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Here’s the thing about Louis and what we see. It’s been 5 years of call and response between the fans and his public image, more than any of the other boys, including Harry.

The most predictable thing about this entire mess is the way they always try to fill plot holes and tie up loose ends in Louis’ public life alone. Show me the same scramble to explain Niall or Liam’s holidays with family and friends.

They consistently go back and try to answer questions, and that isn’t real life. They’ve treated Louis differently since September 2011. Always ready with a posed picture from an event most fans correlate with family (vacations, birthdays, Christmas). And that would be fine if it wasn’t nearly every single holiday and special event broadcasted by social media and paparazzi for over 5 years. He didn’t even get a reprieve when he “broke up” with Eleanor. He had another girlfriend lined up just in time for Christmas the same year. And this year.

They’ve never learned that less is more. But they probably wouldn’t even be able to execute a less is more strategy, because Harry and Louis have already set the standard by which we measure all other interactions between them and others.

And that bar is too high to fake.

The signs as buyers on HGTV

Aries: Has high expectations but a low budget  

Taurus: Wants a move-in ready home since they don’t want to deal with renovations

Gemini: Values location over the actual home

Cancer: Emphasizes their need for a large updated kitchen

Leo: Wants a space to entertain their friends and family in

Virgo: Prefers a fixer-upper so they can make the home exactly how they want it

Libra: Lets their partner make the final decision on which home to choose

Scorpio: Thinks the realtor isn’t doing their job when they don’t like a home

Sagittarius: Purchases an exotic vacation home

Capricorn: Willing to go over budget for the perfect home

Aquarius: Wants a home with “charm”

Pisces: Has no idea what they want and makes the realtor try to figure it out

Exactly Right

I don’t know if there’s a better way to say “I love you” on the first chilly night of fall, on a Friday before vacation than to bring your wife a gourmet grilled cheese on fresh bakery sourdough with havarti and deli mustard and a generously poured glass of red wine as she relaxes on the couch getting the tv ready for family movie night. When you marry the right one, you just fall in love with him over and over again.

A Letter to My Followers!

Hey, guys!
First of all, thank you so much for being so nice. I know I haven’t up dated recently but I do have a good reason: school. I’m homeschooled and have a winter vacation rather then a summer vacation and, sadly, vacation time is over.
I’m back at it and as much as I love to write, my education comes first. So, again, sorry for the lack of updates. It’s been a little difficult getting back into “study mode” but once I’m ready, I’ll pick a certain time for imagines. Mostly likely Saturday and Sunday.
To everyone who has a request, just know that I’m trying to get them all done! Running a blog can be a little hard sometimes but I do love it and I love all of you.

Love, Admin Nan.

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Not A Kid Anymore! (Ch.1)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: High/Middle School AU, Romance, Fluff, Comedy, Angst/Drama, & SMUT (in the way distant future)
Words: 2,649
POV: 2nd Person
Song(s) of the Day: Lady’s Room

Next time: ch.2 | ch.3 | ch.4

Who Is That?

Ah yes… it is the day after Summer vacation, and we all know what that means…the first day of the new school year. With the sound of an annoying buzzing sound bouncing off the walls, you reached over to your nightstand and hit the snooze button. You tiredly glanced at your clock, trying to decipher what time it was. Reading that it said, “5:45 AM”, you knew that it was time to get your butt up and get ready for your last “first-day” of high school ever! Realization hit you like a truck. Today was, indeed in fact, your last “first-day” of high school ever because next year you will be going off to college! You stared blankly at your wall, that was decorated with framed water color paintings, as you just sat in silence, letting that fact fester in your mind. Once you were done letting everything sink in, you quickly jumped out of bed and walked over to your closet. You flipped through shirt after shirt. Dress after dress, leggings after leggings, and well, you get the picture. Today was your first day of being a senior, so you definitely had to make a great first impression. Even more so, since you were named captain of your school’s cheerleading squad, which meant you had to “dress to impress”. You finally chosen outfit that was both comfortable yet cute. Subtle yet bold at the same time. Even though you were now captain of the cheerleaders, you still held onto that introvert aspect of your personality for dear life. You weren’t entirely introvert, but you weren’t entirely extrovert either. You were a mixture or as what your Psychiatrist of a mother likes to say,

         “Sweetie, you are an ambivert. That means you have qualities of both extrovert and introvert. See, that makes you even more special.”

Smiling fondly as you remembered your mother’s words, you soon realized that you were going to be late if you didn’t kick yourself into the third gear. You swiftly threw on your outfit, which you decided on a pastel colored dress paired with a light cardigan that complimented the color of the dress. You rushed over to your vanity mirror and quickly braided your hair. You opened your music/jewelry box and picked out your favorite bracelet, watch, and a simple necklace to complete your look. You grabbed your beige colored knapsack-backpack hybrid and headed out of your room. Practically running down your stairs, almost skipping a step, you hurried to the kitchen and grabbed a banana and granola bar before rushing to the garage.

         “She forgot her keys.” Your mom commented, smiling amusingly at your dad as she sipped her coffee.

Your dad shook his head, also having an amusing smile on his face, as he silently counted backwards from three when he heard the door that lead to the garage swing wide open. You embarrassingly walked over to the key wall and plucked your lanyard from its designated hook.

         “…bye…” You muttered, trying to fight off a smile, knowing that your parents are silently judging you.

         “Have a good day at school Y/N!” You heard your dad shout after you.

You quickly turned around and with a bright smile you shouted,

         “LOVE YOU GUYS!”

You parents shook their head and finished off their breakfasts before beginning their day.

Drumming on your steering wheel, you bobbed your head to the beat of the latest hits on the radio as you patiently waited for the traffic light to turn green. As soon as it turned green, you stepped on the gas pedal and continued your merrily way to school. With the entrance of your school in sight, you slowed down and carefully turned into it, driving through the gates. Slowly and carefully navigating your way through the busy school parking lot, you finally spot your designated parking spot. You turned into the parking space and parked your car. You gave yourself once last glance over using the front-facing camera of your phone, carefully smoothing down loose strains of hair and making sure your subtle lip tint was not smeared anywhere. Once you deemed yourself worthy, you grabbed your school bag and exited the car. You beeped your car, activating the car alarm. Putting your lanyard in the front pocket of your school bag, you easily honed in to a pair of familiar faces waiting for you on the sidewalk. You carefully yet hurriedly your way to them and was instantly greeted with the sound of bright voices.

         “Y/N” Your two closest friends shouted, earning a few side glances from your fellow students. You ran up to them and they immediately engulfed you in the warmest and sisterly hug ever. Not wanting to pass up this perfect moment, you quickly set your school bag, as did your closest friends, signifying that they were on the same page as you. You three quickly did your famous greeting cheer, earning even more glances but this time from your fellow Senior Class.

         “Oh my goodness! I missed you, Y/N!” Your close friend #1, Joyce, shouted, grabbing her school bag from the ground before hooking her arm with yours.

         “I missed you more, Y/N.” Your close friend #2, Kaya, stated playfully, as she simply walked by your side.

Joyce playfully glared at Kaya, “Why must you lie to her like that Kay? Everyone at this school knows that I love and miss her more than you.” She argued, sticking her tongue out and jokingly taunting her.

