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00 - Before starting to coloring I clean the image in PhotoShop, I take away what I need unnecessary and redrawn if need be;

01 - I start the coloring with the base colors;

02 - I make the shadows, for skin and hair I use two colors to make the shadows because I think it looks more beautiful;

03 - I do the lighting and on the skin I make the white edges to have a better light effect;

04 - After the coloring of the character is finished I make the part of the background with the base color;

05 - Apply a texture in the background using two or three colors;

06 - I make the illumination of the bottom and also a border around the character to give featured;

07 - When everything is ready I go to PhotoShop and apply some filters;

08 - To finish the image I go back to Paint Tool Sai and do some more light effects.

Tutorial requested por @ macbethsama, I hope it helped you!

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I really enjoyed the dynamic between Natsu and Lucy this chapter idk why people are complaining lol. Lucy looked perfectly okay with kissing him but it's obvious Natsu doesn't know anything about romance. Their hug was good enough for me :) except now I understand why Natsu and Lucy never had front hugs because Natsu looks like a frickin potato who doesn't understand how arms work with hugging her back lmao. Someone save that poor child. Everything between them was so pure and I loved it

Omg little potato Natsu T~T I cry. But YES, I think Lucy would be okay with their relationship developing into something more, it’s so obvious she’s in over her head in love with Natsu. And as for Natsu, he knows, he knows Lucy means so much to him, he loves her imo. I don’t think he’s ready/knows what to do, so in a very Natsu way, he still stated that they’d always be together and I think that’s pretty beautiful. I think we’ll see at some point them canonically together… :)


*speaks in southern colonel voice*

I stand before you today to proudly announce that we have survived the 11 year Fairy Tail ship wars! 

The fighting was fierce and there were a couple of times where we thought we wouldn’t make it, but we all survived thanks to our sharp analytical senses and fiery determination!

Our rivals, the NaLu and Jerza ships, sustained heavy damage as a result of the final chapter’s barrages but they are not yet sunk. Once they recover the battles will be waged harder than they ever have been before!

But for now, while we have some downtime, relax and enjoy yourselves as we start our journey through the calm waters of “neither confirmed nor denied” you’ve all more than earned it. 

Depending on what Mashima does, whether it be a sequel, omakes, or OVAs, we may have a long road ahead of us and our time may limited, but I know that no matter what happens we’ll be ready! Our ship is as sturdy as a knights armor and as powerful as a dragon! 

So until the next battle:

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. Obsessive Impulsive . 5

Full Summary: “‘I’ve been trying to find you alone for weeks, but you’ve been avoiding me.’  He clicked his tongue, as if scolding her.  'I tried approaching, but you always had someone with you to give me nasty words and looks.  They turned you against me, Miss Levy.’"

Pairings: Gajeel x Levy

Warnings: I strode for a darker fic again.  This is not for sensitive readers.  Violence, stalking, etc.  

Author’s Note: This is a very, very twisted gift for Bubbles, who has not been allowed to so much as read a single chapter.  This will update every other day.


Language, Gajeel!”

He glared grouchily at the woman beside him and she glared right back, plucking the cards from him - at least, she grabbed the cards that hadn’t gone all over the table they were seated at with Lily and Juvia. Juvia helped her get those that had flown and then handed them to the smaller blue-haired woman. “Thanks, Juvia,” she said honestly.

Juvia looked delighted. “Juvia is happy to help.”

Giggling, Levy shuffled the cards and then began to easily hand them out to the other three. “Okay,” she said. “Lily, you start.”

Lily smacked the first card he held down and Levy studied it before looking at Gajeel and uttering a sound low in her throat. He nodded and then set down one of his own.

Levy couldn’t say she was surprised with Gajeel’s line of thinking. He’d come up with this idea to teach her a few numbers. One to ten were in the form of playing cards and jokers were zeros. She appreciated his creativity in creating a game in which the people around her placed down cards and she repeated the numbers aloud in the Draconian language.

“Juvia,” Juvia said as she placed her own down before Levy and Levy made the sound, “was wondering, Levy. Who was that man who approached you when we were leaving the bookstore earlier?”

Levy made a face as Gajeel’s gaze snapped up to look at her. “That was Elroy. He’s…interested in me.”

“He came up to you again? How’d he even find you at the bookstore?” Lily demanded, putting a card down.

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Metalwork - Part 2

A/N: Alright guys…here’s part 2. So much longer than I originally thought it would be. Fuck. Shoutout to @567random for being my sounding board and dealing with me blowing up her phone with scene after scene.

You’re awesome ^.^

Fandom: Fairy Tail

Pairing: NaLu

Rating: T - adult themes

Summary: Still recovering from a bad relationship, Lucy struggles with returning a white scaled scarf to its owner—the pink-haired man always running around her apartment complex. A man who seems like he might be just what she needs to heal. Modern AU. NaLu. TwoShot.

Part(s):  Part 1 | Part 2 | Omake | Omake #2 | Omake #3 | Omake #4


                                 1. To join two piece of metal by heating
                                      them and pressing them together.

                                       2. Cause to combine and form a
                                         harmonious or effective whole.

If someone had told him a few months ago, that running around his apartment complex would result in him meeting the enigma that was Lucy, he wouldn’t have believed them.

She was witty, and funny, and smart, and gorgeous. Everything Natsu never thought could exist all within a single person. Well…it could technically…but rarely ever was that person a nice person.

But Lucy…she was.

She sometimes pretended she wasn’t. She’d shut down on him or a few of them at the shop, sometimes ignoring them or other times making a snide remark or two. But Natsu knew it wasn’t because she was mean.

He noticed things about her.

How if Erza were to speak when she wasn’t expecting it, she would turn and smile, directing her focus to the conversation. But if it was Gray or Gajeel, or sometimes even him…she would flinch.

It was subtle. You’d have to look for it. But the slight jerking of the shoulders and flash of fear over her features was unmistakable. It was when that look was in her eyes—when someone would get in her personal space—that she would snap at one of them or make a remark. Again, it was so subtle nobody really noticed it.

But he did.

There was a crippling anxiety she had when it came to the unknown, whether it be a new person or a new situation. When he’d taken her out for dinner, her eyes had darted away from his to her lap more times than he could count, and her hood seemed to be permanently pulled down, hiding her forehead and casting her eyes in shadow.

Despite what he’d thought was a rocky first date, she’d swing by the shop a few times a week and they’d even gone out a few more times since. He did his best to respect her by keeping a safe distance and letting her come to him. Once in awhile her fingers would search for his, tugging lightly at the tips before she let her hand fall back to her side. Those few brief moments of contact, and the bright smile that would often follow the jokes he told her…

Natsu didn’t care if he never got the chance to hug her again as long as he could see that light in her eyes.

