januarymarlinquin  asked:

Hi! I have a question on reading221b. In terms of the recommendation, are there restrictions in terms of how well known the fanfic should be? As in, can we discuss works that's relatively well-read or should we only recommend hidden gems? (also, off topic, I kinda have a major literary crush on your works but am ashamed that I've not gotten around to reviewing it yet)

Hi!  Fantastic question, I’m so glad you asked!

There are no restrictions on how well a fanfic should or should not be to nominate it.  You can nominate anything from Nature & Nurture (currently the most-read Sherlock fic on AO3) on down to a fic posted yesterday that’s had two hits, provided you want a forum in which to discuss it with other fans.  So far, the nominated fics have been about half-and-half ones I’ve read and ones I’ve never heard of!  (So the threads have been really great in terms of getting some recs!)

We do have a couple of guidelines to follow, though:

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