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And I’d promise you anything for another shot at life

Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

Nintendo to Release a Super Nintendo Mini Console Later this Year

The discontinuation of the NES Mini console earlier this month was likely due to the fact that Nintendo is in the process of developing a similar plug-and-play system for the Super Nintendo. The Super Nintendo mini is still in the process of being designed and will be ready for purchase in December in the US.

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I have trapped the light
of every star I’ve ever seen
inside myself -

if you cracked me open
you would find the cosmos,

and every time I speak I
plant galaxies in the 
atmosphere -

I am a universe
of bones and skin,
blood and sweat,
tears and 

stolen stars.

—  100 poems in 100 days // day forty-seven. (l.v.) purchase “ready aim fire”. 

anonymous asked:

GOM + Kagami with their s/o at the store in line ready to pay for their purchases, when their s/o starts making funny faces at the baby/toddler standing in front of them to make them laugh.

Kuroko would at first be confused because the baby began laughing until he hears noises coming from his side. He’d smile fondly and just shake with head, letting his partner do what they want to do.

Kise would definitely join. He likes making weird faces and seeing his partner doing it first he’d beam so happily. You can bet he’d do it every time, pulling his partner beside. There’s no better day to Kise than making someone laugh.

Midorima would at first be a bit off if the toddler stares at him, or more like his toy in his hands that happens to be his lucky item. Only when his toddler’s attention focuses on the person beside will he crack a smile that he’d try to hide behind a cough or his hand.

Aomine wouldn’t have attention on the baby in front, but more like everywhere else or cursing in his head at the long line. When he begins hearing chuckling and funny noises, he’d look at the baby, who’d wave their hands. His lips would turn into smile, but frown when he hears noises from his partner. Looking at them, he’d quietly raise an eyebrow, but say nothing and just watch them.

Murasakibara would be impatient not only because he has to wait in the line, but also because the toddler can’t stop staring at him. Just before he’d groan at the toddler, he’d stop when he hears silent laughter. He’d look in front and see him smiling widely before looking at his partner. He’d blink quietly and sigh, suddenly wondering who is the child now.

Akashi would smile softly at the interaction. He wouldn’t mind seeing them making weird faces if it makes the baby stop from crying. He would hold his partner close, but would let them do what they want while waiting in the line.

Kagami could join along if he sees the baby’s more interested in his eyebrows. He’d laugh it off if his partner huffs, but wouldn’t mind at all if they gain baby’s attention once again. He likes seeing different sides of them, as long as they enjoy.


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This scent is a bold unisex scent that leans towards the masculine, but is wearable by a woman, with deep currents of rich artisan chocolate, woods, and spices. 

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hi, i'm a newish fan of cole and i've tried to catch up by listening to the come up, warm up, fnl, and all his studio albums but i'm lost on the other mix tapes/songs... is it possible to get a discography? like of all the mixtapes he himself has released? is there a place that'll gimme that info?

Welcome to the family, and yes just right click on the links below:


Cole World: The Sideline Story: (iTunes)  (Google Play) (Spotify)

Born Sinner: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

2014 Forest Hills Drive: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Revenge of The Dreamers II: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Forest Hills Drive: Live From Fayetteville, NC: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)

4 Your Eyez Only: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Spotify)


The Therapist Collection Listen 

The Come Up Vol. 1 (Download) (Spotify)

The Warm Up (Download) (Google Play) (Spotify

Friday Night Lights (Download) (Google Play) (Spotify)

Any Given Sunday EP #1 (Download

Any Given Sunday EP #2 (Download)  

Any Given Sunday EP #5 (Download)  

Truly Yours (Download

Truly Yours 2 (Download

Revenge of The Dreamers (Download)

