No Rest For The Weary

SPN FanFic

~Y/N and the Winchesters just can’t catch a break.~

Dean x Reader, Sam

6,960 Words

Warnings: It’s a roller coaster. Fluff, bit o’Smut, Angst. Flusmangst. 

A/N: Thank you to @taste-of-dean for the readover (sorry about the prank) and to @idreamofhazel for her amazing beta skills. Couldn’t do it without you. Hope you enjoy. and remember:

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The sun was shining brightly despite the heavy blanket of clouds that drifted across the Kansas sky. Breaks between the heather offered visions of perfect blue, and the air was filled with the promise of summer.

The Impala was speeding down the highway, its freshly washed black exterior gleaming in the sunlight. Tires spun in metallic blurs as Dean pushed her through the sparse mid-morning traffic, leaving Montana in the dust and heading home. The windows were down and wind whipped around the three hunters, lifting their hair and spirits. The rush of air forced them to breathe deeply, filling their lungs with the crisp spring atmosphere, relaxing their bodies and calming their minds.

The case hadn’t been any harder than any case before it, and certainly wouldn’t pale any that came after. But they were tired, muscles sore from lack of sleep and constant movement; their souls in need of restoration. Time off was desperately needed, and as long as Heaven and Hell kept to themselves, maybe they would get some.

As the miles wore on their shoulders settled, their minds calmed, and their smiles returned. Two hours in, laughter returned to the Impala as Sam and Dean argued lightheartedly about the cassette tape Dean had pushed into the stereo.

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dungeonsdonuts  asked:

Advice for people who want to run Curse of Strahd or Ravenloft? What's your take on the setting, and how should players approach it to get the most out of it?

Ravenloft - and Curse of Strahd itself - is by far my FAVORITE D&D setting. It’s so great, so easily customizable without getting the same ol’ same ol’ out of it, like Forgotten Realms tends to do. Curse of Strahd especially is packed with great locations, VERY rich and involved NPCs, a fantastic backstory, and rich culture that can easily be shifted into an overarching Ravenloft campaign. It can fit the silly parties, as well as the serious parties. It’s fantastic and I recommend it to everyone.
Because Curse of Strahd is the 5E Ravenloft (for right now at least, I hope we get more), I’ll focus on that one.

1) The biggest mistake I see from anyone trying to run Ravenloft games for the first time, is trying to push “standard D&D” onto it. They expect going in that it’s going to be very “dwarves in the mines, dragons on the castles”, but with a vampire added in. Nope, not at all. Ravenloft is it’s own beast, and should be treated as something entirely separate. Your party are visitors, outsiders brought in from someplace else, and that should tell you everything.

2) If you’re running Curse of Strahd, READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE BOOK! Trust me on this one. Don’t think you can just open it up and take it as you go. Many plots tie into each other, bits of info are scattered through later pages. Give the entire thing a readover, THEN dive into it. You’ll be thankful that you did.

3) Do not skip the “draw the tarokka cards” stage, and do it early, not at the table during gameplay. This determines the location of important items, helpful NPCs, and the story that’s going to be told. You will need to know this to do proper prep work. Write it all down, then insert it into play later. That way, if your players never actually encounter Madam Eva for the reading, you still know where things are going.

4) Do not underestimate the Vistani people! The Vistani people have a rich culture, amazing lore (and if you read the book enough, it goes way deeper than you can possibly imagine), and they make great allies for the characters. Many DMs frame them as villains immediately, from reading a single “they might work for the vampire lord” line - but things aren’t black and white in Ravenloft, and you should let the party make up their mind about that themselves. The Vistani can also provide card readings at a whim - you can either use the actual Tarokka deck (purchasable), or a deck of cards to do this. For this, I recommend using some notebook paper and writing out the meanings of each card (as there are multiple meanings, in two different locations in the book), that way you have a reference to all of them at any time. Each card represents a person/place, plus a more arbitrary meaning.

5) Castle Ravenloft is a beast of a map. It’s overwhelming for even the most experienced of DMs. It’s okay to remake it yourself. It’s okay to skip entire sections. It’s okay to tackle it head on if you feel up to it! I’ve even played in three different games where we never even went to Castle Ravenloft at ALL, and we had tons of fun. Do what YOU feel most comfortable with here. Strahd will go wherever the hell he wants.