Kaya stared at her in awe and simply rolled her eyes in response.

         “How old are we again?” Kaya asked, feeling like the mother of their little trio.

Both you and Joyce stare at each other as sheepish smile began to spread across your bubbly faces.

         “That depends Kay, mentally or physically?” You playfully asked as you three found your lockers, which by the kindness of the Gods, the school put you three next to each other once again. You three have always been next to each other since you entered this school. Even the school administrators must know how close your bond with the two ladies are if they keep on assigning you three next to one another. Not that you were complaining.

Kaya simply shook her head as she pulled out her lock from her school bag and hooked it to her assigned locker.

         “So, did you hear that Chanyeol and Anne broke up over the summer? Apparently, someone didn’t like his now ex-girlfriend spending time with the captain of our school’s rival football team.” You heard Joyce gossip as you organized your locker to your standards, alphabetizing your textbooks and color-coordinating your binders.

You paused for a moment and peeked from behind your locker door.

         “Holy shit, really?” You asked, earning a nod from Joyce in response.

         “Yup! According to my cousin, he found them half-naked and in bed together. You know for a person who doesn’t believe in sex before marriage, she sure is doing a lot of that.” Joyce added, further explaining the hot gossip that is circulating throughout the schoolgrounds and the school year just begun.

Kaya snickered, “Please. People who say that are either A) actually being honest about that or B) using it as an excuse to get out of having sex with their significant other.” She stated, using her hand to help further prove her point.

You and Kaya stared at her blankly as you both begin to sincerely think about her examples. Before you could open your mouth to agree with her statement, Joyce’s eyes widened to size of dinner plates as she sees a familiar that you do not want to see first thing in the morning.

         “Joyce?” You called out to her, wondering what has got her tense.

Joyce pointed in a certain direction. You and Kaya both followed with your gazes to the thing she was pointed at.

         “Oh shit…” You cursed underneath breath as you began to hurriedly grab your school materials for your first class of the day before he and the rest of his group arrive. Unfortunately, for you and fortunately for him, you were slow. Just as you slammed your locker and locked and reset the lock, an arm was blocking your path. You found yourself rolling your eyes, knowing who exactly that arm belongs to.

         “Jung Hoseok,” You leaned your back against your locker, “To what do I owe the displeasure of your presence first thing this morning?” You questioned, using your overly sweet tone to mask the disgust in your voice.

Hoseok smirked in response, loving how feisty you were being and it is not even noon yet.

         “Well, kitten…” He leaned close to you, still blocking your path with his arm, not wanting you to escape his grasp like you always have done, “I thought it would be good for my health to start of my Senior year on the right foot,” He then brushed his lips against your ear, his breath fanning the inner part of your ear, “And in order to do that, I need to see my girl’s innocent yet sexy face.” He finished, earning a mixture of gags and perverted comments from both of your set of close friends.

You rolled eyes once again as you gripped your binder and biology text book close to your chest.

         “Does that line work on all ladies you try to have sex with?” You asked, venom dripping down every word. Unfortunately, for you, Hoseok didn’t take your coldness as a hint to back away. He then pulled you close to him, wrapping his arm around your shoulder.

         “Actually… this is the first time I ever used this sentence,” He then released you from his hold and placed his hands to his chest, covering his heart, “You wound me Y/N… I am here trying to have a great morning by talking to the woman I love, and here you are resisting my charms. Hurtful Y/N…” He complained, earning side glances from onlookers as they began to whisper with one another, creating some juicy gossip to spread throughout the campus.

         “Great… just fucking great…” You thought, letting out a long and frustrated sigh as you contemplated hitting your head with your school materials. Maybe if you hit yourself hard enough, you would get concussion and be placed on independent study for the whole school year. Sadly, you weren’t that lucky.

Joyce and Kaya noticed your discomfort, both giving each other a look that said, “Alright, time to step in.”

         “Hoseok, have you ever thought of… Oh, I don’t know… sleeping with someone else? Can’t you see that Y/N is not interested in you. Take a hint.” Joyce spat, feeling truly disgusted with the boy’s behavior towards her sister from another mister.

Hoseok averted his gaze from and rested it on Joyce. He raised an eyebrow at her words, secretly annoyed that she was ruining his “moment” with you. He then switched his gaze onto Namjoon, fully aware of his crush on the girl but obviously, Joyce didn’t return those romantic feelings. Hoseok gave Namjoon a little head nod, signaling him to step in and distract Joyce. Joyce raised an eyebrow at Hoseok, patiently waiting for whatever bullshit that comes out of his mouth.

         “Hey baby.” Joyce heard Namjoon from her right. She turned her head in that direction and low and behold, there was Kim Namjoon, standing a little too close for comfort.

         “What do you want Namboob?” Joyce asked, not wanting to give him the time of day as she did a quick side-step to the left, hoping to create a bit of space between him and herself. Sadly, that didn’t work. Namjoon took that as sign to pull her closer by her waist in which he did. Joyce’s eyes widened at his sudden boldness.

No longer able to handle both of her sisters from different misters being manhandled by members of the school’s football team, Kaya decided it was time to intervene. Even though she looked fragile and “couldn’t hurt a fly” type of persona, it was honestly the complete opposite. Thanks to her five plus years of kickboxing, Kaya could break a person’s nose if provoked to do so. Just as she was about to kick both Hoseok’s and Namjoon’s ass, Yoongi swiftly grabbed her arm and turned her body around. Now facing the pale boy instead of her targets, Kaya felt her body froze and her mind trying to tell her to kick him in the nuts.

         “Well, isn’t this a turn of events? All of us with our respective woman. What a good way to start the day, don’t you think boys?” Hoseok addressed his close friends, completely forgetting the fact that they had a young visitor with them.

         “Oh shit, I’m sorry Jungkook, I totally forgot to drop you off at your middle school.” Seokjin confessed, feeling rather embarrassed by the fact that he honestly forgot about his mom’s closest friend’s son. He then left his position from one of the lockers and walked over to the youngster. Seokjin went to each one of his “brothers” and did their signature handshake before politely shoving the middle schooler away from the circle.

You noticed the middle schooler staring at you, even while being dragged away by Seokjin, as his chocolate brown eyes pierced through yours. Hoseok noticed Jungkook’s gaze and couldn’t help but feel a little bit possessed. He placed his thumb and index finger underneath your chin and then gently tilted your head up to meet his gaze and breakaway from Jungkook’s.

With your sense suddenly knocked back into you, you felt the anger resurface throughout your body as you continue to be sweet-talked by the school’s biggest flirt until the first warning bell echoed throughout the school.

         “Shit… we are going to be late!” Seokjin cursed loudly, noticing that he had less than ten minutes to drop off Jungkook to school before his first warning bell rang.

         “You are not worried about being late Seokjin?” Jungkook shyly asked, feeling a bit intimidating by the Senior.

Seokjin flashed a brotherly smile at him, “Nah. I’m a teacher assistant for the front office during my first period, so I’m fine. Besides, my mom works as one of my school’s counselors, so I just need to send her a quick message, explaining the situation, and hopefully, I am not in deep shit when I get back.” He replied, explaining his situation to the eighth grader.

Jungkook shyly nodded, feeling his cheeks heat up a bit from hearing his elder say a curse word.

