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Hi there! I'm always really impressed and fascinated by your rune and energy readings, so I was wondering if you have and guides or tips for someone trying to get into this practice with no background?

I do! I definitely recommend doing research on both energy work and the elder futhark before beginning to do readings. There are great resources out there on the web, here on tumblr, and in books, but here are some of my personal recommendations for getting started:

How to Read Energy and What to Expect

Advice On Doing Energy Readings

How to Read Other’s Energy (when in physical proximity to them)

How to Read Auras

How to See and Read Energy and Auras

My Favorite Books on Runic Theory and Divination

A Brief Look at the Runes of the Elder Futhark

Runes, Alphabet of Mystery

The Rune Site

Runic Divination App (this is the one I use for doing readings on-the-go, but it would also be great for learning the runes)

I wish these resources had been around when I was getting started! you should be able to get a foot in on both energy and rune readings using these, but if you ever need more, shoot me an ask! ♥

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I put myself in a bit of a bad place. I found my studies pretty easy since forever. I used to study really hard and got gr8 grades then I started slacking cos I still got the grades. a levels I got ok grades. Uni soon. I dont think I know how 2 study

This is my post on things I wish I knew before college and this is one talking about preparing for the next semester, which may hopefully give you some ideas as to how to prepare for university. 

Starting university is also a great time to develop a good organisation system (and usually you need to experiment a bit at first so the sooner you start the better). Here are a few things I suggest you to think about before uni starts (I have also linked you my posts regarding these topics): 

Good luck with your first year of uni. You definitely have sufficient time to prepare for that so don’t worry too much xx