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Star Cross’d - Part 1

Yay, like, a real chapter! With, like…a real chapter length! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1,890ish
Summary: And they’re off to see the Wiz–the reader’s fianceé.
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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Max lightwood: Do Not Kill Him

In the books CC has Sebastian kill Max to show that he is completely evil, and to give Izzy a reason to want Simon in her bed. Lets start with Sizzy, Simon will be spending the episode with Maia, and in the show is not the type to two time girls. Also death is a tragedy, not a starting point for a relationship. I have read stories where a character will have a one nightstand the week after a loved on dies, because they want to be held and to stop thinking for a bit. but CC is the only author I have ever read who tried to turn a funeral/mourning family into a place to find a girlfriend or the day after as a time to make a move.

Moving on to showing that Fake!Sebastian is completely evil. He has already done so many evil things, only the last of which was attack Max. Also when CC did that she thought Sebastian would appear in one book, be killed at the end, then stay dead. When she decided to make him the villain of the next half of the series and wanted people to think maybe he wasn’t/did not have to be all bad she made his death a miniscule thing. Luke or Jocelyn suggest that Maryse and Robert need time away from each other because they remind each other of their dead child? Nope they separated over an affair that happened Ten years ago, and is brought up Ten times more than the child who died two months ago. People barley mention Max. One time he was mentioned was by Jace (who we did not know yet was spelled) and Jace says that all the deaths in the war were just collateral damage, he trusts Sebastian completely. Another Time Clary tells Sebastian she can’t forgive him for that and he actually goes “It was just an accident. I only meant to knock him out. How was I supposed to know his head was that soft (he hit him with a hammer.). Any way I am different now, so it does not matter”. Max deserves better!

Hear is what I would like to see happen. We know that Izzy calls Caterina to come help Max. We know Caterina is a famously gifted healer, even among warlocks. I want her to save max’s life, but for him to not be 100% fixed. He suffers lasting damage and will never be a field soldier. Why do I want this? How could I ever wish something like that on a 12yr? Two reasons. One I do not want him to be pushed into the dark and forgotten. In season three for every time Sebastian tries to call himself a hero no one ever gives a chance, ever time we are supposed to pity him, I want to Max to be shown and for people to be reminded that he brutally and viciously attacked a child in cold blood, that this is no protagonist or even an anti-hero, but a villain who is evil. Secondly I think covering disabled people and how they aren’t able to do everything, but can definitely do great things and have important roles would be a great Arc for both Max to center and Shadowhunters to tackle. It was never talked in the books. A race of soldiers and permanent injuries are never mentioned. Max has “accidentally” used a fire rune in class, he hacked the schools simulator system, found hidden clues. He is actually MORE sneaky and troublesome than Jace freaking Herondale! Imagine him learning to create simulators, Imagine him setting up controlled emergences/crisis to test the skills and readiness of the institutes occupants. Think of the representation and possibilities!

anonymous asked:

Dear AV. I'm in the middle of fertility treatment. I've been told today there are complications which mean we prob can't progress with our transfer. We only have 1 embryo. And now I'm oversharing. I identify w Scully SO much in seasons 7-8. Could you write a little drabble about how shit it all feels, how scared she is that her one shot won't work, how her body is tormented w hormones but her mind won't rest? Thanks, and I'm really sorry for oversharing. Just needed to tell someone.

Anon, I’ve been thinking of you a lot. I hope you are well, and that this is what you were looking for. All my love.

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DAY 3406

Jalsa, Mumbai                 July 24/25,  2017                Tue/Wed 12:50 AM

The mobile alarm set for the time, does not allow one to go beyond .. the beyond is still some distance when the the body desires to rise and in inclined structure, proceeds to be prepped for the day of work ..

There is the routine to accomplish, the remembrance to the divinity, the packaging of that which shall be needed at the filmological manoeuvres, and the mobile .. same that has desired to arise on time .. informing all the day of the work where how and when .. and on to the lights for prosthetics of make believe and act ..

Equipments and creative in place .. performance being done to suit the tastes of the man in charge chatter in between on subjects raised from the now to the then .. and back .. back to family and little ones and other development meets .. that over then taken over by the singe of exercise and the electric sponge that emits the vibrations of cure .. tubes to eat, whites to drink, rounded and semi coloured little tabs to devour, bang open doors of this facility and express ..

I express .. my mind and tone and state .. I give out to the SM, that which delivers sense of ‘nice’ or ‘wah’, I put in the press of the black with the white on top, them that shall be of read soon .. time beckons .. yawns deliver the need and the excuse to disappear strengthens ..

I wish to stay the longer more .. I wish to give back that which cometh my way in art and culture and love and affection .. and retire ..

Methinks it is of not good value to spell the routines of the day or night or acts .. they spoil the page of expression .. I should be among the responses of the DAY on the Blog or the 140′s of the birdie and the limitless volume at the ‘face that read a book’ ..

At times the artistic worth of them that put creative design together, just seems so inviting .. the need is to be able to press a button and they appear in ready form .. excelled in production and ready for use and occupancy ..

Would it wrong to expect in the years when we are gone, that there be a science where we think and it fructifies before the very eyes of the me .. really would it ?

I would manufacture so many objects and emotions and thoughts of well being and of impending disaster and of needs and accomplishment .. it would happen would it not ..

Science does invent much and delivers too .. but many do not wish it so ..