         “You excited to start eighth grade? Soon, you will be able to join Jimin and Taehyung at our school!” Jungkook heard Seokjin excitingly informed him, hoping that he and the two ’95 liners will be best friends once he, Hoseok, Namjoon, and Yoongi graduate next year.

Jungkook looked away from the window and shyly nodded, answering Seokjin’s earlier question. He turned his attention back to the window as his thoughts wondered off. He began to think about his future life in the high school. He began to think about what he just witnessed this morning, wondering if girls actually like guys like Hoseok. More importantly, if girls like you fell for guys like that.

He didn’t know what possessed his body to do this but…

         “Hey Seokjin… who was that girl with Hoseok?”

Seokjin quickly glanced at Jungkook as pulled into the drop off area at the middle school, wondering if his “old” ears heard correctly.

         “I’m sorry, what was that Jungkook?” He politely asked, silently praying that he didn’t hear what he thought heard.

Jungkook calmly grabbed his backpack and opened the passenger door. He quietly exited the vehicle, but before closing the door, he glanced over his shoulder and said,

         “I said, who was that girl that I’m going to call my girlfriend one day?”

A/N: What is this? A new chapter? But not just any chapter, it is the first chapter for my brand new series! This idea popped into my head one night when I was talking to Hana @jungkookfortunekookies about the educational system in Canada and here in America. Yeah, I don’t know why but I thought it would be cute for an 8th grader to be crushing on a senior in high school, so this is the product that my creative bank came up with it! I hope you like this new series and updates for We Bring The Boys Out! will be slow, but I will update that series as well as this one. Boy I got my work out cut out for me! Anyway chapter 11 for We Bring The Boys Out! will be out this weekend or next weekend, and chapter 2 for this series will definitely be out tomorrow! :) Oh, I created that mood board myself in case people were wondering. Okay bye! 

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Every time you write for Sousuke, I just melt! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ What about one where his shoulder hurts worse than usual and is even more aggravated by the full body heaves and chills that his stomach flu is giving him? Pain and mess, plz lol

Rin really needed a vacation.

Coming back from an overseas tournament in America had been exhausting. The competition itself was exhilarating โ€“ fun, even, Rin being the sort of person who thrived in a competitive environment. He placed highly in all of his heats, and even managed to set a new personal best time. The plane ride back had been spent alternatively dozing and buzzing with excitement over being able to tell Sousuke all about it once he returned to Japan.

As he turned the key in the lock of their apartment, he was ready to be faced with a number of things. Maybe Sousuke was napping, passed out in front of the TV again. Maybe heโ€™d gotten so caught up in cooking or studying that he hadnโ€™t been able to hear or reply to the eight texts Rin had sent him since landing. Maybe he wasnโ€™t home at all, and had gone down to the gym for more physical therapy on his shoulder.

Whatever the case, Rin called out as he opened the door. โ€œHey, Sousuke! Are you home?โ€

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Don't leave me

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Warnings: Drowning, fights, feels.

Request: Could you write an imagine where during Dead in the Water the reader dives in the water to save Lucas, and gets dragged down in stead, and Dean saves her, and when she’s not breathing he’s crying and begging her to come back while Sam does CPR. It eventually works and Dean is a mess, and the reader is coughing and Dean hugs her and keeps telling her home much he loves her.

Notes: Finally ready! Sorry for taking so much time to write this, but my vacation is over and i’m not feeling exactly fine so…

This story passes in Dead in the Water 1x03, sorry for putting so much of the episode in the story.

It’s small but i hope you guys like it, the other requests will be out in a few days.

And guys… talk to me.

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“Stop yelling!” You screamed.

“I’m not fucking yelling (Y/N)” He shouted angry. “I’m just trying to make you understand that i didn’t flirt with that girl! Because i fucking love you” 

“Do you?” You anwered sarcastically, lowering your voice trying to prevent the tears from falling. You met Dean two years ago in a hunt and since then you were girlfriend and boyfriend. But since his father went missing and you two went to Stanford to get his little brother Sammy, you two were fighting over every little thing. You didn’t believe in his “I love you” anymore, you didn’t believe in anything. You sighed readying yourself to say what you were thinking for the last days. “I’m so done of this. After this hunt, i’m gone.”  

But before he could open his mouth to answer you, Sam opened the door looking at you two a little confused. 

“Guys, we need to go…” He said making Dean - who stared straight into your eyes with a underable expression - shake his head and follow his brother outside the room. 

You let a single tear drop from your eye and followed the guys to the Impala. You were working on a case of some suspicious drowning, including the drowning of the husband of Andrea, the girl you said Dean was flirting with. She was beautiful, you had to admit, probably prettier than you. The fights with Dean made your self-esteem become pretty low. Because of this, you didn’t blame the girl, actually a little part of you didn’t even blame Dean for flirting. You’re fucked up. If you were Dean, you wouldn’t stand your self anymore too.


You let a silent tear fall when you thought about how your relationship was going, this was not right. You loved Dean with all your heart, you really did. But with all the fights, all the distrust of both parts, you just couldn’t stand it anymore. And it hurt so much. 

“(Y/N)? Is everything okay?” Sam’s preoccupied voice interrupted your thoughts, making you look at him. You and Sam were in the Impala waiting for Dean to finish packing because the Sheriff of the town kicked you out. It’s sucked but it happened in some cases.  

“Yeah Sammy.” You said giving him a small smile trying to stop crying, but of course he didn’t believe you. He sighed shaking his head in denial.

“Look (Y/N), i know my brother can be an ass sometimes but… i know he loves you and…”

“He doesn’t Sam.” You interruped him with a very broken heart. “Maybe one day he did but… we’re not the same anymore. He doesn’t care like he used to, but i do… and that’s why i’m gonna leave.” 

“There’s nothing i could say to make you change your mind?” Sam asked with a sad voice and you shaked your head in denial. “In this case, i’m gonna miss you… we didn’t have many regular woman in our life and i’m happy to say that you’re one of them.” He said smiling offering you his hand and you took it finally after days, smiling a little bit. 

“Thank you Sam, i’m gonna miss you too.” You said and he smiled but before you could continued this conversation, Dean enter the car with a serious face, you were still mad at him but you knew that something was bugging him.

“What’s wrong Dean?” Sam asked and Dean accelerated the car to the opposite direction of the city’s exit.  

“We’re going to Andrea’s.” He said and Sam’s eyebrowns frowed.

“Andrea’s? Why?” Sam cried and you sighed knowing exactly what this was about. 

“I’m not leaving this city until i make sure Lucas is okay.”  

When you finally arrived, you guys found Andrea drowning in the bathtub, and Lucas desesperate. After Sam took her out of the bathtub, you stayed in the house talking to Andrea and trying to understand what the heck was going on.
In the morning Lucas found the dead kid’s bicycle and you understood what happened. The sheriff and Bill Carlton killed one kid drowing him into the lake, and now this kid was haunting their families. 

“LUCAS!” The sheriff screamed and you saw the little one on the edge of the lake. Shit. You and all the others started running and when he was pulled into the lake by the kid’s spirit, you were the first one to jump to get him. You got Lucas’ hand and boost him towards the surface feeling the spirit grab your feet.  

