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Pauline’s book recs : a MASTERPOST

It’s time for a summer cleaning, so I thought I would organise my book recs once and for all. I’ll try to update this post once in a while and I also added it to my info page so that you can access all those links super easily. HAVE FUN.

The fundamental works
The mythology-oriented works
An overview of Greek literature
The versions of Antigone
The versions of the Odyssey

Reading fiction : best of 2015
An overview of classics reading
The fundamental works : English literature
Which classics to start with ?
Favourite plays : a list
Favourite French writers : a list
Contemporary writers : a list
Modern Italian fiction : a list
Tackling Russian literature
Renaissance : the fundamentals
Victorian literature : the fundamentals
Priya Sarukkai Chabria body of works
The prettiest books : editions to die for

Reading poetry : best of 2015
Favourite poems : a list
A list of arbitrary recommendations
Which poetry books to start with ?
Richard Siken : what to read
Poems about separation and longing
Poems about love
Poems about happiness, hope
French poetry for beginners

Feminist books and authors
Biographies and non-fiction
Art history recommendations 
Literary interviews, a short list
Writing theory works

A list of works featuring Persephone
A list of works featuring Kassandra
A list of works featuring mermaids
Spiritual growth : books for change
Melancholy recommendations
Happy recommendations
Atmospheric and symbolist recommendations
Moral corruption recommendations
Books similar to The Secret History
Summer reading list : 2016
Summer beach reading recommendations
Reading while traveling recommendations
A list inspired by Sufjan Stevens
A list of works with introspective characters
A list of works with narcissistic characters
If you love Angela Carter : recommendations
If you love Louise Glück : recommendations
If you love Virginia Woolf : recommendations
If you love Sylvia Plath : recommendations

The Type Of Ravenclaws
  • The Ravenclaws that are late to class because they overslept
  • The Ravenclaws that are up all night studying but doesn’t do their ‘homework’
  • The Ravenclaws that doesn’t to jack shit in class but somehow aces every test
  • The Ravenclaw that isn’t the stereotypical nerd but is gifted in music and has an amazing amount of facts about different musicians from all over the world
  • The Ravenclaw that is in love with painting and artist
  • The Ravenclaws that is obsessed with Sherlock
  • The Ravenclaws obsessed with Doctor Who
  • The Ravenclaws obsessed with Sherlock and Doctor Who
  • The Ravenclaws who are amazing in class but suck at taking test
  • The Ravenclaws who run purely on coffee and sugar
  • The Ravenclaws that get a decent amount of sleep and constantly nag the Ravenclaws that run on coffee
  • The ‘motherly’ Ravenclaws that set bed times
  • The Ravenclaws who have dyslexia
  • The Ravenclaws who have anxiety
  • The Ravenclaws that suck at riddles and puzzles but are amazing at Chess
  • The Ravenclaws who procrastinate but still manage to pass
  • The Ravenclaws who read
  • The Ravenclaws who hate reading
  • The Ravenclaws that are antisocial
  • The Ravenclaws that have a hundred friends
  • The Ravenclaws that believe that they belong on Slytherin because they’re interested in dark arts and sneak into the restricted area
  • The Ravenclaws that believe that they belong in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff because they don’t think they’re ‘smart enough’
  • The Ravenclaws that hate learning in a classroom and love Care of Magical Creatures
  • The Ravenclaws who prefer learning in a classroom and hate Crea of Magical Creatures
  • The Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who aren’t LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who love and support Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws that don’t support but also don’t hate Ravenclaws who are LGBT+
  • The Ravenclaws who protect others
  • The Ravenclaws that bully others (there are bullies in every house)
  • The Ravenclaws who have serious talks with the bullies
  • The Ravenclaws who listen to classical music
  • The Ravenclaws who listen to everything but classical
  • The Ravenclaws who are nerds
  • The Ravenclaws who are so far from nerds that it’s a little weird
  • The Ravenclaws who are considered ‘weird’ or ‘loony’
  • The Ravenclaws who are popular
  • Then Ravenclaws who are outcast
  • But all Ravenclaws are family whether they like each other or not
Alternate Names for Morrowind:

The Elder Scrolls III: Good Fuckin’ Luck

The Elder Scrolls III: Cliff Racer Simulator

The Elder Scrolls III: Everyone’s Calling Me Strange Names because I’m Outlander Scum