She’d never said anything, but he knew something had happened to her. Maybe at the hands of a family member, or maybe an ex boyfriend or sibling…he had no idea. But there was something that caused her to shy away.

He never blamed her for it. There was nothing to blame her for. It was her business.

So when she weaved her fingers through his one day on their way to a movie, Natsu was so surprised he nearly ripped his hand out of hers.

Lucy giggled at the action, covering her mouth as Natsu settled down, “Oh what? Did I electrocute you or something?”

The welder shook his head, “No. Just…wasn’t expectin’ that.”

The blonde cocked her head to one side, brow furrowed, “Why not?”

He shrugged, looking down at his feet as his heels scuffed the sidewalk. He was wearing through the soles of his sandals and would need to get new ones soon. Shuffling around was a lazy habit of his and was easier than walking properly, sure…but it was drilling a hole into his wallet.

“Cause we haven’t really touched at all in these past few months.”

Natsu heard and felt rather than saw Lucy stop. Confused as to why, he turned around, trying to meet her downcast gaze.

“I…I’m sorry, Natsu…I just—”


Lucy’s head snapped up.

“Don’t apologize, Lucy,” he said softly, a small smile crossing his face, “never apologize to me for something like this.”

“But…it’s my fault—”

He shook his head, silencing her again, “This isn’t your fault. Do you really think I only spend time with you ‘cause you’re beautiful?”

Lucy’s eyes narrowed, “You calling me ugly, Natsu? Better watch yourself.”

The pinket laughed, “Lucy Heartfilia, you are the exact opposite of ugly.”

She blushed.

“No,” he continued, “I’m saying I spend time with you ‘cause I like you. The fact you’re gorgeous is just a plus, and I want you to be comfortable with me above anything else. If that means keeping my distance until you are, then I’m okay with that.”

Big, beautiful brown eyes stared at him, unblinking for a few moments before her fingers tightened their hold on his hand.

“I have somewhere to go tomorrow. Will you come with me?”

It seemed like a random question under the circumstances, but with how firmly her jaw was set, Natsu knew this wasn’t a spur of the moment thing.

He squeezed her hand in response.

“Where am I going?”


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Jerza Week 17 Day 3 - Saviour

Rated: K

Words: 2K+


When raindrops started hitting her face, Erza heaved a sigh. She wasn’t quick enough to reach home before the rain poured down from the dark clouds that had gathered in the sky over the past hour. And she had forgotten to take the umbrella she had placed on the table before she left home to go to complete her job. How could she be so mindless? But she seemed to be distracted quite easily recently. The disbandment of Fairy Tail wasn’t something she could easily leave behind and move on without thinking about it again. More than a few times, when she was on her way to get a job done, or simply doing housework at home, her mind wandered off to the old time when she always had friends who accompanied her no matter she was taking a mission or simply staying at the girls’ dormitory.

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523 - Return of Acno (SPOILERS!)

Oh yeah! Acno is back and ready to kill some pesky Dragon slayers. This is gonna be awesome! Now let’s take a look at his opponents.

Oh… Well, as much as I love these two, the amount of asspulls it would take for them to beat Acno is more than even Mashima could muster. So obviously someone strong is gonna jump in and assist. Let’s list our options here.

Well… I guess Natsu and Gray are busy. Gildarts?

Ok, he’s cool, kicking ass like a savage. Laxus?

Oh… umm… Nevermind… Gajeel?

Wait? Where is Gajeel? Aw well…

But who? Who is left? Who could possibly help our two favorite Fairy Tail heroines?

Yeah… You just stay down Blueberry, your appearance would be too cliche.

In Fairy Tale

A kiss means to bring you back to life….

But in Fairy Tail…. A kiss means putting you to eternal rest/death…

This is so ironic… But sadly, this is the love story for Zervis… (Tragically sad…)

Reading Chapter 537 made me realized that if I am not ready to say goodbye to them, I am definitely not ready to say goodbye to Jellal/Jerza & Erza when Fairy Tail ends… Just…9 more chapters to go… And then this will all be over…. It’s been a long (painful) ride following this series, but my love for my favourites in this series have kept me with it to the end. I just hope that in the end, Jellal x Erza is able to settle down, get marry and build a family together. I want to see some Jerza kids on my end… Some next FT generations…!!

Craigslist Creep

Pairing(s): NaLu

Characters: Lucy, Natsu, Levy

Word Count: 3157

 Description: Lucy’s first time buying anything off of Craigslist… what could go wrong?

A/N: FINALLY, I am posting the story I wrote in celebration of getting 100 followers. (I’m already almost at 200 omg!) You guys decided on NaLu so here it is :) I hope you enjoy it!

A phone buzzed loudly on Lucy’s bedside table, waking her from her half sleeping state. With a quick roll to her side, she lazily pulled her phone off of the table and read the incoming message. Yes, the car is still for sale. When can we meet so you can take a look? She propped herself on her elbows and glanced at the time. The clock read 9:43 AM. She typed back a quick message. Is noon okay? A reply came in seconds. Yes. My address is 363 Fairy Tail Ln. See you then. She sat her phone back down on the bedside table and stretched her arms over her head before getting out of bed.

As she passed by her body-length mirror, her reflection showed her in a wrinkled t-shirt and shorts with a wild bird’s nest atop her head. Oh god, she thought. She wouldn’t be able to get away with some dry shampoo and mascara this morning. After a quick shower, she felt much more awake and ready for the day. She walked back into her bedroom to see her blue haired friend relaxing on her bed.

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Also a list on what the anime 'Revival Arc' could that the manga didn't, and perhaps ideas for a filler arc(s) between Revival and Alvarez.

I talked a bit about that here! Honestly, I kind of feel there shouldn’t have been a “revival arc” at all. I still kin Here’s some general changes I would’ve made:

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(real quick while i get dinner ready) 

i’ve been watching a lot of the barbie movies lately (they’re all incredible i’m not even being sarcastic) which has only reminded me that i need more fantasy plots/dark fantasy in my life & i would LOVE to have some of those plots be based on fairy tails (such as the little mermaid, snow white, etc) and babie movies (and even tv shows such as the magicians or movies like practical magic )

if you know absolutely nothing about the barbie movies they include super famous stories such as the nutcracker, rapunzel, swan lake, and the princess and the pauper… which are all awesome stories with endless potential for a multitude of dynamics and ships!!

if you’re interested like this post or drop me a message!! i have a lottt of inspiration for many plots so i’ll be posting some starters tonight but if you msg me i’ll obviously take your thoughts and ideas into account which doesn’t really happen when i post random open starters ❤

@teamedwardjace Hey!  Here’s one of your requests!  I’ll do the other ones too!  I love your ideas for one shots so, I love writing them!!

