Y/N)? Are you listening?” She asks snapping you out of your thoughts.


“What did I just say?” She asks while crossing her arms over her chest.

When you don’t respond she simply rolls her eyes at you but smiles regardless. “What’s on your mind?”

“I bumped into my ex boyfriend the other day.”

“You what?” She asks sitting up straighter to look at you.

You quickly explain your past relationship with Daniel and how you bumped into him yesterday on your way to work. “Also we’re getting dinner tonight at 8.” You finish.

“Dinner as in a date?” She asks.

“I don’t know.”

After lunch, time seemed even slower than before. Did Daniel plan this as a date? What were you supposed to wear? Where were you going? Has he changed at all?

A billion questions raced through your mind and suddenly it was 6 o’clock. You rushed out of your office and down the stairs. Thankfully you were able to catch a taxi and after a short ride you were at your apartment.

You walked up to your apartment and took off your shoes the minute you walked through the door. You pulled out your phone to ask Daniel if you should dress fancy or not and his answer was yes.

You walk into your bedroom and open up your closet. You shifted through your dresses and settled on a red dress that was shorter in the front but long and flowy in the back. It was your favorite dress that you owned and you placed it on your bed before heading into your bathroom to take a shower.

After showering you blow dried and styled your hair. You applied some light make up and by the time you slipped on the dress your doorbell rang. Grabbing your black clutch that held your phone and other essentials you walked out to your front door and took a deep breathe.

When you opened the door, there stood Daniel in a tuxedo which knocked the breath out of you. You had only seen him in a suit one other time and that was at your senior prom.

“Wow.” He whispered quietly making you blush.

“Damn.” You finally say and now it was Daniel’s turn to blush.

Daniel holds out his hand and you take it. He intertwines your fingers immediately and leads you out of your apartment and downstairs. You decide to walk to the restaurant since it was only 5 minutes from your apartment.

When you walked in you were seated immediately. You looked around the place astonished at how beautiful it was. You guessed Daniel and his band was pretty damn popular if he could afford this place.

“So,” He says breaking the silence. “Tell me about New York.”

You launched into your story of your adventures in New York. You talked about your new job and how the city was like nothing else you’ve ever experienced. Daniel listened to you intently, smiling widely as he watched you talked about something you loved.

Once you’re finished you ask Daniel about his band. You find out they’re called Why Don’t We and there were four other guys in the band. He told you all about traveling and performing and you couldn’t be happier for him.

The dinner was delicious and as you finish Daniel asks if you want to take a little bit of a walk before heading back to your apartment. As you step out of the restaurant Daniel intertwines your hands just like before and leads you down the slightly empty street.

“I’ve missed you.” Daniel says breaking the silence.

“I’ve missed you too.” You whisper and lean into him.  

“I made a huge mistake (Y/N).” Daniel starts and before you can ask him what he means he continues. “I can’t keep kissing strangers and pretending that they’re you.” He says.

You stop in the street and face him. He takes your other hand in his making you look up at him.

“I’m still in love with you. And if you still love me too, I want to give long distance a chance.”

Instead of responding you take a step closer to him and place a hand on his cheek. His eyes meet yours and you lean forward pressing your lips to his. He quickly reacts and places one arm around your waist and a hand on your cheek. Your arms slip to his neck and you pull him closer to you.

When you break away you both are left with huge smiles and slightly heavy breathing. Daniel leans his forehead against yours and his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips before finally settling on your eyes.

“So is that a yes?” He asks as a smirk rests on his lips.

“Of course.” You say before pressing your lips on his once again.


I once again don’t know how to feel about this one but here you go! I hope you like it :) send requests pls 

A Very Long Day

A series of unfortunate (but maybe a few fortunate???) events

(1,100 words)

Warnings: language, description of car crash

A/N: I’m so sorry I’ve promised you guys so many sequels but I’ve had so many essays and exams that I just haven’t had the time, so in the meantime here is a fic I wrote a while ago and never posted.