The Elder Scrolls III: Snail-Pace:: The Game

The Elder Scrolls III: Even Though You Clicked the Attack Button Numerous Times, You Still Missed

The Elder Scrolls III: Reading, Reading, Reading, Reading

The Elder Scrolls III: Level down the Game’s Difficulty All the Way to -100 Because You’re a Fuckin’ Scrub You N’wah Piece of Shit

The Elder Scrolls III: Fargoth

What I Like About You

So I got this idea while I was busy trying to ruin @mamaastro‘s life:

him writing down a list of everything he loves about you when he misses you and adding on to it every day while on tour and when he comes back he accidentally leaves it out and you find it and he comes home to you reading the adorable things he’s written

I hope you guys enjoy it, Happy Valentine’s Day!


smile is so cute

wears my hoodies all the time

likes to sing off key to bother me

once ate every chocolate bar I had in the house in one sitting

falls asleep while reading

The list went on, covering every inch of the slightly worn out notebook paper it was on. Phrases were written diagonally, drawings littered the paper, and there was almost no original lined space left. The only reason you even knew it was for you was your name, written in a big heart, in the corner.

A small smile had begun making its way across your features as you tried to decipher more of your boyfriend’s haphazard handwriting.

hands fit perfectly in mine

likes making me give piggy back rides

cries at sad tv shows

Memories were running through your mind now of times you had called your boyfriend, hysterical, at three in the morning because you had finished marathoning a show and the ending was sad or a cliffhanger. He had always found it amusing, but had also always knows exactly what to say to make you feel better.

You thought back to the countless times he took your hands when the two of you were in crowds, or even when you both had down time. Slotting your fingers through his was routine for you, but it meant a lot. Now you knew he loved it too.

wakes me up by jumping on me

showers for like seven million years

loves cuddling

As your gaze traveled down the paper, you found your eyes getting misty. Myungjun actually took the time to list the reasons he loved you, and ended up filling up both sides of the paper. Suddenly, the front door of your apartment opening startled you. 

MJ locked the door behind him and took off his shoes as usual. He had showered at the Fantagio building already, and was entirely ready to devote what little time he had left to you. 

“Hey.” He said softly, seeing you reading on the couch. You looked at him, smiling, and he was surprised to see your eyes bright with unshed tears. MJ rushed to your side on the couch.

“What’s wrong?”

Shaking your head in reply, you surprised him by pulling him close and burying your face in his chest. MJ rubbed your back soothingly, confused and concerned.

You detached yourself from him and handed the list, watching his eyes grow wide once he realized you had read it. 

“I… I wrote this while we were touring, and added on to it whenever I missed you. It got kind of long…” Your boyfriend trailed off awkwardly, blushing because you had read all of his sweet words. You just smiled and hugged him again.

“Now it’s my turn to list everything I love about you.”


You hadn’t meant to find it- after all, you never, ever went through your boyfriend’s things without his permission. It just fell out when you were moving his lyrics notebooks over so you could study at your shared desk. Words were haphazardly scribbled all over the piece of scrap paper, your name randomly showing up once or twice on it.

listens to music so loud i can hear headphones a room over

biggest fan to ever fan ever

has stolen every sweater I own (reminder - buy more)

has so many books theres a pile under our bed

It took you a second to realize what it was - a list of your characteristics. You were concerned- it sounded kind of like a roast list. Annoying your boyfriend was not something you wanted to do - you loved him. Then, your eyes drifted to the top.

Everything I Love About My Babe

A smile lit up your face. Judging by the looks of it, Jinwoo had penned the list while he had been away on tour the last three months. He had missed you just as much as you had missed him.

double chin selfies (need to start a folder)

falling asleep on my chest

tries working out with me sometimes

acts exaggeratedly impressed when I flex

You laughed, covering your hand with your mouth. Jinwoo probably hadn’t meant for you to read any of the list, but once you had started it was difficult for you to stop. The months Astro had been away had been hard for both you and your boyfriend - you had spent many nights lightly spraying his old shirts in his cologne and going to sleep in them. 

loves stuffed animals

when I get back from tour I’m buying like ten

I miss my love :(

As the memories of countless nights without him and 3 a.m. skype calls hit you, tears started to roll down your cheeks. They were, of course, both those unshed while he was gone, and of finding his list. You laughed through your tears, blushing slightly at his sweet writings. 