6) Keep in mind that Barovia, the “country” you’re in, and Ravenloft as a whole can be boiled down to a bunch of European-style countries. Barovia is very Transylvanian/Hungarian, Richemulot is very French. You can use that to help flavor the world a bit more - look up the food, the culture, the history of those countries, and infuse the players’ surroundings with it. I love putting Hungarian touches into Barovia, and my players respond really well to it.

7) DO WHAT YOU WANT. Ravenloft is SO flexible, and Curse of Strahd even more so. I currently have about… eight or nine versions of Curse of Strahd, with different storyplots and themes, and all of them work really well, use the same NPCs, same towns and locations, but have totally different feels. DO YOUR THING. MAKE IT YOURS. You don’t have to follow things by the letter.

Caeldori x Sophie S Support

Here’s a little fluffy S Support I whipped up for these two cutie gfs since I was going to get them to S rank anyway. Thankfully the status screen doesn’t say “wife” or “husband” or anything of the sort in this one, so the kids’ S supports can just end with them starting to date or whatever. Thanks so much to @hbreckel for giving it a readover and constructive criticism!  

I’m not releasing the file for this convo just yet because I wanted to include it as part of a smallish update that should be out in the pretty near future. 

For the curious, these are Kaze!Sophie and Rinkah!Caeldori!

And as always, the full convo is under the “Keep Reading.”

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garglyswoof  asked: about a klaroline au that starts with "Please, come with me."

Project Run-Away

AN: Yeah, so that only took me what? 4 weeks? So much for the “break the writer’s block” drabbles, lol. Still, I hope you like this one Kelly - since I’m not entirely sure what happened below.

Also: anti ster*line and all that June wedding jazz. I’m sure there are no magical kids whatsoever in this scenario either.

“Please, come with me.”

It feels like an out-of-body experience.

She’s eight years old again, watching Runaway Bride with her dad on a New Year’s Eve, her mom doing the late night shift as usual. And she cannot, for the life of her, understand how exactly one decides to flee from their perfect little wedding to Richard-Freaking-Gere of all people.

Except -

Except, her shoes feel too small and she’s struggling for some oxygen she doesn’t even need and what’s the point of all of this if her mom isn’t here to watch her go down the aisle?

She sneaks a quick panicked glance at Stefan, his handsome broody features and hair mussed with surgical accuracy complimenting the expression of oblivious expectation marring his face. And instead of reassurance, she finds
an epiphany, one that almost sweeps her off her feet.

Because the broody blond standing just few feet in front of her - he doesn’t get her, because if he did then -

Then she wouldn’t be standing in this pony town’s white church, waiting in line to get a white picket fence and a golden band around her finger together with added bonus of tax relief for married couples. Waiting to grow old together (or just ancient in their case), all Wednesday Bingo for Seniors and crossroads on Sunday.

Then she wouldn’t get married without Bonnie here - she’d be out there, helping out her friend.

Please, come with me.

There’s a whole world out there. Waiting for you.

That lilted raspy voice, determined but not insistent - because it’s her choice, it will always be her choice - pours over her like honey, sends a breath of fresh air into her lungs.

How strange, oh how cosmically unbelievably bizarre that the man behind her, the one whose voice creeps like a shiver up her spine seems to know her better than her groom-to-be.

The crowd’s starts to buzz and chatter as she takes a step back and even if she still had any doubts seconds earlier, Stefan’s face - not concerned but freaking angry - sets her straight.

Straight into the arms of Klaus.

Because - and she giggles out loud at the mere thought - because this wedding is a poor caricature of her 15-year-old scrapbook and her shoes just feel too small and vampires are too frigging pale to look good in white.

If she’s Julia Roberts in this scenario, then her Richard Gere is standing right behind her and Stefan’s a poor (or not so poor) left-at-the-altar sucker no. 3.

She has to get out of here.

With a quick whispered “I’m sorry”, Caroline pivots on her feet and reaches out for hand that Klaus offers her. And as she takes it, she immediately understands - just like she understands that smug smirk that masks relief so well - that she grabs onto more than just his hand.

She grabs onto life.


There are no horses nor riding into the sunset together. There’s just this glint in his eyes as he hands her the keys to his Land Rover after she says, “You know that doesn’t mean I’m ready to…”

“I know.” Klaus rolls his eyes. “You need to clean up another mess courtesy of these bloody Salvatores.”

