Round 4 Nominations are Now Open!

Reading221b is an LJ community open to all for the discussion of BBC Sherlock fanfiction.  

We’ve opened nominations for Round 4 in the following categories:




Greg Lestrade


Come by and let us know which fics you’d like to read and discuss next!  It’s gonna be a great round!

Fan fic discussion at reading221b

Hello, fic loving people. Tomorrow the reading221b community at LJ will start discussing hyacinth_sky747's What To Do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal. If you haven’t read it yet, you should, not because I’m going to moderate the discussion, but because it’s a wonderfully cracky, fluffy, laugh-filled happy fic about a Johnlock relationship from Sherlock’s distinctive point of view. Also, there are knickers.

There’s still time to read it before tomorrow–don’t let the 50k words fool you, this one goes quite fast. Check tomorrow to join in on the discussion, and signal boost this if you want people to read this amazing story!

The Speed of Objects in Motion by holyfant


Sherlock, John and a lifetime of falling together and apart.


Created this cover in anticipation of this week’s discussion at reading221b. But also because I love this work and want to worship at its altar. 

John and Sherlock spends a lifetime crashing together and splintering apart, never able to escape each other’s gravity. It’s a perfect portrayal of an imperfect relationship about two people who can’t help but hurt each other yet also can’t live without each other. 

This work was breathtaking. Literally. For the better part of the two hours while I was reading this, I felt a heaviness in my chest as if the angst of the characters have materialized into concrete forms within me. 

It sounds kind of painful and maybe it was a bit. But it was also cathartic and illuminating and one of the most beautiful pieces of fiction that I’ve ever read. It’s not what I usually look for in my fanfictions but every once in a while, I will read a piece of fiction that’s so real that it not only touches something profound within me but also changes my perception of the characters or the world that we live in. 

So go and read this wonderful fic by holyfant!!! And then come share all of your angst and tears and thoughts at reading221b. 

sherlock fic reading group

hi all! this is just a reminder that the Sherlock fic reading group, Reading221b, is up and running at LJ. 

next Monday, voting will begin to select the first round of stories that we will read and discuss together.  But you’ve got another week in which to nominate stories for the first round! So stop on by: you can suggest your own favorites - for any of a number of different genre streams - or add your own endorsement to stories that have already been nominated (which is also definitely helpful) or just see what’s on the list of possibilities. The community is open, and we would love to have you!
Voting is Still Open!

Voting is still open for Reading221b - and the votes are so close in a few categories that the ties have been nearly constant.  (At this moment, there’s a tie in both the Casefic and the Wild Card categories, though there’s a lot of races that are so close one vote could change everything.)

Please please please go and vote if you haven’t already!  We are going to close the voting down in a few hours - every vote is important!

Go vote!

Nominations are Now Open for Round 3!

The gates are open!  Gather your favorite fics together and let’s start figuring out what we want to read next!

We have seven nomination threads for you in this round in the following categories (links will take you to the appropriate thread):

Canon-Compliant/Missing Scenes
Romance (to be discussed the week of Feb 11)

Nominations are open until January 24 - let the fun begin!

Hitting the Water at Sixty Miles an Hour by what_alchemy


“You love your mother, Sherlock?”

John watched the muscles in Sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk.

“Then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” John let out a resigned sigh. “As a ruddy couple, you bastard.”


Cover for this week’s selected work for reading221b. Cover art inspired by the beautiful Scottish Highlands/Outer Hebrides. I love what_alchemy’s descriptions of the Outer Hebrides which are so vivid and present that the setting/location sometimes seems like the fifth character of the fic. 

Paradox discussion in Reading221b

I just posted, over in Reading221b, about the aspects of the Paradox series that I have found really troubling on this latest rereading.  The whole comm has been very respectful and constructive so far, and I’m confident it will continue to be so, but I’m hoping that it will spark a new vein of discussion.

please come join us! If you’ve been meaning to join reading221b, or watching the conversation and waiting to jump in, this is a great time. We are starting a new story tomorrow (Hitting The Water at Sixty Miles An Hour, by what_alchemy) but the Paradox conversation doesn’t have to stop on that account.
Two more nomination days left!

There are just TWO more days to nominate your favorite fics for Reading221b’s first round of Fic Discussions!  

Sometime on Monday, the mods will post a poll so you can vote for which fics you want to read and discuss through the month of September and October.  