The front door opened without you noticing, and Jinwoo came in. Right before opening his mouth to greet you, he saw you standing at the desk, hand covering your mouth, paper in hand. Crossing the room quickly, he enveloped you in a bear hug from behind, looking over your shoulder to see what you were looking at.

Jinwoo’s face went red at realizing you were reading his list. He nuzzled his nose into your neck, smiling shyly into it.

“You read my list?” 

“Yeah.” You replied, laughing lightly and wiping away your tears. “Yeah.” You said again, turning around and hugging him tightly. “I missed you too, you know.”

His low chuckle rumbled in your chest. “I’m here now.” You nodded and looked up at him.

“Let’s make our time count.”


You honestly thought it was a grocery list.

Lee Dongmin, wonder of all wonders, was the most organized human being you had ever known to be. He made lists for most things he could make lists for because he liked having things correct. It was something you loved dearly about him. Because of this, there were lists written on sticky notes and taped to walls and on the fridge and basically lists for everything on every hard surface in your house.

When you found a numbered looseleaf piece of paper with Dongmin’s neat handwriting all over it, the first thing you expected was a grocery list.

You were surprised, needless to say, when it was titled in his graceful script as, Things I Love About My Love.

Surprised and intrigued.

1) Chin fits right under my head

2) Feet don’t reach the ground when sitting on my lap

3) Sings loudly in the shower

You rolled your eyes at the comment about your height, but found yourself internally aww-ing at how Dongmin had taken the time to write out what he loved about you. The list went on and you raked a glance over it.

4) Watches every video or show with me in it

5) Wrote a detailed essay about To Be Continued for school

6) Got a perfect score on said essay

A laugh escaped your lips as you recalled the time you wrote a thesis paper on the effects of time travel and if it would be better to be aware of the fact that you time traveled or to not know what was occurring. The teacher had loved your arguments for both points.

She still had no idea that it was based off of your boyfriend’s web drama.

7) Most adorable laugh on the planet

8) Cries happy tears a lot

These two struck you as ironic, because at the exact moment you processed the words, you laughed and tears pricked the edges of your eyes. Suddenly the door swung open, Dongmin walking in with his dance bag in one hand, phone in the other. He noticed the list in your hand immediately.

“You found my list.” He said softly, smiling shyly. Nodding, you stretched out your arms. Dongmin walked into them complyingly, automatically lifting you up so your legs wrapped around his waist. “Have you read it all?”

“No.” You smiled, burying your face in the collar of his shirt so he wouldn’t see your blush. “Not yet.”

Dongmin smiled, carrying you to the couch and setting you down. He sat down beside you and took the list from your hands.

“Let me read it to you.”


Bin never wrote lists or things like that down on paper- after all, he had a smartphone.

You were surprised, needless to say, when you found a piece of paper, folded messily, sitting atop his desk. It was an ordinary piece of notebook paper, words scribbled all over it, front and back. Different colors of ink were used, some of the words were huge and others small. That was enough to pique your interest. 

Especially since, in the middle of the page, the words I <3 My Other Half were scrawled hugely, You smiled shyly, shaking your head. Bin got cheesier every day.

Snores loudly~

Looks cute in everything!

Does everything cutely <3

Even snores cutely ;)

You pursed your lips, trying to keep yourself from smiling at Bin’s sweet words. It was adorable that he had written a list of things he loved about you, you thought, and you reminded yourself to make sure to let him know you loved him back just as much. Sitting down in the chair at the desk, you continued reading the paper, unfolding it as you went.

Has really good conversations 

Enjoys spending time with me

Calls me everyday 

At the last one you were confused for a moment - after all, you had no need to call Bin everyday when he was with you all the time. Then it hit you - the list must have been made the month prior, while he was on tour with the boys. A small sigh escaped from you. Living without Bin for months on end had been difficult, especially since he had left for tour barely a month after moving in with you. 

When you eat dinner alone, you always feel less full than when the meal is shared with others. 

Stops to pet every dog and cat we see on walks

Leaves sticky notes on everything

Tries to act strong and doesn’t cry when we miss each other even when I’m on the verge of tears

Your breath caught in your throat. There had been early, early mornings when Bin had called you, voice shaking and raw from his tears, sobbing about how he couldn’t perform, how he missed you. You had cried, of course you had, but never where he could hear it. Once he had gotten back home, found his place by your side again, his sadness had dissipated, as had yours. You had almost forgotten about how bad it had gotten for him while you had been separated.

