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An Afternoon Ride

Requested by @princess-of-erebor1992…you know exactly who I’m asking a request for. Just fluff. Lots…of fluff. You pick the plot. I don’t care. Just…FLUFF.

Here you are, my dear!! I do not own Kili, Fili or Thorin. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien.

Warnings: Fluffy fluff! Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Kili x reader, Fili, Thorin Oakenshield

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You loved Kili more than anything. You loved spending time with him. You loved his ridiculous jokes and the pranks he and his brother pulled. You loved his smile and how the corners of his dark eyes crinkled when he was amused. You loved how protective he was of people he cared about. All these things you loved about Kili and yet, you never could tell him. Every time you’d get an opportunity to tell him how you felt, you’d clam up.

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fictional character love letter: hay there. idk if you're ready for a stable relationship, and i know this is spur of the moment, and i don't want to saddle you with any unnecessary burden, but i must expressed my unbridled affection for you and ask for your hand in mare-age. —Horse with a Human Face



ally @ carly: honey we’re adopting the Baudelaires

Stunts Part 1 - Tom Holland Imagine

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: in this part, nothing much except for mentions of stunts and stress caused by school, but next part will have mentions of anxiety and fear

Summary: Ever since Haaz and Tom left to work on the Spiderman movies, you’ve been left alone to your studies. But, the cast had grown to love you much that they give you a surprise over Winter Break.

Word Count: 1592

It was nearing Winter Break, and your best friends were nowhere near you.

“Happy first day of break, (Y/n)!”

You laughed. “You’re not on break, Tom. And neither are you, Haz” You sighed. “I’m going to guess you’re not coming to visit.”

Tom shrugged. Harrison laughed. “You could’ve come.”

“My school won’t let me take months off like you, Haz.” The three of you stared at each other with knowing eyes. At the exact same moment, you all stuttered in your best Peter Parker impression, “I got… homework.” Haz, Tom, and you sputtered and laughed. You reached out to hold onto their hands, only to find they weren’t there.Your laugh died down and turned into a sad smile. That hole in your stomach grew.

Ever since Tom left for the movie, you relied on Haz to keep your sanity. Then, Tom offered you both jobs on set. Haz took it. You… didn’t. There were too many things in your life in your home that you couldn’t leave.

You were fine with it. You had to be.

You weren’t. You had to remind yourself that this friendship was not imaginary.

“Tom, did you tell her yet?!” someone shouted from off the camera. Laura appeared on the screen. “I guess not. Hey, (Y/n).”

You smiled a little. “Hi, Laura. Tell me about what exactly?”

Laura leaned over. “Well-”

“Hey, I said I’d tell her!” Haz argued.

Tom rolled his eyes. “(Y/n), if you want, we can… bring you over during winter break?” Tom’s lips pursed into a tense smile.

You blinked a few times. “Wait a minute. To the set?”

“Yeah!” Haz exclaimed. “We can show you around, not everywhere, but a lot of places.”

“Plus, everyone wants to meet you in person,” Laura added. She pointed at your two best friends. “These two will not stop talking about you.”

You nodded. “Ok, so I need a plane tick-”

“Not needed,” Laura sang out. “It’s paid for!”

You gasped. “What?! Are you serious?” Your jaw dropped as you jumped a little in your seat. ‘That’s crazy! I’m going to see all you guys?”

“Yeah!” the three answered with bright smiles.

You laughed. “That’s amazing!” You giggled a little. “Thanks so much you guys.”

“Anything for our best friend,” Tom beamed. His eyes shined.

You were going to see them. Tom, Haz, Laura, everyone. You’d get to see, talk, and laugh with them in person and not through some screen.

A speaker crackled. “Cast, please, come to Set 21. Cast to Set 21.”

Laura clicked her tongue. “Well, that’s our cue. See you later, (Y/n).”

“Yeah, can’t wait til you’re here,” Tom added.

You smiled. “I’ll see you guys soon.”

Laura pulled Tom right off the screen.

You bit your lip and sighed. On the other side of the camera, Haz was tapping the desk repeatedly. He groaned. “Are we going to address the elephant in the room?”

You shook your head. “Nuh-uh.”

Your best friend threw back his head. “(Y/n), you need to tell him.”

“I am not telling him. It’s not like anything will come out of me telling him.”

Haz started tapping his fingers again.

You gulped. “Plus, it’s been a year. I haven’t seen Tom in a year. I haven’t seen you in six months. You all changed while you were away.”

“So have you. Even with the changes, you and Tom… you still have it. (Y/n), he talks about you. A lot. Like, way too much to be normal for a best friend.”