Other Songs

  1. Be Free Listen / New Verse 
  2. Black Friday Listen
  3. The Breakfast Club Freestyle Listen 
  4. Bun B For President Listen
  5. Change The World Listen
  6. Cheer Up Listen
  7. Cole Summer Listen 
  8. Cosmic Kev Listen
  9. Crack Music Listen
  10. The Cure Listen/Download
  11. Disgusting 
  12. DJ Enough Freestyle Listen
  13. Everybody Dies
  14. False Prophets
  15. Fitted Cap
  16. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle Listen
  17. Get Free ColeWorld Listen/Download 
  18. Good Game Listen 
  19. The Goos=d Son, Pt. 1
  20. Grew Up Fast Listen/Download 
  21. Hello Good Morning Freestyle Listen
  22. High For Hours 
  23. Holdin Me Back
  24. Ice Cream Freestyle Listen
  25. I Got It Listen 
  26. I’m A Fool Listen/Download  
  27. I’m Comin Listen 
  28. I’m Coming Home Listen
  29. I’m On It Listen
  30. I Really Mean It Listen
  31. It Won’t Be Long Listen
  32. Killers
  33. The Last Stretch Listen
  34. Need You Bad Remix Listen 
  35. Nothing Lasts Forever Listen
  36. Nothing Like It
  37. NY State of Mind (Freestyle) Listen 
  38. On Top Of The World Listen
  39. The One Listen
  40. Pass Me By Listen 
  41. The Plan Listen 
  42. Playground Listen
  43. Purple Rain Listen
  44. The Reasons Listen
  45. Relaxation Listen
  46. Return of Simba 
  47. See It To Believe It
  48. Serenade Listen 
  49. Shook Ones Freestyle Listen 
  50. Show Me Something Listen 
  51. Song For The Ville Listen 
  52. So What Listen 
  53. Trouble 
  54. Visionz Of Home Listen 
  55. We On Listen 
  56. Who’s World Is This Listen / Download 
  57. Wildfire
  58. Winter Schemes Listen  
  59. Wireless Festival Freestyle Listen
  60. 2012 Listen/Download 

Songs Featured On

  1. Alex Haldi “Killers” Listen / Download
  2. Alexis Jordan “Acid Rain (Remix)” Listen
  3. Bas “Lit” Listen / Purchase
  4. Bas “My Nigga Just Made Bail” Listen / Purchase
  5. Bas “Night Job” Listen / Purchase
  6. Bei Maejor “Trouble” Listen / Purchase
  7. Beyonce “Party (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  8. Big Sean  “ 24 Karats of Gold”  Listen / Download
  9. B.o.B. “Gladiators” Listen / Download 
  10. Boosie Badazz “Black Heaven” Listen / Purchase
  11. Canei Finch “Remember Me” Listen / Download
  12. Chance The Rapper “Thotty” Listen 
  13. Chipmunk “Champion (Remix)” Listen 
  14. Cozz “Knock Tha Hustle (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  15. DJ Drama “Undercover” Listen / Purchase 
  16. DJ Khaled “Hells Kitchen” Listen / Purchase
  17. DJ Khaled “They Ready” Listen / Purchase 
  18. DJ Khaled “We On” Listen
  19. Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment “Warm Enough” Listen/ Purchase
  20. Drake “Jodeci Freestyle“ Listen/Download
  21. Elijah Blake “Vendetta” Listen / Purchase
  22. Elite “World Premiere” Listen / Download
  23. Elle Varner “Only Wanna Give It To You” Listen / Purchase
  24. Fabolous “Louis Vuitton” Listen / Download 
  25. Fashawn “Nothing For The Radio” Listen / Download 
  26. French Montana “Diamonds” Listen / Download 
  27. Funkmaster Flex “Maine On Fire” Listen / Download 
  28. The Game “Pray” Listen / Purchase
  29. Janet Jackson “No Sleep” (Remix) Listen / Purchase
  30. Jay Z “A Star Is Born” Listen / Purchase
  31. Jeremih “Planes” Listen / Purchase
  32. Jessie Ware “Kind of..Sometimes..Maybe (Remix)” Listen 
  33. Justin Timberlake “TKO (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  34. Kendrick Lamar “Shock The World” Listen 
  35. Kendrick Lamar “Temptation” Listen 
  36. Keri Hilson “Buyou” Listen / Purchase
  37. Kevin Cossom “Leave Me Alone” Listen / Download 
  38. Kirko Bangz “Drank In My Cup (Remix)” Listen 
  39. Lil Wayne “Green Ranger” Listen / Download 
  40. Maroon 5 “Animals (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  41. Melanie Fiona “This Time” Listen / Purchase
  42. Miguel “All I Want Is You” Listen / Purchase 
  43. Nas “Made Nas Proud” Listen
  44. Nervous Reck “The Ojays” Listen 
  45.  Notorious B.I.G. “Can I Get Wit Ya” Listen 
  46. Omen “Break Out” Listen / Download
  47. Omen “Mama Told Me” Listen / Download 
  48. Omen “Things Change” Listen / Purchase 
  49. Red Cafe “Fly Together (Remix)” Listen/Download
  50. Reflection Eternal “Just Begun”  Listen / Purchase
  51. Rihanna “S&M (Remix)” Listen
  52. Rita Ora “Love and War” Listen / Purchase
  53. Sean Garrett “Feel Love” Listen / Purchase 
  54. Selah Sue “Raggamuffin (Remix)” Listen / Purchase 
  55. StartYourOwnRebellion “Let It Go” Listen/Download 
  56. Tinie Tempah “Like It or Love It” Listen / Download
  57. Trae Tha Truth “Children Of Men” Listen / Purchase 
  58. Trae Tha Truth “I’m On 2.0″ Listen / Purchase
  59. Trae Tha Truth “Roll Call” Listen / Purchase 
  60. Travis Barker “Never Holding Me Back” Listen / Download
  61. Tyga “Let It Show” Listen / Purchase
  62. Voli “Sound Of Love” Listen / Purchase 
  63. Wale “Bad Girls Club” Listen / Purchase 
  64. Wale Beautiful Bliss Listen / Purchase 
  65. Wale “Black Grammys” Listen / Purchase
  66. Wale “Fitted Cap” Listen / Purchase
  67. Wale “Rather Be With You” Listen / Purchase
  68. Wale “The Pessimist” Listen / Purchase
  69. Yo Gotti “Cold Blood” Listen / Purchase
  70. Yo Gotti “Look In The Mirror (Remix) Listen 
  71. Young Chris “Still the Hottest” Listen/Download 