Natsu’s high on mushrooms again…  And he’s extra affectionate!

“Lucy, Lucy!” Lucy heard Happy’s panicked cry and turned as the blue cat flung himself into her arms, and nuzzled his face into her chest.

“What’s wrong, Happy?” Lucy asked concernedly.  They were out on a mission, Team Natsu, compiled of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla, and Juvia decided to tag along.  Lucy was worried that someone got seriously hurt without her knowing; as of that moment, they had decided to camp for the night.  Since Natsu absolutely refused to travel by train, they had all agreed to make the trek by foot, but it would take an extra day and a half. 

“It’s Natsu!  He clearly didn’t learn his lesson the first time and is being really weird!” Happy explained, but Lucy found herself even more confused.

“What did he do?  What do you mean he ‘didn’t learn his lesson the first time’?”

“Remember when we came back from our training and I told you how Natsu ate all those mushrooms and started acting really funny?  Well, he did it again!  he ate them when we were looking for fire wood and he’s being all weird!”  Happy’s eyes were wide as he told Lucy the predicament.  Lucy’s emotions went from concern to exhaustion in the matter of seconds.

“Oh, lovely.  I’ll go get him, Happy, wait here.” Lucy sighed and walked off in the direction that Happy and Natsu had set off.  Sure enough, as she went deeper into the trees, she heard Natsu’s voice.

“Happy~, come back!  I miss you…” Natsu sounded forlorn and Lucy rolled her eyes just watching him for a few moments.  Mushroom ends were strewn all around his feet, his head lolled back and forth as he attempted to stay steady on the stump he was seated on.   “Buddy…?”  Lucy finally walked out into the small clearing, with her arms folded across her chest, and confronted the stupefied dragon slayer.

“Natsu, what the hell-” Lucy was cut off as Natsu shot up happily and scooped her up into a hug.

“Luce! You came!”  She struggled against his muscular arms that were ensnaring her, and finally managed to slither out of his grasp.

“Yeah, to come get you you idiot.  You’re scaring Happy half to death!  Why are you eating those mushrooms?  You don’t even know if they’re poisonous of not!”

“I was hungry.” Natsu replied matter-of-factly and Lucy sighed and shook her head.

“C’mon, we need to go back to the camp.  You’re lucky Gray brought some fire wood back to camp with him otherwise Erza would have your head.  But I can’t make any promises that she won’t after she sees you like this.” Lucy informed him and his eyes went wide.

“Lucy, protect me from that monster!”  He wailed loudly and Lucy hushed him.

“Be quiet, sheesh!” Lucy guided him through the path she took and, while doing so, she felt Natsu grasp her hand.  “What the hell, Natsu?”  Lucy felt her face heating up as she saw his fingers entwined with her own.

“It’s scary out here!  You make me feel safe.” Natsu told her with utter sincerity.

“For the love of-  ugh, okay, let’s go.”  Lucy tried to hide the blush that she was stupidly getting, and finally made it back to their campsite.

“What took so long?” Erza demanded and Lucy gestured to Natsu, who was clinging to her hand even harder.

“Ask the brilliant Natsu.  He decided to have a late night snack.”

“What did the idiot eat this time?” Gray scoffed, eyeing him over.

“He ate those mushrooms again!  It makes him weird, he tore down a whole mountain last time!” Happy cried  from his seat next to Carla.

“Pfft, what a freaking idiot!” Gray cackled.

“Gray, your hair is so nice, how do you get it so shiny?” Natsu broke his grasp on Lucy and walked up to the ice make wizard, inspecting his hair as if it were the most intriguing thing on the planet.

“What the fu-” Gray squinted his eyes incredulously at Natsu.

“Yes, Gray-sama is so lovely!” Juvia agreed, clearly misreading the situation once again.

“U-um…  Natsu, why don’t you come sit down.” Erza guided and Natsu turned his gaze on her.

“Erza!  How do you carry all that armor?  You must be really strong!  But you’re not very big, so…”  Natsu pondered the thoughts that were formulating in his mind while Erza scowled at him.

“Do you want me to try and heal him?” Wendy offered after staring at Natsu with a judgmental face.

“Don’t be silly, child, you can’t cure stupidity.” Carla pointed out, snuffing her nose at Natsu.

“Pfft,” Natsu giggled, “Carla, you’re a cat.”  This seemed to set Natsu over the edge into a fit of laughter.  “Happy, y-you are too!  And Wendy, you’re so nice and sweet and adorable.  I hope I have a daughter like you…” Natsu squashed Wendy’s cheeks together gently and Wendy’s eyes filled with concern and embarrassment.

“Ah… Thank you, Natsu, that’s very…  Sweet.”  Wendy chuckled uncomfortably and Lucy quickly got up and grabbed hold of him.

“Come on, Natsu, it’s time for bed.” Lucy guided him towards his pack that had a sleeping bag in it.

“Bed with you?  Wah!” Natsu looked at her excitedly and Lucy blanched.

“When the hell did I say that?”

“Lucy, you’re so~ pretty!” Natsu cooed at her; Lucy’s skin felt warm under his gaze and couldn’t find the strength to look him in the eyes.

“Er, thanks, Natsu…”

“He’s flirting with Lucy!” Juvia gasped and Lucy scowled at her over her shoulder.

“You’re so soft…” Natsu suddenly wrapped his arms around Lucy and stroked her bare arm.

“Uhh…” Lucy squirmed, unsure of what to do.

“Natsu, why are you being so strange?” Happy questioned him worriedly.

“I am not!  Lucy is just so great…  Mm…” Natsu rested his head in the crook of Lucy’s neck.

“N-natsu, maybe you should lay down…” Erza suggested and Lucy looked up to see a blush on her face as well.

“Natsu, you’re being a freaking idiot, get off Lucy!” Gray demanded.

“Why, so you can have her?  I don’t think so!” Natsu snapped, glaring at Gray.

“Why is Gray-sama never so forward…”  Juvia cried, eyeing Natsu and Lucy jealously.

“Ugh…” Lucy groaned.

“Are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help Natsu-san…?” Wendy asked sounding worried but Lucy shook her head.

“Thanks Wendy, but he just needs to sleep this one off.” Lucy answered.

“Your voice sounds so pretty.” Natsu observed looking at her with a ridiculous face.

