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He Makes You Squirt ~ With Visuals!!

Ashton ~ Both coming down from your orgams, Ashton pulled out of you, sliding down next to you in bed. Catching your breath and tossing your head to the side your gaze met Ashton’s, his face holding a playful smile you’d seen before. “What.” you asked, his smile widening. Without another word, he propped himself up on his elbow and his opposite hand snaked down between your thighs, a thumb brushing over your clit. Holding his gaze you let out a soft moan as he began to rub figure eights around your bundle of nerves. Admiring your response, he slid his fingers down your already soaking slit down to your entrance, glancing up at you momentarily before easing in two fingers. “Ash!” you gasped, squeezing your legs shut, still sensitive from your prior orgasm. “Shhh, it’s okay, let daddy take care of his babygirl.” he responded, kissing your neck before sitting up to use his other hand to push your thighs apart. Gaining speed and adding a finger, Ashton began to now make a “come here” motion with his fingers, making you writhe in pleasure as you moaned his name. Feeling a tensing in your stomach with a slightly different and more pleasurable sensation, you reach a hand down to brush finger tips over his wrist, encouraging him to push you to your release. Rolling your eyes to the back of your head you let out a cry as you gripped his wrist roughly, rocking against his hand. Opening your eyes you looked up at Ashton, his face a mix of shock and arousal. “You okay, babe?” you asked, confused. “You just fucking squirted, (Y/N), I made you squirt!” he grinned, you were sure he’d be trying that again soon.

Michael ~ “Are you ready? We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.” Michael called from over your shoulder. “Yes Michael, I’m completely okay with this.” you replied. “Should we have a safe word? Like pineapple? Pineapple will be the safe word, okay?” he asked again. Nodding, you prepared yourself as you felt Michael brush his tip against your back entrance, you finally had agreed to try anal with him. “Ready babe?” he asked once again. Giving him a thumbs-up, you felt him apply more pressure, pushing in slightly. Sucking in a breath, you assured him you were okay. Pushing once again, you this time felt his tip pop completely in, making you wince slightly, hoping Michael wouldn’t notice. Giving you a second to adjust, he once again asked if it was okay for him to continue, telling him you were fine, he pushed a little deeper and using one hand to rub your back. Biting on your lower lip, you began to pinch your nipples, trying to take your mind of the pain Michael was inducing. “Alright, I’m just going to push all the way in, babe, okay?” he asked, never moving on without your consent. “Mmhmm,” you replied as you continued to bite down on your lip. Placing a hand on each side of your waist, Michael pushed in his entire length, stopping once he had and checking on you as you let out a groan, clearly in pain. “Don’t just fucking stop, Michael!” you snapped at him, urging him to try and reduce the pain. Careful not to hurt you anymore than he had, he thrusted slowly into you, reaching one hand down to play with your clit. Getting used to his rhythm, you asked him to stop. “Does it hurt?” he asked, concerned. It did still hurt a bit, but you knew if you said that he’d stop right then. “No, I wanna ride you.” you smirked as he began to withdraw from you and lie down on the bed. Swinging a leg over his waist, you faced away from him so he had a complete view of you riding his cock. Sliding back down onto him, you looked back to look at him, his hands tucked behind his head as he groaned then met your gaze. “All you.” he smiled, stating he wasn’t going to do anything, which annoyed you a bit. Gripping his thighs, you made of show of sliding his cock in and out of your ass, earning moans from Michael behind you. Not quite getting much from the experience, you leaned back so you could spread your legs wider, beginning to play with your clit and move things along. Watching yourself in the mirror at the edge of the bed, you watched as Michael peeked his head out from around you as he began to finger you roughly while you toyed with your clit as well as rocking down on his cock. Sitting up so his bare chest was against your back, he began to hit your g-spot repeatedly, your moans mixing with his as you felt yourself topple over the edge with an unfamiliar feeling in your pussy. Falling back on Michael’s shoulder, he kissed your neck before feeling his lips by your ear. “My kitten just squirted, and mark my words, we’ll be making that happen again soon.” he cooed.