Originally posted by onewayoranothermaybe

It had been such a long day. You had two exams that morning and a tutoring session in the afternoon. The only thing that was keeping you going was knowing that Tom was at home waiting for you with Thai, movie rentals, and a bottle of wine. You were driving home from campus, blaring Kiwi by Harry Styles, when the music suddenly stopped and was replaced with a ringing. The touch screen that once displayed your music choice now showed a little picture of Tom. You pressed the accept button and soon his voice was filling the Audi RS7 that he had given you for your two year anniversary. Normally you’d never accept something like that, but since he’d been sponsored by them from Spider-Man, you knew he barely paid a cent. 

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Stay (part 10)-End-

Originally posted by itsokaysammy

Pairing: Sam x Reader
Summary: God tells Sam and Dean that they do, in fact, have soulmates
Warnings: none

“Did you every regret any of it?” your daughter asked, her head in your lap with a bowl of popcorn on her stomach.
“Leaving everything, to be with daddy, I mean,” she clarified, making you smile as you gently combed through her hair with your fingers.
“Not for a second,” you smiled softly, watching Sam and Dean do research about some monster in the library.

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No Regrets || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: due to circumstances, your father gets married to a woman known as May Parker after experiencing the heartbreaking loss of your mother. Now ready to move on, he builds a new life with the new woman of his dreams…and her nephew.}

I have always wanted to do this imagine ahhh

I’m trash, forgive me for being trash

warnings: relationships between the reader and…her step cousin?? Kind of step brother??? Lmao this is a hella complicated relationship, just know that Reader and Peter aren’t related by blood.

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


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Someone once said “If it doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you” The feeling of uncomfortableness means growth. Whether your growing on a mental, physical, spiritual and or emotional level. This is the first stage of the roller coaster. No matter how times you try to prepare for it you can’t be ready for it, because its growth, its new! Your going to have a new life, you’ll come out a new person😊 Trust the process and share it with the world.

Dear Damian Part 7 (Older! Damian Wayne x Reader)

Schninner: okay guys, before you get your hopes up thinking that this is going to end happily, let me just tell you right now, that this will not end well. Thank you all for all your support and kind words throughout this series (even though I definitely don’t deserve it for putting you guys through all this) But, without further ado, presenting Dear Damian, the 7th and final part. :D

(Reader is a female)

Part 1 * Part 2 * Part 3 * Part 4 * Part 5 * Part 6

Tagging: @isabellegunawan @gothxmsirxns @loverbug1123@maruthor @the-singing-canary @somestuff101s (who, by the way, made some AMAZING fanart for Dear Damian Part 6 that is right here) @cuddles-for-cassie and @preppygothica

Warning: THE ANGST!!!! There is no happy ending, sorry

Word count: 850

Master List

My dearest reader,

You have no idea how much I want to tell you that you were miraculously revived, brought to a hospital, or thrown in the Lazarus pit. I want so badly to tell you that this has all been a nightmare, that in any moment, you would wake up next to Damian, ready to begin a new day with the love of your life. But sadly, this is the real world. We don’t always get a happy ending, sometimes the world is a cruel place that aims to break you and what you believe in, it will often take away what matters to you the most. But all you need to do, is find closure, and only then can you move on.

Be well reader, with much love,


He would never see you smile again, never hear your voice or laugh ringing in his ears, never see you beautiful [E/C] eyes stare lovingly into his. You were gone. Dead. He watched and did nothing as you bled out in his arms, in that second, all the years he had spent with you, all the years that you were going to spend together, vanished. All that was left now, was the empty shell of a man once full of life.

It had been a week since your funeral, only a week, and yet it felt as if it were an eternity. He had hardly slept, ate, or showered; all he did was wake up, and lie there, numb from all the pain. Nothing physical, no, his broken bones and stitched up slashes were mere scratches compared to the emotional pain he felt after losing you.