“I’ll bring him to the tent.” Lucy stated bluntly and turned, basically dragging Natsu’s body with her.  “Okay, Natsu, it’s time for bed now.  You need to get a lot of rest, you certainly put a dent in those mushrooms…”  She set up his sleeping bag in one of the large tents they had brought, and sat him down on it. Natsu decided to strip off his vest and scarf revealing his well toned abdomen.  Lucy had to fight the urge of her wandering eyes, and folded vest, placing Igneel’s scarf on top of it.

“O-okay, are you ready to sleep now?”  Lucy asked hoping he’d fall asleep quickly.

“Can’t you stay?” Natsu pressed and Lucy sighed, dragging out her sleeping bag and setting it next to his.  She decided that she would stay until he fell asleep and then join the others by the fire afterwards.

“Fine, but you need to go to sleep.”

“Oka-ay…” Nastu pouted and Lucy sighed, leaning back into her pillow and closing her eyes.  Before she had time to react, she felt lips on hers, jolting upright.

“Natsu, what the actual hell?” She was sure her face was red as a tomato as she turned to see a cheeky looking Natsu, grinning at her.

“Sorry, Luce, but the last time you thought you were so clever using Happy as a shield.  You know that’s mean, you scarred us both!  I’d much rather kiss you.” Natsu explained but all Lucy could do was drag a hand up to her lips.  With that, Natsu seemingly passed out, snoring loudly as Lucy sat there in shock.  Eventually, she quietly got up and exited the tent, rejoining their group.

“How’d everything go?” Wendy asked from next to Carla.

“Lucy, you look awfully pale, are you alright?” Erza questioned, giving her a glance over.

“Did that dumbass do something to you?” Gray grunted, scowling at the tent.

“I-I’m fine.” Lucy managed to stammer out and sit down.  “E-everything’s just fine.”

Natsu woke up with a splitting headache, a bad taste in his mouth, and…  No shirt on?

“What the….  What the hell?” Natsu croaked out, his throat was dry and his eyes were blurry.  Glancing around, he realized he was in the tent they had brought, but he didn’t really remember getting in it.  To his left, Lucy slept silently in her sleeping bag.  It was then that he had flashes of the night before; Happy being worried and flying off, him eating a ton of mushrooms…  Again.  Everyone was staring at him weirdly, Lucy…  Lucy…  What about her?  She helped him, of course it was her that helped him.  Gray was being a dick, Erza was glaring at him.  Natsu knew he messed up, but he couldn’t remember. 

“Natsu?  Are you feeling alright?” Lucy asked sleepily, rolling over to face him as he sat there sweating more than usual.

“U-uh, um, I don’t know?” Natsu stammered out and Lucy’s face seemed slightly pink.  “What happened last night?”

“W-well,” Lucy began in a small voice and Natsu gulped, “You ate mushrooms.  Again.  You scared Happy by doing that and, I don’t know, you were just very… Affectionate, I guess?  You even complimented Gray.”

“Oh, shit…  That’s bad.  I’m never doing that again.  What else?” Natsu groaned at the thought of actually complimenting Gray.

“Y-you told Wendy you wanted a daughter like her-” Lucy stopped to giggle slightly at the dumfounded expression Natsu must have been sporting, and then continued.  “And you laughed at Carla and Happy for being cats.”

“Why do I feel like I did something…  Not too good…?”  Natsu’s palms were sweaty and he felt guilty.

 Uhh…  No idea!  I don’t know why you feel like that!” Lucy let out a slightly hysterical giggle and then clamped her mouth shut.  Natsu stared at her in confusion, she seemed to be uncomfortable, but he didn’t know why.  Natsu laid back down, ready to close his eyes to get some more rest when, suddenly, it hit him.

“OH SHIT.” Natsu bolted upright, screaming loudly, scaring Lucy fully awake.

“What?!” Lucy gasped and the others in the tent stirred awake.

“Natsu, shut the F up, will you?” Gray grumbled from the other side of the tent.  Natsu ignored everyone else and placed a shaky gaze on Lucy who looked terrified.

“Lucy, Lucy…  Lucy…  I-I’m sorry…  Oh my fu-”

“Natsu, Wendy is in here, watch your mouth!” Erza snapped but seemed interested in what Natsu had to say to Lucy.

“So, did you actually do something to Lucy you fire freak?  Because she wouldn’t tell us.”  Gray huffed and looked pointedly at Natsu.  Natsu felt as though he would actually combust into flames, flames that would burn him.

“N-no, no!  Everything’s fine, go back to sleep!”  Lucy stammered, waving her hands in front of her.  Natsu ignored everyone else and just stared at Lucy.  Lucy, his best friend; he had defiled her in his stupor.

“Lucy, I am so sorry.” He whispered and Lucy’s cheeks flushed.

“I-it’s okay…”

“What did you do?” Gray growled and Erza seemed to be leaning in as if it were a suspenseful movie.

“I can’t believe I did that…” Natsu gasped out, disregarding everyone else in the tent.  It was just him and Lucy.  “I can’t believe I kissed you without your permission, I’m so sorry…”

“YOU KISSED HER?!” Gray yelped and Lucy’s face burned.

“NATSU!” Was all Erza could gasp out.  Wendy and Carla looked uncomfortable and were pretending not to be interested in the conversation.

“Oh my god…” Lucy groaned.

“I’M SORRY!” Natsu practically wailed and Lucy looked at him horrified.

“It’s okay, geez!  It wasn’t that bad…” Lucy whispered the last part to him, but he still felt awful.  He scooped  her into a tight embrace, frantically patting her head as if she were hurt.

“I will never harm you again, I will never eat those mushrooms again, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Natsu practically began a mantra of saying the same things over and over again and patting Lucy’s hair.

“It’s fine, Natsu, at least it was you…”


For those who weren’t able to catch me at Sacanime this year to get ‘em free, and those who cannot get hold of me in person, I have made an account with redbubble!
So purchase of these little guys can be done here:

I plan on adding a bonus Exceed (three guesses who) to complete the set, but she will only be available for a limited time, as I’ve done her per personal requests. 
Other stickers that I’ll be working on, as well as prints, will be made available here as per request too! I have a cue for what I plan to do, but requests will make it to the top of the list a little faster. Those of you who’ve sent me requests on tumblr can expect to see some of those requests being done here, but not specifically as prints unless you contact me about otherwise.

I look forward to a busy semester, and I hope to hear some feedback, :) Have a great day guys!

As I had made mention of earlier, I was planning on making these little guys ready for purchase, and so here they are, stickers for your enjoyment.

