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Imagine the young Winchesters finding you and taking you with them Part 4

Author: see-the-fandom-imagines
Original Imagine/Part 1
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Warnings: none
Word Count: 1972
Summary: John leaves you to stay at Bobby’s

You’d been with the Winchesters for more than a year now. In this year you learned how to kill vampires, werewolfs, demons and a lot more. You knew how to handle a knife and a shotgun, only your hand-to-hand fighting had to be trained at even more. You were far beyond perfect, though. Furthermore you knew how to hold off demons, keep ghosts from entering and how to exorcise properly, extra points if the victim would still be alive.
In the mornings you’d go to school with Sam and Dean, afterwards doing homework with Sam, before training with Dean.
It was far away from an easy life, but you had known what you had engaged yourself in. You knew that you shouldn’t complain.

The first few weeks your body was over and over covered in all kinds of bruises, scratches and contusions and hurt with every step you had taken. But as you kept on fighting it got better and better.

You now were nearly twelve years old, Dean was seventeen and Sam had celebrated his thirteenth birthday about a month ago.
You had grown to like these boys very much. From the first night you had gone with them, they always had been there for you if you needed them.
In school no one ever tried to pick on you, for already on the first day was clear, Dean and Sam would be there to protect you from anyone who would dare to even look askant at you.

Though you didn’t need that protection, it didn’t annoy you at all. Sam, as well as Dean, were completely aware of the fact, that you were able to defend yourself. They didn’t want to protect you, because they thought, that you wouldn’t make it without them. They protected you, because they wanted to.

And for this, you loved those two boys even more.

Last week you had helped John with a case near Wisconsin. It was a simple ghost, not finding his peace. You had done the research and afterwards watched Dean and John’s back as they were digging up and burning the corpse. Sam, who kept you worried, especially on some of his silent days, refused to help, and you accepted that.

Though this was the reason why you usually did the most research by yourself, covering Sam, it was just on some days, that John would let you do something important as this.You weren’t exactly sure if he even trusted you, but he treated you as good as you could expect. And sometimes you even thought he may grew fond of you. But then again, you weren’t his daughter. You were his apprentice.

Actually you were a bit sad about this, never being really sure whether he actually was proud of your achievements, but your time would come. You were absolutely sure. You’d make it happen.

Summer holidays took place so Dean, Sam and you were accompanying John. But this time there was something slightly different.
It was the same division as ever. John sat in the drivers seat of the black Impala, Dean on the passenger seat, and Sam and you looked outside of the windows of the backseats. Especially in these times, holidays or whenever you had to change school, Sam was in a particularly bad mood. You knew how much he just wanted a normal life, and you couldn’t blame him. You chose, but he didn’t even have a chance. You really hoped that one day, he’d get the normal life he’d always wished for.
Suddenly, ripping you out of your thoughts, John begun to speak.
„I have a case near Minnesota.“ He made a small pause. „It could be something.“
You all knew what this meant. He had a hint to get the Yellow-Eyed Demon. The demon, that killed his wife, and Sam and Dean’s mother. Mary.
Immediately Dean started to listen attentively. He sat up straight, instead of slumping in his seat as usual. „Where exactly?“, he asked, but in vain. John ignored him.
„I’ll get you to Bobby for the time being“, he explained further, which caused Sam to relax for a second next to you and left you puzzled. Who was Bobby?
The sudden decision caused Dean to stiffen on his seat. „Please, Dad, let me come with you. I’m old enough. I could help you, you knw th-“

„Dean!“, John interrupted, but Dean kept on talking. „This isn’t just your fight! Let me help you!“

John looked stolidly at the street, clenching his jaw. Sometimes you wandered about what would go on inside his mind and in this second he looked like he would be struggling with himself, thinking of what he should do. But as soon as this second came it was gone and as he started to speak, his voice was resolute as always. „You’re going to go to Bobby. Did you understand me?“ Dean sighed and looked down. „Can’t we at least rent a motel room somewhere?“John looked at Dean, just for a second, before staring back at the road again. „Did you understand me?“
Dean glared at his father, looking as if he wanted to contradict, but didn’t say anything. Instead he leaned bakc in his seat, looking outside the window and whispered: „Yes, Sir.“
He was definitely hurt.
I got silent for a moment, until John turned up the music again. Typical Winchester reaction, you thought for yourself, but realised that this was the perfect chance for you to lean over to Sam and ask him the one question, that was wandering through your mind.
„Who is Bobby?“

„Boys!“, the bearded man with an old cap on his head, greeted Sam and Dean, a small smile on his face.
„Hey, Bobby“, Sam greeted raising his hand, while Dean sulkily looked onto the ground. Sam nudged him with his elbow. „Hey, Bobby“, Dean greeted now as well, leaving you over, slightly hidden behind them.
„And you must be (Y/N)“, Bobby said, reaching out his hand to you. You hesitated for a moment, before taking it, shaking hands with him, nodding. „Nice to meet you“, you whispered.
You didn’t really know what to think of this man.
„Why don’t you go inside? I just have a quick talk with your old man“, he suggested, whereupon you slowly went to the front door. But as soon as Dean was inside he quickly escaped again through an old back door.