He had to see you again, had to have something for closure. And that’s why, dear reader, we find Damian Wayne back at your father’s domain.

After losing you, all he wanted to do was burn this wretched place to the ground, but he couldn’t. You had stayed here for so long, he felt as if it were the last place he could be connected to you, if that made any sense. He had found your room easily, it was after all, the room you had as a child. That is, before your father’s fall out with the League of Assassins. He held his breath as he opened the door, and nearly sobbed as he took a deep breath in. Your [S/N] scent wafted through his nose, it was so strong, so new, that he half expected you to be sitting there on the edge of your bed, reading your favorite book. But you weren’t.

He swallowed hard, and shook his head, dismissing the flood of tears that had threatened to break through mere moments ago. He slowly walked over to your bed, and hesitantly sat down, hands resting on the red regal blankets. He looked around the small room, taking in his surroundings. His eyes then fell on a bright white piece of paper contrasting greatly on the dark brown Oak nightstand.

He walked over to the nightstand and picked up the paper, only to find that it was an envelope, then, gingerly, as if it were glass, turned the envelope over.

His breath hitched when he saw your handwriting on the envelope, his heart hammering as he read who it was addressed to.

To Damian

He gently peeled the letter open, and eagerly began to read it.

To my dearest Damian,

What I am writing will most likely never make its way into your hands, it may never even leave this room, but I need to tell you, I need you to know that everything that I have done, or will ever do is for your protection. I’ve hurt you so much in the past several months, and that is something I can never forgive myself for, but that isn’t the purpose for this letter. I love you Damian, with my whole heart and soul, I love you with my every being, but in order to let you live, I need to let you go, and I need you to let me go. Things will only get worse if you keep holding on to the past, please, I don’t want to be the cause of all your pain. I love you Damian, and wish you the best.

[F/N] [L/N]

Tears slid down his face and onto the paper he fell prostrate as new and cleansing sobs racked through his body.

You were gone forever, he knew that, but his seemed to be what finalized it. Never again would he hear you, feel you, kiss you, or tell you how much he loved you. He read through your letter several more times, staying in your room for countless more hours, before finally running out of tears to cry. He stood up, his eyes red and swollen, letting your letter flitter to the ground.

With his head held high, shoulders back, and body shaking ever so slightly, Damian walked out of our room, out of your father’s domain and toward the new chapter of his life, and moving on.

Anonymous said: Could you write some fluff with n at your wedding?  

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. The actual wedding ceremony was too emotional for words. Off in the distance, as you and Niall stood face to face to each other and saying your vows, you heard someone softly sobbing. Someone from your family no doubt, you and your entire family tree were criers. The I Do’s were said, the romantic kiss had been done, hand in hand you and Niall practically sprinted out of the church, ready to start a new chapter in your life together. After standing in front of the church for a moment, letting people take their pictures of you in your beautiful white dress and Niall in his sharp tuxedo and blowing bubbles as you did so, you two jumped in a limo and headed to the reception hall.

That was where the real party started. At the head table, Niall’s brother gave a speech just as Niall did at his wedding, bringing up an old childhood story that brought back a flood of memories to them both. He did a toast. Niall did another speech, thanking everyone for coming and to enjoy themselves of course. Dinner was served, after that the cake was cut. The knife was the biggest you’ve ever seen. Your hands were still shaking from the excitement and surreal shock of the day. Niall helped guide your hand to cut it, so you wouldn’t somehow accidentally hurt yourself. 

Hundreds if not thousands of pictures were taken of people dancing and singing and having a grand time. Niall danced with his mother, you danced with as many small children as you could. They all came around you to party like moths to a flame. The reception hall suddenly had a prom-like feel to it as the DJ slowed down the music, calling the bride and groom to the center for their first dance. Your armpits started to sweat with the spotlight literally on you and Niall. All the sudden nerves had went as quickly as they came when Niall touched you, leading you to the dance floor.