  1. A Tribe Called Quest “Can I Kick It? (Remix) Listen / Purchase
  2. Ab Soul “Sapiosexual" Listen / Purchase 
  3. Alex Haldi “Killers” Listen / Download
  4. Bali “So Cold” Listen
  5. Bas “The Season” Listen/Download
  6. DJ Khaled “Jermaine’s Interlude” 
  7. DJ Khaled “Hells Kitchen” Listen / Purchase
  8. DJ Khaled “They Ready” Listen / Purchase
  9. DJ Khaled “We On” Listen
  10. Elijah Blake “Vendetta” Listen / Purchase
  11. Elite “Cycles” Listen / Download 
  12. Fabolous “Louis Vuitton” Listen / Download
  13. Fashawn “Big Dreams” Download
  14. Fashawn “Nothing For The Radio” Listen / Download 
  15. Fat Trel “Live My Life” Listen / Download 
  16. Funkmaster Flex “Maine On Fire” Listen / Download
  17. Kendrick Lamar “HiiiPoWeR” Listen
  18. Kendrick Lamar “The Jig Is Up (Dump'n)” Listen 
  19. Kendrick Lamar “Shock The World” Listen 
  20. King Mez “The Allure” Listen / Download 
  21. Nazo Bravo “HyePower” Listen 
  22. Omen “Undercover” Listen
  23. Pusha T “M.P.A.” Listen / Purchase
  24. Sha Stimuli “Two Weeks Notice” Listen / Download 
  25. Talib Kweli “It Only Gets Better” Listen / Purchase
  26. Trae Tha Truth “Roll Call” Listen / Purchase 
  27. Voli “Midnight” Listen / Download
  28. Voli “Sound Of Love” Listen / Purchase
  29. Voli “Sunrise” Listen
  30. Wale “ Bad Girls Club” Listen / Purchase
  31. XV “Smallville” Listen 
  32. XV “Watch Me Go” Listen 
  33. Young Chris “Still the Hottest” Listen/Download
  34. 360 “What Goes Up” Listen 
  35. Apparently 
  36. Bun B For President 
  37. Chris Tucker (Co Production)
  38. Cole Summer
  39. Fire Squad 
  40. G.O.M.D.
  41. Head Bussa
  42. Hello (Co Production)
  43. Intro (2014 Forest Hills Drive)
  44. January 28th
  45. No Role Modelz (Additional Production) 
  46. Note to Self (Co Production)
  47. Relaxation 
  48. St. Tropez
  49. Wet Dreamz 
  50. Who’s World Is This
  51. Born Sinner Album (minus the interludes+Sparks Will Fly)
  52. Cole World: The Sideline Story Album (minus Can’t Get Enough, In The Morning, and Never Told)
  53. Revenge Of The Dreamers Mixtape
  54. Truly Yours Mixtape

Haven’t finished the production list (I will get around to it when I have more time), also if I left something out let me know. 

Writing Credits 

  1. The Game “Drug Test” Listen / Purchase

*note: writing credits can be anything from a line, melody, concept, idea, etc., but not necessarily just writing to get credited for a body of work

Last updated: 1/22/17

EXO Soulmate AU: [minseok accidentally running into your dressing room]

Originally posted by defbeoms

in the midst of running from fans at the shopping mall, minseok accidentally runs into your dressing room, which he thought was unoccupied. / oneshot / w. 635

Minseok speedily zipped through the shopping mall, ignoring the shouts of the angry shoppers he passed by.

The three young girls behind him did the same, not caring one bit that he was in flight mode.

