ready for the photo

My wedding!!!

Figured I’d show you lovelies some of my favorite pictures. C: 

Okay, this is my favorite “Getting ready” photo. I looked so pretty!! My nose is gorgeous!!! MY EYEBROWS. GOD. I got all of the ladies in the party these cute and very fun robes – they’re so comfy and I still use it when I pamper myself. c: 

This is, hands down, my favorite photo. My grandmother and mother getting me ready. 

The room looked gorgeous!! The florists emulated deer antlers with branches, and made centerpieces out of smol trees (I added colored gourds in teal, dark blue, copper and gold), and our favors were those little jack-o-lanterns. On the head table there’s a gold skull, gold spider candle, more gourds, and a beer Anthony and I picked out to honor our grandparents who couldn’t be there. 

ANTHONY. LOOKED. STUNNING. The grey tux was a gorgeous move with the blue we wanted, and that tie is Anthony’s grandfather’s, it just looks like it matches. I wish I’d had something of my grandmother’s, but you know. Hindsight. LOOK AT HIS DUMB CUTE FACE!!!!!

This was the girls’ first look at me in my gown. It’s one of my favorite pictures of all time. C: 


I was not ready for any of these photos…like is that fucking MARK TUAN?!?! Na that’s got to be his double or some shit cause I DO NOT REMEMBER MARK LOOKING THIS GOOD. He is really trying to be my bias wrecker so badly…like no stop.