ready for baseball

So, with varsity baseball tryouts looming tomorrow, I just finished cleaning out my baseball equipment bag to make sure I had everything in there. And my god, there was literally years upon years of junk inside there. Aside from the stuff that’s SUPPOSED to be in there, like my glove, my bat, etc, here’s a short list of what I found:

•A beat-up box of band aids that are definitely not sanitary anymore
•A tube of insect repellent balm that REEKS of lemon, with a tag that says “best by 04-09-16”
•A small package of insect repellent wipes that says “sold by 2009” on the back.
•A tube of insect bite-relief lotion that says “exp. 01-2010” on the back. (I was very concerned about insect bites in little league, it seems)
•An old pair of batting gloves that I thought I’d thrown out (they have holes in them. Why did I keep them.)
•A sheet of paper with a “concentration training grid” from my junior varsity team. (Might be the newest old thing in that bag)
•$53.15 in cash and change (an extremely pleasant surprise)
•A bunch of handwarmer packets, on which the “validity date” has been smudged into illegibility. I think that means they’re expired.
•A very beat-up bag of still-good Big League Chew (still tastes great)
•And most inexplicably, a library card from when I was 5 years old. I didn’t get this equipment bag until I was 11 years old. ??????

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  • [Tim and Jason are standing back to back in the middle of the living room, Jason holding both his guns at the ready, and Tim holding a baseball bat. The entire house is dark, and there is an unsettling silence]
  • Tim Drake: This is all your fault.
  • Jason Todd: MY fault? How is this my fault?
  • Tim Drake: You called Damian an ugly freak baby at dinner last night, and now he’s out for revenge!
  • Jason Todd: It was a term of endearment!

It will be a night of tension and hope for baseball fans in Chicago when the Cubs and Los Angeles Dodgers play Game 6 of the National League Championship Series on Saturday.

If the Cubs win, they will move on to the World Series to face the American League champion Cleveland Indians. It will be a step closer to fulfilling a wish of a faithful fan, 101-year-old Virginia Wood.

Wearing a Cubs T-shirt and surrounded by family, Wood was ready for baseball Thursday night when the Cubs and Dodgers took to the field. Her wheelchair not far from the television, the former physical education teacher knew what she wanted to see from her team.

“I just want to be sure they get the first run,” Wood says. “I really do. I think it makes a difference.”

101-Year-Old Chicago Cubs Fan Hopes Beloved Team Grants Her Birthday Wish

Photo: Cheryl Corley/NPR