You held your breath. It wasn’t possible. It couldn’t be. Tom like you? In that way? No. He was Tom Holland, up-and-coming rising star and the new face of Spiderman. And you? You inhaled shakily. “He just missed me is all.” You laughed a little, your heart cracking with each rumble of your chest. “I gotta finish studying.”

“See ya, (Y/n). Think about it?”

“Maybe.” You hung up.

On the other side of the screen, Haz turned around and smiled widely. “You convinced yet, Tom?”

Tom, who was still in the room but out of the camera’s view, was staring at the blank screen. His wrinkles were deeply set. His arms were crossed, and his eyes were hooded. Finally, Tom shrugged. “That could be about anything.”

Laura and Haz rolled their eyes.

“Guys, look at me. I can’t give her anything other than no privacy and stress and everything else that comes with being… an actor.” Tom sighed. “She’ll never… She doesn’t have any reason to.”

Then, you were on a plane. You had been bouncing your knee, tapping your fingers, and doing anything else that would calm down your excited stomach. Security was so skeptical of you. Another fangirl who stalked the cast. You already had your hand on your phone, ready to get photos of you and your two best friends.

“She’s with us.”

You looked up from your bag with a bright smile. “Haz!” You tackled him with a hug.

He laughed. “There’s the girl of the hour.” Haz tightened his grip on you. “I missed you so much.”

“I think I missed you more.” You laughed.

Your best friend inhaled through his teeth as he pulled you away. “I think someone else missed you more than anything.”

Your intimidating stare made Haz step back. He held up his hands in defense. “I’m just saying, (Y/n)! Either way, he is waiting.”

You shook your head. Haz grabbed your hand and sped past the buildings, tents, and people. Suddenly, you were at some trailers, and one was clearly labeled for the Tom Holland. “Do I knock?” you asked.

“See for yourself.”

Knowing Haz was up to something, you whipped around just in time to get swooped up into Tom’s big bear hug. “Hello to you!” he shouted in a the weirdest accent you ever heard.

You laughed. “Tom, I swear, put me down now or Peter Parker goes missing in the movie!”

Haz gasped. “Not the money-maker, (Y/n)!” As Tom put you down, Haz walked up behind him and pointed at Tom’s face. “I mean look at this. The world needs this.”

After a beat of silence, you three laughed.

Tom then said, “Hey, it’s nice to see you again.”

“You, too.”

Haz looked at you then Tom. He sputtered, “Well, don’t just stand there! Everyone’s been dying to meet you.”

“Really?” you gasped.

Tom laughed. “Plus, we have a great day planned.” He offered up his arm, which you take gratefully, and he led the way. Tom continued, “Visiting sets, costume department, props, and the stunts.”

“Stunts?” you asked.

Haz appeared at your other side and linked his arm with yours. “You know pixie dust? We have our own here. They’re called harnesses.”

You beamed. “I can’t wait to get started.”

“Is that (Y/n)?!”

You jumped a little.

Walking right towards you was Zendaya and Tony. You had seen them in so many video chats, but seeing them and knowing they were just a few steps away made you hop on your toes from giddiness. “Zendaya? Tony!” You let go of Tom and Haz and embraced the two actors. “It’s so nice to finally meet you in person!” You pulled away and gasped. “I mean, look at you!”

Zendaya laughed. “Look at you! You are way prettier in person.”

“Yeah, Tom made sure we knew of that,” Tony agreed.

Before you could question his statement, Tom popped out from behind you. “Guys, we have a schedule to keep.”

Zendaya scoffed. “Since when do you care about schedules?”

“When one of my best friends is here for the first time.”

You giggled. “So, what’s first?”

You met Jacob along the way to sets. He was looking for the donuts apparently. “They always get Krispy Kreme, and that’s my favorite, ok?”

You asked, “Did you find them?”

“Oh, I did.” He pulled out a small box of Krispy Kreme donuts. “You want some. According to Tom and Haz, you guys had a tradition with donuts.”

You gladly took a glazed one. “To celebrate winter break.”

The sets were larger than life or simpler than you ever could imagine. Sometimes, it was just a green screen. Next was the costume department. Many hats were tried on and reject clothing items were smashed together. Then, they were all carefully placed back in their original spots. More or less. Then, the stunts. There, Laura was waiting. She was helping the crew set up for the experience.


You sprinted to her. “Finally!” The two of you met with a hearty embrace. She laughed and beamed at you. “It’s s nice to finally see you in person. Now, I can know what those two are talking about.” Lauren rubbed your arms and pinched your cheeks.

You giggled. “Says the model-ready actress.”

A creaking sound was brought to everyone’s attention. A crane was descending and placing down another harness on the set floor. You smiled. “Is this what stunts mean?”

Haz nodded and pulled you to his side. “You need the full Spiderman experience! So, what better way to do that than have you swing through the streets of New York like Spiderman?”