“Lucas! Oh my god” Andrea cried and with Sam’s help, they got Lucas out of the lake. 

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked when he saw that Lucas came out of the water but you didn’t, he started to panic. “(Y/N)!” He screamed trowing himself into the water to search for you. He could feel his whole body shaking with the fear of losing you. He couldn’t lose you. 

His mind wans’t processing things but his hands were moving like crazy in the water trying to find you. Until his hands finally met something that seemed to be your waist. He pulled you out, and Sam helped him lay you down on the pier.  

“(Y/N)?” Dean asked looking at your non breathing body, starting to fear the worst. 

“(Y/N) Wake up damn it!” He screamed shaking your body and before he knew, he felt tears in his cheeks. 

“Move Dean!” Sam screamed trowing himself on the top of you so he could do CPR. Dean was sobbing when he took your cold hand watching Sam pressing your chest and breathing into your mouth. 

“Wake up (Y/N), you can’t leave me!” Dean begged crying hard. “I never want you to leave… come back to me babe.” 

Sam tried a few more times before starting to feel his own eyes fill with tears as he looked up at his brother, shaking his head in denial. Dean’s eyes widened and he shook his head not wanting to believe. 

“No Sam…”He started and Sam wiped his face of tears.  

“She’s gone Dean.”

“NO DAMN IT!” Dean screamed starting to do CPR in you again. He refused to let you go. When Sam was about to pull his brother away from your body, you started coughing water.

“(Y/N) oh god” Dean said crying in relief when you opened your eyes confused. He helped you sit to cough some more water and after you finally stopped, he hugged you still feeling the tears fall. 

“I love you so much sweetheart.” He cried still hugging you. “Please don’t leave me, please…”

“De-dean…” You started still feeling a little dizzy. 

“Shh… c’mom let’s get you inside.” He said but before anything else, he touched his lips on yours so gently that it was almost like you weren’t kissing. “I love you (Y/N), don’t ever doubt that. Don’t leave me, please, we can make this work, don’t leave me.” 

“I’m not going anymore Dean” You said a little surprised, confused but extremely happy to hear that as you wiped his tears. “Even if i want to, i love you too much for that.”

He sighed in relief kissing your forehead before getting up and carrying you in his arms into the house. And even though words weren’t spoken, you knew that the fights would be over for a very long time from now on.

Desk Warming

Ya’ll this shit is so boring. I was told that I would be at the school alone and that’s what I wanted so I could nap and watch movies all day but so many teachers are here (an have been for the past two weeks). I already have my lessons ready for the first three weeks of classes so I’m over lesson planning for now. I can’t wait to start classes because this is too damn boring. How do you guys pass time while desk warming?

I kinda want to start a YT channel. At the same time there’s so many foreigners in Korea YT channels and Beauty channels, those would be the two things I focused on. So although I want to start a channel I don’t want it to be repetitive. I plan on traveling a lot this year (children’s day, summer vacation, Chuseok, and next winter vaca) and I definitely want to document that for my own’s sake and for my family/friends back home to see. 

Also, I kinda got a boyfriend now lol. 


You’ve been living in the same apartment building in a busy section of downtown for years now. At least long enough that you shrugged as you noticed the nail holes in the walls as you readjusted your new shadowboxes – meant to hold the shells from your recent vacation with your family to St. Augustine. You’d lucked out and managed to snag the corner apartment when you’d arrived fresh from college and ready to plunge into the Real World with your Adult Job and Responsibilities. The windows were a must, as you lived for summers and thought very seriously of getting a timeshare for the winter months. They gave you a view of the park a block over, the mom-and-pop bakery that had become your go-to spot for coffee and bagels on the way to work, and a straight-shot view of the city’s university several blocks down.

Your building is far enough away that rent is fairly reasonable for a college student in debt, and so while you build friendships with the long-term residents (Sr. Muñoz always comes by with extra sauces from the care packages his son ships him, and Ms. Geltzer is ever eager for visitors so that she can show off her extensive collection of artwork gathered while she toured with the ballet), you also witness a revolving set of perpetually young, perpetually exhausted twenty-somethings haul their cardboard boxes into and out of the building’s large, double-paned glass doors. On occasion, you’ve helped, but for the most part, they have a caravan of friends to laugh and yell with as they lug ratty couches and Home Essentials desks and coffee tables up the stairs.

There’s one apartment in particular on your floor that seems permanently reserved for the students. Unfortunately, it shares a wall with your own kitchen and living room. Some years, you luck out with a quiet person who seems just to skulk back and forth from the staircase and their door, weighed down with books and binders. Other years, your sleep is interrupted by more social denizens with time and money to spend on parties. For a semester, you found yourself sharing the wall with an engineering student. She’s nice enough, and her socialization was limited to a few friends and a girlfriend (boyfriend? You were never quite certain, but after all, it wasn’t really any of your business, and more importantly, they seem to treat each other with respect), but the muted explosions and increasingly strong odor of smoke and burnt electronics eventually draws complaints. You think that this particular student is not the worst of the bunch, but there is the constant concern that she’ll light the place on fire while trying to complete her homework. So she moves out at semester, right after finals. This is when she moves in.

It’s a cold evening a week before Christmas when you bump into a parka with legs. To your surprise, the parka squeaks and starts apologizing, and then a knit cap is being pulled off what you find out is a head, and a young woman of small-to-medium height is staring up at you. She has very large eyes, and your stutter comes back just a little bit as you brush off her apology. She doesn’t seem to notice the stutter. She has a duffel bag slung over her shoulder and a box of plants in her arms. You chat about plants for a while, and then she ends up walking with you to your hallway. Upon realizing that you two are neighbors, you exchange introductions, and you offer to help her with the rest of her belongings. She declines with a weary smile and says she’s almost done. You hadn’t heard anything from the hallway all day (the apartment is wonderful, but you’ve found that the walls can be a tad thin).

You sense that she wants to finish, and the conversation ends with empty promises to hang out. You’ve never hung out with any of the students. She gives you another tight, tired smile, and then disappears through her doorway. You head back into your own apartment, but remembering that you wanted to check the mail, head out again. Out of habit, you glance through the doorway of 2E and see the woman, coat now shed, walk the opposite way with a box from your personal favorite computer store in her arms. You keep walking, reminding yourself not to peer through doorways you aren’t invited to.

That night, you hear a faint buzzing whine at the edges of the darkness around you, and after staring at the ceiling for a few minutes, trying to trace the noise, you give up. Your new neighbor has been quiet, and the smell of smoke has finally cleared.

A few days later, you come home, your date’s arm slipped through your own and with her pressing laughingly against your side. You are both a little drunk, alcohol filling you with false warmth and maybe not-so-fake affection. It’s still early, so you invite her in, curious about where the evening and her company will take you.

The two of you have settled on the couch, and you’re considering her legs and tracing the sheen knit of her nylons when she straightens, eyebrows knit together and an inquisitive smile on her face. “Is that…” her head inclines to the wall, and you hear a voice through the walls, sometimes humming, sometimes singing. “Oh my god,” she laughs, fully facing the wall now. “Your neighbor is singing ‘Breaking Free’.”