“It’s for Bonnie, Klaus.”

“I know. My number’s the same. Call me if you ever - “

“I know,” Caroline says, this unfamiliar warmth, a sense of direction and something else, filling her lungs and enabling her to breathe, perhaps for the first time since her mother’s death. She hesitates but only for a quick second and then her lips land in the corner of his mouth and she inhales his musky scent.

A soft gasp leaves Klaus’ throat and Caroline lingers, her lips stretching in a delicate smile when their eyes meet.

And she feels young and giddy and herself again as her whisper brushes against his ear, “Perhaps one day, then, Klaus.”

31 Days of Fic Day 2

Day 2: A rare pair

Some simple Theron and Nate fluff, set post-Awakening, but no spoilers.

“Are you enjoying being the new Arl?”

Nate’s voice drew Theron’s head out of his hands. He stopped staring blankly at the latest pile of reports awaiting a readover, and looked over at the human who’d just shut the study door quietly behind himself.

Nate looked nice in the new Warden armour; the deep blue went well against his hair and the formal air to the uniform suited Nate’s noble poise as he strode over to the desk. Theron, in an old set of plain clothes with ink stains on the cuffs, felt incredibly drab in comparison.

“Not at all.” He answered, resignedly picking up the quill again. He watched brown leather appear in the corner of his eye as Nate stepped around the desk.

“It’s strange, not having to sit there myself,” Nate’s voice was quieter than normal.

“It’s what you were born and raised to do, until I stole your thunder,” Theron shrugged as he scanned over lists of numbers. Amounts of grain, wagons to transport it, farmers and merchants and guards that all needed pay. He blinked, and the numbers blurred together. Creators, he’d never been good with numbers. “I bet you’re glad I did.”

Nate hummed as he perched on an uncluttered edge of the desk, creaking leather and clinking metal. The glint of silver in the study lights was distracting. Theron tried to ignore it, turning his head aside to check two numbers tallied right.

“A little, but being a Warden isn’t quite the same as the romantic notion of being a wandering knight righting wrongs.”

“You helped me stop a darkspawn civil war, I’m sure that’s similar to righting wrongs.” Theron pointed out as he scrawled another set of numbers in the next column.

“You have a point.” The human nodded.

The study grew quiet aside from the scratch of Theron’s quill and the faint creaking of Nate’s new armour. Nate readjusted the straps on his wristguard, and curled his toes experimentally in his boots. New leather, new armour, always needed breaking in. He’d put it on a few hours ago, and the first thing he’d done after leaving the armoury was stand in front of the set in the family trophy room and wonder if his grandfather would be proud of him.

“Your set’s waiting in the armoury.”

Theron didn’t look up from the report. He wrote something else down.

“My what?” He answered distantly.

Abruptly, Nate was reminded of his childhood. Of all the times he’d come to ask Father a question in this very room and had it either ignored or answered belatedly if he wasn’t shooed out. He shook his head, trying not to get lost in those memories. Theron wasn’t Father. He was nothing like Rendon Howe. They just happened to share the same burden of managing an Arling that meant they shut themselves into this study. Theron, too, had all the responsibilities of Warden-Commander of an entire country.

“Your armour.” Nate repeated patiently, craning his neck to look at the reports. Another long silence where there should have been some sort of response. “Theron.”

Theron surfaced from his work reluctantly, and it took his eyes a few seconds longer than normal to focus on Nate.


“It’s getting late, love. Finish that report, then you’re done here,” Nate tapped the report with one gloved finger for emphasis. “You can leave the rest to Mistress Woolsey tomorrow.”


Nate cut off his protest with a shake of his head.

“You need to try on your new armour. As your Second, that’s an order.” He smirked.

Nate wasn’t sure if Theron would take it as a challenge and dig his heels in, but to his relief Theron nodded agreement.

“Alright.” The elf replied, and then went straight back to writing. Nate sighed.

“Don’t make me carry you to the armoury, because I will,” He threatened.

Theron looked up at him immediately, a challenging smile on his face and a smudge of ink on his chin.

“Maybe I will.”

“You’re so stubborn,” Nate grumbled.

“And I know you love it.” Theron finished for him. Nate couldn’t argue, so he settled for drumming his fingers against the desk until Theron finished the report and set everything aside.

