Are you ready for 221B Con? We are, and once again, we’ve got a suite full of fun ready for our listeners and friends! Here’s what we’ve got planned so far:


7:00 pm: Suite opens: Let’s get this party started!
9:00 pm: TAB watchalong: M requires your presence
Midnight: Porny bedtime stories: Just come to listen, or bring your favorite smutty fic tidbit to read aloud to the group. Please try to limit your selection to under 500 words, around 3 minutes reading time. All ships welcome!
2:00 am: Suite closes: Because we need to sleep eventually.


11:00 am: Suite opens: Come make tea or grab a coffee, it’s the first official con day!
The suite is open all day for hanging out, knitting, writing, playing CAH, and so on. If you need a place to chill, come say hi!
7:00 pm: Check, Please! meetup: OMG! You may find a Zimbits squee-fest or we might be wrist-deep in pie crust tutorials, you never know. Bring your flow and a thirst for chirps, y'all.
10:00 pm: Flash Fic with @emmagrant01 (18+): Emma’s famous and fun flash fic challenge has a porny cousin, and it’s this event. We’ll provide the prompts and you bring the zany, sexy ideas. Come spin the Wheel of Kink! No writing experience necessary.
Midnight:Porny Mad Libs with @alexxphoenix42: We provide the story outlines, you provide the nouns, adjectives, and adverbs. These aren’t your family roadtrip mad libs!
2:00 am: Suite closes: We might sleep, eventually.


10:00 am: TPP Live Podcast (NOT IN SUITE - see con schedule): join us for a live recording to be featured in a future episode! Topic: Shipping in the Sherlock Fandom.
11:00 am: Suite opens: oh yeeeah
2:00 pm: Femslash Meetup with @fffinnagain: We love the ladies! Bring your headcanons, ship squee, plot bunnies and love of all things female.
3:00 pm: Hamfords and Tea with @drinkingcocoa-tpp and @mydwynter: Need a mid-day pick-me-up? Mydwynter will feature samples of his Adagio tea blends and DrinkingCocoa will provide Hamford ingredients. Come celebrate Stamford’s favorite sandwich and find a new tea obsession
4:00 pm:Hamilton Singalong (NOT IN SUITE - see con schedule): Even if you’ve never listened to this popular musical, you won’t want to miss what we’re guessing will be a very energetic sing-along session. We’ll provide lyrics and we’re crossing our fingers for some Hamilton cosplay!
10:00 pm:Stag Night, feat. burlesque and a pinata: @unknownsister and @intricatearticulation bring back Stag Night in a bigger and better space! Featuring fabulous burlesque surprises, giveaways, and a porny pinata - because it’s not con until you’re beating an elephant for a packet of lube.
2:00 am: Suite closes: No really, some sleep will definitely be needed at this point. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.


10:00 am: Suite opens: Last day! No long faces, friends, for we have a whole glorious day ahead of us.
10:00 am:Flash Fic with @emmagrant01 and @mydwynter (all ages): Not up for the porny version? Try a tamer exercise with fun prompts and some writing time - then we read aloud!
Noon: Mycroft Meta with @fffinnagain​: Is he a really a rubbish big brother? Does he only have 3 years to live? Come discuss all the theories in this open roundtable.
3:00 pm: The @reading221b group is hosting a live book club-style discussion of Left Unsaid by @thesardine. All are welcome!
9:00 pm:Straggler’s Party: Still here and wondering where everyone has gone? Come wind down with us. There will probably be some free shit to take home as we clean up.
Midnight: Suite closes: Sunset on another amazing weekend with our fandom friends. Aww. <3

Going to 221b Con? Like to read fanfic? Wanna talk about it?

The mods at @reading221b have FANTASTIC news - in conjunction with @threepatchpodcast, we’re going to be hosting a LIVE, IN-PERSON reading discussion at @221bcon in the Three Patch Podcast Suite! Mods @tiltedsyllogism and gentlespirit will be on hand to lead a discussion of thesardine’s Left Unsaid.

Left Unsaid is unrated (but roughly teen-level), Johnlock, and is a quick read at about 2K words long. thesardine is a wonderful author and the discussion is sure to be a great one.

The exact time and date of the discussion hasn’t been decided (it’ll depend on what else is going on that weekend) but we’ll announce as soon as we know. And if you miss that announcement - just stop the TPP Suite at the con and someone there will undoubtedly help you out. (And also probably feed you, and give you things to color, and hit you up for knitting, and all that good stuff.)

We are SO excited to be teaming up with the TPP crew and we cannot WAIT to see all of you at the con to discuss these fics!