You jumped with glee raising your cheeks.“Thank you!”

You, Tom, and Haz were strapped into harnesses of your own. You had one best friend on either side of you. The three of you were lifted up a few inches. You tugged on the wires. Everything seemed stable.

“Ready for lift off!” Tom yelled. “Let’s go!”

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while. Anyway, I know, bad ending, reallly bad, but I’ve got lots of math homework to do and I can’t seem to make it better….

Anyway, I don’t know when the next part will be… But, I will do some things inbetween this and the next part. That will be in the next announcement!

Anyway, long note… Wow. I miss you guys so much!!! Hopefully, I will write more in the near future. Hope you guys enjoy this part! Have a wonderful day!

EDIT: Part 2 is up!

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I saw your post about sending shark facts to your friends and I thought you meant san jose sharks and I was ready to yell at you about possibly making me like ANOTHER team and then I actually read the ask and this is actually really cool so thanks bud :3

Weak at the knees

Robb Stark x fem!Reader

Words: 1576
Notes: Y/N = your name

(You can read Part 1 here)

Recap: After Robb has seen you in a very private time, the things between you and the Stark degenerate; at least as long as you’ll make it even.

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              Right after you had roughly covered yourself with a blanket in a makeshift way, you watched Robb again, still standing there out of breath.

– I am so sorry, Lady Y/N – he pronounced his words very slowly, like he was pondering what to say.

– No, you’re not…  – retorted Arya with a grin on her face. Then you both shut her up shouting, making the direwolves bark again.

The little girl run away giggling from the room, chased by Nymeria, and Robb Stark and you were left alone. There was silence for a while, Grey Wind curled up on the floor with his eyes moving from you to his master; it was like the both of you could hear your hearts racing in your chests. Eventually Robb left without saying a word.

That evening you decided to stay quiet and keep your head down. During dinnertime you ate your meal almost noiselessly, refraining yourself from talking to anyone; you were seated between Bran and Jon, so it wouldn’t be that hard. For his part, Robb seemed to be loud as usual: he talked with Theon, to his mother, then with his father and siblings. He tried to start a conversation even with you, but the scrape happened beforehand was still in your mind and, when he simply asked you – Some more bread? –, you almost choked on your wine. As Bran and Arya found that scene hilarious, Robb looked at you with concern and not because you were coughing your lungs out. – Wine is dripping out of her nose – his little siblings chuckled.

The next morning you were able to avoid any contact with Robb: neither a word nor a glance. Well, maybe you gave him a glimpse or two just to avoid him better… Or to admire him sparring in the practice yard with Theon and Jon, but you always stayed at a safe distance. Nevertheless, when you were about to go back to your needlework session, he met you halfway up the stairs. You grumbled softly, earnestly taking the prospect of throwing yourself into consideration.

– You’ve been avoiding me all day like the chickens do with Shaggydog – he was acting ironic, the tension had to be unbearable for him too. Surely he felt uncomfortable, now you could see it.

– Wait, have you just called me a chicken? – you answered back, a little bit annoyed.

Robb took your hands hastening to fix what he had just said.

– Y/N please, I did not mean to! – and he pulled you towards him.

Now the fabric of your dress overlapped the leather of his jerkin. You could feel your breaths were both heavy but didn’t match, and the sensation of your colliding chests made your emotions even more difficult to hide. When his fingers squeezed yours, you looked up at his eyes and felt your face flushing.

– I’m really asking you to forgive me, – he said firmly, – I shouldn’t have lingered.

– You’re right, you should have not – was your reply that didn’t sound convincing even to you. He indeed didn’t trust that, and his serious expression became a little cheeky.  

Smirking, he lowered his head down to your ear and whispered, in a sexy husky voice – But I’ll never regret it, my Lady.

His breath tickled a pleasant sensation that made you sigh with desire; you could not help that, even if you knew he was just being provocative. When you moved your gaze to his eyes again, however, your heart skipped a beat: there was not a hint of mockery in those blue Tully irises.

– Do you understand what I mean? – Robb asked keeping his voice low.

Unable to answer, you just stared back at him. Unconsciously, your other hand, which was resting on his chest, started to stroke his jerkin, trying to memorize the feeling under the tips of your fingers. To be honest, you always thought he was fond of the steward’s daughter, Jeyne; but now that he was standing so close to you and his scent made you feel so safe, you preyed you had always been wrong.  

– My Lady, – Robb called you back in a whisper, – Breathe…

Suddenly you realized you spaced out without breathing for nearly a minute; you took air in, just as he said.

– Are you alright?

He was smiling at you in delight, knowing perfectly well he was the reason that you were so excited. That hurt your pride, so you put yourself back together and nodded.