Please stop by and check out the nominated fics - and feel free to second/third/fourth the ones you like, especially in the Humor, Casefic, Rare Pair, AU, and Omegaverse threads, where we have SO many nominations already that ONLY the fics with seconds are going to be included in the poll.  

Bring us your fic!  We want to read them and have thoughtful discussions about them while drinking tea in a civilized manner.

(We’ll provide the place for discussion.  You provide the tea.)
Now Accepting Volunteers for Leader's Choice discussions in Round 5!

Want to lead a discussion in Round 5?  We’re accepting volunteers for the Leader’s Choice discussions for our upcoming round!  Our current lineup of categories are:

Mrs. Hudson
Historical AU

We look forward to seeing what you’d like to discuss!

Baking Party for reading221b's Paradox Week

Incredibly excited about tomorrow, the start of discussion for wordstrings’ Paradox series at reading221b

In fact, so excited that interestingguesses (or gentlespirit on LJ) and I are having our own little baking party (maybe party is a slight exaggeration) for it - she will be baking zucchini bread while I shall be baking brussels sprouts chips (it’s actually quite yummy, I swear!) for our soiree tomorrow. So if you’re in the NYC midtown neighborhood tomorrow night and want to discuss paradox with people in real life and with the brilliant folks online at reading221b AT THE SAME TIME, feel free to pop by (message me for the address)

(tagging azriona because she is one of reading221b’s moderators but more because she would appreciate the baking :p)

last day to nominate fics for reading221b!

hi folks - just a reminder that story nominations close today for this first round of discussion over at reading221b, the new Sherlock fic reading group. (We’ll have future discussion cycles, of course, but if there’s a story you want to talk about, why not suggest it now?) We’ve got several different genre streams going (including a wild card stream for fics that don’t seem to fit anywhere), and we’ll be reading stories of lots of different kinds - we’re hoping there will be something for everybody. Whether you want to nominate a fic, second the nominations made by others, or just see what’s up, come on over!

N.B. We’re thrilled to have so many nominations already - and hoping for more still - but In order to keep the selection polls manageable, we’re going to limit the choices in the more popular streams to those stories that have been seconded by other members of the comm. So if you see a nomination for a story you like, please do chime in and tell us you’d be interested! That will help us figure out which stories are generating the most interest.
Reading Discussion - The Anatomist by rosa_acicularis

“When they are children, Moriarty is a game. A story they tell only to each other, in whispers. Jim and Molly Moriarty, from the beginning.”

This week’s discussion focuses on Molly Hooper and rosa_acicularis’s beautifully written story, The Anatomist. Stop by and join in the fun!

Reading Reminder

We’re gearing up for our sixth discussion in Round 4, this time in the OT3 category: The Making Of, by emmagrant01! We’ll start discussion on Wednesday, August 19, 2015.  Have you started reading yet?

In the meantime, be sure to stop by our previous Round 4 discussions, which are always happy to have new participants: Eight and Fifty Nights by poppyalexander, Seeds by thesardine, Opposition Party by mydwynter, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Baker’s Yeast) by yaycoffee, and Murder Will Out/Intimate Knowledge by keerawa and tiltedsyllogism.  We look forward to seeing you!

Help us name the Inception Fic Reading Group / Book Club?

ladyprydian and I are hard at work behind the scenes, working to make a reading group for Inception fic happen.  We’ll tell you a bit about it, then we’ll ask for your help coming up with a name.

The goal is to develop a space that’s sort of like a book club for people who want to read and discuss Inception fic.  The BBCSherlock fandom has a great one in Reading221b, and we think that’s a pretty great model.  So far our ideas are this:

  • We’ll host discussions on LJ.  Why there?  LJ is a platform that’s conducive to extended discussion, it’s the home of lots of great unsung Inception fic that hasn’t made it to A03, it seemed to be the favored platform in the comments on my previous two posts, and it’s a platform Pry & I know better than reddit (which was our other strong contender).  We’ll also make a tumblr to spread the word and link to the LJ.
  • How will we choose fics?  Lots more on this at another time, but three important things to say about this now: we’ll establish different “streams” (like AUs, hurt/comfort, rarepair, kidfic, OT3, omegaverse, etc), we’ll take nominations in those streams, and then we’ll open it up for voting.  (LJ has a polling function that’s good for voting.)  Once we’ve got the results of those polls, we’ll set up a calendar for the next few months so that everyone knows when we’ll be discussing certain fics and discussion leaders have time to think of some questions.  Then, once we’ve worked through the batch of fics on that calendar, we’ll start a new round and do it all again: take nominations, open the vote to everyone who wants to participate, set up a calendar.  That way we can tap the excitement of lots of folks (not relying on what Pry & I have already read and loved) and we make space for pairings that might otherwise get crowded out in the frequent focus on A/E.
  • Who leads the discussions?  You!  Seriously.  Ladyprydian and I want to organize a space where LOTS of people can participate.  So we hope lots of different people will step up to think of starting questions and get people involved in discussions of the fic.  Lots more on this later–but please be thinking about what fics get you excited to dig in and talk about with people.  

Okay, so now to the question at hand: what should we call this reading group?  Reading221b is a nice compact name with a clear reference to Sherlock in it.  What might be a good name for us?  Pry and I were tossing around some ideas, including

  • PenroseTales
  • PureCreationFics
  • TotemFics
  • TotemTales
  • ReadALittleBroaderDarling
  • YoureReadingAboutAFic
  • ReadingInception
  • InceptionFicReadingGroup

GAH!  See?  We need your help!  Please use the comments to tell us if you especially like one of the names above…or if you’ve got another suggestion.  You can use the answer box or the reblog function to share your suggestions and opinions.  Reblogs to signal boost are also much appreciated.  

Thanks from your mods,

Knackorcraft and Ladyprydian

Round 3 Voting!

The poll is up, and voting is open!  This round, we’ll be discussing fics in seven different streams: Angst, AU, Canon Compliant/Missing Scene, Holmescest, Humor, Omegaverse, and Romance.  Come cast your vote to help select the fics to discuss.

Voting is open through the end of Wednesday, and we would love to hear from you. So please vote, and please signal boost!

Hearing about Reading221b for the first time because somebody has reblogged this post? All right, you’ve got questions.

What is Reading221b?  We are a reader-centered community, based on LiveJournal, that discusses works of Sherlock fanfiction. Find out more here. 

I can’t see the poll, what do I do?  it’s probably because you’re not yet a member of Reading221b! the comm is members-locked to prevent trolling, but membership is open - all you need is an LJ account. You can sign up here - it’s free. Once you have an account, you can join the community by going to the Reading221b homepage and clicking “join community” in the black bar at the top of the page.

I have other questions. Drop us an ask at the reading221b tumblr!

januarymarlinquin  asked:

Hi! I have a question on reading221b. In terms of the recommendation, are there restrictions in terms of how well known the fanfic should be? As in, can we discuss works that's relatively well-read or should we only recommend hidden gems? (also, off topic, I kinda have a major literary crush on your works but am ashamed that I've not gotten around to reviewing it yet)

Hi!  Fantastic question, I’m so glad you asked!

There are no restrictions on how well a fanfic should or should not be to nominate it.  You can nominate anything from Nature & Nurture (currently the most-read Sherlock fic on AO3) on down to a fic posted yesterday that’s had two hits, provided you want a forum in which to discuss it with other fans.  So far, the nominated fics have been about half-and-half ones I’ve read and ones I’ve never heard of!  (So the threads have been really great in terms of getting some recs!)

We do have a couple of guidelines to follow, though:

Keep reading

Inception fic reading group?

So I’m probably a little crazy for even considering this–because RL is bonkers and my online life is already has an embarrassment of riches–BUT….

The other day on twitter, earlgreytea68 and bookshop raised the idea of a fic reading group.  Sort of like a book club, but for fics.  The Sherlock fandom has a lovely one–reading221b–and I was thinking maybe we could use that as a model.  The discussions take place on livejournal, but they’ve got a tumblr here

The basic idea is that there are a few mods who help the group select various genres, then they open the floor to nominations of fics and run polls to decide which fics to read.  Then various people volunteer to lead the discussion–mostly by putting together an initial post with some questions to consider.  LJ seems to be a bit more hospitable to extended conversation–though I admit I haven’t been spending much time there of late.  

So, I guess the question is, does something like this exist in the Inception fandom already? And if not, would there be an interest in an Inception fic reading group?  Let me know via the comments or pm if you’d like.