Memories of watching High School Musical when it first released on television trickle back to you, and you laugh as well. “That’s a movie I haven’t thought of in forever,” you say, taking the opportunity to lean in just a little, as if to tell a secret. “Kind of glad I didn’t. It wasn’t a great movie.”

You don’t notice as the lights seem to flicker just a little – they do that, as the wiring is kind of old – but your date pulls back, looking wide-eyed at the wall. The singing has stopped. “How thin are your walls?” she asks, still giggling because of the wine from dinner.

“Somewhat.” A thread of guilt starts to snake its way through you. You’re a little worried that 2E heard you, but a few seconds later, she starts up again at the same volume, starting a new song from the same musical. “Ah, see? She probably had to go pee or something.”

Your date seems to believe this, and the two of you get closer and manage to drown out the looped performance from next door. She stays the night, and you lend her a phone charger. Your bedroom is on the opposite side of the apartment. Both of you forget about 2E.

This is the last time you see your date in person. She leaves the following morning considerably more disgruntled. Your phone charger didn’t work, she says, staring down at the screen disgustedly. You apologize and offer to try another, but she waves this off. She didn’t sleep well, she says, citing dreams interrupted by a strange whine. She sniffs the air as well, and coughs. Starting to say something, she catches herself and instead gives you a glassy smile, saying that she had fun but that she wasn’t feeling well and just wanted to get home. Your offers of a ride and then cab fare are rebuffed, and she leaves. Weeks later, you pass by her, and she’s with someone else. You don’t mind at this point.

Now, though, you watch her leave and wonder wildly what could have brought the change. As you start to analyze everything from the start of dinner the previous night, the scent of coffee starts to tickle your nose. You haven’t made coffee, but you are tired. You check your own phone and see that it is dead, which is puzzling because you too had charged yours. Maybe it was that faulty wiring; you’ll get the landlord to look into it.

Two weeks later, you come back from Christmas with your family to see a small rectangle just a little wider and longer than your hand sitting neatly in front of your door. It is wrapped in the funnies page, with a thin ribbon tied in a limp bow. The tag reads “To: 2F”, but the From field is blank. You tuck it under your arm just long enough to unlock your door and drop your duffel bag on the ground before opening the present, and your eyebrows knit together.

You have been knocking on 2E’s door for a few minutes when Sr. Muñoz’s door opens across the hall, and he informs you that 2E still isn’t back. She’d left a few days before you after asking the landlord to look after her plants, of which there were apparently several. He nods at your hands, and asks who gave it to you. You shrug, a DVD copy of High School Musical in your grasp.

The landlord tells you that the wiring isn’t faulty, but your phone and now your laptop refuse to charge in the apartment. In fact, your laptop refuses to turn on as soon as you set foot on your floor. A few hours were spent testing the exact limits, but as soon as you hit the top step, it switches off. The manufacturer is bewildered as well, and after several diagnostics sessions and even a trip to the store, no one has any conclusions. Your laptop is replaced, but seems to be exhibiting the same behavior. Your friends all start to report problems with their devices while at your apartment, but thankfully, the Chromecast seems to work just fine, as does your Wi-fi. Your friends start carrying extra battery packs around with them when they come to visit, as do you. You start reading more to save power for phone calls and other important things.

When the semester starts up, the smell of coffee becomes even more pervasive, especially whenever you pass the woman from 2E in the hallway. She is usually in some state of bedhead and grogginess, though there are a few occasions where she actually smiles with lipsticked lips, her hair styled and a skirt flowing around her legs. One such Friday evening, you say, “You look very nice,” and she says, “Thank you,” before bundling up in her parka again. You’re not sure when she gets back, but suddenly, your phone is at 100% charge. This lasts only a few days, but you get through several seasons of Angel on Netflix while it does. Your computer still doesn’t turn on.

As the semester progresses, you still occasionally hear singing from her side of the wall, though you’ve taken to working late at the office since your laptop still refuses to power on at home. You start coming back very late, and start finding yourself walking back with her as she’s returned from the trudge from campus. A memory of burnt coffee seems to press at your brain as you walk, but your eyes are fuzzy with sleep, and you want only to get to bed. You two never speak, but while you start to get ready for bed, you hear a light tapping of computer keys. You make a mental note to ask her if she’s having computer issues; somehow, you know that she’s studying computer science. Maybe she’s experienced something like this in the past, or studied something like it. Perhaps, but you never remember the next time you see her. Her eyes are always wide and red these nights.

Some nights, other students come over, and if you’re home early from the office or the gym, you hear them laughing as you make dinner and prep a Tupperware of food for lunch the next day. Their laughter is just a little bit forced, maybe desperate, but you remember school. It’s a Thursday night; many of them probably have projects and papers coming up. You reach for the Tupperware lid, and your heart starts pounding and adrenaline floods your limbs. You snap the lid on, and you remember the deadline: Friday at 11:59PM, no late submissions accepted, and you are certain that your paper is going to get you the failing grade you’ve been dreading since failure became a sin. As you turn to the fridge, your heart rate is normal, and you are relaxed. What paper?

Sometimes while you sleep, you hear tapping keys in your dreams. As you hover on the edge of consciousness, you feel your fingers twitching, typing out things in unknown languages. You date more, and start asking if you can go home with your dates instead of the other way around. You sleep well these nights. Your phone charges. Your laptop, which you start bringing with you, powers on like it’s supposed to.

You even start a relationship, and for a few months, you are rarely at your apartment. You are in the office less. The air of your lover’s small apartment smells like candles or detergent or take-out. The lights do not flicker, and phone chargers do what they are supposed to. By April, you are considering moving in, but the night you suggest it, you end up back at your apartment, single and with a black laptop screen that refuses to change. You’ve been crowding your lover, and it’s odd that you never want to be at your place. After all, it’s larger and closer to work. You were moving too fast.

You sleep fitfully that night, but this time, it is because you keep waking up, hoping for a text message or a phone call that makes it all right. When day breaks, you resign yourself to be awake for good. Your phone is at 75%. While at the apartment, it never falls below that mark anymore. “At least something is going right,” you mutter hopelessly to yourself the next free evening you get, slumped on the couch and watching old Forensic Files episodes. During episode loading, you hear that the music through the wall is slow and sad, and a tightness grows at your chest, insistent and cancerous. Tears run down your cheeks, and a desperate, hopeless, disgusted feeling fills you. The next episode starts, and the music and your body’s strange response gets drowned out in a story of a serial arsonist.

Sunday evenings, you can hear her wailing through the walls. You were concerned at first and considered knocking and checking, but eventually decide against it, wanting to not be the creepy neighbor. Not that you’ve been watching, but she usually comes home along. You’ve gotten the impression that she actually has a roommate, but the roommate looks exactly like her, only happier. You don’t see the roommate often. You had thought 2E was a single bedroom. If she has a roommate, then she should be taken care of. The wailing is like clockwork, and you always feel an itching in your fingers and the need to finish it, finish it and hopefully it’s not too late to turn it in. The taste of coffee is as familiar and unnoticeable as your own skin. You try to fall asleep these nights, but your eyes don’t close. It’s only after you buy earplugs that you can sleep.

