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I'm a highschool dropout (bullying sucks) & I've decided that it's time to get my diploma. I'm 20-ish and I haven't studied for ~ 5 years. The school I'm at doesn't have irl classes, only books they send & you have to study by yourself. I only have time until March & I'm freaking out every day 'cause I need to learn everything from scratch & there is no teacher to point key things. And the books are written in overly complicated language. Any tips? (Especially for taking notes from books).

Hello! I’m sorry to hear that you were bullied! Have a look at these posts:

Xathaniel’s Divination Services

Hello everyone. I just want to take a moment to tell you that I’m going to be trying to raise some money for personal things. To do so I’m going to offer some things to you. Readings and art mainly. 

General reading or single question reading -
5 USD. Each additional question raises the price by 1 USD
Past life reading - 8 USD (these tend to be a bit more in depth and a bit more pin pointed then general readings)
Chakra reading with advice for improving and strengthening chakras - 5 USD
Spirit reading - 5 USD

Aura drawing -
5 USD. Adding an aura reading increases the price by 3 USD
Chakra map (showing a visualization of your chakras) - 5 USD
Spirit drawing - 5 USD

If you want any of these please send me a message and I will send you my PayPal information. 

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Blessings to you and may the light guide you,

Readings on Indo-Caribbean Women/Feminism

Indo-Caribbean Feminisms: Charting Crossings in Geography, Discourse, and PoliticsGabrielle Jamela Hossein and Lisa Outar

Changing Symbols of Indo-Caribbean FemininityPatricia Mohammed

Calypso and Krishna’s Flute: The Indo-Caribbean Woman’s Moving BodyAnanya Kabir

Fictions of the Past: Staging Indianness, Identity, and Sexuality Among Young Women in Indo-Trinidadian Beauty PageantsAnusha Ragbir

The Queer Potential: (Indo-)Caribbean Feminisms and HeteronormativityLauren Pragg

BOOKS (text not included)

Mobilizing India: Women, Music, and Migration between India and Trinidad by Tejaswini Niranjana

Diasporic Dis(Locations): Indo-Caribbean Women Writers Negotiate the Kala Pani by Brinda J. Mehta 

Critical Perspectives on Indo-Caribbean Women’s Literature by Joy Mahabir and Miriam Pirbhai

Bindi: The Multi-Faceted Lives of Indo-Caribbean Women by Rosanne Kanhai

Matikor: The Politics of Identity for Indo-Caribbean Women by Rosanne Kanhai

We need a series of books set in a world where there are no men. Just women. Romance stories, action and adventure, coming-of-age…stories of all kind, set in a women-only world. Men just don’t exist. 

Actually, it’s a reoccurring idea in science fiction. The single-sex society. From wikipedia, there is a long tradition of women-only worlds, but not true for the opposite, as “Joanna Russ suggests this is because men do not feel oppressed, and therefore imagining a world free of women does not imply an increase in freedom and is not as attractive.”

(A world free of women would mean no class of people for men to oppress and have their way with, so obviously not attractive.) 

I highly recommend everyone to read feminist science-fiction! 

This is how to unlove someone who will never see your worth as a being:

A. Stop daydreaming about the two of you even the other party ‘shows’ signals of being 'interested’ in you. STOP. Let him/her admits his/her true feelings for you directly and sincerely.
B. Delete all his/her messages in your inbox so you won’t have anything to re-read; reliving those old conversations can create more false hopes in you.
C. Hinder yourself from extending concern and affection through simple things. It may seem hard at first since you are in love and you want to show you care but little by little, you can do it.
D. Let pains and heartaches swallow you for a couple of days. They are parts of the feelings. They are necessary. Cry if you must. Feelings make us whole, torn, broken and alive. But all the storms pass, right?
E. Write down your feelings. Scribble the agonizing pains, tormenting anxieties and troublesome worries 'til you feeling nothing at all. Burn them. Watch the flames char the paper. Watch them burn. Enjoy the scene. Imagine that they are your actual feelings being scorched to death.
F. Indulge yourself. Have a 'Me Time.’ You deserve it– truly deserve it. You may be in pains– deep pains but that didn’t stop you from having happiness. Do thing things which can stuff you with joy and delight. 
G. Go out with your friends and laugh the hell out as if tomorrow isn’t coming. Enjoy the day with them. Seize the day for you to forget about the one you love.
H. Pray and talk to the Creator. Lift your worries, pains and anxieties to Him.  Don’t blame Him for the pains you are currently suffering. Instead, believe. Look at the bright side that there’s something wonderful that may happen after all of that. 
I. Control yourself from checking his/her Facebook and other social networking accounts. Do not stalk again. Sometimes, ignorance is really bliss. The things you may stumble into can cause more heartaches to you. 