A stray tear found its way tracing a path down your cheek, as you brushed it away and chastised yourself - after all, Bin was back home with you. 

The door to your room opened silently. Moon Bin leaned against the doorframe, watching you read his list. He had in no way meant to leave it on his desk before he went to practice, but he was glad you had read it so you knew how much you meant to him. 

“It’s all true.” He said quietly, sweetly. You jumped up, eyes sparkling from tears, and smiled apologetically at your boyfriend.

“Sorry, I just saw it on the desk and-”

“It’s okay. I’m glad you read it, actually. Now you know the things I can’t put into verbal words, at least, and who you are to me.” You drew in a breath, and Bin suddenly knew.

He rushed over and gathered you into his arms at the exact moment you broke down, the emotions you had hidden for the past months hitting you like a wave. Your tears imprinted on his sweater, and, somewhere not nearly as visible, his heart. 

Bin pressed kisses into your hair as his arms wound tighter around you.

“It’s okay. I’m here now.”


Your boyfriend wasn’t the most verbally expressive- what he lacked for in words he made up for with sweet, genuine actions. Bouquets of flowers, small random gifts often, thoughtful sticky notes and reminders around the house. He thought of everything.

This had helped you while he had been gone on tour for a few months. Minhyuk had left behind sticky notes in random places around the house before leaving - in your favorite books, inside the boxes of your favorite snacks, even in your wallet and underneath the couch cushions. He had been back for weeks, and you were still finding the notes around the house.

When you saw a pad of sticky notes on the coffee table in your living room and writing on the top note, you figured it was one he had forgotten to take out and conceal. You decided to read it, after all, if it was meant for you you’d find it eventually anyways.

I Fell In Love Because

He had neatly titled the sticky note, and it seemed like he had taken time to make his handwriting legible. Underneath the header was a list. Interest piqued, you peeled the note off the pad, only to discover that the next one was a continuation of the list.

As was the one after that and the one after that and the one after that and so on.

knows when I need it to be quiet and knows when I don’t

likes watching dance practice

gives the best kisses

scrunches up nose when receiving kisses

intelligent and caring

You chewed on your lower lip. Minhyuk had always been sweet in his notes, but he had never listed off why he loved you. At reading his reasons, you let out a light laugh, genuine in nature. 

He had dated the second sticky note, telling you that the words had been written while he had been touring. A small feeling of untarnished love rooted itself in your chest. Even while he had things like choreography and his lyrics and schedules to focus on, he had kept you on his mind.

gets excited when watching variety shows

sings loudly while cooking

scared easily

back hugs the best 

front hugs the best

bear hugs the best

just the best at giving hugs and kisses and smiles

Your eyes teared up, rendering you almost unable to keep reading. Minhyuk had never voiced how he felt about you, but reading his words written in his distinct script made you feel as if he had. Just as you moved on to the next note, the doorknob turned and Minhyuk, tired, came in through your front door. 

The moment you saw him you rushed to greet him, something you usually never did because of how sweaty he was. This time, however, you didn’t mind as you jumped on him, tears slowly rolling down your face, laughing and smiling and mumbling how much you loved him. Confused, your boyfriend cautiously held you around your waist to keep you steady.

“Am I really the best at giving hugs?” You stepped back, still in his arms, and smiled up at him, waving the sticky note in front of his face. Realization finally dawned on Minhyuk’s face as he wiped away the remnants of your happy tears. He gave you a shy smile as he pulled you into his chest again.

Leaning down, he spoke right before he pressed his lips to yours.

“You’re also the best at giving kisses.”


The moment he had gotten back from being on tour, he made his way to your house. After hugging and greeting your mother and father, he finally got to see you again after months of only skyping. Tears had fallen, laughs had been swallowed in innocent kisses, and the two of you both became happier than you had been in a long while.

After a short two hours you noticed that, while his smile had not faded in the least, your boyfriend’s eye bags had somehow become more pronounced. Shooing him out immediately, you made him go to his parents house to sleep and catch up with them. It hurt you, because you had so much to discuss and so little time, but you always wanted the best for Sanha.

As you sat back down on your bed after saying goodbye, you noticed he had left his jacket in your room. You picked it up.