„Dean“, you hissed. „What are you doing?“
Sam had already thrown himself onto the sofa, opening a book, definitely wanting to be alone. Quickly you followed Dean outside, wanting to know what he was up to. Dean had ssneaked behind a few old cars, standing in the drive way, until you both were close enough to hear what they were talking about.
„And this time, Bobby“, John urged. „They need to train. Especially (Y/n).“ You couldn’t see his expression, for all you could see was his back, but as soon as John had stopped talking Bobby had rolled his eyes. „Yeah, alright, alright.“ Bobby stopped him with a wave of his hand.
You three watched as John climbed into his car, turned and left the driveway to the road.
Dean tugged on your shirt. „Come on. Hurry“, he pushed you, and started to run back to the door you came through. Quickly you followed him, just to keep standing awkwardly in the room, while Dean jumped onto the sofa, right in the moment in which Bobby walked through the front door.

On the next morning, you woke up rather early. A qick look at your watch told you, it wasn’t even seven. Nonetheless you tumbled up from bed and tapped quietly down the stairs. Looking around you sighed. There was nothing you could do in here.
Slowly you approached the bookshelf, looking for something to read, that for once didn’t have anything to do with something supernatural.
A long time ago you loved those books. Fantasy over and over, with fairies, vampires and dragons. But now, since all of this became a sort of reality to you, you learned to prefer solid normal stuff, like biographies, or simple novels, sometimes as confusing as your life itself, sometimes completely clear and easy to understand. Well, whatever, because to your great displeasure, you didn’t find anything in these shelfs, except for big, old and dusty books about how to kill sirens and other stuff.
Sighing once again, you grabbed your jacket and went outside. If you couldn’t read, you would djust take a look around. There were lots and lots of old cars. Some ready to repair, or even driveable, some barely recognisable as cars. You stroked with your hands over the varnish of some cars, continuing your silent walk, through all these lost automobiles. They were old, broken, and to a large extent completely useless. But you liked the thought of them being lost. Their only purpose was to drive, to bring people from A to B, and once they weren’t able to do this anymore, they got here. The few of them that could be repaired, got something like a last reprieve, but the rest just waited here to die, or to give it’s innards to the other cars that still had a chance to live. You caught yourself smiling slightly. You liked this metaphor.
Furthermore, you liked this place. Between and behind these cars were the perfect place to hide yourself, to be alone if you wanted no one else around. Maybe these holidays wouldn’t be as bad as the others.

As you got back inside the house, Sam and Bobby were already awake. Dean would probably sleep until late noon, and you were just happy about this. Because this would mean, that he didn’t think about his father, and the fact that he had left him here.
„Morning, (Y/N)“, Sam greeted, giving you a small smile, whereupon Bobby, now noticing you as well, turned around. „Good morning.“ You nodded your head, but before you were able to answer, your own stomach interrupted you. Sam smirked. „Hungry?“, he asked and slightly embarassed by the loud noise you nodded. „Never eat Bobbys scrambled eggs, though“, Sam whispered in your ear, causing you to giggle. Bobby raised an eyebrow. „What was that?“ But Sam just put it off, winking at you one last time, before sitting down at the sofa. „Nothing“, you assured Bobby and looked for the kitchen.
„Do you have something to eat here?“, you asked, having spotted the probable kitchen. Followed by Bobby you stepped inside. „Of course I have. After all I’ve been exspecting you three kids, who would eat me out of house and home.“ You giggled quietly. Although his tone was completely serious, you felt that he didn’t really mean it.

Somehow you did like this big, bearded man who had looked so intimidating to you at first glance. „I can make breakfast“, you said, walking over to the refrigerator. Bobby looked for a moment, like he wanted to protest, but you interrupted him. „Sam told me about your… cooking skills“, you explained, looking quite amused at Bobbys expression. „Really, that’s okay, I make breakfast and cook for the boys all the time“, you assured, getting some eggs out of the refrigerator. „I thought so“, Bobby grumbled, and before you could respond something, he added: „Let me help you. I’m defintely not the best cook, but-“ „Oh, no problem, I always do it alone“, you assured, your eyes fixed on the eggs in your hands, as Bobby started to speak again.

„That’s exactly the reason, why I’m going to help you now.“
You tried to contain a smile, but failed miserably. Especially as you heard him mutter something to himself, while he looked outside of the window, exactly to the point where John had left a day ago. 



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