The driver less car is on operational tests, and they prove some material and truth .. and there are many that wish to ride them .. simultaneously of course there is the talk of the manufacture of pilot less aircraft .. so how many of you would willingly passenger a pilot less plane !!????

he haha .. !!

I have a tedious scene in the morrow, with pages and pages to access read learn and perform .. to perfection .. to the story , to the character and finally the audience .. I must study now .. it is essential and important ..

Would I were then pardoned from here .. !?

Thank you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Has anyone else ever thought that Auradon never thought it could get that bad in the Isle of the Lost?

Note: This post has been laying in my drafts box for who-knows-how-long. Let’s get it out.

Auradon is mostly made up of the optimists of the world, who research proves tend to see idealized versions of reality than what is actually happening–”rose coloured glasses” to use a popular term. Has anyone else ever figured that they ran the Isle as it was–no guards, no government funded infrastructure or surveillance, no proper food and supply deliveries–because they never realized it would get that bad?

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CLARK GABLE PREPARES HONEYMOON RANCH: Ready for occupancy by Clark Gable and his bride, Carole Lombard, latest Hollywood newly-weds, in the next two weeks will be the Gables ranch in the San Fernando Valley. Fourteen acres, developed for the most part, including thoroughbred horses, Clark Gable, is picture here with a whitewash gun he has been spraying his barns and stables with. With his workmen Gable had done most of the renovating of his seven room ranch home for his occupancy. April 1 ,1939 (original caption)

The List

FYI – for the purpose of this fic 11x9 did NOT happen. I wanted to write something canon verse and fluffy with a happy ending. This is what came out. Can also be read on AO3.

It was January 2nd and Dean was looking over the list that he had written whilst drunk on New Year’s Eve. He didn’t even remember writing it, only that he had managed to get himself into a state of drunkenness that was usually rare for him nowadays. He couldn’t remember much of what he had done that night and he certainly didn’t remember this.

He read through the list with a puzzled look on his face, wondering why on earth he ever would have written half this stuff let alone even admitted it to himself.

January 1st was a write off. He spent the entire day grumpy and stalking around the bunker like a cave man. Appearing only for left over take out and coffee. Sam and Cas had both rightfully avoided him. Still, today was another day and rather than throw the list away and pretend it had never happened, he decided instead that he could at least attempt to make a start on some of the items mentioned. Item 1 should be straight forward enough.

Dean’s New Year’s Resolutions – Come on asshat you need to do this stuff!!

He chuckled at his drunken self’s message of encouragement.

1.       Give up the booze. I mean it Dean. Give it up. Your liver will thank you.

Dean sighed and looked up at the half full bottle of whiskey on his desk. His former self did have a point, his alcohol consumption had gone up considerably in the past few years and it had taken 2 and a half bottles of hard liquor to get himself drunk the other night. Enough was enough. He grabbed the bottle and the other unopened bottle hidden in his desk draw and shuffled out to the kitchen. Taking a deep breath he opened the lids and poured both bottles down the drain.

“So long Jack, nice knowing you.” Dean said as he threw the empty bottles in the trash. He opened the fridge to see 3 beers but figured he could leave those for Sam. He pulled the list out of his dressing gown pocket and looked over the next point.

2.       Try to eat healthy. Lay off on the greasy diner food. Try a salad (urgh).

Well. He certainly wasn’t going to eat that Kale crap again. No matter what Sam said. But sure, he could probably cut down on the greasy burgers. He looked down at his stomach and gave it a pinch. Hmmm. Yeah perhaps I could do with getting back into shape. He contemplated trying to run after demons whilst carrying a spare tire and pushing 40 and shuddered. Nope. No way that’s happening! Okay so he may not be able to turn back the clock but he could certainly sort out his fitness… which led to the next item on the list…

3.       Attempt the gym. Running away from monsters only gets you so far you ass.

Ha. That figures, even drunk Dean wasn’t sure he could manage this one, adding the ‘attempt’ in there like that alone was an accomplishment. This was all Sam’s area after all. Though since Cas had been staying with them he had been running with Sam in the mornings and Dean had heard them sparring in the gym on some quiet afternoons between research. Though he wasn’t sure how that worked since Cas technically still had his grace and surely could beat Sam every time? Not that Dean had ever been bothered to find out… plus if he was truly honest with himself, he was kinda jealous that he hadn’t been asked to join them. Sparring with Cas might have been fun if it wasn’t for all that bad tension still between them. Dean sighed again as his thoughts carried him to a darker place and tried to shrug them off. He strolled down to the gym. So far he hadn’t heard either Sam or Cas this morning so either they were both still avoiding him or they were out.

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Oriental Garden Makati

Located along Don Chino Roces (formerly Pasong Tamo) corner Urban Avenue. It is a block away from Buendia; situated west side of the business district of Makati City. It is conveniently accessible by all types of public transportation. A 5-minute ride or 30-minute leisure walk to Ayala center (Glorietta/Greenbelt) and 5-minute walk to The Makati Medical Center. A perfect alternative to expensive hotel accommodations for those traveling for pleasure or business. A safe and secure community in the heart of Makati City.


Ready For Occupancy Condominium

Studio Type (33 sqm) Php 2,500,000 - Cash Payment

1BR (47 sqm) Php 4,700,000

2BR (102.5 sqm) Php 8.5m up to 9m

Penthouse Unit  (223.4 sqm) Php 16M up to 17m

for details and viewing

contact SHERWIN at: 0907-4707779

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