About the reunion

I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved about ft spoilers being so misleading! Now it seems so funny how much we fussed and speculated about Juvia’s jealousy being the root of her recovery, myself included. If anything, yesterday’s chapters were some good proof that we should take spoilers with a grain of salt and wait for the real deal to judge. I sure learnt my lesson xD

I’m very pleased with the reunion! I expected some emphasis on the rain going away, and an angstier approach with Juvia asking for some explanations and maybe surfacing her distress after her initial excitement for seeing him again dies out, but in completely different settings. And I think that’s the charm of it; Mashima can switch the direction of things any way he wants and surprize us, making us wonder anew. But under those circumstances, I found the reunion well portrayed and in character.

It had all the right ingredients to make it absolutely satisfying.

Juvia displayed a perfectly bearable and understandable (for her standards) dose of jealousy. I don’t think Mashima went overboard with it, he kept it to a point it was outright funny.

I can’t tell if Gray’s terrified expression is only meant for the fact that she’s on a “love rival rage” mode or he also fears her upcoming reaction towards him for leaving her without a word for so long. It could be both.

Funny how Wendy couldn’t heal Juvia for several chapters in order to increase the drama and now that Dark!Gray is no longer an issue, she was able to recover completely. Anywho, thank you Wendy for helping Juvia join the action!

Juvia’s elated reaction wasn’t surprizing. She hadn’t seen Gray in 6 whole months (which is a long while, especially considering that they used to be together 24/7), she was extremely worried about him so she’s just really happy to see him again, safe and the way she knew him. I wouldn’t expect her to lash any frustration she might keep inside the moment she saw him anyways, that’s not how Juvia is. Besides, the mere fact that Gray is surrounded by enemies tells her he’s been involved in something that aims to stop some evil deeds.

Now, I’ve noticed some irritation about the fact that Juvia didn’t seem to be upset at all but was her usual bubbly self instead and just went along with Gray’s “later”. The thing is, they’re in the middle of action. What they need to do at the moment is to get rid of Avatar’s followers and stop the purification. It’s not the time to initiate any deep conversation, and she knows. That’s Juvia being considerate of the situation they’re in and showing a perfect sense of priority. That’s her not being all about her “Gray-sama” and focusing on her duty. Gray feels obviously guilty, the remorse is clearly reflected in his expression, he even gave her a brief apology (because that’s all he could afford to do during a fight) and promised to explain later. And Juvia understands that. She even said so, and that shows it’s something she does want to discuss and that she does expect some explanations. But the reason she rushed to his side was to help him out, not vent on him. 

Honestly, I understand that each one has their own opinions and expectations, but I feel like this fandom is not satisfied with anything. If Juvia was upset and scolded Gray for what he did in the middle of a fight, I’m sure many people would automatically call her selfish and inconsiderate. But when she does the exact opposite, she’s at fault again. 

I’m sorry but if you want Juvia to downright adopt an attitute that doesn’t quite fit her character, you’re expecting her to turn into someone she’s not, and someone other than Gray grew feelings for. Of course she’s going to hug Gray the moment she sees him, of course she’s going to be excited, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be serious or that she’s willing to ignore the wrongs he’s doing just like that. In fact, we’ve seen Juvia scold him before, when they returned to Magnolia after the GMG and she told him he was being rude for not smiling when everybody else did. The way Gray and Juvia agreed to leave explanations for later is promising of a more serious conversation once things are settled.

Juvia is cheerful and bubbly and overly expressive with her affection, that’s how she is and that’s not going to change. And honestly, I don’t see Gray having a problem with it. He has fallen for her while she’s this way and he decided to live with her while she’s this way. 

And the highlight of their reunion:

Synchronized stripping baby! Seems like Juvia has adopted Gray’s notorious habit. It’s even more funny if we think about how Juvia normally is quite body conscious. And I’m still not over the tiny outfit she wore when they trained together. Also, as some people rightly pointed out, Gray’s hand movements have become notably softer, much like Juvia’s. It’s so heart warming to know that they’ve brushed their habits on each other after all this time they lived together, because it shows just how close they’ve grown. I don’t know about you, but for me this panel makes up for any inconsistencies and possibly lost potential. I’m loving it. Gray has many friends and, despite his inner demons, he has a laid-back personality but the person he’s most comfortable and combatible with is the supposed “fangirl”, who seems to to be the opposite of him in more than one aspects and who has made him feel uneasy in some occasions in the past. If that’s not growth, then I don’t know what it is.

So overall, I’m happy with how things turned out. Juvia is finally well and ready to kick butts like we wanted her to, we’ll see her fight on Gray’s side and there might even be some new combos coming up! There are a lot of things they could have come up with after training together for 6 whole months. ^-^

Chapter 416 & Miraxus Development

Getting ready for some more Mirajane/Laxus/Miraxus development in the next arc. With everyone going their separate ways, Fairy Tail disbanded and without a guild, I wonder what’ll happen to Laxus (the Raijinshuu) and the Strauss siblings. Hopefully they’ll meet up again.

Though, knowing Laxus he might just want to go off and train on his own again. Mira definitely won’t be happy with hearing the news of FT disbanding - most likely she’ll try to keep everyone together, or, she’ll go off and train on her own as well in hopes that everyone will reunite again. 

Will there be another time skip?

My hope is Mira after a year or so is in the middle of training somewhere or traveling with her siblings, and on their way they meet up with Laxus (and the Raijinshuu) and get reacquainted again. Maybe start a little quest to find the others xD And in the meantime, we can get some great interactions.

Really proud of Laxus this chapter showing us some of his more softer side. Seems it came as a shock to everyone, even the Raijinshuu, when he hugged them. I was definitely surprised, only because it was something he had never done before. However, I have never doubted Laxus’ character development or the person he was, but for anyone who ever doubted it still after Fantasia/Tenrou Island Arc, this just solidifies it. Laxus is growing as a person, not only in physical strength, but emotional as well. 

Laxus hugging the Raijinshuu was clearly a reflection of his realization of just how important his friends are to him. 

In fact, his moment reminded me of something I wrote previously about Mirajane’s development:

[“I suppose after her sister had “died”, she had a self outlook where she realized that she wanted to treat the ones she cares most about with love and kindness, instead of taking those relationships for granted, because she never knew what could happen, she may end up losing them too. She realized that without her sister, she had become lonely and that by keeping her friends closer to her, she wouldn’t end up losing them like she lost her sister. She learned to cherish her friends and those moments with them…”]

So, Laxus also realizes that not only does he not want to take his friends for granted, but the moments he shares with them as well, because he realizes how precious they really are to him and would never want to risk losing them again. Therefore, he vows to become stronger for their sake. 

As kagehime3 has recently stated, Laxus realizes he needs something more than just raw power to show he cares, but to be able to be more open about his feelings to those he cares about as well and not always keep them at a distance all the time, because you never know when you might lose them. 