– I’d better go, – you said forcing a smile, – Arya detests being left alone with Septa Mordane and your sister.

His hold didn’t loosen, though.

– Robb – you insisted as you could not bear his gaze anymore; but he cut you off.

– Did you understand? – he repeated making you gulp.

Then you said, almost losing your temper, – Do you think I am stupid, Stark?

Perhaps you were too curt with him, because you caught a glimpse of guilt in his stare, but it was too late to retreat. Finally you went away as fast as you could, without looking back, and you ran to the room where the other girls were sewing with the Septa.

– What took you so long? – the youngest Stark daughter exclaimed as you shut the door behind you.

               The night was restless and, waking up the next morning tired and achy, you decided to turn down the ride to the Wolfswood.

– Are you Sure, Y/N? – Jon asked while saddling his horse, – Sansa and Jeyne are coming too.

Without giving you time to say anything, Theon answered him with his typical smirk.

– Leave the chick alone, she fears wolves…

Of course he’s aware, you said to yourself. Why couldn’t Robb choose a more discreet friend? Then you noticed the look Jon gave him, and you understood he knew too. You snorted and gave them both a punch in the arm.

– You’re not an Ironborn, Greyjoy, you’re just an old fish wife – you uttered, – And call me a chicken again and I will kill the three of you.

– Why did you hit me too? – Jon complained rubbing his sore arm, watching you walk away.

Soon after, the group left the castle and you went to your chambers. Unfortunately, spending the whole morning alone turned out to be too boring for you: you couldn’t sleep because the sleepiness seemed to have abandoned you, but you were still too tired to read and embroider. You stayed outside in the Godswood for a while, but you got annoyed; furthermore, you started to feel bad for avoiding Robb again. It was also true that you could not showing up at the woods like that, saying “Hi, I was so stupid not to come with you earlier, but here I am, let’s have fun guys!”, especially since you knew nearly everyone was aware of the circumstances. You had to come up with a plan. After a while you sneaked in Robb’s room and took a pair of his gloves; then you gave order to saddle the horse and went down to the stables, ready to catch up with the others.

The ride was short and you found Sansa and Jeyne settled on several fur rugs, chatting with books open on their lap, and two guards close by. When the red haired girl saw you, she greeted and welcomed you offering some lemon cakes, which you gladly accepted.

– Do you know where the boys are? – you asked eating the last piece of your sweet and, afraid of looking suspicious, you added – I was told to bring Robb his gloves.

– He already wear… – Jeyne was about to rebut, but Sansa cut her off telling you that probably they were hunting not far from there.

– Grey Wind and Ghost are with them too, so Lady can help you to find them – she said then, telling her pretty direwolf to bring you to her brothers. You smiled warmly at her in response and went away following Lady in the Wolfswood.

You didn’t have to walk for long to find Ghost, even if, actually, he was the one who found you. He came close by your leg to be petted and while stroking his head, you noticed the blood all around his mouth. You gulped getting a little bit nervous. Then the white direwolf started to lead you together with Lady. Before long, you met Grey Wind too: he was chewing some pricket entrails, with the remains in front of him; so that was the source of the blood on Ghost’s snout. You were relieved it was just a wild prey and nothing else.

It was in that moment that you heard the sound of laughs and splashing water.

Knelt down behind a shrub, you moved some branches to take a peek at what Jon, Theon and Robb were doing. They were taking a bath in the river, playing like children. They wrestled and splashed each other; even Jon was laughing like never before. But it was Robb’s face that enchanted you: his so happy look, his perfect teeth and lips, his wet auburn curls and toned chest… more than his beauty, however, it was his way of being that was absolutely captivating. Just seeing the smile on his face was enough to melt your heart. He was so stunning that you came to believe the Gods were supposed to have his image.

If the love you felt for him wasn’t enough to make you weak at the knees before, well… now it was.


Link to the next chapter —> Here  :)

So… I was really sure to end this fic with this part 2, but I was wrong and I am very sorry!

Anyway, don’t worry, I won’t write a poem.

I promise I’m not gonna write more than other 2 chapters.

If it’s not, you can kill me.

Thanks for reading!!

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☕️Saeran would not be ready for a healthy, stable romantic relationship anytime soon. All the brainwashing and trauma Rika did to him leaves him in a spot where he has very bad trust issues and perception of reality. He'd need probably years of intense therapy/other help before he could get to the place where he trust someone to have a normal, healthy, stable relationship

i can see that, yes.

send me a ☕️ and an opinion (popular or unpopular) and i’ll say whether i agree or disagree

Tig Trager - My Princess |4 of 6|

Knight × Princess AU: Taken from the idea of Sons of Anarchy being loosely based on Hamlet. __________

It was sunny out. A nice breeze blew across the fields in the kingdom. You had just had your hair finished up by Donna and ran down to the court yard where you knew Tig would be waiting for you.