They’d followed him around Hollister and a few other stores, continuing to do so even after he politely asked them not to. Because of this, the situation had escalated greatly, to a point where he was almost desperate for refuge.

He wouldn’t go as far as calling them sasaeng fans, but they had refused to leave him be after he took photos with them, so he was left with few other titles to use.

Noticing a large crowd forming around a the fountain, he charged right into it. Thankfully, this was when he was able to slow down a bit, seeing a Aeropostale shop right ahead.

Once inside, he headed straight for the dressing rooms, where he would wait things out for a few minutes or so — just long enough for the young ladies to forget about his presence.

He even ignored the clerk’s chirpy “How may I help you?” to do so, he was in such a hurry.

The first room he entered was thankfully unlocked, but not unoccupied.

“Excuse me?” You snapped in utter shock, holding your original top to your chest in order to cover your exposed upper half.

Minseok, still extremely panicked, held a finger to your lips.

“Shh,” he whispered, holding a finger to his own lips, “I’ll get you whatever you’re ready to purchase, you just really need to be quiet for a few minutes.”

“Or,” you made sure to keep a steady hand on your shirt and a quiet voice as you pried his finger away, “I could leave and it won’t be an issue anymore. Turn around for a second so I can put this back on and the room’s all yours, pal.”

He smiled in amsuement, but did as he was told.

“Did you just call me “pal”?“ He asked lowly.

“I believe so. What else would I call you? You haven’t told me your name yet and I’m still not one hundred percent sure that you won’t kidnap me.”

“You really don’t know who I am?”

He didn’t sound cocky or like you’d bruised his ego. He sounded genuinely surprised at your words.

“I might would if you told me your name,” you placed your arms on his shoulders and spun him around, so you wouldn’t have to ask him to, “Might also help if you told me why you invaded my changing room.”

“It was unlocked,” he pointed out cleverly.

“Shoot,” you snapped quietly to yourself, faking frustration, “What a pesky mistake on my part. Deepest apologies, sir.”

“I was running from fans,” he finally revealed. Minseok thought it better not to comment on your joking, which would clearly continue until he answered your prying comments.

“So you’re famous?” You raised an eyebrow, not waiting for his response, “I don’t want any part in that, really, but it makes me feel more tempted to accept your offer on buying me those jeans.”

“First, go check to see if they followed me in here,” he instructed gently while stepping aside.

“What do they look like?” You asked as you picked up everything you’d come in with.

“They’re girls.”

You rolled your eyes at his vague response.

“Specifics, please, pal.”

“Well, there were three of them — two blondes and a brunette. I was too busy running to notice anything else.”

You sighed and poked your head outside the tiny space, smiling triumphantly when the trio was nowhere to be seen.

“You’re good, I think. Just don’t quote me on that,” you informed him at a normal speaking tone, “Now chop chop, I have places to be and I’m sure you do too.”


Although ALOT of Aaliyah’s music isn’t on ITunes or most music outlets (which I’m hoping the situation is being resolved quickly) Here are some songs with Aaliyah available on ITunes! So if you don’t have ready have them you can purchase them on ITunes ❤️ (Also her debut album is also available on iTunes and if you guys like you can also rip your hard copy CDs on iTunes and sync them to your device)


Frozen Fire:
↳ Story Aesthetic

“You don’t have to forget what they did, but the only way to gain peace with yourself is to forgive them and move on with your life.”

“Why do you care so much anyways?”

“I’ve lost family too.”

I’ve wanted to make a new one of these for a long time. Finally I’ve managed to get all of the images together~!! The book is going to be coming out soon, and I’m super excited for it! I’ll make sure to let you all know when it’s ready for purchase. 

For now though I wanted to hint a little at the story for you guys! It’s mostly about family and trust, but it’s a great adventure story filled with plenty of chases, humor, drama, and love. 


Quick fact. Ready?
Purchasing frozen fruits may be more beneficial than buying out of season non frozen fruits when it comes to nutrient content. Most frozen fruits are picked when they are ripe and high in nutrients, and then frozen to preserve this content.
However, fruits that are not in season at the grocery store are either picked before they are fully ripened, or have been transported across farther distances, leading to larger nutrient losses.
Always try to pay attention to which fruits are in and out of season!

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Blue Polka Dots Panties (Young Hearts)

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Charlene~ 🍭🤗


Hello everyone~ ! I finally got my first batch of pins made!  (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

They’re 1″, soft enamel pins, inspired by The Legend of Zelda. They’re ready to purchase at my etsy shop

I loved designing this and I hope to make more pins in the future if all goes well! ( I actually really want to make overwatch pins ;w; )