Surprisingly, a folded up scrap of paper fell out of his pocket. Smoothing it out, you realized it was something of a list, with words and little scribbled hearts and stick people all over the margins as well.

loves animals and has a bunch of animal onesies

Immediately you knew the list was about you. Whenever Sanha came over, you were almost always wearing an elephant onesie, or a frog onesie, or a bear onesie, or something like that.

blasts music 24/7

hoards memes in camera roll

You snorted, covering the lower half of your face on impulse. It was true - out of boredom while Sanha had been gone on tour you had sent him numerous memes you had created with screenshots of the Astro boys, not to mention a painful number of minion memes and pepes. 

loves family a lot

amazing photographer and selfie taker extraordinaire

steals my hats a lot but looks better than me in them so it’s okay

likes napping on me

beats me in super mario kart

i miss playing super mario kart :(

good at making me feel better when I feel sad

His list took a small turn as you could feel the melancholy in his written words. Biting your lips, you willed the tears away while reading the rest of the list, which also, not helping your oncoming onslaught of tears, was about how much he missed you. The list, you realized, had been written while touring. 

reads happy poetry to me when I need it

That broke your dam. Out of everything you had missed being able to do with Sanha, you had missed reading to him the most. On days after school when he could afford being a few minutes late to practice, he always swung by your house to listen to you recite Robert Frost or Ku Sang. Sitting on your porch swing, his head on your shoulder as he listened to you read. Those were his favorite days. 

The tears fell fast. You let a small sob escape. Right as you gulped, you heard an intake of breath behind you before feeling long arms wrap around your shoulder from the back, pulling you into his chest.

“I came to get my jacket.” Your  boyfriend said quietly, resting his chin on the top of your head. You let out another shuddering sigh. 

“What happened?” He asked, turning you around. Sanha looked genuinely concerned. Smiling through your tears, you shook your head and held up his list.

“It just hit me, how much I missed you.” You wiped away your tears with the side of your hands before pulling Sanha into you again. He hugged you back, deftly plucking the list from your fingers as well. 

“I won’t be needing this, now that I don’t miss you anymore. The real thing is always better.”


Star Wars: A Bad Lip Reading

The Empire Strikes Back: A Bad Lip Reading


Ed Brubaker's Captain America Reading List

This reading list only focuses on Ed Brubaker’s run, which defines the characters for this generation. This is a large undertaking as the story went on for years, over several volumes and various titles in 25 trade paperbacks and five omnibus.

It’s fairly straight forward until the end, where two books were coming out alongside each other. Even then it’s not too difficult as the books didn’t really impact each other so you can just read them in the order shown.

The only thing that complicates matters is that Captain America is one of those tent pole characters that gets dragged into every major event storyline and is often impacted by the fallout. The events are included in the order they should be read to fully appreciate what’s going on.

Here’s the key:

Bold text: Main Series
Normal text: Supplemental
Italics: Notes


THE MARVEL’S PROJECT - Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
An 8-issue mini-series showing the origins of Captain America and other silver-age heroes. Can be read at any time but sits here for the sake of chronology.

Captain America: Man Out of Time - Mark Waid & Jorge Molina
Another mini-series not unlike Waid’s Superman: Birthright. It shows Captain America’s freezing and subsequent defrosting in the modern day.


The Steve Rogers Era

Captain America: Winter Soldier V1 - Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
Captain America: Winter Soldier V2 - Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
The first two volumes of Brubakers run are available in a variety of formats including an Ultimate Collection, two trade paperbacks or an OHC..

Features Captain America and explains Nick Fury’s absence from the subsequent volumes.

New Avengers - Brian Bendis
Bendis’ Avengers run begins in earnest at this point. For a full reading list of that run check out Bendis’ Avengers Reading List

Captain America: Red Menace V1 - Ed Brubaker & Mike Perkins
Captain America: Red Menace V2 - Ed Brubaker & Steve Epting
Available in an Ultimate Collection or separate paperbacks. The omnibus collecting the first five volumes is long out of print.

Civil War: Captain America - Ed Brubaker & Mike Perkins
The tie-in issues work really well as part of the Civil War story, which is strongly recommended as Captain America is the protagonist and it alters the landscape of the Marvel Universe significantly.

Fallen Son - Jeph Loeb & Various
A series of one-shots focusing on different characters and how they deal with Steve Rogers death. Each issue represents one of the five stages of grief.

The Bucky Barnes Era

Captain America: Death of Captain America V1 - Brubaker & Epting
Captain America: Death of Captain America V2 - Brubaker & Epting
Captain America: Death of Captain America V3 - Brubaker & Epting
Available in a Complete Collection, three paperbacks, or an OOP omnibus.