And sure enough there he was with his horse.

It was as black as the night sky and had the most beautiful brown eyes you’d ever seen. You loved that horse.

“Diana is ready for you, milady.”

The stable master informed you. You thanked him as you approached Tig, he bowed to you.


He asked you as he stood to the side of thr horse to help you onto her. You nodded and approached. Feeling his tight grip around your waist with his hands when he brought you up onto the horse was something that always made your heart flutter with excitment.

Once settled on Diana you waited for Tig to climb on behind you. With his long legs it was an easy task for him to mount the horse and sit behind you.

Normally one riding would be on the back of the horse, but Tig had always told you to ride on the front for fear of you falling off her. You didn’t mind this position though, it allowed him to wrap his strong arms around your waist as he rode.

With a click of his tongue Diana started to gallop out of the garden and out toward the rolling hills in the back of the yard – if one could call all the archers of land a yard.

The two of you rode out toward the treeline, a good distance off and went down some of the back hunting trails that he and your uncle usually took while out for sport.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about war.”

You told Tig as he slowed the horse down through the thick brush.

“The Spaniards and the Chinese aren’t happy with us from what I’ve heard from my aunt.”

You informed him.

“Your uncle has many enemies. So much so that it seems that there’s a target upon his back these days.”

He said trying to stay proper as he spoke to you. You shook your head noticing this.

“Tig we’re alone talk normal for goodness sakes before you drive me insane.”

You knew Tig wasn’t proper at all and to hear him even attempting to speak like a gentleman drove you nuts. He merely laughed as he slowed the horse down along a ridge where you could oversee the lush and never ending forest below.

“Alright, yeah, there’s probably going to be war. And your uncle is going to do what he always does which is protect you and the rest of us here.”

He told you speaking in his usual manner now.

“But no matter what happens, I’ll stay close and keep him from getting killed. The Spanish and Chinese will do everything they can to try and kill him this time.”

“But what about you?”

“What about me?”

He asked glancing down at you from the side of your face. You turned your head and looked at him.

“You need to stay safe too.”

You told him. He looked at you with a blank expression. Always baffled by your kindness toward him. Finally a large grin came upon his face.

“I’m Captain of the whole army under your uncle’s control. There’s ten thousand men between me and the enemy, I’ll be fine.”

He told you leaning down toward your ear.

“Besides, who will protect you if not me?”

You felt your cheeks warm at the comment. Swallowing softly you shook your head.

“That’s why you train me with the sword! So you don’t have to risk your life for me!”

Tig couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. Pulling the reigns for Diana he clicked his tongue and had her walk on.

Today’s ride was indeed rather interesting.

Home Again- Luke Hemmings

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Military!5sos just effs me up man


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the thing is tho, next time we see T -whenever that might be- she will have different hair, different style of clothing, maybe even like a tattoo or something and I don't know that my feelings are ready or stable enough for this

I am not stable enough for this. Someone put 911 on speed dial for me.

bts; happy halloween ‘16!

❝a little something for halloween ; w ;
►2203 words // mini scenarios, all members


“i don’t get hyung, really. his costume isn’t all that great this year,”

“shut the fuck up, you cabbage!”

jimin has a hand on his (what seems to be) chest, head peeking up from his costume, “well damn,”

chuckling, you shake your head and reach out to fix his hat before shifting back on the sofa, “i’ll be fine here on my own, jimin. you could go join the guys,”

“nah, i’ll be-”the soft creaking of the door sounds jungkook’s arrival after wearing his costume to the tip and-”holy shit!” 

jimin spares a shy heh before he leaves you with the gush of wind brushing on your skin when he (clearly excited) jumps on jungkook who barely manages to catch him because of his costume features of a big belly and with jimin in his costume… he’s twice his size, easily.

of course, you laugh when the two of them play around, messing with each other but your initial attention goes back to who you came for when he clears his throat and - “wow,”

“so,” yoongi smirks, tipping his hat down, then back up before his hands go behind his back, rocking on the balls of his feet as he eyes you, “what do you think?”

feeling the high urge to joke, you do just that: “are you planning to join scarlet heart ryeo or something?”

he eyes you carefully, turning into slits, “scarlet what?”

“the historic drama!” jungkook hollers past jimin’s attack of demanding for selfies, the bunny struggles under the cabbage’s wrath, “the one with iu-hyung stop!”

“oh, that. well, if they eve-hey… how is it that you manage to direct the attention to other things? do i bore you or-”you reach out quickly to tug on the string that keeps his hat in place that he yelps, stumbling forward with his hands ready to stable on your waist (which they already do) and you chuckle when his eyes are widely staring into yours. with a small smile, you tip up to kiss his nose, then lips because he’s already puckering them and your hands move to smoothen out the silk he has on before they settle on his shoulders, “you look great, prince. too good for a kingdom. satisfied?”