“The armoury?” Nate prompted as Theron stood up from the desk to clean his hands and face at the washbasin in a corner of the room.

“Are you going to carry me there?”

Nate shrugged, glancing down at his new armour.

“I’m afraid there are a few new pointy bits to my frame that might be uncomfortable.”

Theron smirked knowingly at him, and Nate felt his cheeks burn.

“I could help you out with some of those uncomfortably pointy bits?”

Nate stood up and took a reflexive step away from the desk as if it had burnt him. Not again. His second act in his brand new Warden armour would not be to have sex in it. No matter how appealing the thought was… Maker, he needed to stop spending so much time around Anders, Zevran and Oghren.

“I… Uh…”

Theron’s smirk vanished, replaced with a more reassuring smile.

“I’m only teasing you. I actually want to try on my armour, so let’s go.” He answered, taking Nate’s hand and almost pulling him to the study door. Nate followed with a smile on his lips.

gooddame  asked:

KLAROLINE + 50. “Why does anyone have to be naked?"

I was hoping for this one, thank you, Jennifer <3

Switched it up a bit, though :) Hope you like!

“This is so not fair,” Caroline grumbled, completely outright about her annoyance with the current state of events.

And her clothing. Or lack thereof.

“Now, sweetheart, let’s not say things we don’t mean. All these scratches on my back tell me enjoyed it as much as I did,” the annoying man lying right beside her on the floor sent Caroline his signature smirk.

A momentary lapse of judgement (or perhaps not so momentary, in fact, it had been building up for months now) and she had found herself stark naked in some fratboy’s dormroom, with an equally naked Original Hybrid by her side.

Yes, Klaus had kept stalking her even in college.

“Can you still can it stalking, though, love? You called me this time, remember?” Klaus grinned entirely too pleased with himself, his fingers busy with stroking her hot skin.

Which proved to be extremely distracting, given she had just voiced her thoughts out loud.

“Distracting for Caroline Forbes? I’ve never been more proud of myself,” the hybrid mused, his lips licking off the droplets of sweat from her forehead.

Again, Caroline?! Keep it together. All the orgasms must have melted some of her brains cells a little.

She didn’t know what had prompted her to call Klaus this evening. Perhaps it was because Elena had ditched her again to spend time with Damon, as if she hadn’t been doing it all the time already. Or maybe the party was just too lame for her taste and after the refinement and suave manners of a certain Original, she could only view the frat boys around her as a blood source.

Whatever it’d been, she’d called and Klaus had come, as she knew he would. He had scrunched his nose at the noisy tasteless excuse of a party, as he deemed it but as soon as Caroline had grabbed his hand and pulled him to the dancefloor, his complaints ceased.

The humid air, the heat of their bodies and the stolen blood flowing in their veins - she blamed it all on the position she found herself in now.

And all the other positions they had gone through the last few hours.

They had danced for a while, their bodies molded together as close as possible and then, all of a sudden, Klaus excused himself to go find some drinks in the wretched place.

He had left her alone and so she had found a drink of her own. From some way-too-handsy fratboy and it was her favourite - B+. Glassed had fallen from the hybrid’s hands as he’d come back from the bar. His eyes darkened dangerously when he took her in, her red eyes and veins under them, so glorious in her predatory ways. She extracted her fangs and compelled the boy to forget, slowly licking off the remaining blood off her lips as she looked at Klaus.

She barely had time to revel in the taste before his mouth took over hers and she was flashed upstairs, no regards for the crowd around them. They staggered to the nearest room, hurriedly losing their clothes on the way and the moment the door to the nearest room shut behind them, he was buried deep in her heat.

And as toe-curling as it had been, it had also felt right.

“Ugh! Can you stop being so goddamn smug? I’m having a crisis here!” she hit his chest, huffing.

“Scared of finally admitting our connection?” Klaus cocked a brow at her.

“Yes!” Caroline agreed angrily, causing him to look at her in surprise that she indeed acknowledged what they had between them. Straddling his waist, she looked at him earnestly, finger tracing the rugged line of his jaw and cheekbone. “There is something between us. There.I said it,” she let out as Klaus beamed at her.

“Just why do we have to be naked now, you made me all those grand promises of cities and last love so I want proper courting and dates!”

“Oh, worry not, Caroline. There will be dates,” he promised, his eyes flashing with yellow as he flipped them over and went on to ravish her all over again.