In the shoes you were wearing, you were about the same height as him. You kicked your shoes off, wanting to be your natural height so you could lay your head properly on Niall’s chest. Under all his clothes you could hear his heart racing. A slow and romantic song popped on the speakers, a song Niall happened to know by heart. He sang in your ear, taking the lead and swaying you round the dance floor. You closed your eyes, soaking in the moment with your new husband. He was so warm, a little sweaty, but the temperature of his body heat seemed comfortable compared to the blasting air conditioning. You should have got a shawl with your dress. You naturally shivered when you and Niall went right under an air vent.

“You cold?” Niall asked you quietly, as if telling a secret.

“It’s a little chilly in here.” You commented. 

Niall took a step back. Without even having to think twice, he undid the buttons on his tux. You protested, saying he didn’t have to do that and you’d be fine, but his jacket was already off and being swung around your bare shoulders. His jacket smelled like his cologne, it was warm from his heat. You laced your arms through the sleeves, it was a little long and probably looked silly with the dress but you didn’t care.

Niall was left in his dress shirt, and he looked mighty fine in it. His shirt was tucked into his pants and the waist coming higher than usual. Niall’s shoulders and arms looked much broader, the months in the gym trying to prepare for the big day paid off. As if he needed to changed anything about himself. He smiled at you, admiring you in his tux.

“Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.” Niall said in awe. “Did I tell you that you look stunning in your dress?”

Niall pulled you back in to continue your dance. You wrapped your arms around his neck, the sleeves of the jacket flopping over your hands. Niall’s hands rested on your lower back, rocking you back and forth. A few people joined the dance floor. A couple of your bridesmaids and a couple of Niall’s groomsman partnered together.

“Only a couple of hundred times.” You muttered. 

You looked up to Niall and Niall looked down to you. You were outstandingly beautiful. Niall admired your face as much as he could all at once, how your makeup was perfectly done and how your hair was perfectly styled. Sometimes he wished he could just scoop you up and put you in his pocket. Niall didn’t hold back with the compliments. Every detail he liked on you, he let you know. Under your makeup, he could still see how flustered you got. Niall kissed the tip of your nose and nuzzled himself in the space between your shoulder and neck, helplessly whispering how much he loved you.

Romeo And Juliet (Cole Sprouse Imagine)

College Cole Sprouse Imagine ;) Requested by @ateliefloresdaprimavera A/N : sorry it took so long! Hope you like it 💓 ————

“Yes! OK, I will call you after Y/BF/N, my tour is here,” you rushed down the phone, aware that a teacher was walking in your direction.

“Ok Y/N, good luck babe!” She cheered from the other end of the line.
Without another word to each other, you hung up. Today was the day that was going to shape your future. You were starting college.

Your family had only just moved to North Carolina from London, and you were starting your new school. Ever since you were little, you have wanted to act. It has been your life ambition and finally, it was coming true. Your parents new how much this meant to you, so when you got accepted into The Royal Academy of Performing Arts in North Carolina, you moved out here. It was hard saying goodbye to all your best friends; Y/BF/N had cried so hard and given you a beautiful photo of the two of you taken at your 16th birthday, two years ago. It was even harder getting on the plane and watching the home you knew so well just fade away, and eventually turn to nothing.

But the hardest thing was how you stuck out like a sore thumb by wearing a woolly jumper and jeans in one of the hottest states in America, on one of the hottest days of the year. It wasn’t your fault you had packed wrong, your clothes were suited to the rain and wind of England, not the sun and sea of North Carolina. Now you had to suffer.
Excited as you were, there was a small downside; you were joining in the middle of a term. People would already have partners for their projects, and you would be lonely at the back of the classroom.

But there was no point in complaining – your dream was coming true at last.

“Y/N Y/L/N?” The teacher asked in a strong American accent as he eventually arrived in front of you, a clipboard and pen in hand.

You smiled shyly, unsure how to react to a new person in a new place, “Hi.”