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Title: Rendezvous [] [ao3]

Rating: M (smut)

Word Count: ~2200

Summary: No one said that training to be a member of the Order of the White Lotus would be easy. But then again, there are exceptions to the austere conditions when one is dating the Avatar. Makorra smut.

Author Note: Something light for us all to enjoy. Maybe a late birthday present for selenicsoulmates since we discussed this idea a long while ago.



Mako grimaced and squinted his eyes against the biting cold wind of the South Pole night. He wasn’t a stranger to the cold by any stretch of the imagination; there had been far too many nights on the streets of Republic City covered by only a soggy piece of cardboard and his brother’s body to keep him warm for him to count. Then again, considering how bad the memories were he had no desire to tally such times up.

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Riders of Rohan

Based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit

Request by anon

Edit- I made a part 2: Victory of Rohan 

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Eomer X Reader

Warnings: References to violent images and angry arguing

Rohan, right after Eomer is banished

“Eomer! Is it true? What they’re saying about you?”, you asked. You found him in the stables, readying his horse. “Aye. Banishment. For speaking the truth! The King’s heart is poisoned, and I will not stand for this injustice.”, he explained with rage burning in his voice. 

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Birth control empowered me to choose the right time in my life to have a baby.

After 10+ years on birth control, I stopped taking the pill when my husband and I decided we were ready to start a family. We were elated when we found out I was pregnant. At our 20-week ultrasound, we were devastated to learn that our daughter had a serious combination of heart defects and would need open heart surgery as an infant. But because we were able to wait to have a baby until we were ready and financially stable, we had the means and resources to get our heart baby the critical care she needed.

Our daughter had her surgery at 5 months old and is now doing wonderfully. I’m so grateful that she came into our lives at the right time, when we were able to support her and to cope with this serious and stressful situation.

I’m a pro-choice parent because all women should be able to make the best decisions for their lives and their families.



Locked Out But The Key To You
“Are you insane? You can forget about my ass waking up at 4am. I can barely wake up at 7 for my modeling shoots.” You scoffed.

“Whatever you say moody ass princess.” He shrugged raising his shoulders.

“This moody ass princess needs to go to bed.” You retorted, saluting him bye.

“Good night.” He saluted back closing the door to the guest room.

You walked into your room and closed the door behind you. You plopped yourself on the bed with the feeling of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You guessed you should stop the constant thoughts about Neymar all the time. But these past few days you were with Neymar it seemed as if he was interested in you. Or was that all in your head? You tossed and turned trying to shake the thoughts out of your our head. It was time for you to move on, he was probably just a silly crush anyway. Maybe even less than that. Besides, all of this Gould end after he would get his key tomorrow.
“What time is it?” You asked to yourself waking up. You looked at the clock and it read 7:00 am.

“Guess it’s too late to meet Pique.” You shrugged to yourself diving your head back into the pillow. Neymar had told you last night that if you wanted to meet your Spanish idol you’d have to wake up at 4, but three hours later and you were still in bed.

You got up and decided to stay up the rest of the morning. Since you had lost your hunger for sleep. You made your bed and headed to the bathroom. After you brushed your teeth and washed your face you headed downstairs. You didn’t bother to check the Guest room, Neymar had probably left for training and called a key company to unlock his car. You walked downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed. Glass of orange juice. As you sipped, you saw lights flashing out the window. You spat your juice and ran to the door.

“My baby is finally here!!” You yelled running out in the dim light. It was still dark out.

“Are you y/n?” The man asked handing you a clipboard.

“Yes I’ll sign that for you.” You gleamed grabbing the board. You scribbled your signature and handed the man his clipboard.

“Alright enjoy your ride. He smiled topping off his hat.

You ran to your new car. The car you had been waiting to get since you were locked out of your house. It was a beautiful black Audi, with a white matte hood. You hugged the car in happiness. It was as if you were getting your very first present on Christmas.

"Wow you weren’t kidding when you said you’d wake up at 7.” Neymar’s voice peeped from the door.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked holding your chest. You thought Neymar had left and were scared by the random voice.

“Do you see that?” He asked pointing to his car.

You looked at the direction he was pointing in. His car was still parked on your driveway but further than before.

“I didn’t notice your car was still here, did you manage to get a key company to come and unlock it?” You asked.

“Yeah they came when it was FOUR AM.” He smirked raising his brows.

“I don’t wanna meet pique, so you can stop trying to tease me.” You rolled your eyes.