Longing for that someone to be yours is totally unbearable; fiendish as hell. That it actually kills you little by little and it feels like pains are alive to gnaw at every fiber of you. If you can help yourself, you can succeed in unloving that someone.

—  This is to unlove someone
Patience is a virtue

If a witch is giving you a free service (divination, sigil etc) they really don’t owe you anything. They’re doing this from the goodness of their heart whilst going around their day to day lives too.
Patience is a virtue and I often see things on my dash where anon’s are writing “you never answered this”
Well, they don’t have to, not now and not ever, witchcraft can be very draining. If you have an immediate or serious problem then getting another witch to “help” probably won’t help.

Divination Services & Payments

Methods you can choose from:

Yes No Maybe Answers:

  • Sea Shell Divination
  • Book Number Divination
  • Pillow Divination
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Crochet Mistake Divination

Thorough Answers and Symbol Explanation:

  • Stichomancy 
  • Black Mirror Scrying
  • Glitter Scrying
  • Perfume Scrying
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Scrawl Divination

If you have any questions pertaining to the method of divination, be sure to do a search on my blog to see if your question can be answered there ^_^

What I ask for in return as a method of payment: (choose one ^_^)

I go off the honor system for some of these, so please be nice. :)

  • Well thought out feedback
  • A Sigil burned in my honor
  • A spell performed in my honor
  • Information regarding a magickal topic of your choice (share an article or write one, I don’t care which ^_^) 
  • A divinatory reading
  • A spell performed for California/other drought stricken area
  • A poem for me to read :D
  • Altar decor ideas/offering ideas (I’m Hellenic)
  • Meditations for me to try out :D

Other payment methods are accepted as well, as long as we can agree on it :D

I’m open for readings everyday, but I can’t set a time for when I can do them. I don’t accept anons unless it’s something very personal, in which case I understand :)

Help me visit my sister?

hey guys! so I haven’t seen my sister from another mister in about four years (the picture is from the last time I saw her). I really hope to fly to Denmark from Michigan In January. So, that means I will be offering readings

Every single dollar a make off of these readings will be going to this trip!

If you would like to purchase a reading, look below the read more. If you would like to donate, thank you so much! If you can’t, that’s all right too! Please reblog this if you could, though :) (check back often, I will be adding more services!)

Keep reading

If I started doing tarot readings with a donation page would people be interested in readings?

I’m back to the catch 22 where I have no money and I’m not eligible for most jobs as I live in the middle of nowhere and reliant on bus times/lifts that it just doesn’t work… I’d need lifts for bar work which doesn’t fit into my mums work schedule and I hate alcohol/drunks with a passion…

It’d be donations of as little as possible - and only if you can afford it - and to be donated after the reading to be fair… Now I expect to give free readings but every little helps!

If this gets good feedback then I’ll start the readings, and set a donate page to my page? This and booatcounter would be my only income this summer as after searching and searching I am only eligible for one job so…


I need to raise £300 in the next three weeks for my rent so we can move into our new flat. Gareth has lost the job he had, so I need you guys to help me out. 

I’m still offering past-life readings, I can do a one-life reading for £5, or I can pick up two lives for £10 and give you advice on why these lives may be effecting you now and how to help that. 

If you would like a reading, please ‘submit’ me a clear photograph of yourself. All reading are private and photos will not be posted. You can donate the money via the donation link at the top of my page, at

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