The man gave you a reassuring look, “I’m Professor Warren, your drama teacher. The receptionist told me you would be here, and,” he continued, handing you a colourful piece of paper, “this is your time table.”

You looked down at the busy schedule in your hands.

“As you will notice,” Professor Warren kept going, “you actually do have two periods of drama now, so we’ll get going, shall we?” He finished, and before you could reply, he started to walk.

Grabbing your bag off the bench and shoving both your timetable and phone into it, you started to walk into the colleges main building. It was a relief to be out of the sun with your thick jumper on, and you were already looking forward to arriving to the classroom when you could take it off for good.

After a couple of minutes of walking in silence, Professor Warren slowed down in front of a classroom with a fully black painted door.

“This,” he indicated towards the door behind him, “is a sound-proof room where magic happens. It’s also your drama room for the next two years so I would make yourself at home. Are you ready?” He asked nicely.

You took a deep breath inwards, and nodded firmly, trying to convince yourself more than anything.

You were an actor – even if you weren’t ready for a new step in your life, you could at least pretend it. But there was no need.

Because Professor Warren opened the door, and a whirlwind of noise was released like a dragon awakening.

Brightly coloured posters littered the walls, and rails and rails of handmade-costumes stood proudly at the sides, each stitch holding someone’s blood, sweat and tears. The graffiti covered desks were pushed into circle around the outside of the brightly lit room, and in the middle, there was a performance taking place. It seemed quite extravagant, with the use of a mannequin and a feather boa, but everyone seemed to be enjoying it due to the roars of laughter erupting every five seconds. The actors were tall, both boys. You could only see the back of the their heads, but when their audience looked in your direction and silenced, they stopped abruptly and turned.

Automatically, your heart stopped. The two boys were most definitely twins, the only difference being one had blonde hair, whereas the other had raven-coloured and bluer eyes that were looking directly at you. His gaze made you shiver slightly and react in such a way that was unusual – it was almost like you loved the attention, but hated his eyes directly upon you. Conscious of you standing awkwardly, you tucked your hair behind your ear and broke contact with the cute boy.

“Guys, I would like to introduce Y/N Y/L/N,” Professor Warren announced, answering the stares of the onlookers whose thoughts you could all hear judging you, “she’s new, just moved from England. Please make her feel welcome.” He gave a stern look to a particular girl at the back of the class who had her feet on the desk and was chewing gum quite obnoxiously. You made a mental note to keep away from her.

You stole a quick glance at the tall, dark and mysterious boy in the middle of the room and took in his appearance: white shirt, blue flannel over the top with black skinny jeans. He was tall enough too be attractive, not too tall to be weird. His fair skin contrasted elegantly with his ocean blue eyes…which happened to still be directly staring at you. A tingle went down your spine like lightning at the thought of someone finding you remotely interesting to look at - you never thought your looks were of such a high quality standard.

But obviously, he thought otherwise.

“Ok so the groups you were in yesterday, I want you to rejoin and I will give you your new assignment. Y/N, you can join Dylan’s group,” Professor Warren instructed.

You didn’t have to ask who Cole was, because at the sound of his name, someone whooped. Glancing backwards, you saw that it was the blonde twin who looked highly excited to have you joining his group. Someone was making sure everything was going effect for you today, and you made a note to thank them if you ever got to meet them.

Turning on your heels, both hesitantly and eagerly, you started to make your way to the centre of the room. Nobody was paying an interest to you anymore as they were all focused on their own groups and trying to swap so they could be with their friends like they were back in high school.

As you silently walked towards the group, Professor Warren started writing on the board at the front of the room.

“Your assignment in your groups is to re-enact a scene of Romeo and Juliet. It will go towards your final semester grade so make sure you work on it properly,” he justified.

The blonde twin stuck his hand out to you, “Hey, I’m Dylan.”

You smiled graciously, thankful someone was making an effort to get to know you.