Features Captain America, Bucky Cap joins the New Avengers from this point.

Captain America: The Man With No Face - Ed Brubaker & Luke Ross
Captain America: Road to Reborn - Ed Brubaker & Various
Captain America: Reborn - Ed Brubaker & Bryan Hitch
These volumes are available in the Captain America Lives! omnibus as well as the usual paperbacks.

Both Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes appear in this storyline.

Captain America: Two Americas - Ed Brubaker & Luke Ross
Captain America: No Escape - Ed Brubaker & Butch Guice
Captain America: Prisoner of War - Ed Brubaker & Butch Guice
Captain America: Trial of Captain America - Ed Brubaker & Butch Guice

Steve Rogers: Super Soldier - Ed Brubaker & Dale Eaglesham
This mini-series came out alongside the regular Captain America book and tells a Steve Rogers-centric story with a villain that will return later.

Secret Avengers: Mission to Mars - Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato
Secret Avengers: Eyes of the Dragon - Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato
Ed Brubaker did a short run on Secret Avengers which Steve Rogers featured in. It doesn’t connect to the Captain America story but is here if you want more.

This story is significant to Brubaker’s run as it takes the series goes in a new direction after the events of this book. 

The Two-Title Era

From this point on there are two different titles being published side-by-side, with Captain America & Bucky eventually being replaced by The Winter Soldier.

Captain America: Volume 1 - Ed Brubaker & Steve McNiven
Captain America: Volume 2 - Ed Brubaker & Alan Davis
The last seven volumes are collected in the Trial of Captain America omnibus.

Captain America: Volume 3 - Ed Brubaker & Patch Zircher
Captain America: Volume 4 - Ed Brubaker & Scott Eaton
This is the finale of the Captain America story for all intents and purposes. The majority of the volume is co-written, but the final chapter is a goodbye issue by Brubaker and Epting,

Captain America & Bucky: Life Story of Bucky… - Brubaker & Samnee
Captain America & Bucky: Old Wounds - Brubaker & Francavilla
These stories flash back to WWII, but are narrated in the modern day.

Winter Soldier: The Longest Winter - Ed Brubaker & Butch Guice
Winter Soldier: Broken Arrow - Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark
Winter Soldier: Black Widow Hunt - Ed Brubaker & Butch Guice
The last seven volumes are collected in the Captain America: The Return of the Winter Soldier omnibus.

That is the entirety of Ed Brubaker’s run on the character. If you like Ed Brubaker you can also check out the Daredevil reading list, which highlights his work on the character and also includes Immortal Iron Fist. Thanks for reading.

โลกของเรา เหงา ไม่เท่ากัน - กตัญญู ศรีสว่าง & ศิวะภาค เจียรวนาลี

หนังสือที่ทำกันเอง ขายกันเอง ของนัก (หัด) เขียน 2 คน .. ผมเจอโดยบังเอิญที่งานหนังสือทำ​มือที่จัดขึ้นที่สวนสันติชัยปรา​การ ถนนท่าพระอาทิตย์ เมื่อปี 2548 (6 ปี ก่อนโน่น) .. ต้องยอมรับว่าสิ่งที่ดึงดูดความ​สนใจให้ผมตัดสินใจซื้อโดยที่ผมไ​ม่รู้จักนักเขียนทั้งคู่มาก่อนเ​ลยก็คือ..ชื่อเรื่อง และ ปกหนังสือ


หนังสือเล่มนี้เป็นรวมบทความที่​ทั้งคู่เคยเขียนเอาไว้..เนื้อหา​ส่วนใหญ่เป็นเหมือนบันทึกส่วนตั​วที่สะท้อนมุมมอง ความคิดของพวกเขาที่มีต่อเรื่อง​รอบตัวที่ได้ผ่านมาในชีวิตของพว​กเขา..ประหนึ่ง “ไดอารี่ชีวิต”

ต้องยอมรับว่า..เนื้อหาส่วนใหญ่​ก็ไม่ใช่เรื่องแปลกใหม่อะไร..ไม​่ใช่มุมมองใหม่ต่อโลกที่อ่านแล้​วจะร้อง “โอ้โห..คิดได้ไง” .. แต่สิ่งหนึ่งที่สัมผัสได้คือ การถ่ายทอดความคิด-ความรู้สึกที​่ทำออกมาได้ดีทีเดียว .. (ในมาตรฐานของนักหัดเขียน)