“I don’t know what’s more sexy, the black Audi with a white matte hood, or the girl standing in the dark with a messy bun.” He laughed eyeing both you and the car.

“Shut it.” You rolled your eyes groaning at him.

You walked back in the house and Neymar closed the door behind. You were shocked to find him shirtless and wearing a pair of boxers. It had been to dark to see him outside. You liked the sight of a shirtless Neymar in your house. But tried not to be obvious.

“Do you have anything to eat?” Neymar asked helping himself to the kitchen.

“Do I have anything to eat? Hmm I don’t think so.” You rolled your eyes.

“You’re looking at a million euro kitchen, I’d at least think I could afford some food too.” You joked.

“You spent that much on a kitchen?” He chuckled.

“I don’t see why not?” You asked grabbing some eggs from the fridge.

You pushed through Neymar since he was still standing beside the fridge. When you grabbed the eggs you got a clear view of his bare chest. You noticed his compact and and tattoos designed on his pecks.

“I know my chest is a painting.” He chuckled looking down at you.

“What?” You scoffed trying to play it off.

“I noticed you were looking at my chest.” He said cockily.

“I wasn’t doing anything, just fetching your breakfast.” You retorted.

“You’re so feisty damn.” He commented.

You ignored his comment and cracked the eggs into a bowl. You were going to make some eggs Benedict. Something your mom had taught you to do. Yes it was quite a fancy dish for breakfast, but you were raised to treat your guests well. However Neymar was something else.

“You know since you have your keys now, I don’t see why you’re still here.” You sighed.

“I’m here because you asked me to stay the other night, besides i don’t have training today it’s cancelled.” He explained fidgeting with the the fruit on the the counter.

“The least you could do is stop being a smart ass and help me with breakfast.” You explained.

You turned and saw Neymar walking up the stairs. He seemed to huff as he took each step. You didn’t pay attention to the scene he was causing. But you licked your lips.

“He’s such a damn pretty boy.” You said to yourself. You enjoyed Neymar’s company, despite the teasing here and there.

“Well it was nice staying here, but I have to go.” Neymar said coming down the stairs.

“W-what buts it early, you haven’t even eaten any breakfast yet.” You turned trying to stop him.

“Thanks y/n but I don’t want to be a burden.” He said slipping on his shirt.

You licked your lips at the bare skin that was left showing, until he wore his shirt fully.

“Thanks for everything.” He saluted stepping out the door and closing it behind.

“Just great.” You moped.

You had made eggs Benedict for two, but today it looked like you’d only be having one. Neymar left, and you were alone once again. You took your plate and sat on the the counter seat. Bored by the loneliness you raked the eggs with your fork, creating a mess on your plate. It was already 8 and you had an important meeting at nine. You tossed your plate in the sink and headed upstairs to get ready.
“Y/n nice to see you again!” Your manager gleamed.

“Nice to see you too Retana.” You said giving air kisses.

“Alright before we start in telling you this is a one on one meeting.” She explained sitting at her desk.

“So we’re not meeting in the executive room?” You asked pointing your thumb back.

“Nope, have a seat dear.” She insisted patting her desk.You sat in the fancy leather chair and gave your attention.

“Alright what is it that we need to discuss?” You asked crossing your legs and locking your fingers together.

“Many things, new coworkers, and new contracts. Fun.” Retena chuckled giving a devilish smile. She pulled out a big folder with files neatly organized.

“Can I get details in this perhaps?” You asked eyeing her flipping through the pages. Your eyes fluttered, and you shook your head. You thought you saw Neymar’s picture, but you probably hallucinated.

“The company wants you to start co-modeling. And with this. Comes a new brand to work for.” She spoke handing you a Lupo catalog.

“But that would mean a new contract right?” You asked flipping through the catalog.

“Yes, although Lupo is a Brazilian company, we can still have shoots arranged here in Barcelona.” She explained.

“Well before I accept the offer, may I know who I will be working with?” You asked. As you flipped through the catalog you saw Neymar posing on the page. He was wearing the same boxers he had on at your place.

“Advertising little ass.” You chuckled to yourself.

“I’m sorry?” Retena asked.

“Nothing, just talking to myself.” You smiled nervously.

“That’s him.” She smiled pointing to Neymar on the page.

“In sure I know who Neymar Jr. Is.” You laughed arrogantly.

“He’s also going to be your new coworker.” She smirked crossing her fingers with each other.

“W-what?” You chocked clearing your throat.

“Lupo has offered to make a lingerie collection and you both are the best fit for the job.” She explained.

“This will be fun.” You moped. You didn’t want to work with neymar. Sure you had a few feelings with him here and there, but what if you suddenly felt the need to just spill it all out. And tell him everything. The thought of being lingerie also didn’t help.

“Y/n you don’t sound serious about this offer.” She said placing her hand in yours.