She stays longer than most of the students do. It’s been two years. Your computer still won’t turn on. Your phone is ever at 75% once you cross the threshold of your doorway. Friends, visitors, family all speak of a scent of coffee in the air. “Are you sleeping well?” they ask. They stop visiting, mostly because you stop inviting them. You’ve grown used to the strangeness, but it’s tiring explaining it to other people. You’ve dated semi-seriously, and those have always been wonderful months, but you always seem to move too fast. Sunday nights, starting in the middle of semester, she wails, and you put in your ear plugs.


This is going to be the first series for Jack Maynard that I’m going to write. It’s going to be the Vlogging Series where Y/N and Jack are a vlogging couple.

“Hello people it’s Y/N I’m currently getting ready for the flight Jack and I are taking and per usual I’m up first and he’s still asleep.” I turn my camera over to his sleeping body and laugh slightly before turning the camera back to me.

“So right now it’s five in the morning and I’m just putting my makeup and stuff into my bag and making sure we have everything for our holiday. I know Jack has packed everything, but part of me thinks he’s forgetting things, because I know him too well. That’s why I packed some of his clothing in my suitcase just in case.”

“Now as you guys may or may not know, I’ve been dating Jack for about three years and we are going on holiday with his family in Portugal, but we aren’t going straight back here to London, we are stopping in Los Angeles for some YouTube stuff with the rest of the guys.” I explain as I walk through the quiet house and outside onto the balcony.

"So when you guys see this we’ll already be in Portugal, but you can always keep up with us in real time on snapchat so you can try and run into us, so we can say hello and take a picture. Basically right now I’m going to go finish up and change into my airport attire, wake up Jack, and then we are going to go to the airport, so I’ll update you when we are there.” I smile and turn off the camera before going back to my room and attempting to wake up the sleepy giant.

“Jack.” I shake him slightly while kissing him and he doesn’t move at all.

"Jack someone broke in.” I lie but that doesn’t do anything either.

"Jack I’m horny.” I whisper in his ear while running my hand through his hair and sure enough that gets his up.

"You’re such a pain in my bum Jack. You need to get up and get dressed were gonna miss our flight if we don’t go now.” I laugh and he rolls his eyes at my white lie.

"You’re might be gorgeous and I love you but that was messed up.”

"Well you sleep like a rock. How else was I supposed to get you up.” I shrug before going over to the clothing I have laid out for myself and changing into the pair of mid thigh black spandex and one of Jack’s shirts that comes past my bum. It’s my go to airport outfit because I feel comfortable in it and Jack is my best friend so I love stealing his stuff. Once I slip on my black vans I walk over to him in the bathroom where he’s focusing on doing his hair and I wrap my arms around his waist.

“You’re hot.” I mumble as I rest my face on his back. I leave a kiss near his tattoo before leaning over to kiss his cheek.

“The hair looks fine, I promise. Let’s just get out of here already so we don’t miss the flight. Plus you know that I’m gonna mess it up anyway.” I explain and he pulls me in front of him.

“Now what is that supposed to mean?” He asks and I shrug.

“Well we tend to have impromptu make out sessions in the car, but that’s not happening this time. I said that because I know you didn’t get any sleep last night so on the plane I’m gonna cuddle with you and play with your hair ‘till you fall asleep.”

“But the kissing sounds so fun.” He whines and I give him a small peck before walking out of the bathroom and over to our luggage that’s sitting by the front door.

“We won’t even get to Portugal if you don’t hurry up, so please babe just get your shoes on. You can nap in the car.” I beg him and he eventually finds his way downstairs to the car Conor is waiting for us in.

“You idiots are so lucky I’m driving you.”

“Hey family.” Jack motions between him and his brother before looking at me. “And family.” He does the same and I smile slightly.

“Aww she’s happy now. You said family. She’s happy!” Conor chants and I blush even more.

“Someone get it on the vlog.” He jokes and I flick him on the cheek to get him to cut it out.

“It’s too early for your jokes, mate.” Jack adds in and I agree before looking to the front seat where Jack is curled up like a little baby.

“He didn’t sleep last night did he?” Conor asks.

“Maybe four hours.” I admit and he takes a deep breath before looking back at me.

“That’s why this trip is all about relaxing right love?” I reach over to push Jack’s hair away from his eyes and he nods slightly before his eyes droop closed again.

It’s hard to see him so exhausted. He’s like my little baby who I want to protect meanwhile he’s a twenty one year old who is almost a year older than me.

“Anna!” I squeal as I run up to her and bring her into my grasp.

“Here we have two wild species native to Brighton that have some how managed to end up in Portugal.” Jack tells the vlog but Anna and I ignore him as I drag her into the room Jack and so are sharing.

“Okay so I went shopping with Zoe last week and I saw this swim suit that I adored but they didn’t have it in my size but it was just so adorable and on sale, so I had to buy it, so I bought it anyway and it happens to be in our size.” I clap excitedly before showing her the two piece.

“That’s adorable.” She pulls me into another hug and I smile even more.

Anna is like the little sister I never got to have. I was an only child and my parents weren’t around much, so I didn’t have many people around me. That’s why I spoil Anna which gets on Jack’s nerves because he thinks she has enough as it is. To which I reply that Anna can never have to many clothes.

That’s why I happen to take up so much closet space.

“Okay so I’m going out with mum and dad for breakfast, are you two joining?” Anna asks and I look over at Jack who I can tell is still tired.

“I’m gonna stay back so I can unpack and probably take a nap since we got up so early. After that I thought we could go out to the pool or to the beach.”

“Okay well I’ll see you both later. Love you Jack, love you Y/N.”

“Love you too Anna.” Both Jack and I say at the same time and Jack proceeds to shut the door to our room.

“You do realize that you spoil her right?” He asks and I nod while pulling my clothing out from my bag and going over to the dresser.

“But you and I both know that I have the money to spoil her and that I consider her the sister I always prayed for. We’ve been dating for almost three years Jack, she’s family to me and so is Conor.”

“Fine, but save some ideas for Christmas you crazy woman.” He laugh before turning the camera back on and pointing it at me.

“So Y/N and I are going to unpack and relax for about an hour before we go swimming in the pool or head down to ocean. Right now it’s barely even nine in the morning so we do have the whole day ahead of us, it’s just up to her and Anna what we do because I’m the minority vote since Conor isn’t joining us this time around.”

“But your vote always means a lot to me so whatever we don’t do today that you want, I promise we will do tomorrow.” I assure him and he raises an eye skeptically.

“She’s lying for the camera ladies and gentlemen. She’s lying.”

“That’s not fair Jack. When have I ever lied about doing what you want?” I call him out and he is quick to call me out on that one incident.

“I’m sorry Jack but we weren’t going to visit the midget town in New Jersey. That’s just plain weird and you know I had an odd fear as a child.” I get defensive and he keeps laughing.

“If you’re new you might not have seen the vlog from our trip to New York and the New Jersey area, but I heard they have a midget town and I wanted to know what it was. I was fascinated but Y/N here has some fear of short people.” Jack continues to laugh and I cross my arms over my chest.

“It’s not a fear ya know. When I was little I had a little bit of confusion because my child brain couldn’t comprehend why an adult was the size of a child. I’m not afraid and I know now that I was just a dumb child, but still why on earth would we go there? That’s just a waste of time.” I back up my argument and Jack points the camera and my pouting face and my childlike stance with my hands over my chest and hip slightly to the side.