ต้องขอความเป็นธรรมให้กับทั้งคู​่นิดนึงคือ..อย่าเอางานของพวกเข​าไปเทียบกับนักเขียนอาชีพที่มีช​ั่วโมงบินสูงท่านอื่นๆ..แต่ถ้าค​ิดว่านี่คืองานเขียนของเด็กไทยค​ู่นึงที่โตมาในสังคมที่มีวัฒนธร​รมการอ่านที่อ่อนแอลงทุกวัน..สั​งคมที่มีเกมออนไลน์ เรื่องบันเทิงเริงรมย์เป็นเสมือ​นลมหายใจของวัยรุ่นยุคนี้..แต่ท​ั้งคู่กลับเลือกที่จะอ่าน จะเขียน..ผมว่าเพียงแค่นี้..ผมก​็นับถือ “ความกล้า” ของทั้งคู่ที่จะเลือกทำในสิ่งที​่เขาเชื่อ..

เพียงแต่ว่า..ถ้าพวกเขาไม่หยุดเ​ชื่อ..ไม่หยุดฝัน..ไปเสียก่อน..​ปล่อยให้เวลาเคี่ยวทั้งคู่ให้เข​้มขึ้น..ผ่านเรื่องราวต่างๆ ในชีวิตให้มากขึ้นกว่านี้…ให้​พวกเขาหาได้ “หาทางของตัวเอง..ให้เจอ” ..ผมเชื่อว่า..อีกไม่นานเมืองไท​ยคงจะมี “นักเขียนที่ดี” มาประดับวงการแน่นอน..




“Living life without passion is like being dead.”

Passion is Jungkook’s personal motto. He is passionate about singing, dancing, and performing on stage. He is also passionate for hard work, dedication, self-improvement, friendships, and most of all, his love for ARMYs.

We all know how passionate Jungkook is with his life. Now, it is our opportunity to show him how passionate we are. The main purpose of this fan project is to collect messages from ARMYs about our own passions.

Are you passionate about:
-performing (singing, dancing, rapping, acting)
-writing (lyrics, raps, poems, stories, fanfics)
-art (graphic design, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)
-helping people (volunteering, mentoring)

The list can go on with so many more possibilities! If you have a passion to share, we would love to include your story! Express your passion(s) with words and pictures! Everything will be compiled into a customized printed booklet for Jungkook to read. All content will be translated to Korean with the assistance of Silver Lining’s team of translators!

Please help support this project by sharing your passion(s) and donating to cover the costs of the booklet & shipping. In addition, donations will help pay for Jungkook’s birthday gift - Red Beats By Dr. Dre Solo 2 Headphones. Any donations left over will be saved for future fan projects.

Also help spread the word about our birthday support project! Please share our website and retweet our post to your friends and followers. We are very excited to make this fan project a fun and successful event!

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“เธอพูดในเมื่อเธอไม่ยอมอยู่สงบกับความคิดของเธอเอง…และในการพูดของเธอนั้น..ส่วนใหญ่ ความคิดนึก..ถูกประหารเสียครึ่งหนึ่ง.” -ศ.ดร.ระวี ภาวิไล

Beans are a magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel. Have beans at every meal.

Suggested Reading
The Great Vegan Bean Book: More than 100 Delicious Plant-Based Dishes Packed with the Kindest Protein in Town! - Includes Soy-Free and Gluten-Free Recipes! by Kathy Hester
Vegan Beans from Around the World: 100 Adventurous Recipes for the Most Delicious, Nutritious, and Flavorful Bean Dishes Ever by Kelsey Kinser


เธอเห็นขุนเขา เธออยากเป็นขุนเขา..เธอเห็นทะเล เธออยากเป็นทะเล..เธอเห็นท้องฟ้า เธออยากเป็นท้องฟ้า…เธอเห็นตัวเองในกระจก แต่เธอไม่อยากเป็นตัวเอง. -ซาการีย์ยา อมตยา #กวี #poem #poetry #readingth #อ่าน (Taken with Instagram)

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any good fics you'd recommend? I feel like I've read all the big ones already!

i have a fic rec page you can check out and i try to reblog all the fics i like after i read them. i don’t know exactly what kind of fics ur looking for but i can list you some of the fics i’m currently reading

happy reading :)