I just remembered that even with his character development in previous chapters/arcs, Laxus wasn’t always the most talkative or open person about his feelings, but now with what has happened, those feelings are starting to show, and so, that is good.

Again, this just goes to show what similar growth both Laxus and Mira have to go through, as I mentioned long before. Laxus may have admired Mira for her physical strength initially, maybe saw something in her that he always needed but never realized until now, but like kagehime3 has said, she is a woman he respects, truly is a shining example of the kind of person he aspires to be like, the kind of growth/development he needs and wants to achieve for himself overall, and of course, the person Mira always knew he could be. 

These two are like two peas in a pod; one in the same, with a very unique connection to each other. Both of them still have a long way to go, but I’m sure, some day, they’ll reach their development together.

It’s ironic, but beautiful and not surprising how each of their moments as well as character development mirrors each other’s so perfectly. Like, hmm, I dunno, it was planned all along ;)


Beyond the Field (part 8)

Sorry for it being a day late ^^; This is dedicated to natsus-neck-scar. I love you sis, you’re amazing no matter what ~

Read more chapters: Here

Summary: To him, football met everything. Nothing else was more important, but that day he picked his little sister up from the hospital and saw her blonde haired patient, everything changed.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman welcome to today’s football match between The Magnolian Mages and the The Lamia Scale!” The announcer spoke, voice booming throughout the stadium. “I can sure feel the excitement of the crowd, can’t you Yajima?”

“Sure can’t Chapati. I can’t wait to see the game, especially since both quarterbacks have an outside the field rivalry.”

“Oh yes, how could I forget!” Chapita exclaimed. “Gray Fullbuster and Lyon Vastia have been fighting over the lovely Juvia Lockster since the high school days.”

“Do they really have to announce that?!” Gray angrily shouted, giving a deadly glare towards the announcer box. The players were currently in a secluded tunnel waiting to get announced to go out on the field. He felt a hand on his shoulder, bringing him out of his thoughts of the past.

“Don’t pay attention to them. Use the anger to go and kick Lyon’s ass. Show Juvia why she should be with you.” Gray’s eyes bore into Natsus. He was thankful for the comforting words he was providing, but usually the running back would be ‘suck it up you sissy’.

“Whats got you in such a good mood?” Gray questioned.

Natsu blinked in confusion. “Do I need a reason to be happy?”

“Well, with such a beautiful blonde now living in his house and whom came to support him today; I would be in a good mood as well.” Loke cut in, answering for Natsu.

“How did you-”

“You told us dipshit, you wouldn’t stop talking about it for the past week.” Gajeels’ gruff voice cut in.

“I’d be excited to, having a woman like that under my roof. How do you keep yours hands off of her?” Loke asked frantically, placing his hands on his helmet in a ‘what are you thinking’ manner. Natsu sighed.

“Unlike you, I don’t need to have sex with every girl I meet. I have standards.”

“And apparently this girl might meet them.” Gray said with a smirk. Natsu narrowed his eyes.

“What do you-”

“I am proud to introduce to everyone, the Magnolian Mages!” The crowd went wild as their home team was announced. Gray looked to Natsu.

“Guess you’ll have to figure it out later. Lets do this boys!” Gray shouted to his team before making his way out of the tunnel.

His team followed suit, giving their own calls of excitement riling the crowd up even more. Natsu’s eyes scanned the crowd of the packed stadium, eyes landing on where his family usually sat. He seen Igneel throwing his fists in the air in excitement and Grandeeny standing up whooping and hollering. Sitting down next to Grandeeny was Wendy, who was clapping her hands while having a conversation with Lucy.

One look at Lucy and Natsu knew that they had to win this game.

They could lose every other game this season, but this one… they just couldn’t. Natsu wouldn’t allow it.

She was just sitting there, a pleasant smile on her face. Her golden locks were pulled up in a bun with strands framing her flawless face. He could see she was wearing a light pink top that sleeves came to the elbows accented with a white pleated skirt that stopped just above her knees. Maybe Loke was right, maybe the reason he’s been so happy lately is because of her….

Because of Lucy.

“Alright maggots, listen up!” Makarov voice boomed over the loud music that was playing. “If you go out there as play like you have been the past couple of weeks, there’s no way you guys shouldn’t beat these pansies. Now go out there and do it!”

“You heard him, lets win this!” Gray announced to his team who were pumped up to max potential. They shouted even more, trying to relieve some of the energy. Natsu stole one last look to the blonde who was looking towards the huddled team, a smile still etched on her lips.

“I’ll win this for you, Lucy.” Natsu thought before going out on the playing field, intending to keep his promise.

It was the last quarter and Magnolia was up fourteen to three.

“Lyon sure is throwing an off game tonight, it’s not even fair for us.” Gray said, sitting on the bench next to Natsu. He felt a cold water bottle touch his shoulder. “Thanks Erza.”

“Don’t mention it.” She replied. “But Natsu, you need to be more careful on the field. You’re being more reckless than usual.”

“Yeah, even if I do love my job I don’t want to see you guys get hurt.” Jellal explained looking towards the running back. He just waved both of them off.

“I haven’t gotten hurt yet have I?” Natsu casually answered, taking a swig of his water.

Gray gave a knowing smirk. “I think I know why you’re acting so reckless today.”

Natsu quirked his eyebrow in interest. “Oh, and why is that?”

“You’re trying to show off for your woman.” Natsu went rigid at his statement. He slowly turned his head to glare at the ink haired male.

“She’s not ‘my woman’ and no I’m not. You hate Lyon so I’m trying to save your ass and win the game so you won’t be embarrassed.” Gray scoffed in disbelief. Sure, him and Lyon didn’t get along for more than a minute but there was no way in hell that Natsu would win a game to save Gray from embarrassment; hell Natsu would probably even purposely make them lose the game if it meant Gray’s pride was on the line.

“Bullshit, as if you’d ever win a game for me.” Gray commented, Natsu turned his head to answer but was interrupted by the announcer.

“And a sack by Gajeel Redfox! Man, he can sure pack a wallop.” Chapati shouted through the microphone.

“And with that it looks like the two minute warning is in play.” Yajima announced.

Natsu and Gray looked at each other and shared a smirk, already knowing that this game was in the bag for them.

“So, feel like showing off some more?” Gray asked, getting up off the bench.

Natsu followed suit, putting his helmet back on. “When don’t I?”

“Great game as usual team. So far we’re three and zero for the season! Next weeks our first away game against Blue Pegasus, lets go kick coach Bob’s leotard next week. No practice tomorrow. Bring it in fellas!” Makarov place his hand in the center followed by the rest of his team. “But be there an hour earlier on Tuesday!”