He was definitely nice on the eye, but he wasn’t the one catching your interest.

The tall blonde boy on his left spoke next - “I’m Luke.”

You smiled at them both, and a feeling in your stomach told you that you were going to be friends for a long time.

The girl who had previously had her feet on the desk was in your group, but she just stared at you in disgust. There was always one girl who was judgemental so you weren’t particularly fussed.

“Emma, don’t be rude,” Dylan told her, his American accent sounding particularly good on him.

She huffed, “well you’ve just said my name, so there’s no point in me saying it then.” And with that she started to bite at her perfectly-precise-hot-pink nails.

The one person you wanted to speak still hasn’t. He was staring intently at you, as if you were some sort of puzzle he was trying to decode.

“Dude, say something!” Luke hit him playfully, following his gaze and seeing the intense eye contact you two were inducing.

The mystery guy was snapped back to reality, clearing his throat and looking at you once again with his soft eyes that melted your soul.

He smiled at you, and you returned it.

“I’m Cole.”


“And that is our story!” You proudly told the group of people in front of you.

They were in awe at you and your boyfriend holding hands at the table.

Camilas eyes were full of longing, “So you honestly just met in college two years ago?”

You nodded at looked at the smitten boy perched on the arm of your chair. Cole smiled back down at you, a simple action making your heart erupt.

“No, I don’t believe that’s the end. What about Romeo and Juliet?” Lili questioned, her ears not fully satisfied until they had been exposed to the cuteness of the ending.

“I can explain this part,” Cole told you, his eyes lighting up like stars when they looked straight at you.
“So we worked on the Romeo and Juliet play, and Professor Warren wanted to see what Y/N could do, so she was given the part of Juliet. Dylan was originally given the part of Romeo, but when he found out that I had started to like Y/N, he swapped for Mercutio. It just went on from there - we had to spend so much time together to work ok out parts and eventually we became best friends. Something just clicked and we just had a laugh. Trouble is, I was more than friends. Honestly, I would be lying if I said I didn’t love her at first sight. And little did I know, Y/N liked me back. Remember the other girl Emma? Well turns out she had had some sort of thing for me, so on the day of the performance she tried to sabotage it by ruining Y/N’s costume. The security cameras told the truth though when she tried to lie her way out of it. In the end, the show went on and she was given detention. The show was amazing, one of the best I’ve ever done, but that might be because I had a good partner.”

You blushed.

Cole continued, “so many people congratulated us afterwards and asked if we were dating in real life. Y/N here was about to answer no, but I managed to say yes before she could. She just looked at me and smiled, held my hand and that was it. We started dating there and then.”

You smiled up at Cole, your heart longing to hold onto this moment forever.

Lili and Cami stared the connection you had lighting up between you two. It was magical.

“ALL ACTORS FOR SCENE 7 PLEASE MAKE YOUR WAY TO THE STUDIO,” a voice over the loud speaker announced.

You had managed to snatch a last minute starring role on Riverdale, which was incredible as you got to do your favourite thing in the world with your favourite person in the universe.

Your entire table stood up, Cole taking a hold of your hand. The scene would only be quick, it was a shot of the gang on the school field.

Before you had chance to follow Lili out of the room, Coles grabbed your arm gently, keeping you rooted to the spot. You waited until the girls had left and turned around to face a sincere looking boyfriend.

“Y/N?” Cole spoke quietly, his eyes not leaving yours.


He gave you such a small smile that it was almost missed, but his eyes lit up like fireworks. The lingered on your face, taking every inch of your presence into his mind, body and soul.

He leaned forward and pressed his lips against your own, the invisible shield between you shimmering away and melting into his arms that were resting carefully on your waist. Your own entangled themselves into his soft raven hair, keeping you connected at all costs.
It just felt right with him. It was cliché, but the truth when you said - you were falling deeper in love with Cole Sprouse every day.

And little did you know, he was feeling the exact same way.