“Maybe we have viewers from the midget towns.”

“Then I’m awfully sorry we didn’t make it, but Jack always has insane ideas. For the most part I comply, but that was just stupid.”

“Well we can leave it up to our lovey online family and I’m sure they will agree that the midget village would’ve been wonderful.”

“As wonderful as your idea that traveling to North Korea would be cool.” I joke and he looks down.

“Yeah I’ll admit that was a stupid idea, but midget village wasn’t.” He sticks with his story and I just nod so this conversation will end.

“Okay so I’m gonna go relax but we’ll be back later.” Jack turns off the camera and I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

“You know how much I love you?” He asks and I smile before moving my hands up so I can run them through his hair.

“Oh you know this goes either of two ways. I either relax and become a sleeping baby or I get horny when you tug at my hair.” He places his hands on my hips and I shrug.

“Either ends up with you sleeping afterwards if you think about it.” I laugh and he rolls his eyes before picking me up and placing my on the bed.

“I would love to take you right on this bed, but I can’t because we are on a family vacation and I won’t be able to look my parents in the eyes.”

“Jack I think they know we have sex considering we had that whole baby scare last year.” I remind him of that awkward situation and his ears go red.

“Yeah they definitely know, but I’m not really in a sexy mood because I’m tired so I guess we will be cuddling.” I inform the boy who has decided to face plant forward into the pillows on the bed.

“Well cuddle me not the pillow! I nudge his body and he looks up at me before reaching out and pulling me to his chest.

"I love you.” He groans as he shifts his body so we’re in each other’s arms.

“I wish there was a word better than love because you already know I love you and I already know you love me. We’ve been together for years and you’re my best friend. I just wish you knew how much I actually love you.”

“I love you too now sleep already so we can enjoy Spain.”


Hope you enjoy! There will be more parts to this series coming soon!

Here I am, minding my own business, getting ready for the gathering that’s happening in a couple of hours, and a thought hits me.

I think I know how to change up my screenplay so it really works.

If it weren’t the Oscars tonight, I’d actually call my bff and tell her I couldn’t go, maybe, probably not, but I’d at least consider it.

I am so excited, and now I know what I’m going to work on over my vacation (whenever that happens). So excited!

cute college age couple on winter vacation in north carolina staying in a cozy cottage wrapping presents, going out exploring, making homemade disgusting hot cocoa and then deciding to go to the coffee house down the block. nerves, sweaty palms because he’s ready to propose but he wants it to be perfect. in the middle of all the chaos he randomly blurbs it out while she’s taking a shower and she’s obnoxiously singing jingle bells over and over again to get under his skin and his shaving his beard. 

Essays in Existentialism: Deaf II

Iโ€™d be so grateful if youโ€™d continue โ€˜deafโ€™, it was so heartwarming.

Previously on Deaf

It took five official dates for Lexa to work up the courage to invite Clarke over to her own place for dinner. Just after the results from her test, and high on the ecstasy of her new promotion and vacation before her new assignment, the detective spent the day cleaning her little house and preparing.

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Here you go xpegasusuniverse!

  • Jason smiled a bit at his fiancee as she ranted about how much this arrange marriage meant to her parents and not her. He couldn’t argue, he hated this arrange marriage too.
  • But their parents already made this happen and there was no way out. Luckily this vacation was parent free and they can be themselves.
  • “The only thing Zeus and my mother care about is the stupid treaty between us.” Annabeth finished.
  • “I know. I know.” Jason sighed. 
  • He looked over and saw a maid walk over to them. She was the most beautiful person that Jason has seen. Her chocolate hair, purplish eyes, and very tan skin made Jason smile.
  • “Excuse me Madam Chase and Sir Grace, but dinner is ready.” She told them. 
  • “Thank you.” Jason replied. “What’s your name?” 
  • “Piper.” She replied with a slight smile. “If you would follow me please, I’ll show you the dinning hall.” 
  • Jason helped Annabeth up from her chair before they followed Piper.
  • “Trying to flirt when your fiancee is right here?” She teased. 
  • Jason turned a bit red. “I just think she looks, nice. That’s all.”
  • “Sure.” Annabeth smiled. “If you want to be with someone else, I don’t care. I only think of you as a great friend.”
  • “The same goes for you. But you know we are going to have to produce an  heir.” He told her.
  • Annabeth groaned a bit. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do that.”
  • Jason chuckled. “We will have to.”
  • They got to the dinning hall and there was a man there. He had black hair, green eyes, and tan skin like Piper.
  • And Annabeth couldn’t get her eyes off of him. He has very handsome.
  • He walked over and pulled out a chair for Annabeth. “Madam.”
  • Annabeth smiled a bit and sat down.


  • That night, Annabeth was walking on the beach behind the Villa that her and Jason were staying at. She just needed some time away from Jason and the whole engagement thing.
  • She walked along the edge of the shore, enjoying the cool water.
  • “Ma’am?” She heard.
  • She looked up and saw the servant who pulled out her chair. “Yes?”
  • “What are you doing out here alone? I thought you would be spending time with your husband.” 
  • Annabeth laughed. “We aren’t married.”
  • “Oh! My apologies.” He turned a bit red.
  • She looked at the servant, smiling. “So, what are you doing out here?”
  • He shrugged. “I love the water. So when I’m not working, I like to come down here.”
  • “Sounds relaxing. That’s why I like the water too. Just hearing the waves relaxes me.”
  • The servant smiled. “That’s why I love living here. The water is everywhere.”
  • “What’s your name?” She asked.
  • “Percy, Madam Chase.” He replied. 
  • “Please, call me Annabeth.” She told him. “Would you like to walk with me?”
  • Percy nodded and offered her his arm. She took it.


  • Inside, Jason was walking around, wondering where Annabeth went. He wasn’t paying any attention and ran into Piper.
  • “I’m so sorry sir!” Piper told him. “It was my fault.”
  • Jason shook his head. “No, it was my fault. I wasn’t paying attention. What are you doing out late?”
  • “Just finishing up some last minute stuff before I go home.” She replied. “I thought you and your wife would be in bed already.”
  • “Oh, she’s not my wife.” Jason replied. 
  • “I thought you two were.” Piper looked confused. 
  • “No, we’re more like friends actually.” He told her. 
  • Piper smiled and nodded. “I better get going then. I will see you in the morning sir.” She started to walk away.
  • “It’s Jason. You can call me Jason.” 
  • Piper turned around and smiled at him. “Goodnight, Jason.”

looks like my summer vacation… is over.

Chris Evans x Reader/ Birthday Gone Right

You’re marrying the man you love. And you couldn’t be more happier. Just wait until the rest hear about this

A/N: I’m back from my vacation! I know Chris’s birthday was a few days ago, But I didn’t find time to finish it! Anyway, I hoped you enjoy!

Warnings: Some minor cuss words. Too much fluff

A/N: For my bestfriend @alyssah401

Today was Chris’s birthday, And that meant going over to his parents and celebrating all night. You packed your small bag, Knowing he would stay over for a few days.

“You have everything hon?”

You made sure you had everything ready, And his present hidden in your jacket pocket.