Groaning, Gray said the chant. “Mages on three!”

“One, two, three mages!” The team said in unison, breaking away to go to shower and home after after a long day of football. Natsu wasted no time in grabbing his towel and soap. He headed straight for the showers which was unusual for him, he usually stayed and talked to Gray and Gajeel for a few minutes.

“He really wants to go see his girl.” Gajeel grumbled as he made his way to his locker.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to go see a woman like that.” Loke commented.

“Keep making comments like that and I’ll kick your ass Loke.” Natsu stated as he walked back in the locker pit fresh out of the shower.

“Dang, you really want to go see this chick don’t ya?” Gajeel teased, shutting his locker. Natsu turned to give him a glare.

“No actually. We all carpooled here today so we could give Lucy a tour of the stadium.” He explained, buttoning up his jeans. “So they’re waiting on me, and you know how my parents get when they’re kept waiting.”

Gray shuddered, oh he knew that all too well. “Yeah, even if thats not the true reason get out of here so Igneel and Grandeeny don’t kill you.”

“Why not? It’ll be fun to watch the Salamander squirm.” Gajeel laughed. Natsu finished pulling his black shirt over his head and sprayed his cologne on him to mask the remnants of his sweaty stench.

“You guys are assholes. I’m out of here.” He grumbled before making his way out of the locker room.

“Hey don’t forget! Erza wants a get together tomorrow! Make sure to bring Lucy!” Gray called out for his best friend. Natsu threw his hand up signaling that he heard him.

Well, so much for a relaxing day tomorrow.

Natsu walked out of the locker pit, seeing a familiar figure waiting on him.

“Lucy?” Hearing her name, she looked over to the football player and smiled.

“Good game out there!” Lucy praised walking over to him. “Ready to go?” He nodded, starting to lead her out of the stadium.

“Yes I’m just ready to go home, relax, play video games and eat some junk food.” Natsu said with a grin. Lucy rolled her eyes.

“Thats what you’ve been doing for the past week!”

“Its a lifestyle, what can I say.” As they were walking, he felt the phone in his pocket vibrate.

Igneel: Good game boy. Lucy was thoroughly impressed by your skills. Anyway, we’re going to Fairy Tail again tonight and since its not far from the stadium we suggested that you could walk Lucy there so she would be able to see a bit more of Magnolia. Love, Dad

Natsu groaned at the text message leaving a confused Lucy. “Whats wrong Natsu?”

“We have to walk to Fairy Tail.”

“So? I think it was a great idea, I haven’t seen half the city yet.”

“I just played an entire football game, I don’t wanna move anymore.” Natsu complained, making Lucy laugh lightly.

“You sure are lazy you know that?”

“Tell that to my six pack.” Natsu mumbled as they began to make their way towards the restaurant. He smirked, remembering another part of Igneel’s message.

“So, Igneel told me you were thoroughly impressed by my skills.” He seen from the corner of his eye how Lucy’s face heated up, her pale cheeks turning a slight pink color.

“I, uh, yeah… I actually was.” She admitted.

“Just thought I was all talk huh? Well Luce, you kind of have to be good to get in this league ya know.” He noticed how she remained silent, her face darkening.

After a few minutes a silence, she finally spoke again. “You’re a really fast runner.”

“That’s why I’m the running back.”

“Would you stop being a smart ass?”

“I’d rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass.” Lucy groaned at his teasing nature, trying her best to ignore the laughing she had caused. She looked around as they passed nice houses. Seeing the kids play in the front yard while their parents did the yard work. She missed times like these, she remembered times like these. Her and her little sister playing in the yard, while her mother tended to the garden and her father cut the grass…

“You okay Luce?” Natsu’s question brought her out of her saddening thoughts. She nodded her head.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“About what?” Lucy internally sighed, of course Natsu’s naturally curious nature would have him question farther. She stopped walking, confusing the male.

“Luce?” He looked at her, a worried expression planted on his features.

“Its just… I remember time when my family and I use to go out and do stuff like this.” She looked to see a mother and father chasing after their child. After finally snatching him, he pulled the youngster in a tight hug, kissing his head lovingly. The sight brought tears to her eyes. She froze as she felt two strong arms wrap around her shoulders and her face being met with a muscular chest.

“Hey, it’ll be okay.” His soft words comforted her a bit. Slowly, she wrapped her arms around his torso. “I remember times like this too. When Igneel, Grandeeny and I would do this, and how I wished that it would be my birth parents.”

She tightened her grip on him. “Do you… do you know what happened to them.” She felt him lift his face out of her hair, she buried her face out of his chest and looked into his onyx eyes.

“I do. Its just, difficult to talk about.”

“Natsu…” She whispered. She seen the vulnerable look in his eyes, how they were glossed over a bit due to the unshed tears. She never really seen a man cry besides her father, but seeing Natsu like this… she decided she never wanted to see his tears again.

“Lucy…” He whispered out, staring in the chocolate brown eyes he always seemed to get lost in. His eyes flickered to her plush pink lips. As if gravity was forcing his too, he started to lean his head forward.

Lucy’s eyes widened, seeing that Natsu was beginning to bring his head down towards hers. Her face flush, she hadn’t had her first kiss before… she didn’t even know how to kiss. But, the thought of Natsu kissing her just felt right at the moment. She raised herself on her tiptoes, their lips only inches apart…

Both abruptly pulled away when they felt cold water being sprayed on them.

“What the hell?” Natsu voiced looking next to them, seeing a sprinkler going off. Natsu internally groaned, he was about to get his first kiss but got cockblocked by a sprinkler.

Natsu sighed at the curse of his luck and turned to Lucy who was still in the same position but looking down at her now wet clothes. Natsu pulled his scarf to relieve the heat from his cheeks at the sight of how the water made Lucy’s clothes cling onto her body even more snuggly than they had been before.

“Ah, so… should we, continue walking?” Natsu awkwardly said, taking his place next to the blonde haired woman. She looked up at him with a cute pout, but nodded nonetheless.

As the two teens started walking, their minds couldn’t get off their almost kiss. Lucy brought her left hand up to her lips that were almost touched by Natsu’s. Natsu seen the action, and smiled gently. He reached his left hand out, and interlaced his fingers with her right hand. He noticed the way her eyes widened as she glanced over at him.

He was just looking forward, his scarf covering his face to the tip of his red cheeks. Instead of freaking out, Lucy gave him a soft smile. She squeezed his hand gently. As she did so, is when the corner of his eyes flickered over to her. He smiled behind his scarf.