Originally posted by rhyfle

Yes, you waited patiently.
Yes, you grew tired.
Yes, you moved on, and that’s ok.
No, it does not mean that you gave up.
No, it does not make you impatient.
No, it does not mean that you’re a bad person for moving on.
It just means that you’re ready to start a new chapter in your life.
It just means that you love yourself enough to draw the line between patience and desperation.
It just means that you’re ready to give yourself another chance at happiness with someone else.

-Remember that you are still a patient, kind, and loving person, but just for someone else who’s ready to accept it.


anonymous asked:

How about Hanzo and s/o move to Japan and s/o is feeling a bit homesick but does not want to leave or anything, just to be comforted ^^

Yes! More Hanzo for me to work with, thank you, thank you, thank you! Also a very nice idea, so I’ve done this as a mini little fic, hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy! :)

You sat on your bed in your new home, looking around the place uncertainly. Everything was unfamiliar and you found yourself wishing for home, however much you wanted to love it. In your mind, you knew you would get used to the new surroundings over time but right now, your heart was beating as fast as it ever had as you panicked about what you had gotten yourself into.

You heard the door open and sighed as Hanzo called out to alert you to his presence. You had moved out here for him and you wouldn’t change it for the world, since Hanzo was quickly becoming your entire world. You couldn’t imagine life without him and if that life was to be in Japan, so be it, you told yourself in what you hoped was a convincing manner.

“Y/N, my love.” Hanzo entered the room, an uncharacteristic grin on his usually stoic face. You couldn’t deny how happy the move had made Hanzo and that made your heart leap with happiness.

He came over to kiss your cheek and you faked your best smile, reaching a hand to cup his cheek lightly. But this man knew you better than you knew yourself most of the time and his hand came to rest on yours in concern.

“Why is your smile a false one?” he asked bluntly and you felt the smile slip as quickly as you had plastered it on. What was the point in even attempting to fool this incredible man?

“Just a little homesickness, thats all,” you brushed him off, standing to leave the room, “Nothing to worry about.”

Before you could blink he had lightly grasped your arm and whirled you round to face him again, his expression yet more concerned than it had been.

“Anything that worries you,” he tilted your chin to look at him properly, “Worries me. Talk?”

And as you looked into your husband’s eyes, you couldn’t help but talk and talk and talk until you couldn’t anymore. He was there to listen the whole time, shutting out the rest of the world and thinking only of you. And afterwards, you felt lighter than you had done since the move; ready to really begin your new life.

Found You (fluffier part 2 to a Jun angst)

Part two to the Jun angst! This was supposed to be fluffy but I’m not fully sure how I succeeded at that..? On top of that I apparently don’t know how to write things short sO… Anyway, this ending won by one vote but I hope everyone enjoys~ Thanks for the help, especially the Anon that suggested it to go more or less like this! ❤︎

You sipped your morning tea, seated by your small dining table, and watched Jun and your best friend pack her things into carton boxes. After “The Incident”, as you referred to it, things had changed a little. Jun and your friend paid a lot more attention to you - of course, they always had, but now it was different. They were practically looking for signs of you not being okay, but whenever they did that, you assured them that you were fine.

Which you would soon be, you told yourself. With the two of them moving out to their own apartment, you most likely wouldn’t see them as a couple as much anymore, and the less you’d see Jun the more your one-sided feelings would fade and the easier it would be for you to breathe, both literally and more metaphorically. You were sad to have your friend leave you, naturally, but you knew it was for the better. She’d get to live with her boyfriend and you’d get some space for yourself to sort things out.

The knowledge of a brighter future made you smile, and upon seeing that, Jun smiled, too, nudging your friend and pointing at you.

Two days later all the boxes were gone, as were all of your friend’s belongings. You stood by the door to her old room and sighed as nostalgia filled your mind. Taking a good look at the empty room, you closed the door, more than ready for the new chapter in your life that was about to begin.

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