ready album

I live for:

  • the mocking “oh!” in lwymmd
  • the old taylor can’t come to the phone right now… why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead
  • the angry scream “in your bad dream!”
  • uh!
  • honey
  • taylor clears her throat at the beginning of ready for it
  • mmh
  • I-I-I
  • taylor rapping
  • the way she pronounces “jailer”
  • whiskey on ice
  • sunset and vine
  • furious
  • the sigh
  • guess I’ll just stumble on home to my cats

i’m honestly not alive. i’ve been killed and sent to heaven and back. no one is ready for this album… literally no one. kimani and i were literally giving each other these looks while listening and we were dying.


Army Challenge - (2/4) favorite music videos                                                                                ↳ Blood Sweat & Tears | 피 땀 눈물


7.18.17  ♡  36/100 days of productivity

Went to Chicago over the weekend with my friends and cousins and I had such a great time! I’m really gonna miss this city ♡ On another note, I won’t be sleeping for the rest of the week because I’ll be listening to the album of the century aka The War by EXO 

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