The two teens walked hand in hand to the restaurant, if they weren’t meant to kiss today… at least they could have this.

They reached the restaurant and looked at each other, silently agreeing that it wouldn’t be the best idea to walk in with their fingers intertwined. They walked into the restaurant and began to walk to the booth they had sat in the previous week. Lisanna was the first to see the two teens approach.

“Natsu! Lucy! How’re-” She started to greet but noticed the wetness in their clothes. “Why are you two wet? Its not even raining…”

Natsu just shook his head as he let Lucy slide in the booth before him. “Its a long story.” He said simply, before sliding in the booth after him. Lisanna gave her childhood friend a knowing smile.

“What’d you do, let her shower with you?” Igneel’s snide remark made Natsu thankful there were three people between them.

Natsu just sighed, not having the energy to reply back to the comment. He felt a soft pressure on his hand from under the table and seen it was Lucy’s hand on top of his. He looked at her face, the smile she always wore decorating her features. He smiled back, flipping his hand over to intertwine their fingers once again.

His family and friends were right, Lucy was special to him. Hopefully one day, she would let him show her how special she truly was.

Stop. Read.

Rape victims don’t need to always feel safe/in charge for the remainder of their lives. Some times we even like being challenged by the ones we love, especially when our previous dynamic with them was always push-pull, and especially when they were also victimized by our assault. Treating each other with kid-gloves can ruin the relationship. I’d know. … No, like seriously, I’d try to sue the show over intellectual property of my life or some shit if I didn’t love it so much.

Did I make you feel uncomfortable? Good. Maybe you’ll stop and think before you try to ‘correct’ some one whom might have more experience with the situation than you do (and, if you have been there, I’m here to talk if you want some one whom gets it). I’ve earned the right to be an authority on this. If I can talk about it, you can hear me out, and consider that you could be wrong.

Ian is pushing (or manipulating) Mickey, but, while Mickey suffered more, it was Ian whom lost more autonomy on that day, and he deserves to fight for it back.

Mickey didn’t kiss Ian on the roof, he waited at least a day after Ian practically dared him to, but I knew he was going to do it in that episode as soon as the dare was made. Mickey pushes Ian’s public kiss away, but I knew that he was going to pull him back in when he realized that he was in a safe place, and Ian’s ready with his mouth open. … Yeah, by the way, their hands grabbed the others’ neck at the same time. They kissed each other. I feel like I’m the only one whom noticed this. … He was always going to suck Ian off. Granted, if Ian wasn’t so cold and, therefore, inspiring desperation, Mickey’s hesitation time might’ve been longer than five seconds.

Ian was just cold. If it were a true ultimatum, he would’ve told Mickey to leave after Mickey told him to fuck off, but he doesn’t because he’s waiting. He knows what Mickey’s like. He knew they’d be making out in Fairy Tails any second as soon as Mickey pushed him away. You could see in his face and, like I said, how he was ready for it.

An ultimatum implies that you’re willing to give some thing up. Why is he learning Russian (when Mickey’s not even bothering)? Why is he wanting more from Mickey? Why is he currently outright elated that Mickey’s care-freely living with him in either house? Why does he smile when Mickey blocks him from getting money? Why is he getting them invites to parties as a couple? Why is he kissing Mickey for being protective? Why does he have fucking moon-eyes when Mickey’s being proud trash about beer? He’s in this.

Some one made a perfect GIFSet of Mickey feigning indifference towards Ian with Lip, Mandy, and Ian (using the blowjob scene), but showing honest devotion with Brian by saying “together,” and the following was my reaction.

THIS was why the blowjob scene was necessary. Mickey does not talk to the people whom know him. He acts. He’ll be verbally honest to a stranger because an action might not be understood.

“Those fingers go any where near that cock …”. Subtext: That’s my cock. I claimed it last night! … Ian wanted him to stake a claim and he did. Ian got his autonomy back and Mickey got to back on track with Ian after being derailed by Terry.

End of.

Sheila keeps telling us to “keep the faith” and you shit on one moment she wrote that some one whom has been there thinks you’re getting wrong?

Just. Stop.


Here is my contribution to Natsu Appreciation Day :)

Natsu is my absolutely favorite character in all of Fairy Tail. He’s strong, smart, funny, loyal, brave, and so much more. He deserves so much more than one day, and I hope my fic proves that :) enjoy!

Natsu kicked a lose stone on his way home. No one wanted to go on a mission today. He was all fired up this morning and ready to go beat up some bad guys, but everyone was busy.

The moment he walked into the guild Gray had run off saying he had errands to do and he wanted to leave before Juvia saw him. Juvia left right after him, following him.

Erza he didn’t bother, she ws eating her cake and “I’m not thinking about Jellal” face on.

Wendy and Carla had gone a mini-mission with Happy in town, the little traitor.

Levy was talking in some weird language to Lily, and Gajeel was pretending to understand. He growled at Natsu when he got close.

Laxus ignored his rants about fighting. The Thunder Legion followed his lead.

Master Makarov told him to go alone, but that was no fun.

Gildarts had left on some mission a while back.

Mira, Lisanna, and Elfman were busy behind the bar. Mira shooed him away when he asked what.

The rest of the guild ignored him. Cana tried to get him to drink with her, but the last time he did that he woke up with everyone angry at him.

So he left, face buried in his scarf to hide his frown. He decided to go to Lucy’s, she always cheered him up.

Grinning, he jumped up to her always open window and landed on her bed.

“YO LUCY!” he hopped to the floor and looked around, “LET’S GO ON A MISSION!”

But the apartment was quiet, no screams of ‘GET OUT’. No wails of 'QUIT BARGING IN’ or 'COME IN THROUGH THE DOOR’.

She wasn’t home.

“Man,” he raised one hand to hold his scarf, sitting on her soft bed, “guess I’ll just wait.”

He laid down on the pink bed and tried to sleep, only to be plagued by nightmares of him being left alone again and again.

Sitting up in a cold sweat, he covered his eyes with his scarf. Wiping his face, he turned around and fell into Lucy’s pillow, allowing her familiar scent to lure him into a calm state.

He heard a crinkling sound as he buried himself deeper in the fluffy pillow.

“What’s this?” he held up a letter with his name on it.

Keep reading

He’s ready to rage and I’ve never felt more happy in my life. Though, in all fairness, if Erza can do this:

Then, I don’t think we’ve even seen her at her maximum amount of power yet.

Anyways, I’m really excited to finally see some emotion about how Jellal feels towards Erza (maybe I’m just reading too much into things, but I do in fact ship Jerza even if it’s not my main ship so…). I can’t wait to see how this fight plays out, and I hope Erza can show us more of her power during this arc.