“No I am, it’s just going to take a lot to process. I mean I’ll be working with the famous Neymar Jr.” You smiled weakly.

“Alright then it’s settled. I’ll have to fax the final agreements after you sign this.” She gleamed handing you a pen and contract.

You were hesitant to sign the document. What if Neymar didn’t feel the same way if you feelings started becoming more obvious? What if he would reject you? You didn’t want to end up getting hurt. That would affect not only your feelings, but career too.
You ignored the what ifs and signed the document.

“Congratulations y/n you are now a Lupo model!” She gleamed gouging you a handshake.

“Thank you for the offer, and thanks again for doing business with you.” You smiled back.
After you finally arrived home you dive straight into the living room. You sat in the couch in misery. It was so hard for you to express your feelings for Neymar. You knew you were ready to develop stable feelings for him. If anything this wasn’t a little thing, it was love. You slumped your face into the palms of your hand. Starting to tear from the difficulty expressing how you felt. Neymar drove you crazy, and you wanted to be his baby, his girl, his anything. You looked at the clock and as always, it was late in the evening. You had no motivation to remove your makeup or get dressed for bed. Instead you drowned yourself in tears and thought about the what ifs with you and Neymar instead of thinking about the moment now. You suddenly heard the door bell ring continuously. It kept ringing nonstop. You sniffed and wiped your tears heading to open the door. Just who wanted to see.

“Neymar?” You whimpered.

“Open the damn t.v.” He huffed storming in without saying hi.

“Nice to see you to?” You sighed wiping the nonstop tears in your face. You didn’t want Neymar too see you crying, and it was good he didn’t notice when he stormed in.

“Just in, sourced have interviewed famous supermodel Soraja Vucellic. She has stated that Neymar allegedly use her for sex, and the relationship was a fraud.” The reported announced.

“Here’s the latest on we have heard from Soraja herself.” The reporter announced.

“Neymar what’s going-”

“Shh, listen.” He silenced.

You looked at the t.v and Soraja was on the screen. Her bombshell appearance was intimidates ting. She started speaking.

“I don’t what it has come to? I understand both Neymar and I are famous, but he can’t expect to use my fame for sex and other things that are so shoddy.” She explained.
Neymar shut the t.v off and threw the remote to the couch.

“That bitch of a liar.” He spat pacing back and forth.

“She’s at it again with her ass-like scandals.” He huffed slamming the table.

“Neymar what’s wrong?” You said walking near him. You were a bit frightened.

“Did you not see that lying ass y/n? She is constantly trying to play me.” He yelled biting at his lip.

“You need to come down.” You begged placing your hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t touch me, are you another fake ass too?” He snarled flicking your hand away.

You looked down and sat on the coach. You felt streams creating weights in your eye sockets. Had Neymar really just done that? Did he really think you could be anything like Soraja. A low life, dirty cheater.

“If anything I’m nothing like that women, if anything you are just as low as her.” You cried with tears streaming down your face.

“What?” Neymar whispered walking towards you. He took a seat beside you.

“You heard me. I read you wrong Neymar. I didn’t think it come to the point where you’d come to my house twice asking for help, only to call me a dirty cheater.” You cried with a shaky voice.

“Y/n I didn’t me-”

“You’re right, you meant nothing this whole time.” You spat cutting him off.

“Don’t you get it neymar? I have feelings for you. This whole time I did. If anything, I could love you and make sure no one played you like Soraja, or any other nightmare dressed as a daydream.” You sighed.

“You loved me this whole time?” He asked placing his hand on your lap.

“Love only started a few hours ago, when I realized what I was feeling for you.” You explained.

Neymar turned his body fully towards you. His hands made there way to your face and wiped the runny mascara away.

“What if I told you I felt the same.” He smiled faintly.

“Don’t lie to me Neymar, men only want love if it’s torture.” You scoffed.

“Did you ever feel the same? Or was it all in my head?” You asked him.

“It was real. I lied about not having training earlier today, I said that to spend more time with you.” He gleamed.

“I don’t know what to believe anymore.” You sighed.

“You can believe it right before your eyes.” He said grabbing you into a tight safe hug.

You were hesitant to hug Neymar at first, but then you wrapped your hands around his back. You felt secure and safe. He hugged your tighter and he laid his head in the crook of your neck.

“Do you believe me now?” Neymar asked breaking away from the hug.

“Not yet.” You said shaking your head.You leaned in and gave him a kiss. Neymar dos the same tangled his fingers in your hair. He peeled away and let out a slight giggle from the kiss.

“Now I do.” You smiled biting your lip.

“I guess even though I was locked out at the time, I was the key to you.” You whispered.

“This whole time your were my key.” He smirked kissing you again.