DRIFTER Vol. 1 “Out of the Night”, which collects the first five issues of Ivan Brandon and Nic Klein’s critically acclaimed sci-fi series has been released this week. The collection features, to date, the most radical evolution of the “Drifter Grid” since I started designing the series, and is in many ways a teaser of the next Drifter chapter in terms of where the publication design will be headed. 

Apart from the tight dot grid (an idea that didn’t actually materialise until my wife solved the final piece of the puzzle: “You should make them very small”), the main graphic device is a colour matrix built from the single issue gradient colour ways, reassembled in different patterns throughout the book on chapter, title and separator pages. With the new design for the trade, I also decided to redesign the very first page of the series (the machine readout from #1) so it would blend seamlessly within the collection, as well as a series of glyphs to codify the variant cover artists.

DRIFTER Vol. 1 “Out of the Night” is available in all good comic stores, and digitally available direct from Image Comics, and ComiXology (US store | UK store).

This is why you keep random shit materials around okay

It is very very hot today. It’s 92 F inside right now and everything is awful. Our laptop (still new and shiny and v v expensive) is getting too hot. Why? Because it didn’t really come with lifters, the shitty built in ones do nothing at all. We don’t have any little sticky lifters around and we can’t really afford a fan to go underneath not to mention that this thing could probly keep itself plenty cool given the space to do so.

Thankfully, we hoard ‘useful things’, aka things that in some hypothetical mcgyver situation could save the day. Bits of packing plywood and a thin sheet of packing foam, in this case, like the stuff they wrap things in. Combining these two things with a little tape gets you two friction-y risers that let the fans actually get air.

See title. -A

a rally game where your co driver guy can die if you crash in a certain way but the race keeps going without his readouts


BUt no seriously… wHile he’s in the Animus, the readouts show that his DNA is literally making minor changes to itself….

and then they, and he… see just who his ancestor is…. and it traumatizes him badly…


Gobots Drabble: Upgrade

Yes, that’s not a typo. I got a request from thegoddamnwordsmith to do a Smallfoot-centric drabble, since I’m a big fan of the character. While I’m a little rusty on the canon(I did order the first DVD set so that’ll change soon), there is something interesting about the Gobots that never really got touched on and has some interesting implications, so I decided to play with that.

As always, the drabbles are done in one draft with very minimal editing, so excuse any typos or grammatical lapses. I’m still taking requests, so feel free to ask! As long as I’m at least a little familiar with the canon, I’ll give it a shot.


A series of readouts flickered across the Guardian’s HUD, presenting a startling amount of data almost instantly. Her body had been equipped with, among other things, an impressive suite of scanners. They gave a precise readout of the air quality, down to percentages of the molecules within it. The visual readouts processed the scene in every possible spectrum, giving her a variety of ways to analyze the field in front of her. Sensitive audio receptors picked up everything, down to a sound as minute as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings as he drifted from one flower to another.

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For the record, this was not my fault.

Sora had his speech ready for his friends when he got back, and it would start with that sentence. He could see them now. Raising suspicious eyebrows while he tried to explain to them that this was not his fault.

Donald and goofy needed to deliver a message to the Queen. They were a little tied up tending to matters for King Mickey. So, naturally, Sora volunteered to help. 

With the message delivered he headed back to the mysterious tower. But something caught his attention. A red light he’d never seen before was blinking on the gummi ship’s dashboard readout. Sora leaned forward to get a closer look when a deafening bang left his ears ringing. The entire vehicle jolted to the right, colliding with debris floating in the lanes between. In a matter of seconds he was losing altitude, and fast.

An angry beeping noise echoed off the cockpit walls. Reminding him that something was terribly wrong. “Oh man, oh man, uh..” Sora pushed every button, flipped every switch, anything to shut off that alarm and regain some control. But no dice. What was he to do? Well, he did what any panicking 13 year old would have done.

Buckle up, and hold on.

After impact Sora crawled out of the ship. Fanning dust from his face and shaking it from his hair he took a look around. Nowhere he recognized. Seemed to be somewhere in the mountains. Off in the distance he could see what looked like really tall walls. Walls meant a village. A village meant people. And people meant help.

“Heeeeey!” he called. “Anybody out there?”

Sony A7R II 4K, Interesing Information for filmmakers

Sony A7R II 4K, Interesing Information for filmmakers

The α7R II camera shoots video in 4K (QFHD 3840×2160) in either Super 35mm crop mode or full-frame mode. n Super 35mm mode, the camera uses full pixel readout without pixel binning and oversamples the data resulting in images with minimal moire and ‘jaggies’. In full-frame mode, the α7R II utilizes the full width of the 35mm sensor for 4K recording. It is the world’s first digital camera to offer…

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Will Dems apologize?

by Scott Johnson

In an open letter to DNC Chairman Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, Jeffrey Lord provides a readout of the tangled history of the Democratic Party with slavery, segregation, lynching, and the Ku Klux Klan. Lord draws on the Democratic Party platforms of 1840, 1844, 1856 and 1860. He adds that, as the Civil War drew to a close, the Democrats opposed the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment (ending slavery), and proceeded afterwards also to oppose the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments. Lord has more, all in the spirit of the moment; Lord calls on Schultz to apologize on behalf of the party.

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