explaining your personal planets: sun, moon, venus, mars and mercury & your rising (1st house) position with the cake analogy. hope this is helpful!

message me if you want me to explain your placements (sun, mercury, moon, rising, venus and mars) + how your cake would be like according to your placements. for $8 (through paypal, credit or debit card).

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// I’m back with some tips on taking notes from readings! This is a sequel/prequel (whatever floats your boat) to how to take lecture notes. One big tip I have is that you shouldn’t really be using the same study methods for every single class in your undergraduate career. Different subjects/professors/assessments/levels require different methods. The more attuned to that you are, the more likely you’ll get that A


Probably my favorite scary thing Neil has ever written (which is saying something, given how many scary things Gaiman has written during the span his career). It’s just a brilliant, masterful piece of creepy storytelling. 

This reading of the story is particularly great because of the audience, whose reaction gradually goes from amusement to unease to full on silent fucking dread and discomfort during the course of the story and it is just a glorious thing to witness.

Just added a bunch of new stuff to my store!

  • Aching Heart Reading (for heartbreaks & healing)
  • The YOU Reading (all about who you are & what you’re here for)
  • Two Path Reading (for when you’re at a crossroads)
  • The Future Reading (looking into coming events in your horizon)

Other readings still up to look into love, career, your emotions, past, etc! The full-sized tarot reading is still on sale & prices are still low for a limited time (mostly $5-8).

Thank you everyone who’s supported me & my store these past weeks! I’m looking forward to reading you.

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Readings on Indo-Caribbean Women/Feminism

Indo-Caribbean Feminisms: Charting Crossings in Geography, Discourse, and PoliticsGabrielle Jamela Hossein and Lisa Outar

Changing Symbols of Indo-Caribbean FemininityPatricia Mohammed

Calypso and Krishna’s Flute: The Indo-Caribbean Woman’s Moving BodyAnanya Kabir

Fictions of the Past: Staging Indianness, Identity, and Sexuality Among Young Women in Indo-Trinidadian Beauty PageantsAnusha Ragbir

The Queer Potential: (Indo-)Caribbean Feminisms and HeteronormativityLauren Pragg

BOOKS (text not included)

Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad by Tejaswini Niranjana

Diasporic Dis(Locations): Indo-Caribbean Women Writers Negotiate the Kala Pani by Brinda J. Mehta 

Critical Perspectives on Indo-Caribbean Women’s Literature by Joy Mahabir and Miriam Pirbhai

Bindi: The Multi-Faceted Lives of Indo-Caribbean Women by Rosanne Kanhai

Matikor: The Politics of Identity for Indo-Caribbean Women by Rosanne Kanhai