You were going to have a very active night, But you also wanted to do something that you haven’t done before. You wanted to propose to him. Yes it’s supposed to be the other way, But you wanted to make today special.

You had told his mother and siblings, And they all gave you their blessings. You were beyond ecstatic, And you knew how you were going to tell him. You go into the living room, Chris on his phone waiting for you.

“You ready? The car is waiting outside”

You nod, Looking at yourself in the mirror one more time before walking out with him, Arms linked. You smiled softly, Looking up at your boyfriend of 4 years. You’ve known Chris since he was in high school, And were practically there his whole life.

You both get into the black Audi, He being the gentleman he is, Opened the door for you and starts putting your luggage in the back of the car. You go out to help him, But he tells he has it, And to go sit back down. You refuse, Grabbing a bag and helping him load the luggage.

Both already strapped on the seats, The driver starts the car, Driving toward the nearest airport. First you were going to his parents house for the next few days, Then, You were going back home to drink and have fun with the rest of the crew.

When getting to Chris’s parents house, You were immediately hugged by Carly and Scott. You hugged his mother, Happy to see them after a long time. Carly pulled you out from the hugs, And shooed her kids away before hugging you tightly.

“Oh god (Name)! When are you gonna do it?”

Her voice contained so much excitement, And you blushed, Not really sure how to reply.

“I’m thinking of doing it tonight in dinner. So everyone can be around”

She almost fainted, And you giggled

“That. HAS. to be the most romantic thing I have ever heard” She holds your hand tightly, Hugging you once more. “I knew my bro would find the right gal” She walks you both back to the living room, Where Chris was playing with his nephews.

“We’re back guys!” You yell, Carly’s kids running toward you immediately and hugging you.

“(NickName)!! You’re back! Can we play a game? How about hide and seek?!”

“No! Tag!”

“No fighting guys. I’ll play both games”

“Yayyy!!!” They both run outside, Waiting for you.

You smiled at Carly and Scott, Nodding at the others and quickly going outside.

It was finally dinner, And you were nervous as all hell. How will you say it? Will he even accept? What the hell are you supposed to do if he says no? Leave? Maybe you should wait until next year. You shake your head and slap your cheeks, Smoothing out the fancy dress you had on and fixing your makeup once more. Scott walks in, Smiling softly

“Hey (Name). Everyone is waiting for you. Come on, Don’t keep him waiting.”

“What if he says no? How will I say it? Will I make it all awkward?” You ramble, And Scott puts a finger on your lips to shush you.

“You look beautiful and any man will love to have you. My brother loves you more than anything, And I can tell you do too” He starts to push you out the door, And you quickly grab the box and make your way to the dining table.

It’s show time.

An hour into the food, You clear your throat loudly, Everyone immediately shutting up.

“Chris.. You know we’ve been together for god knows how long. And you’ve been there for me in my worst times. You’ve been there to hold my back, And I just wanted to say that I love you with all my heart.”

You stand up, Getting on one knee and opening the box, Showing him the golden ring inside the box.

His eyes are wide, And you are anxiously waiting, Now knowing his answer.

He takes your hand, Making you stand up. He looks into your eyes, Smiling ever so widely, Showing his pearly white teeth.

“(Name)..” He takes a deep breath, Taking an identical box from his pocket.

“You are the best thing that had happened in my life. I love you. And I’ll always have your back if you have mine. I’ll care for you and give you all the snuggles you want. I’ll take you to Disney world how many times you feel like it”

You feels tears well up, And you almost drop the box. He gets down in one knee, The diamond ring glowing with all it’s glory in front of you.

“So.. Will you do me the honor.. And.. Please.. Marry me?”

You stand there, Unable to speak. Just looking at Chris’s eyes and the ring.

“Just say yes already!!” Scott yells, And you choke a sob, Nodding and yelling a big ‘Yes’

Chris stands up, Placing the ring on your finger, And you do the same. Immediately wrapping your arms around his neck, You give him a deep kiss, Showing all your emotions with only one kiss. Claps and yells of happiness are around you, And your eyeliner is smudging with the tears but you don’t care.

The Cramp Struggle

can you do one where you’re on you’re period and your crush takes care of you?? thank you!!

You had spent the day so far curled up in a ball on your couch, eating tub after tub of cookie dough. Your cramps had come on stronger this time, and your period came a week early. You weren’t ready, and your house was out of ibuprofen. It sucked, to be blunt.

Your boyfriend had also broken up with you a few days ago, which only made you feel worse. But it wasn’t completely terrible, you had a new crush, (y/c/n). And he was sweeter than sugar.

You had been texting him all morning and now it was mid afternoon, his family was driving home from their vacation to the cottage up north. He kept saying he was close to being home, and you joked with him saying he should come over and keep you company. After that he hadn’t texted you back.

You turned the channel on the TV, when you heard your mom talking to someone downstairs. You were up in your game room, and heard footsteps coming down the hall. There was a knock on the door, and you feebly called, “It’s open.”

You turned in the direction of the opening door, and watched in awe as (y/c/n) came into the room holding a brown grocery bag.

“Hey.” he said, smiling and coming over to you. “I brought you some stuff.”

He started pulling things out of the bag, the first was a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s, followed by two spoons, then a DVD copy of Grease, another copy of Footloose, and then Dirty Dancing. He knew that you had an equal fetish for John Travolta, Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze. There was also a box of microwave popcorn and a bottle of Vernors, your favorite, it was all your favorite.

“Oh my gosh…(y/c/n), you didn’t have to, I was just messing around.” you said.

“I know, but I wanted to come see the pretty girl I’ve been talking to all morning.” he replied.

“Oh gosh, I’m not pretty, I didn’t even put make up on.” you complained.

“Exactly, and I love it.” he said, a shy smile forming on his face.

“You do?” you asked, a little confused.

“I do.” he said, smiling in confirmation. “I love you.”

“What? You do?” you asked in shock.

“(y/n), is that such a surprise to you?” he asked. “I make so much effort into talking to you, just hoping that you’ll like me back. You mean the world to me.”

“Oh wow.” you said, looking down in a blush.

“Don’t hide your face, it’s too beautiful.” he said softly, moving your hands away from your face, and pulling your face to his.

Then he closed his eyes, and you closed yours and he gently pressed your lips together.

When you pulled apart, he smiled and asked, “So, which movie first?”

And as soon as the previews started on the TV, he was sitting with you on the couch, and you were snuggled into his chest, not even worried about your cramps anymore.

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“And what does it mean, pray tell, if he made plans with you, abandoned you for a last-minute vacation, but then came back anyways? That I should be lucky I even have a Valentine?” Men, Erina decided, are an enigma. But either way, she doesn’t like the thought of being anyone’s side woman.


**Niall Horan Imagine ***

Title: I win


You and Niall made a deal that if you beat him in a tennis match that you’d get to choose the vacation spot. You had always wanted to go to Figi and a this was your chance. 

So you and Niall got dressed in your best tennis attire and when to the courts. 

Niall was talking smack the whole way there about how you were actually going to go to Maui when he won. 

At the court you got your game face on and was scoring left and right. By 15 points Niall was giving up.

“ Forget it. We’re going to Figi!” He said waving his hand. 

“Yaaaay!. You ran over and hugged him.

“ I’ll be ready next time” He kissed you on the forehead