Calum ~ Stripping you down to nothing but black lace panties, Calum’s favorite, he stared down at you, grinning. “Mmm, babe,” Calum groaned, feeling you through the panties while your hands rubbed his erection through his boxers. “Cal..” you moaned. “What do you want, baby?” he teased you, tracing his thumb over your lips, pushing it in slightly for you to suck on momentarily. “I want you to touch me.” you whined. Removing his thumb, he leaned down to give you a kiss before hooking his fingers around the sides of your panties, but not removing them, just holding on. “You’re so hot.” he sighed as he placed kisses over your breasts while you ran a hand through his hair. Sucking on your nipple briefly, he turned his attention back to your panties. Inching down so he was directly over your clit, his slowly pulled down your panties, tossing them aside as he pressed a gentle kiss to your clit. Pulling back, he traced your lower lips, dipping a finger in your entrance while he pressed another kiss to your clit, making you sigh in pleasure. Pulling away once again, he sat up to look you in the eye. “I wanna try something different,” he stated, laying down next to you. Beckoning for you to straddle his waist, he began to pull your legs up his chest until your core was directly over his lips. Holding onto you by wrapping his arms over your hips, he stared up at you while he licked a stripe up your center before sucking on your clit. Getting comfortable, you reached a hand down to play with his hair, admiring how attractive he was. Throwing your head back to release a soft, overdue  moan, you placed both hands in his hair, making him giggle, the vibrations giving you pleasure. “You’re so cute,” he admired, his finger tips rubbing circles into your hips before his tongue returned to licking stripes. Leaning back slightly, you gripped his erection, squeezing at random, making him groan into you and tighten his grip. Intensifying his attack on your center, you returned both hands to his hair, rocking your hips down to his mouth, enjoying every second of his tongue attached to your most intimate area. Sensing your climax was near, Calum began to suck on your clit before suddenly nibbling gently, making you grip his hair tightly as you cried out in pleasure, your orgasm coursing through you. Sliding down to his chest, you took in the sight of Calum’s drenched face, grinning with what he had just done. Feeling slightly embarrassed, Calum noticed your uncomfort and quickly assured you what had just happened was okay. “You just squirted, that’s the hottest thing ever baby.” he spoke softly, swiping a finger over your heat before bringing it up to your lips to suck on. “I love you so much.” he sighed watching you suck off your juices, his eyes glazed over with content and admiration.

Luke ~ Wrestling with you, Luke became more submissive, loving you taking control of him. Letting you pin him down, you placed yourself over his pants zipper, where to your surprise, you felt his cock hard and straining against the material. “Lukey!” you teased, knowing he had noticed his erection too. “Can I play with you?” you asked seductively, pressing your palm into his erection softly. “Nope, I wanna play with my princess.” he responded, his voice deep. Grabbing your wrists, he flipped you over on your back so he was now straddling your waist. Staring down at you, he chewed on his piercing as he took in your features. “So pretty.” he sighed, releasing your wrists to stroke your cheek. Leaning down to place a kiss on your collarbone, he began to lift your shirt up, sitting back to pull it over your head. Undoing your bra and throwing it to the side, you allowed him to play with your nipples and sprinkle sweet kisses on your breasts. Getting bored with this, he pulled back and rolled over to your side, where he slid his fingers in the waistband of your sweats, sliding them down your legs. Readjusting his snapback, he began to place kisses on your hip bones while his fingers traced shapes on your panties. Removing his lips from you, he moved his face between your legs, glancing up at you before moving your panties to the side, licking a stripe up your center. Watching as you moaned from his touch, he stood up, bending down to pick you up bridal style before carrying you to your shared bedroom. Placing you on the edge of the bed, he pulled your panties down to your ankle before discarding them. Pressing kisses to your lower lips, he did this only long enough until he had you begging for him. Standing up, he grabbed the underside of your legs, pushing them back so your thighs pressed into your breasts, making you hold them while he threw his hat across the room. Returning to his knees, he began to lick at your center softly, only increasing speed once he’d earned steady moans from you. You whimpered as he pulled away, not able to see through your legs. “Luuuke.” you whined. “I know, princess, be patient.” he replied, pushing two fingers in much to your surprise and relief. He pumped swiftly right away, giving you what you wanted. “Don’t cum until I say so.” he threatened as you began to moan his name more. Luke was usually the submissive one in bed so the sudden change definitely turned you on, which also didn’t help since you weren’t allowed to cum. His other hand met the side of your cheek before his used it to spread your lower lips to attach his to your clit. Luke had never spanked you so this was all new and extremely satisfying. Allowing him to suck and nibble on your clit, your hands searched for his hair, desperate for more contact than what he was giving. His name continued to spill from your lips as his fingers pressed against your g-spot, making you whine remembering his order to hold onto your orgasm until he said so. “Lukey, p-please,” you whined, on the verge of tears, the pleasure becoming so intense it was almost painful. Hearing the change in your voice, he withdrew his fingers and began thrusting his tongue into you, your hands practically yanking his hair. “Lukey, please, let me cum, please please please.” you pleaded again. He couldn’t ignore your pleas, he hated hearing you cry, whenever the two of you fought, he would instantly feel like shit when you cried. “Cum for me now, princess.” he pulled away to tell you before returning his tongue to your core, his hands now gripping the underside of your thighs. Pulling his face down, your release ripped through you, riding Luke’s face until your orgasm passed. Sitting back on his heels, he pushed your legs apart so he could come lie over you. “Oh, princess.” he made a teasing face. “What?” you questioned, confused. “I made you squirt.” he smiled, placing a kiss on your forehead as you took in all of what just happened.

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Wow, i think this is my favorite thing i’ve written, bc Calum & Luke’s parts were….dear god. Also sorry all the gifs aren’t actual squirting ones, honestly all squirting gifs are pretty much the same, very little variation. Thanks for following and i hope you have a v hella weekend!